Coming of Age


By Also_KnownAs

"What the fuck?" I looked at the shriveled brown matter in my sweaty grip. It smelled earthy, pungent, almost masculine. "This is how you…?"

He shrugged his huge shoulders. He turned around and sat his amazing body on my couch. His prick stood at attention for a few heartbeats before slowly growing limp and hanging itself over his muscled thigh. He was absently playing with the head again, stripping back the tight cowl of foreskin and running his fingertip round and round the slick, glossy surface as he explained, "Maybe there's more to it than that. Genetics? Who knows? I mean, look at you, Jerry. You and me share more than a few chromosomes, and you're not exactly a loser in the muscle and handsome department. Not to mention that you also managed to cum twice, as I recall."

"As for you and me sharing some genes, please don't remind me. I already feel bad."

He grinned and glanced at my still-hard dick. "Not too bad."

"At any rate, I can't do… that." I looked up at the glistening splatters on the ceiling, remembering the sight of my nephew shooting cum like a cannon. "And when I was 16, sure as shit I didn't look anything like you."

"Whatever. Alls I know is that when I ate some of those things, I'm pretty sure they had something to do with… this." He gestured down to his body, his muscles and dick, and I think I saw it swell in gratitude. "So I snuck some out and thought I'd.. sort of.. test `em."

"Test `em?"

He nodded. "Eat up, Jerry. And then let's watch what happens."


"Why not?"

"They couldn't possibly work that fast. Nothing works that fast."

He smiled and shrugged, leaning forward and resting his chin on his fists. "You're probably right." He flexed his biceps and I watched the muscle bulge and separate. The lobes of his shoulders joined in. "Nothing works that fast."

I raised an eyebrow and looked down at my hand. "How much should I take?"

"How old are you, again?"


"Take it all."


"Trust me, Jerry." He stood up and walked back toward me, his hips swaying seductively, his blue eyes flashing, every muscle of his amazing body perfectly developed and swollen with masculine power. "Take it all. And let's watch what happens."

"Is there any more?"

"Sure, but you won't need it." He stood before me, towering above me, smelling of sex and sweat and pure, raw male brawn. "Trust me."

I sighed. I looked into his face, into his eyes, and I thought, well, what the fuck? I opened my mouth and stuck it all in.

It tasted foul. Horrible. Like dirt or sludge or something you scrape off the bottom of the garbage can. It filled my senses and made my eyes water and I swallowed as fast as I could, nearly gagging on the shit. The taste lingered in my mouth and I could still smell that stuff all over as if I'd been bathed in it.

"Sucks, huh?"

"You could've warned me."

"I'll warn you now. In a few minutes, you're going to start to feel very warm. Very. You'll feel like you're burning up, swear to fucking god. Your skin, your insides, everything. And your dick? Fuck, Jerry, your dick." He shook his head and smiled evilly.

"What about my dick?"

"Ever been kicked in the nuts, Jerry?" I nodded slowly. "Well, then that'll partially prepare you for what you're gonna feel." I must have looked like I was going to vomit or hit him or both, because he held up his hands. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you'll survive. I figure it's all part of making you able to, you know, go off like a fire hydrant and shower your lover in so much cream that he feels like he's swimming in it. I mean, your balls have got to take a little punishment if they're gonna be doing this shit." And there he went again, his dick inflating in seconds, his balls swelling and drooping and then he shot a volley at my chest that felt hot and wet and good. His cum dripped down my chest and into my crotch and down my legs and he started to laugh as he let loose volley after volley of hot, white cum.

I swam my hands through his cream and closed my eyes as my entire body became lubed in my nephew's cum. I was a giant prick, and I didn't want him to stop.

And then the heat started.

I didn't realize it at first, because his cream was so hot on my skin, but the other heat soon overtook Joe's flood. He kept on cumming, though. I dimly remembered that he said he'd cum 18 times in a row, once, and I started wondering how much cum that was as he continued to drench me in his salty spunk.

He came and he came, giggling now, and the heat was building in me. I stopped rubbing my body and started to concentrate on the heat, because it felt good. It felt like I was having sex. Everything was hot, and hard, and tingling. I was hitting the first rush of whatever I'd eaten and it felt fucking amazing.

"You're feeling it now," my nephew said. He stopped showering me in cum and I felt it slip and drip along my skin. Fuck, I felt so good, so incredible and sexy and fucking hot. "Feels good, don't it? Yeah, I remember." I felt his arms surround me, his muscles pressing against me, his body on mine. His hand was behind my neck and I sank into his huge grip and felt his lips brushing mine. The heat continued to build, redoubled with his huge body wrapped around me, his tongue, soft and wet and insistent, pushing into my mouth, his hand moving down, grabbing my ass, gripping the flesh and muscle, and his fingers crawling toward my asshole, rubbing, massaging, pushing.

The heat. The heat was everywhere. It was incredible. I'd never felt so horny ever. And it just kept building. "I'll be here," he whispered. "I'm here. I'm here for you." He was kissing me again, I lifted my leg onto his hip to allow his touch deeper entry and he took it, moving two fingers inside, twisting and thrusting, my ass grabbing and relaxing. "You feel really good, really hot. You want more? You need more inside?" I could feel his hard prick pressing on my stomach and I nodded, unable to speak, and three fingers came in. Four.

The heat was building.

He was so powerful, so strong, so big. "Fuck me," I managed to say. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me now."

