By FanTCMan

"Come on, Jeff, please."

"Hold him!" Jeff told the two men on either side of the chair. They stood over Barry holding him by his arms and shoulders, pressing him down onto the chair.

Barry, naked, sat with his face turned away, struggling against the powerful grip of the two bodybuilders. The huge muscles of their torsos bulged with the force they used to hold him. They were laughing.

"Don't fight me, Barry. I told you when we got your two boys going, that you were going to join them."

"Come on, man. You didn't say you were going to give me so much of that shit. I thought you were going to let me get like these guys. I just wanted to get as big as Mark and Eric. Not like some muscle monster."

"Just take it, asshole," said Mark, the man on his left. "Consider yourself lucky."

"But you said you just wanted me to find two young guys to give the formula to. Then you'd make me like them. You never said you were going to make me do all this."

"Now, Barry." Jeff's tone was calm, patronizing. "You didn't hesitate when you took the first couple of doses. Remember how much you wanted to get really big? You boys remember, don't you?"

"I remember, boss," said Eric, on Barry's right.

"Yeah, boss, I remember," answered Mark.

Mark and Eric were big men. At six feet, two hundred seventy pounds each, they stood as prime specimens of muscular manhood. They were Jeff's most popular models. They had been two of the first, along with Jeff, to try the formula, and they were proof that it could work. They had developed massive, dense muscles, the perfectly patterned body hair, and large genitals that would become the trademarks of the ManScape models. Until now, they were the biggest. Even standing here wearing only tiny posing briefs, the size of the bulges they displayed revealed their enormous endowments, each of them packing thick, heavy nine inch cocks that rose, hard, to thirteen throbbing inches, supported by balls nearly the size of lemons. The briefs could only hold their loads because they were made of a soft, highly stretchable fabric and cut extra full in the crotch. Both of the men were as big as professional bodybuilders, but with their much improved endowment, their sleek body hair, and their intensely masculine, handsome faces, they were godlike.

"You said you loved the way you felt when you were growing that muscle the first time, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did. It was great."

"You didn't have any trouble when you started getting bigger, then, did you? When you started getting hair on your chest and a big cock?"

"No. I loved it. That's why I wanted to get big like these guys. But isn't that enough? It's big enough to do your movies and stuff. Okay? How many doses have you done? Two? Why don't you do more? Make these guys do more? Why can't you use me the way I wanted to be? You could make as much money off me as you do off them. Why isn't that enough?"

"It's not enough until you're the biggest. You and those boys."

Barry glanced at the four huge capsules Jeff was holding out in front of him. On top of the one dose he had taken several weeks before, this would make five, and the most anyone had taken before was the three each that Jeff had given Mark and Eric. Barry hadn't really realized until now that he was being used as a guinea pig to test the limits of this stuff, or of the male body.

Jeff himself had originally done two doses of this formula, many months ago, now. It was a revelation. It had made him as muscular as an average bodybuilder and gave him a very sexy, big basket with generous balls and a cock that hung seven and a half fat inches, soft, and grew to twelve inches, hard. He had liked that. He still liked it. He had grown a moderate amount of hair on his chest, his stomach, arms and legs. Suddenly his groin and armpits became hairier. Everyone who knew him was knocked out by his transformation. It was such a turn on that he became obsessed with seeing more dramatic effects, testing larger doses.

When he tried it on Mark and Eric, he had taken them one dose beyond what he had done, and three doses had made them the massive, magnificently hung studs that stood here holding down Barry. When he presented them in their first layout, they had been a sensation. The public ate them up. Scientifically created superstuds. And all of them had been average guys to start.

Barry had been average, too. A wholesome, all-American, good looking twenty four year old guy who was passionately turned on by the ManScape models, he had volunteered to do anything Jeff wanted just to be around the studios. He finally worked his way in, to run errands, and help with productions.

At first he felt shy and intimidated around all the hunky models. Jeff insisted that, around the studio and the private pool patio in back, the only acceptable clothing was a pair of brief bikinis. His place was, after all, about the sexuality of the male body. Barry thought that was a great idea, until Jeff told him it applied to him as well. All the other guys had such hot, muscular bodies, and Barry felt his was barely above skinny, even though, in reality, he had a thin but nicely cut athletic body. He had never worn anything more revealing than boxer trunks. He felt embarrassed and extremely self conscious the first time he had to show up for work, setting things up for a shoot, trying to act casual, stripped down to trunks Jeff had given him that barely covered his pubic hair and made a spectacle of his basket. But soon he began to feel sexy in them, and before long he became one of the guys.

He found that these guys were as hot sexually as they were in the movies, and he made himself available for their seemingly insatiable appetites. Jeff had teased him with the possibility of becoming a model himself, even did a couple of "test" layouts of him nude. There was nothing Barry wanted more. He told Jeff he thought his build was too average, but Jeff told him they could take care of that. Then Barry saw Mark and Eric come in, two guys only slightly better built that he was, and, over a single weekend, become massive hunks.

After their ground breaking debut, word spread that there was some secret experimental stuff going on at ManScape. How else could these guys be explained? Supposedly there was some kind of formula that could make regular men grow into huge, devastatingly masculine musclemen. It also, it was said, caused a man's endowment to grow radically. Just look at them! And Barry knew it was true, because he had seen it happen to Mark and Eric.

