By FanTCMan

"Both you boys sure this is something you want, now?" Jeff leaned forward in his chair, putting his elbows on the desk as he alternately looked both of the handsome young guys in the eyes. They looked nervous. But Barry, his scout, had said they were the kids for the job, and the boys had easily agreed to come to the meeting.

"Yeah, I guess so," said the one named Kerry. His eyes darted, a flash of green under dark lashes, to glance at his friend, looking for support.

Like an echo, his friend Danny repeated, "Yeah, I guess so." He wondered if this special formula they had heard about could be real. If it were true, exciting as the idea was, it made him very nervous.

"Okay," Jeff said, "if anyone asks, you are both eighteen, understand? We'll get some ID's made up for you, but in the meantime, no one knows you aren't even sixteen yet. Is that clear?"

Jeff himself felt a little nervous about getting underaged guys involved doing porn for his company, especially as guinea pigs for his formula. Still, he hadn't become this successful without taking risks. He remembered how nervous he had been when he started at seventeen, posing for his first layouts. He also remembered the high he felt when he quickly became popular, and how soon he had grown used to the money pouring in. Especially when he started producing his own stuff. Now that he had the most popular production company in the business, he wasn't going to let a few nerves stand in the way of the next big breakthrough.

"Yeah, we get it," Kerry answered for them both. He knew they were here to join the stable of models that this Jeff had put together for his ManScape

Studios, and only the hottest guys were ManScape guys. None of them, though, as far as he knew, were as young as he and Danny. In fact, ManScape specialized in big men, men with muscles, men with hair on their bodies, men with large endowments. Both he and Danny were good looking enough, and hung okay for fifteen year old guys. They even had nice, cut bodies from working out, for such young, thin guys. But they sure weren't in the league with the

ManScape models. They had been checking them out ever since Barry had approached them. But what the hell. If Jeff wanted them, why not?

"Yeah, we understand," Danny replied. As long as Kerry was going to do it, so would he. He still felt strange, though, being so young, with all those

ManScape hunks. Even now, with Jeff, who didn't model any more. . .the big producer at, what?, thirty-five? He looked so hot, sitting there at his big desk in his tight jeans and the plaid cotton shirt with the sleeves ripped off, completely unsnapped down the front, his arms and shoulders packed with muscle, his chest big and thick, deeply cut, and lightly covered with dark hair.

"And you guys know this is a gay operation, right? You don't have a problem with that?"

"No problem," Kerry answered.

"Either of you ever suck a cock or fuck another guy?"

"Well, no. Not really." Kerry couldn't keep the smile off his face. He was embarrassed by the question, but mostly by the fact that he had to answer no.

Danny grinned at him and looked quickly at Jeff. "Almost, though."

Not that long ago they had discovered that they were both preoccupied with the process of growing from boys to men. They had started showing off for each other, comparing how much pubic hair they were growing, and how much hair they had under their arms. They couldn't wait to be totally grown, matured into men. They compared the sizes of their dicks with the pictures and with each other. All of a sudden they had started sporting the plumage of grown up guys, and they thought it was very cool. A few months ago, they had even started getting erections in front of each other on purpose, to compare (Kerry was slightly longer at six and a half inches, but Danny was a little thicker). Then just lately, after Barry talked to them about becoming

ManScape models, they started looking at the ManScapes magazines, thinking of actually posing for them, thinking about the rumors about that formula, and they got turned on enough to jack off together. Several times. But they still had not gone as far as actually touching each other.

"Okay. Well, we'll sure get you past the point of 'almost'," Jeff smiled back at them. They were both very cute, he thought. So young and fresh. Kerry, all dark and Irish, his deep set eyes so unconsciously seductive, and blond Danny with his dark honey coloring and that perfect jaw line framing the full, sensual lips of his wide, beautiful mouth. Still both built like a couple of skinny kids, he thought, but he'd take care of that. They would be perfect. "And you don't have to be so nervous," he continued. "No one is going to find you here. You did leave your notes about running away, right?"

"Yeah," they both answered.