"I can't Jerry, not yet."

"You gotta fuck me, man. I need you inside me. I need every inch of you inside. Fuck, I'm so horny, I can't stand it."

"But they said…"

"Fuck what they said." I pulled out of his embrace and opened my eyes and looked at him. "Fuck me. Oh, Jesus, fuck me right now."

He was breathing hard looking at my cum-soaked body. I watched his dick pulse and swell and redden, his balls droop again, his whole body, every muscle, tighten and flex and grow under his golden skin. He bit his bottom lip and smiled and stroked himself and nodded.

I rushed against him, the heat was building, and kissed him hard and deep, the heat was building, and he grabbed my shoulders and twisted me around hard, and fast, and the heat was building, and he bent me over and I felt something hot and wet splash against my asshole and smelled him and felt his hand, his touch, pushing his cream between my legs, into my hole, the heat was building, and then he shoved himself into me, inches of him, thick and fat and firm, deeper and deeper inside, so hot, so fucking hot, drenched in his cum, and he fucked my ass, thrusting without stopping, deep, deeper, deeper than anyone or anything, full and hard and perfect.

The heat was overwhelming.

And then I felt it. I could feel it. In my balls. And in my cock. Something like a weight, or a pushing, a heaviness, a mass, a burden, building like the heat. Pushing there, in my balls, on the base of my hard, hot cock.

Joe fucked me. He fucked me with abandon and power and lust. God, oh my god, so good. He was so big. So amazingly huge. Nothing ever felt so good.

My balls began to ache. My body was in flames. I was the sun. I was going to catch fire and burn to a cinder, so horny, so fucking…

Shit, the pain. Sudden and powerful and getting worse. Feeling so good and so bad at the same time. "You want me to stop?" he asked breathlessly. How did he know? What was happening?

"No," I said, and I meant it. Never stop. Never stop fucking me. Oh Jesus, no, never stop. The pain was amazing. I wanted it to stop, and I could feel my dick tingle like I wanted to cum, but I couldn't cum. It was like I had to cum but I couldn't cum. Something was squeezing my balls tight, tighter, holding onto my balls as they filled with cream and twisting them and tugging on them and stopping me from releasing my huge, thick, fat load of hot creamy cum.

My dick weighed 20 pounds. I swear to god. No, 50. I had a fifty pound cock hanging between my legs, and the whole fucking thing tingled and throbbed and swelled with need and desire and the heat was building, so hot, and my balls were killing me and my skin itched and stretched and the heat was building, no breath now, nothing but the pain and the pleasure and the heat, all there inside me, and Joe fucking my ass and my balls getting bigger and tighter and my 100 pound prick swelling larger and larger.

I heard Joseph say something. I heard him say my name, and something else, something like "star time" or "starring" and he kept fucking me, and I could feel his cum dripping down my legs, he was pumping his cream into my guts, drenching me inside like he did to my outsides and I wondered what he felt like but the pain, the pain was back, I was going to die in a flood of pain and pleasure and heat, the heat was building, and I wanted to cum, I had to cum, I had to.

I heard a soft sound then, something to accompany the sound of two men fucking, a gasp or a sigh, did Joe just sigh? My skin was going to split open, everything felt so tight, so hot and tight and he fucked me so good, he was so good, so big and so good and then… and then… and then…

I came. Fuck did I come. I could feel my whole body swell and throb and the valve was released and the pain subsided and the heat was gone and I was cumming buckets of cream, cumming and cumming and cumming and shouting from the feeling, the overwhelming feeling, cumming and cumming.

Where was I? What was happening? God, so good. Perfect. Perfection. Everything was cumming, my whole body, I stretched my arms wide, I stretched my head on my neck, my legs shook and throbbed and everything felt so fucking good.


"Jesus," I heard him say. Where was I? I was standing up. I was a fountain, my 200-pound cock spraying my unending load all over the living room, gallons of cum, gallons and gallons, I grabbed onto myself and leaned into the force of my orgasm, used both hands, had to, and I was cumming and cumming and cumming.

His hands on me, now, His hands, his arms, surrounding me from behind, feeling his chest on my back, his lips on my neck, his dick pressing between the globes of my ass. "Beautiful," he whispered. "I knew you'd be beautiful."

"I can't stop," I said. It was true. I couldn't stop. So much cum. I could feel it.

"You can."

"I don't want to."

"Then don't."

"I can't."

His breath, warm on my skin, as he laughed. "Yes, you can."

Could I? Could I stop?

I stopped. I stopped cumming. I opened my eyes.

It was everywhere. It was amazing. The place smelled rank and heady with a male musk so deep that it was a wonder no one was fucking it. I felt his embrace grow tighter and I looked down and saw his muscled forearms stretched across a chest that I didn't own.

Or hadn't owned.

Two heavy globes and a deep separation between. Fat with muscle. Cables of brawn that flexed as stretched at my command. I was bigger.

"I'm bigger."

His embrace tightened again and I felt his body shake as he laughed. "Yeah, now the real fun begins." He spun me around and kissed my mouth for a long time. I wrapped him in my arms and we stood in the cum-drenched room like that for a while until I realized, suddenly, that I was no longer shorter than Joe, that I was now slightly taller.

The shock made me break contact and look at him, down at him, and he answered my unasked question. "You're bigger. You have to be, for what comes next."

"And that is?"

He grinned. "More." •

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