So Barry asked Jeff one night, while he was sucking his huge cock and he figured Jeff would be open to suggestion, if he could try taking some of the formula. Jeff said yes pretty easily, and gave Barry one capsule. Barry loved how it felt. He found himself, in just a few hours, gaining thirty pounds of muscle and a sprinkling of sexy chest and ab hair. His respectable seven inch hard on had suddenly grown to almost ten inches, and thick enough so that he could just get his hand around it. He couldn't believe how sexy, how absolutely erotic, how intensely masculine he felt, and he wanted more. He told Jeff he would do anything to be as big as Mark and Eric and to get a cock as big as theirs. He loved having muscles and a big cock, and he wanted to be bigger. Much bigger.

Jeff told him he thought he might make a very good subject for his next big transformation, but he had an assignment for him first. He wanted him to find two young guys, really young, whom they could take into the studio and develop. Barry thought he knew what Jeff meant by "develop" from his wink when he said it. He told Barry to find him the boys, and when he did, he would develop Barry right along with the new kids. He would make them all the biggest stars yet.

Barry lost little time scouting places where young guys might be picked up and enticed into leaving their lives behind to become big sex stars. He chose to hang around the arcades and amusements at the beach. He figured he could use himself as bait by hanging around in a bikini, showing off his beautifully shaped, muscular body and the big, obvious bulge in his briefs.

If he had found it felt sexy to wear a bikini before, now it was a complete turn on for him. He was so in love with the way he looked since his dose of the formula, that he got tremendous pleasure displaying himself this way, so casually blatant about his looks and his sexuality. He knew he was stunning, and he would make himself stand out. Very few guys would go onto the pier at

Santa Monica without a pair of shorts on, and usually some kind of shirt. He would leave it all by his towel and venture out in only a pair of the briefest bikini trunks. Just like he wore at ManScape, barely covering up his pubic hair. He had grown some short but dark and visible hair on his lower belly and he knew it was hot the way it went down from his navel into his trunks. And he was very proud of the size his dick and balls had grown to, keenly aware of how much his basket bulged now, and he felt extremely sexy showing it off. He could feel the size and weight of the bulge pulling the trunks low in front, as he casually walked the pier, aware of the stares he got, acknowledging them with a flash of his disarming grin.

It took several days, but finally two buddies came up to him on the pier. After a casual start, they began to ask him what kind of working out it would take for them to get built up the way he was. Wasn't it embarrassing to stand around wearing such a little bathing suit so everybody could see your, "you know"? Barry laughed. These kids had been looking at his crotch. He was standing, leaning against a railing, and he looked down at his basket as he crossed his legs at the ankles, watching how this move pushed everything forward and made it look even bigger, how it caused the suit to gap away from his hard, flat belly, showing a hint of his pubic hair. "Not if you're proud of what you've got," he said, smiling at their wide eyed stares at his crotch display. He told them that he even posed for pictures and stuff where he was completely naked. The boys giggled but wanted to know more. What was it like?

Eventually Barry said he would let them in on a secret, but if he did, they would be partners. He told them that there was some guy looking for two young guys like them to make movies and pose for pictures, but it was all guys, and they did stuff that wasn't legal for underage boys. He asked them in they had heard of ManScape and the formula. If they wanted to come, he told them, they would have to pretend to run away from home, so no one would know what they were going to do and get his friends in trouble. Then they would be very well taken care of, they would have a lot of fun, and they might even make a lot of money. They said they figured he meant gay pornography. He flashed his charming smile and said that was right. He knew had them.

So he had set up the appointment with Jeff, and Jeff told him he had done a good job. Now he could have more of the formula. In fact, Jeff said, he had made plans to dose these kids up as soon as they got there, and then he would start Barry so that when the kids were ready, he would be ready as well, and they could all start working together. Barry was thrilled.

"You mean you'll really make me a ManScape muscle guy now?"

"Top of the line."

"Like Mark and Eric?"

"I promise you, you'll be even better than Mark and Eric."

So Jeff had put Barry in his car and had taken him to an apartment near the studio. When they arrived, Mark and Eric were both there. Jeff said they would be babysitting him, so he didn't have to do anything but enjoy his transformation.

"Great," Barry said. "These guys are cool, and I can see what I have to look forward to. So if I take two more, I'll get like them? My cock and balls, too? Let's do it, man. I can't wait to feel my muscles grow again. It feels so hot. Where are the capsules?"

That was when Jeff had held out his hand with four capsules in it.

"I had a little something different in mind, actually. We've already seen what three doses does, and it was extraordinary, but it's time to go the next step. Now take your clothes off."

"Four? You want me to take all those?"

"I've already given your two young recruits five doses each. They have no idea how much five is, so they didn't think anything of it. I'm sure they're enjoying what's happening to them right now, and we'll all enjoy the final result on the three of you. You'll be the three way that make history. Remember how hot you felt after that first dose. Think how hot these guys are. Imagine yourself growing one step beyond them, two steps beyond. We'll have to make special support slings to hold up your cock and balls." He laughed and the two bodybuilders laughed, but Barry felt the bottom of his stomach drop out.

"Shit, Jeff. I don't want to do that. I want to be massive and hung like these guys, but four more will make me some kind of complete freak. Let me just do two. Okay?"

"Sorry, Barry. I took you in and I'm giving you the breaks. So I'm calling the shots. And you're right, you will be a freak. You'll be like a human bull. You'll be famous. Now get naked so we can all watch."