"Great. Let's get you set up, then, and you can just relax and get comfortable for a while. There's a nice little sidewalk cafe next door where you can get some lunch. Then you can just hang out by the pool in back or whatever. I'll pick you up for dinner about eight. Then we can talk about tomorrow and your first shoot. My place. My partner and maybe a couple of the guys."

As he talked, Jeff took a couple of keys out of his desk drawer. He stood up and led the way, indicating for them to follow, from the studio back to the patio where he unlocked a door and opened it. Both boys recognized the very private pool area from some of the photos they had seen. Each had flashes of images of hot, muscular guys with erections showing off and enjoying each other in the lush, tropical landscape, lounging back on the chaises by the pool or leaning against the giant birds-of-paradise.

"This will be your place for now," Jeff said as he gestured for them to enter.

They walked into a small but decently furnished apartment. The living room had a large, comfortable slip-covered sectional sofa and a couple of slip-covered club chairs. There was an entertainment center with a stereo,

CD changer, VCR, and a large screen TV. The kitchen was open to the dining area and was modern and efficient. The bedroom was furnished with a king size bed, one double dresser, and side tables with lamps.

"Hope you don't mind sleeping together," Jeff grinned at them when he saw them stare at the bed. "You may as well get used to it, huh?"

Kerry said, "I guess."

"Now, we're going to be keeping you pretty busy, so don't worry about clothes and stuff. The bathroom's stocked, and so's the dresser, with all the clothes you'll be wearing as ManScape models. Anything else you need, just let us know. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure," said Danny, then "Barry said you'd be giving us some pay up front for spending money."

"Oh, absolutely. Here, take your keys," he handed them each one, "and come on back to the office for a minute. I'll give you your cash. And there's something else I need to give you, too."

When they got back to the office, Jeff went into a cash box and retrieved one hundred dollars in twenties for each of them. They took the money, showing some surprise at being handed so much. Then he went into another locked drawer, opened a locked steel box, and took out a brown glass jar full of capsules. He shook several into his hand and counted out five for each of them. They were large capsules filled with some white crystal looking powder. He replaced the jar, locked the box, replaced it, and locked the drawer, and then handed each boy his five capsules.

As he filled two glasses with water from the cooler behind his desk, he said,

"Did Barry also tell you that we were going to give you some wonderful new stuff to beef you up and to help get you into all this?"

"Whoa. What is it?" Danny asked. Was this it?

"He did say something. 'Wait till you get a taste of the formula, it's amazing.' We heard it's like some kind of growth stimulant, or aphrodisiac or something?" This was Kerry.

"Something like that," Jeff answered. "Now, down the hatch, boys. Then I'll leave you alone until eight. I have a shoot to attend to across town in a few minutes. You'll be just fine."

"You want us to take them all right now?" Danny sounded nervous again. He felt very uncomfortable with the idea of taking some kind of exotic drug.

"Yes, please. You'll only have to take them this once. The effects are permanent. But it won't hurt you, and I promise you'll enjoy it."

"Okay, what the fuck," Kerry said. "Come on, Danny. Just do it." He threw all five capsules down with a gulp of water. As soon as he swallowed, Danny followed suit.

"Good boys. Now have fun. Relax. I'll be back at eight to get you and see how you're doing. Dress casual. Find something in the dresser. I'll see you then."

He showed them out the back door again and locked it behind him, leaving them in the patio.

Kerry looked at Danny. "So. Let's go eat. I'm starved."

They walked around the side of the building to the street, and they were back in the bustle of West Hollywood. At the restaurant, they found an empty table right near the sidewalk and ordered a couple of cheese burgers, fries, and small salads. While they waited, they chatted about what it was going to be like, how strange it would be, posing with hard-ons in front of people taking your pictures.

Kerry noticed, as they talked, that he was feeling kind of hyper. Not bad, just excited and very up. In fact he felt very good.

"Hey, Danny. Do you feel real good right now?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just real good. I don't know. Real up or something?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it. You think it was that stuff we took?" Danny leaned toward Kerry when he said this, like they were talking about doing drugs and he didn't want anyone to hear.