"No, man. Please. I just want to be a normal ManScape muscle guy. Come on. Give me a break."

"I am giving you a break. A big break."

Barry tried to refuse, but Jeff had Mark and Eric hold him down. He pulled off the bikini Barry was wearing and sat him in a chair. Barry tried to prevent it by turning his head, but Jeff forced the capsules in his mouth one at a time, making him swallow each one with water, until the fourth one had been consumed. Then they let him go. He stood up and paced around the room, fighting back tears.

"Fuck, man. Fuck. What am I going to do. I don't want to be a fucking freak. I just wanted to be a regular muscle guy. Shit, man. Shit. What am

I going to do?"

Eric answered with a laugh. "You're going to get fuckin' huge, man. That's what you're going to do."

Barry paced for a while, complained for a while, and then, despite himself, he began to feel better. In fact, he started to feel very hot again, walking around nude, these big guys watching him. He began to feel his muscles start to become heavier, to swell with mass, and it felt good to him. It felt very good. More hair started to grow on his chest and stomach, his arms and legs. It felt so hot and masculine to him, he couldn't keep his hands off himself. His muscles swelled up more and more and he began to feel huge, he began to feel like a massive bodybuilder, and it felt extremely good to him. Thick veins began to show on his swelling muscles, and the thicker and fuller his muscles grew, the more sexual they felt. It was all so erotic. He felt his cock and balls growing bigger, heavier. His cock got hard and stood straight out from his hairy groin, longer, thicker. It bounced when he walked, and no matter how long and thick it grew, it still stood straight out. Oh, yeah. This did feel hot. From deep inside him, feelings of unbelievably intense masculinity grew stronger and stronger, overtaking him in waves. He began to wonder what he had been afraid of. He loved this feeling of getting big, of swelling with dense, hard, heavy mass. He wanted to get huge. He didn't care about anything else, now. He didn't care if his dick touched the floor. He thought about the kids, about how they must be getting huge, too. The three of them together with all this outrageous, hairy muscle. This was going to be so hot!

As soon as Kerry and Danny walked into their living room, they stripped off their jeans and underwear. They stood there for a minute, both with hard-ons sticking out from their groins, staring at themselves, staring at each other.

"Shit, Kerry. Look at this. This is amazing. My dick must be eight or nine inches long. And it's so fucking thick, man." He wrapped his right hand around it, and sucked in a sharp breath with the sensation. "Oooh, dude. It feels so hot."

Kerry already had a hold on his with his right hand, and he reached under with his left to hoist his balls, feel their size and their weight. "Oh, man, Danny. Feel your balls. They did get bigger. I knew they were."

Danny was stroking his cock, feeling sexier and hornier than ever in his life. "Look at this, man. Look at me." He rubbed his other hand over his chest and stomach. "I feel so fucking hot."

"You look fucking hot, too, dude. Let me see you. Do it for me. Show me. Look at me, too, man. Look at this fucking dick. Look at these muscles. Christ, Danny, I'm already going to come."

"Oooh shit, dude. Me, too. Oh, fuck!"

They both spurted their hot cream onto the floor, loudly enjoying sensations of their orgasms as their groins pumped out their cum again and again. When they had both finally spent their loads, they stopped and looked at each other for a minute, laughing.

"Wow, man. Intense!" Kerry said.

"I know it. This is great. I think we're still getting bigger, too, Kerry. You didn't have those creases under your pecs before, when you took off your shirt outside. They're sticking out at the sides, too, like real muscles. Your arms, too. And look at how much hair you're getting on your chest and stomach."

"You, too, Danny. You're starting to look like a muscle dude. A hairy muscle dude. Feel it, man. Don't you love the way it feels?" Kerry felt his pecs, felt how they were starting to round out with thickness, how the dark hair was filling in across them, making flat, swirling patterns from his shoulders to his ribs.

Danny watched Kerry getting off on his body and he felt his own. It felt amazing, erotic, intensely sexual. His cock hadn't gone soft yet, and he felt so turned on that he got a rock hard erection again almost immediately, and he saw that the same thing was happening to Kerry. He loved these muscles. He looked at Kerry and his friend was also looking intensely at him.

"Danny, man, you know what?"


"You look fucking amazing with those muscles. I gotta say this, man. Those muscles and that hair on your body and that big dick. You look like one fucking hot dude."

"Yeah? You think so? So do you, man. I fucking love these muscles, man." He flexed his pecs and arms so he could feel them hard, bulging. "Don't you? Don't you love the way they feel?"

"Yeah I do. The hair, too. I love the way the hair feels, too."

"Yeah, me too, man." Danny felt so horny again, and Kerry looked so hot to him. "Hey, Kerry, man, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, Danno. What?"

"Can I feel yours? I want to feel your hairy pecs, dude. Okay?"

"You want to feel my hairy pecs? Yeah, man, come on. Feel my hairy pecs, dude. They're hot, man. My pecs are so fucking hot."

Danny walked over to Kerry and stood in front of him. Kerry put his hand down and looked at Danny, watched him while Danny reached forward and put one hand on each of his pecs. He stood still for a minute absorbing the feeling of his friend sexually touching his muscular chest, and then he reached out for Danny's. They stood face to face just feeling each other's torsos, muscles, hair. Neither of them said anything. Slowly they moved a little closer together, studying each other's bodies with their eyes and their hands. Finally, as if by accident, the heads of their cocks brushed against each other. They both just looked down, letting them touch, then touch again, jerking with the sensation of touching. Then they looked up, into each other's eyes, with no smiles, but expressions of deep, erotic longing. Danny reached out, reached under Kerry's arms for his back.

"If this makes me queer,man, I can't help it. I want to feel us together."

"Don't worry about it dude. I think maybe we've always been queer."

Kerry lifted his arms slightly to allow Danny's in, and then he slowly reached for Danny's shoulders. Each kept his gaze locked on the other's eyes as they drew each other closer, slowly. Their cocks came in contact, sliding shaft against hard shaft until they touched the other's belly. Danny pulled

Kerry closer until their chests were touching, muscle against muscle, hair mingling with hair. Their horny passions exploded with the contact. Kerry suddenly pulled Danny into full body contact. They pressed against each other as hard as they could, their big, throbbing cocks smashed hard between their hard bellies, moving their groins together, side to side, rolling their cocks between them.

"Oh, God, Kerry. This is unbelievable. It feels so amazing. I've never been so turned on, man. You're so fucking beautiful."

"Fuck, Dan, so are you. I fucking love what's happening to your body."

Kerry pushed Danny back a little and looked down at his friend's torso again. "You're definitely getting bigger, man. Look at this. Your pecs are really getting big." He ran one finger down the crease between Danny's pecs, lightly, feeling the hair that was filling in there. "Feel that fucking hair on your chest, dude. It feels so hot."

Danny sucked in his breath, looking down at his own chest. "Oh, man," he said. "I know it. Look at my chest! This is so hot!"

Kerry reached the spot on Danny's chest where the pecs separated on his sternum and he continued to run his finger along the bottom edges of the swelling muscles, tracing the line of the crease that was starting to cut underneath them.

"Look at these cuts under your pecs, dude. Just like a real muscle guy. It looks so hot, man. I love seeing you get muscles."

"Oh, man," Danny watched Kerry feeling his pecs, "do you? You like seeing my pecs getting big and hairy? I fucking love the way they feel, dude. I love getting muscles."

"Yeah?" Kerry said. "I thought you were afraid of looking like a bodybuilder." He placed the palm of his hand under Danny's right pec and reached with his fingers to grab as much as he could, his thumb under the muscle, his little finger around the outside edge, and he squeezed the muscle slowly and hard, lifting it, feeling its weight, its density. "I'd fucking love to see you get like a bodybuilder."

"Would you, man? You want to see me get big?"

"Yeah, I want to see you get real big, dude."

"You want to get big like that, too?" Danny reached for Kerry's arms as

Kerry pressed his pec. "Look at your arms, dude. Look how big they're getting already. Jesus, they're hot."

"You like my arms, man? You like these muscles?" He held up his left arm while he continued to work Danny's pec with the other and flexed it for Danny to feel.

"Fuck, yeah, man. Feel that, dude."

"You want to see me get big, man? Would you like that?"

"Yeah, dude. I'd love to see you get huge muscles."

"Me, too, man. Both of us. I want to feel what these tits of yours feel like when they're fucking enormous."

"Yeah?" Danny put his hand behind Kerry's head, running his fingers into

Kerry's shiny, black hair, pulling Kerry's face toward his chest. "Why don't you work my tits while they get huge, man. It feels so good."

Kerry buried his face in Danny's pecs, feeling the chest hair with his cheek and nose, running his tongue along the deepening creases, sucking on his nipples. Danny rubbed Kerry's head with one hand, and with the other he felt

Kerry's shoulder and upper arm, rubbing, squeezing the muscles. He was getting big. He would be looking like a bodybuilder soon. Their cocks pressed against each other and into each other's groins and pubic hair. Danny was finally overtaken by his building, driving sexual need. He reached down between them and took both of their cocks together in his hand, pointing them up between their bellies. They were so thick now that he could barely hold them both. Kerry's hips jerked forward toward Danny's groin, thrusting his cock against Danny's. Kerry worked Danny's pecs with both hands as he nearly devoured their growing mass in his erotic fever. Then

Danny reached with his free hand under Kerry's chin, pulling his face away from his chest and up to his own face. They paused for a moment, looking at each other, inches apart, and then they came together, their mouths pressed into each other's, their tongues reaching deep.

"Stand back a minute, gentlemen. Let's see how he's doing." Jeff stepped up to the three-way crush of masculine erotic energy, tapping Mark and Eric on their heroic shoulders. "Give us a pose, Barry boy. Show us how you're developing."

Mark and Eric slid away from their positions and stood back with Jeff as

Barry got up from his knees. He had to shift his feet as he stood to find his new balance point. His thighs had grown such girth that his stance, every time he got to his feet lately, had been forced wider, his feet farther apart. It also took him a few seconds each time to adjust to the additional weight and size of his torso. Now he knew what if felt like to be as freaky with muscle as Mark and Eric. The more massive his muscles became, the more sexual they felt to him. Nothing had ever turned him on in his life as much as what had been happening to his body. His cock stood straight out from his groin, already surpassing the thirteen inch size of the other two musclemen, already thicker and heavier. He could never have imagined how intensely masculine, how unbelievably erotic this would feel. As he pulled himself erect he looked down at himself, at the dense, dark hair on his chest, the hard, massive arms that rested heavily on the thickly flaring slabs of muscle his lats had become. He raised his arms to flex them as he simultaneously flexed and tightened his entire body, every muscle, until he could feel himself quivering with the power of his strength.