"What else, man? This is cool." He leaned back in his chair with a huge grin.

Danny looked around to see that no one was paying any attention to them. He leaned back, too. He did feel great. He felt something like waves of warmth radiating all through him. It felt like it started in his balls and spread to every cell.

"Yeah." He laughed. "Wow."

"What?" Kerry asked. Danny leaned forward again. "Do you feel it in your balls?"

"Yeah, I do."

Just then the waiter brought their food. They ate, commenting from time to time on how good they felt. The sensation grew in both of them, but they didn't feel out of control. Just sensational. And sexy. They both started to feel extremely sexy.

"You know, they were smart to choose us," Kerry said between bites, "because we're a couple of seriously good lookin' dudes."

Danny almost choked from swallowing just as a laugh burst out. "Not too conceited," he said, "but you know what? I was just thinking the same thing. And if that stuff makes us beefier, that might be great."

"He did say that, didn't he? How could that be, unless it's some kind of scientific miracle? But you know what? I swear, I think I can feel it," and Kerry leaned back a bit, throwing back his shoulders and puffing out his chest so his T shirt stretched across his pecs. He looked down at his chest. His pecs were clearly outlined and both boys could easily tell they were thicker, wider, basically bigger.

"Look at that, Danny. I'm growing pecs."

Danny reached up for his own chest, feeling his pecs. There was no doubt his were bigger, too.

"Holy shit," he said under his breath. He held his arm tightly at his side where he had put it to feel his chest, and he flexed his upper arm muscles. "Look at that, Kerry. Look at my arms. It really is happening. We're getting muscles. This is unbelievable," he said, looking across at Kerry's arms. "I can see it in your arms, too, even not flexed. They really are getting bigger. Right here in front of everyone. Christ, they're all gonna see."

"But no one's paying any attention. I can't fucking believe this, dude. I can feel it all over. It feels so weird, like my muscles are all tingly and real warm and tight. All over, dude. Even my legs and all. Wow. And you can really see it?"

"Yeah, can't you?"

"Yeah, I can. Shit, Danny, you look like you just been working out for a year or something. You really are getting muscles. I can see the whole outline of your pecs."

"Pretty soon, everyone is going to notice that something radical is happening to us." He leaned closer to Kerry. "You know what, dude?" he said, looking closely at his friend. "Feel at the top of your T shirt. You've got hair coming out of the neck of your T shirt."

Kerry touched the base of his throat at the neck of his shirt. He could feel the short hairs that were growing there all of a sudden. "Shit, man, this is unbelievable. And you could see it, all of a sudden, from over there?"

"Yeah, I can see it. It's not like peach fuzz, man. It's short, but it's dark, Man. It's real hair. We better be getting out of here."

Kerry reached his hand up under his T shirt, running it over his chest and stomach quickly, hoping no one would notice. He pulled out on the neckband and looked down his shirt at his chest. "Holy shit." He looked up with complete surprise. "It's all over my chest and stomach."

"No shit? That's so cool, dude. Come on. Let's go."

"You're right," Kerry finished his salad and caught the waiter's eye, signaling for their check. "You know what else I'm feeling?" he leaned forward again and lowered his voice. "I'm feeling like the crotch of my jeans is getting very crowded and full. They're so tight all of a sudden. I think it's making my dick and balls bigger."

Danny had his hand in his lap. "I know. Me, too."

"Danny, man, this feels so weird, and so amazing, and so great all at the same time. It's making me feel real turned on."

"Yeah, I know. I feel like I'm almost going to come in my jeans. Do you think it could really make our dicks bigger?"

"I don't know. Sure feels like it."



"You look really good, dude, what it's doing to you."

"You too, Dan. This is such a turn on!"

The waiter brought their check, and when he set it down, he winked and said to them, "I'd sure like to know where you boys work out. Whatever you're doing, it's working, kids. Keep it up."