"What do you think?" he asked, surprised again by the deep resonance his voice had developed. "Am I cooking the way you wanted?"

"You're cookin', my man," Jeff said. "Nowhere near done, but you're cookin' just fine. What do you boys think?"

Mark answered first. "He's starting to get bigger than us, boss. You can see it. I think I could get kinda jealous."

"Yeah, look at him. Look at his cock. I thought you said we'd be your biggest guys. I like being the biggest. I don't know why you didn't do that to us."

"Oh, now, come on, boys. I didn't say you wouldn't get to try it, too, now, did I?"

"Really," Mark said, "You gonna let us do it, too?"

"We'll see. Let's just see where it takes Barry here, and those other two boys. We'll talk about you two later, at my place. Barry, how do you feel? Still so freaked out about those two extra doses? Still afraid of what it might do to you? Or are you liking what's happening so far?"

"Afraid? Yeah, I was, wasn't I? No, not any more. This feels so unbelievably hot, I don't care how big it gets me. I'm loving all this mass. I love the way it makes me feel." He flexed an arm and felt the muscles, felt the size and contours of his pecs. "The bigger my muscles get, the hotter they feel. I never knew how sexual muscle could feel. It's fucking erotic. And my body hair. And my cock. God, I love having a huge fucking cock. It could get six inches longer, I wouldn't care."

Jeff laughed. "It just might."

Barry gyrated his hips making his organ flop up and down, side to side. It felt so heavy to him as its wrist-thick shaft slapped against him, its bulbous head extending several inches beyond his hips. He held it against his hairy stomach and it reached past his navel almost to his sternum.

"I hope it gets so big I can hold it between my tits," he said. "I want to impale you motherfuckers on it."

"Yeah?" said Eric. "Well you may be big, but you're still the kid around here. Come over here, you musclebound hunk, and sit on this."

Mark walked in front of Barry and put his hands on his pecs, grabbing the muscles hard as he pushed him back toward Eric. "Take his meat up your big, beautiful bubble butt, kid, and you can shove that hose of yours into me."

As the two enormous Adonises pushed him into position, Barry let himself be led back into a tangle of massive arms and legs, muscle and silky, masculine body hair. He heard Eric moan as he slid himself down onto the huge cock, feeling it fill him, shoving deep inside him. He wished Eric's cock were bigger. He wanted to feel himself stretched harder, filled deeper. He held onto his own rigid cock, admiring its size as he watched it disappear into

Mark's hard, round butt. It felt huge inside his one-time idol, and he grew even more excited thinking about how it would feel when it was bigger still. It would be like fucking with a baseball bat. Now he couldn't wait. Pressed between the granite mass of the other two, he could feel already that his own mass was greater than theirs. He wanted more, and he knew he was getting it. Every minute he felt bigger, more massive. His muscles were mounding up on his body like boulders engulfing him, encasing him with their heavy, solid density. It was pure, erotic ecstasy.

Jeff watched, his own cock growing hard again in his shorts. He did love what he was creating, and he well remembered how incredible it felt when he did his own modest morph. In a way, he envied Barry, and he couldn't wait to see the final product.

"Listen, men," he said. "Before I get so turned on I can't leave, I've got to go see how those two kids are coming along. I figure in about an hour the process should be about done. We'll meet at my place so we can all enjoy a preview of these three together."

"Okay, boss," Mark said, his breath coming in short bursts. "When should we bring this one over?"

"Why don't you take a break in about forty-five minutes. Find some briefs that will fit him and bring him on over. I should be there by then with his two young discoveries."

"Will do, boss," he answered.

As Jeff left the apartment, he had to smile at the tangle of bodies he was leaving behind, writhing on the floor. Eric at the back, lifting huge Barry with his hips, Barry thrusting into Mark at the same time while he had both his enormous arms around Mark's waist, stroking his cock with both hands as he fucked him as deep as he could plunge his still growing rod.

"Just stand there a minute, Kerry." Danny took a couple of steps back. "I want to look at you, man. You're getting really huge."

"I know it, dude. I'm starting to feel really huge. Does it look as hot as it feels?"

Danny held on to his cock with one hand while he rubbed the dark blond hair that ran down his deeply cut abs with the other. "Oh, you look SO fucking hot. You totally look like a fucking bodybuilder, man. You're fucking covered with muscles!"

"So are you, dude. What do you think now, about looking like a bodybuilder?" Kerry stood still, his hard cock bouncing with his excitement, feeling his own hairy pecs. They had grown broad and thick with a deep, full, square shape. He could lose his fingers feeling how deep the cuts under them had grown. He could feel his lats, thick under his arms. His massive, heavy arms no longer hung down at his sides, and he could see on Danny that his back, too, was thickening, spreading wide and pushing his arms out and up. He had secretly always wanted to have a build like a bodybuilder, and he had always secretly wished he could see his shy friend pumped up huge, too, and now that fantasy was really happening.

"I didn't think I'd like it, man, you know, being a freak, muscles popping out all over me," Danny answered, "but I fucking love the way it feels." He flexed his right arm, watching as the biceps mounded and peaked, feeling the size and shape of the rock hard muscle. "We're still getting bigger, you know. I can feel it. Can you?" "Yeah, I can feel it," Kerry said. "Inside all my muscles, it feels like they're alive, on fire."