As they took their check to the cashier, where the whole room could see them,

Danny looked at Kerry. He couldn't believe how much tighter his jeans looked on his butt and his thighs, and how there was a definite bulge at his crotch where, just a while ago, the jeans had hung loose. And, his friend was getting a bubble butt. His jeans suddenly fit completely differently, and it looked very hot to him. This felt like a dream, and it was seriously turning him on. He watched as Kerry paid the cashier, watched how the guy making the change kept looking at Kerry's body. They were both getting even bigger since they had first noticed it a few minutes ago. Maybe not that much, but he could feel it, and he could see it on Kerry. His whole shape looked thicker. From behind he noticed how the T shirt was starting to stretch across his upper back and shoulders. His shoulders were definitely broader. He was getting a V shape that tapered down to his narrow hips and those round, tight buns. He could even see that Kerry's thighs were thicker, almost filling the legs of his jeans. And everything he noticed on his friend, he could feel on himself.

He felt self conscious. He knew people were looking at them. And yet, he felt so sexy, so hot that he found he was enjoying it. He glanced down at himself. His pecs were actually sticking out, pushing against the T shirt fabric. They were wider, too, not just thicker. And he could also clearly see something else he felt intensely aware of. Just like Kerry, where his jeans had hung loose and flat in front before, now they were almost tight over a noticeable bulge at the fly. It definitely wasn't just his muscles that were growing. He could feel the bigger load he was carrying, crowded inside his jeans, pushing out against the material, resting heavier against his legs. It felt so sexy and so extremely masculine. He couldn't wait to get undressed and take a look.

He looked around as Kerry was getting their change and putting down a tip on their table. He caught several guys in the restaurant staring at them both, and he could tell that his groin was getting more than a fair share of attention. It was attention he liked. It struck him as strange how much he liked it. He and Kerry had always enjoyed being admired for their looks, but they were both a little shy about it, Danny more than Kerry. Now he didn't feel shy at all. He was loving being noticed, looked over. It made him feel incredibly hot, letting them stare at his body, giving them a good look at this new bulge in his crotch.

When they were back on the sidewalk, he said, "God, Kerry, did you see how they were all staring at us?"

"Fuck, yeah, man. I could feel it. I liked it."

"Yeah, I know. Me, too. You looked so fucking hot in there. You should see what your butt looks like. You're getting a real bubble butt."

"You, too, dude. A fucking great ass. Can't you feel it? I sure can. The way my jeans feel on my ass. It feels so hot. And look at these fucking bulges in our jeans, dude. Doesn't it feel amazing? See how it feels when you walk."

Kerry strutted a little ahead of Danny, feeling the bigger muscles move inside his clothes and the weight of his enlarged equipment shifting back and forth as he walked, emphasizing the bulge even more. He stopped and waited for Danny to catch up, watching his friend walk toward him.

Danny paraded for Kerry, and Kerry felt a surge of lustful attraction for his friend he had never felt before. Danny looked like a purely sexual young god, all golden coloring, soulful amber brown eyes, the sensual mouth, and the way his body looked now, muscles like a real model showing in his T shirt, and that sexy bulge in his jeans. So hot! He thought Danny walked like he knew by instinct how to show it all off. And he noticed something else about him.

"Look at your arms, dude. They're all hairy. And I just noticed you're getting a five o'clock shadow big time. Are you getting hair on your chest, too?" He reached over and pulled out Danny's T shirt neck and looked down inside the shirt. "Oh ho, look at that, man. Major hairy chest!"

Danny looked, then reached up under his shirt to feel it. "Whoa. Amazing. Look at that, man. Hair on my chest!" He pulled up the front of his shirt. "I'm fucking getting a hairy chest, man. Stomach, too. Look at that! Both of us. Hairy dudes! I never thought I liked hairy guys till now, but this is too hot! Look at you, man." He reached over and tugged at the hair growing out above the neck of Kerry's shirt. "That hair sticking out of your shirt is getting serious. Look how hairy your arms are getting. And talk about a five o'clock shadow! You should see how dark yours is. Totally like a man's."

They were so enthralled that they kept walking past the studio. They were laughing, feeling so high and so hot, teasing each other, pointing out how they were changing.

"You're still getting beefier, Dan. Just like he said. I can see it."