"I know it. How big do you think we'll get?"

"You saw the pictures of those other dudes that Jeff did all those movies of. You saw how big they are. I hope we get at least as big as that."

"I just love looking at you, dude," Danny said, slowly stroking his hard cock. "You look so fucking hot. I think you're almost as big as those guys already, and I really can see you getting bigger just standing there. God, man. Can you feel that? I can actually see your pecs getting bigger, man, I swear. Fuck, Kerry, I hope you get huge."

"Do you, Danno? How huge, man?"

"Really huge, man. I want to see you get fucking huge beyond belief."

"Yeah. Me too, man. What would you say if I told you I've always wanted to see you get huge?"

"Really, man? You want me to be huge for you? You know what, dude? Now I want to. I want to be fucking huge for you. Jack off for me, man. I want to watch you jack off that big dick."

Kerry lay down on a chaise by the pool, holding his dick, stroking it seductively. "Come over here, Danno. Sit on my legs and put these big dicks together. I want to see our big cocks together again."

So Danny sat on Kerry's thick thighs and jacked them both off until pools of their hot cum saturated the dark hair on Kerry's abs, plastering it to the hard ridges, running into the deep cuts. When they were done, they jumped into the pool to clean themselves off for probably the tenth time since they had gone outside. They got out, toweling off, feeling with still building sexual excitement the size of their musclebound bodies and the hair that was now thick and dark on their legs and arms, their chests and stomachs, under their arms and all over their groins.

"I love seeing you all hairy like that, Danno."

"I know it, dude. Fuck. Look at you. Alec Baldwin, move over."

"Hey Danny. You know what would be way cool? Let's go see what there is to wear in that dresser and go over to that restaurant. I want to go out. I want to let people see us."

"God, Kerry, do you think we should? What if someone there remembers us from before?"

"So? Don't you think they know what goes on here?"

"Yeah, probably, but still. Until Jeff says . . ."

"Fuck it, dude. He didn't say we shouldn't."

"Okay, let's go see what they left for us to wear."

In the dresser, they found the top drawer full of tiny, soft, stretch briefs. There were piles of them, all different colors, all cut extremely skimpy with an extraordinary amount of material in the crotch. In the next drawer were folded piles of tank tops in many colors and nothing else. They were all cut the same. Kerry held one up and they laughed. It was wide and cut deep and short, with the thinnest strings to hold it up. It was cropped so short, it looked as though it would barely come below his pecs. He tried it on, and it fit just like it looked, leaving most of his chest and most of his abs exposed.

"Dude, look at you," Danny laughed.

Kerry flexed his pecs and squeezed them together, making a deep, dark crease down the middle. "Some cleavage, huh?"

They looked in the bottom drawer and found a pile of shorts. Again, they were all the same except for the rainbow of colors. Danny held up a pair. They were made of very thin, soft stretch fabric and appeared to be cut to ride low on the hips and high on the thighs. They looked about large enough to have fit them before, but half the size they would need now.

"These are supposed to fit us?" Danny said, holding the pair up to himself.

"They stretch, Danno. Try them. See if you can get into them."

Danny pulled them on, tugging them up his massive thighs. He pulled them up over his buns. The material stretched thin, but he was able to get them up. He pulled them up in front, lifting his large balls, which were nearly the size of lemons now, and his thick, heavy cock, adjusting it all inside them. The material stretched to hold him, to accommodate his equipment, and it was so thin it showed every detail of his cock, the veins, the rim of his cockhead, the shape of each of his testicles. The heavy load protruding at his groin pulled the waist low. The shorts just barely covered his growing spread of thick, dark blond pubic hair.

"Ta da," he said, grinning, posing for Kerry. "What do you think? Is it subtle?"

"Nothing subtle about you, anymore, dude. They'll fucking shit."

"Well, if these are what they want us to wear, I guess they intend for us to be showing this all off, wouldn't you say?"

"Fuck, man, that's just what I want to do. Give me a pair." Kerry pulled on a pair and stood in front of the mirror to see the total effect, turning, posing checking out all the angles.

"Grab a shirt, man. Let's do it." Kerry found his shoes and put them on without socks. "At least these still fit," he said.

As soon as they rounded the corner of the studio and reached the sidewalk, they knew the show was on. Passers-by did double takes when they spied them, some pointing, the most discreet simply staring in amazement. When they reached the restaurant, they stood at the front for a couple of minutes, out on the sidewalk looking in, as though they were looking for a table. The place was crowded, and every head turned toward them. Except for the recorded music, the room was briefly silent while every guy there stared at the obviously super-endowed musclemen standing in front of them.

Soon conversations resumed, although the constantly turning heads indicated that the topics now revolved around Kerry and Danny. A waiter approached them. It was the same one who had waited on them earlier.

"Gentlemen, table for two?" he asked.

"Yes, please," Kerry replied.

"How about this one, right up front in the center, where all these queens can still have a good view?" He winked as he indicated a table near the sidewalk and right in the middle of the crowd.

"That's great," Kerry said.

"A good view?" Danny said as they walked the few steps to the table.

"Well, face it boys. You're the best scenery around right now." He leaned over them as he set down menus. "And if I may say so, vastly improved over the last couple of hours." His tone became low and confidential. "I remember you boys from before. I thought you looked very developed for such young guys. You're from the studio next door, aren't you?"

"Maybe," Kerry answered. He leaned back in his chair to flaunt his enormous basket in all its detail, putting both his hands behind his head so that his arms would bulge and peak with their new mass. It turned him on to know that he had so much thick, dark hair under his arms all of a sudden that he could also flaunt. "Why?" he asked.

"No reason. But everyone knows about some of the stuff they've been working on over there. Jeff's pretty well known around here. Especially after those new models Mark and Eric showed up. What can I get you guys? I know what

I'd like to get you."

"Oh, yeah?" Danny said as he leaned back like Kerry, showing off, seductively running his hand down his carved, hairy abs. "And what would that be?"

"Mercy," the waiter said at Danny's blatant seductiveness. "I was going to say 'alone,' but I don't know if my heart could take it."

"How about a couple of iced teas then?" Kerry asked.

"You got it."

He went to the counter to get the teas. He and another guy, who was working the counter, whispered, looking and nodding in the direction of Kerry's and

Danny's table. Within a couple of minutes he was back with their tea.

"Paul over there says you guys can't be the same two who were in here before. He doesn't believe that even the studio, with whatever stuff they use, could turn two such young kids into two guys like you in just a couple hours." He set down their teas and never stopped talking. "He said 'Look how hairy they are. That's a couple of young but very mature men,' but I told him that the two young hunks that were here before were teasing each other about getting hair on their chests. I told him I was sure they were more muscular when they left than when they came in. You are the same guys, aren't you?"

Kerry winked at Danny and said, "Looks like he got us figured out, Danny."

"Yeah, looks like it. And here we thought we'd be able to sneak in and no one would notice us." Danny said.

The waiter laughed at the joke like it was the funniest line he had ever heard. "Right. No one notice you two. Look at you."

"So they're turning us into a couple of freaks. Is that a problem?" Kerry kept feeling his chest and arms as he talked.

"A problem?" the waiter asked. "No problem. Absolutely no problem at all. A fucking miracle of modern science, maybe, but definitely not a problem."

Danny was also feeling his own muscles as he sat there, and he said, "Hey

Kerry, man, it's still happening."

"I know it, dude. I can feel it."

The waiter looked back and forth at them. He gulped, and said, "Still happening? You mean . . .?"

"Yeah. Still getting bigger. What do you think? Is that hot, or what? What was your name?" Kerry asked the waiter.

"Tom. Tom Chandler. And yes. Hot. Way hot."

"Well, Tom, you look like you've got a pretty hunky body under those clothes yourself."

"Oh, man. I work and work at bodybuilding, and just when I feel like I'm making some progress, I see you guys turn into my ultimate fantasy in one afternoon. I feel like a skinny punk."

Danny chimed in. "You look pretty buff to me. At least what I can see of your pecs and arms pushing at the material of that shirt."

"Well, thanks, but . . ."

"Listen," Kerry said. "This stuff is still doing its thing on us, so we won't be staying here too long. We just had to come out and strut in public for a minute. But we're right next door, and they have that great pool and all. You feel like getting away and coming over? It might be kind of fun to have someone watch it happen to us. You want to watch?"

Danny said, "Kerry . . ."

Kerry said, "Don't worry so much, Danno."

Tom looked disbelieving at Kerry. "Are you kidding? I'm off in twenty minutes. I could just come over? There's no one there?"

"Sure. We'll leave the side gate unlocked. Just come on back and lock the gate behind you. And come alone."

"Oh, I will. I better get these other tables," he started to back away, backed into a chair, fumbled to keep it from falling, "before they fire me. Okay. Really? Okay. Twenty minutes." He nearly sprinted to the counter where he whispered to his friend there again.

Danny leaned toward Kerry. "He's kind of good looking."

Kerry answered, "He's very good looking. And you can tell he thinks we look like gods or something. He'll probably want to eat us alive."

"I could handle that," Danny said. "Kerry, you know what? This is funny. A minute ago I felt like I was getting a hard-on, but my dick wasn't hard at all. I was feeling it getting bigger and fatter in my shorts, and it wasn't getting hard, it was just growing. I love this, dude. I was just sitting here feeling my dick growing."

"That's funny. I was feeling my butt and my legs getting bigger. This is so cool. Stand up like you're waiting for me to get up, and let me have a look. Let everyone have a look."

Danny stood while Kerry picked up the check, put down a tip, and counted some money out of the wallet he was carrying. Kerry looked up at Danny standing there, and he couldn't believe that his buddy was this handsome, hairy mountain of muscle casually pretending to tug up the waistband of his shorts, which was riding just above his groin, letting his cock and balls rearrange themselves. The cock looked absolutely enormous, like a firehose resting heavily on Danny's immense thigh and balls, which were the size of oranges now.

Kerry paid as every face in the room was fastened to the two of them. They took their time leaving, stopping to look at a painting on the wall that was for sale, giving everyone a chance to look them over and enjoy the visual feast. As they walked out, Danny in front of Kerry, Kerry watched his friend with amazement. He couldn't believe how thick and wide his back was, how his arms, so thick themselves, were propped out, swinging wide at his sides. The globes of his glutes had become enormous, shifting as he walked, as he had to swing his huge thighs around each other with every step. He couldn't believe how hot it felt to him to see his buddy walking like one of those incredibly massive bodybuilders. Even more exaggerated. The realization came thundering in on him. He wasn't just huge anymore. Danny was bigger than any bodybuilder he had ever seen. He was beyond huge. Way beyond. He was a fucking mountain of muscles so thick, so dense and swollen with mass, so erotic, so hot, that his body looked like it could explode with the extreme of its masculine sexuality. He had a hard time containing his own overwhelming degree of sexual excitement as he walked out of the restaurant, acutely aware that he was every bit as huge, his muscles now almost impossibly thick, just like Danny's, making him walk with the same erotic, freaky exaggeration.