"I know, man. I can feel it. I can see it on you, too. Look how tight our shirts are. Look how big your chest is getting. And look at our arms, man. They're really getting muscles. And veins. Let's go back and check it out. I want to get naked. I want to see what's under these clothes."

"Yeah. But I'm loving being out here on the street. I love the way I feel. I feel so up and so fucking sexy, dude. I got to do this, man," and he pulled off his shirt and hung it from the waist of his jeans. "Look at this, man." Facing Danny, he stroked his hand across his chest and down his abs. He felt the hard shape of his growing pecs and abs. He felt the hair that covered his chest and grew down his abdomen, where it formed a dark line all the way down the middle, plunging into the waist of his jeans. "Look at me, dude. Isn't this just so fucking hot? Take your shirt off, too. I want to see your hairy chest out here on the street."

Danny took his shirt off. He was bigger than a regular model, now. Like

Kerry, he was becoming more muscular. His chest and stomach were covered with dark blond hair. It was lighter than Kerry's, but there was enough of it to show up.

"Oh, man, Danny!" Kerry said. "You are looking so hot! That hair looks amazing. And you look so muscular. Nobody would ever guess you're only fifteen years old. Either of us. I wonder how beefy this stuff is supposed to make us," feeling his pecs again. "I love the way you look with muscles."

"Yeah, you too. Probably not too much more, though. At least I hope not. We'd start looking like those bodybuilders."

"Yeah. So? That might not be so bad. Lots of those ManScape models look like bodybuilders."

"You think this stuff could do that?"

"Who knows? But look what it's already done. Why? You wouldn't want to look like a muscle guy?"

"I think it might be weird."

"This whole thing is weird, dude. But don't you think the muscles are hot? I do. They make me feel really hot. The more they grow, the more turned on

I feel. I'd love to see what it would feel like to get big. Like a muscle guy. I'd love to see you get big like that, too."

"Hey, Kerry. Let's go back. I'm feeling too turned on to stay out here. My jeans feel so tight they're getting uncomfortable. And this bulge is getting really big. I've got to see what this stuff is doing to us. If I'm getting a big cock, I want to see it."

"Okay, Dan boy, I'm ready." They started back toward their new apartment. Kerry went on. "All these muscles, this hair, this big bulge, it's making me feel so fucking sexy and hot. I'm so horny and turned on I could cream my jeans. I've never felt so horny. Let's get naked and jack off, man. We can watch each other."

As they walked back and Kerry kept talking, Danny's mind was churning. He could feel how much bigger he was getting already. He could tell without seeing it that he was getting a bubble butt just like Kerry was. He could feel the back seam of his jeans, which used to hang loose, pulling up tight between his muscular buns. The waist of the jeans was as loose as ever, but everywhere else they were fitting tighter all the time. The legs were tight and his thighs rubbed against each other when he walked. His thighs had never touched before. What if they did keep getting bigger and started to look like bodybuilders? He wondered what that would feel like. He did know that what was happening right now felt amazing. He liked the way his butt and his legs felt, thick and snug in his jeans. He liked the feeling of his chest getting thicker and wider. His arms felt heavier and bigger, and they rubbed against his wider back muscles as he walked, and he like the way that felt, too. He looked at Kerry, saw the same things happening to him, and thought how totally hot it looked. As they rounded the corner of the studio into the patio and approached the door to their apartment, he realized, watching Kerry unlock the door, that he wanted to feel those muscles that were popping out on his arms as he turned the key. He wanted to touch his pecs, to feel the muscle, to feel the hair on them. His cock started getting hard in its cramped space in his jeans. He wanted to feel his own hairy pecs pressed hard against Kerry's. His own hairy pecs! The thought created a powerful surge of excitement, overwhelming him with incredibly sexual feelings of his own masculinity. His hand instinctively went to his chest, his hard, muscular, furry chest, and stroked down across his furry ridged stomach. As he walked past Kerry into the living room, wetting his voluptuous lips with his tongue, his hand dropped down to experience for the first time the large bulge that had grown at his crotch. •

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