When they got out onto the sidewalk, Kerry said, "Keep walking in front of me, Danno. You should see what you look like from the back, man, the way you walk. Your butt is fucking huge."

Danny kept walking, but over his shoulder he said, "I know it, man. I can feel it. My legs, too. It feels, hot, dude, real hot. You like my big bubble butt, dude? You like the way my big, musclebound thighs make me walk, man? I'm feeling really big now, Kerry. Big and hot. I'm getting huge for you, man, just like you wanted. Am I big enough for you yet?"

"Oh, I don't know, Danno. I think you could stand to put on a lot more mass. I'd like to see you a whole lot thicker."

"Yeah? Okay, dude. Just for you, because I can still feel it growing, man. God, it's getting so thick and heavy, man, all this mass I keep getting, all this muscle that just keeps getting bigger. Jesus, it's taking my breath away. And the thicker it gets, the more sexual it feels, man. I never imagined that muscle could feel so fucking hot, that the more I get, the hotter I feel. Hey, Kerry. How did my dick look in there?"

"Are you kidding me, man?" Kerry couldn't see his own basket over his pecs, now, but he could feel the heavy weight of his cock and balls pulling on his groin and bouncing on his thighs. "Your dick is getting as big as everything else. It looked like a fucking giant's cock. And your balls, dude. Can you feel how big your balls are getting, how heavy everything is, hanging there while you walk? Doesn't it feel hot?"

"Man, it feels SO fucking hot. Turn around. Let's walk back to the studio, only you go first so I can watch you, now."

By the time they got back to their patio, they were both sporting erections again, and now their hard-ons had grown longer and thicker, creeping up and out as they walked, lifting inside the tight, thinly stretched fabric of their shorts until they were riding parallel to the ground, and then lifting still higher, rigid, hard and fat and distended with veins that showed through the material, the rims of the huge mushroom heads clearly outlined, flaring coronas, pointing toward their hips, reaching, throbbing, thickening, pushing past their hip bones, poking out and tenting the fabric, not in front of them, but at their sides, protruding several inches past their hips.

Once inside the gate, they were undressed again in seconds. Kerry turned around and reached for Danny's pecs with one hand and his cock with the other.

"You're a fucking blond god, Danno. I always wanted to see you built like a huge bodybuilder, but I never dreamed of anything like this. I can't wait to fuck for those cameras, man."

When Kerry grabbed him, Danny flexed his pecs and thrust his hips into

Kerry's grasping hand. "Yeah? You want to fuck my big bubble butt with that baseball bat, dude? You want to press that huge, hairy body against me, man? Let me see what you got now." And he reached over and ripped Kerry's shirt down the center and tore it off his body. "You're fucking beautiful, Kerry. Look at you." He grabbed the top of his shorts and ripped them off, too.

Kerry's cock sprang out, free, slapping up against his abs almost to his pecs, then bouncing to rest, throbbing, arching out and up from his groin. His balls dropped and rested like grapefruits in a cloth shopping bag against the huge thighs that pressed their mass together down to his knees, forcing his feet to stand a yard apart, the full, heavy sac hanging nearly halfway to his knees. Except for a slight lessening of density, it was hard to tell where the dense bush of pubic hair stopped and the hair on his belly began, except that the pubes seemed to merge into the dark, thick river of hair that flowed through the slightly less hairy undulations of his abs up to his deeply, heavily overhanging pecs that had grown so thickly rounded that his nipples, pointing toward the ground under the swell of muscle, threatened to disappearj, overwhelmed under the mass, into the deeping creases that overlapped his ribs.

"Yeah? You think I'm beautiful?" He struck a double biceps pose, and his arms, at the peaks, were the size of his head. "Well, this beautiful muscle stud wants to plow your blond god ass with his big fucking tool, man. Let me see all that golden hair you're growing, man. I fucking love your hairy body." He reached over and tore off Danny's clothes just as Danny had done to him. "You make me so fucking hot, dude." He grabbed Danny's pecs, feeling the hair that covered the obscenely thick, wide muscles.

"Do I, man? You love my big, fucking, hairy muscles, dude? I love them, too, man. I love the way my lats are feeling like sides of beef, the way they feel so thick under my arms. Look at this, man. They're making my arms stick out farther and farther away from my sides, and they just keep getting bigger. Oh, dude, I fucking love getting huge like this. They're going to shit when they see what they've created. God, don't you love the way this feels?"

"Oh, man. Fuck, Danno. I could eat you alive. Look at your fucking tits, man. I've never seen anything so hot in my life."

"Yeah? What about your tits, dude? They're so fucking huge and hard and hairy. Oh, man, Kerry. Fuck me, dude. clean my fucking tonsils with that baseball bat, because when you're done, I've got to ram mine inside you before that guy gets here."

"Shit. I forgot about him. Okay, Danno. Get your boulder butt over on that towel, you fucking muscle monster. and open wide."


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