By Freaker

Its time to stop what seems our endless, yet totally transfixing and absolutely absorbing MASSIVE MUSCLE-SEX. Our sex with breakfast. But how to stop?

After all, breakfast was over when we consumed the last of our several gallons of protein, most of it when into roidal Rick's stomach of course, packed with every known vitamin and mineral, balanced protein, carbs & fats. And loads of synthetic growth factors, 12 of which occur only during foetal gestation, but we have found how to harness their transforming abilities in ways mostly to do with timing that permit our unimaginable Transformation. And by now, those gallons are well on their way to being fully digested. Yes! Even though it's less than half an hour since we consumed them, because of our Transformed digestive systems, our much higher stomach acidity. The same as a vulture's in fact! And all those hyped up digestive enzymes. And its that acidity that makes us very disease resistant.

But it's time! Time to engage Rick, our Phase 2 Muscle giant in a good workout and maybe take some measurements of his muscles. And, remeasure that stupendous Cock of his. I wonder if it's become bigger the last half hour? And of course his muscles have to be measured both before and after they're PUMPED. Plus take some movies. Besides, we really have to meet all the others who we've practically forgotten. And thinking about them, I'm suddenly surprised they haven't force d their way in here and disturbed us. Though it was agreed to leave us 3 muscular Transforms to enjoy our newly acquired muscularity in private for a while.

Well, maybe we should also test Rick's muscles? And if we do, we should do it real proper. But just as easy as it would be to gain Rick's cooperation in making those muscle tests, we can continue what we're doing. Which, to me feels like a dream state of hyper-erotic, massively-muscled, totally-flexing, incredibly PUMPED, muscle-SEX! And sex that's so incredible and amazingly erotic I CAN NOT get used to it even for a moment. Especially considering how amazingly addictive Rick's totally striated curved muscle arse is and the way it moves. The way the whole of Rick's body moves. So vigorous and smooth, yet so massive and awesome! He must be furiously burning the fuel provided by his recently bloated stomach? A belly-full of breakfast protein shake upon which, the way he's going he could easily lead us on into even more sex beyond our sexabilities! At least for a few more hours of fine fucking, fantastic flexing, and so much grunting and groaning the whole neighbourhood must hear us! And none of it gratuitous grunting either as we exchange bodily fluids by the litre! And does it seem like Rick is trying to fill Ron's very insides to overflowing? As his seemingly endless semen supply keeps apparently shooting out of his wonderful thick 22" white mancream ejection apparatus that just keep pumping and fucking pumping from the tip of his prodigous prick into and up into Ron! Its like Rick's personal extra special ManJuice that he can pump from that almost 2" wide piss slit has turned him into this relentless sex machine. But hey? For MuscleGod's sake, that's exactly what we all wanted him to become! Its what all our science had been carried out for. And then suddenly thinking about Rick's massively copious thick ManJuice propelling under such high pressure from that 2" wide piss slit with muscular lips that can focus the Cum into jets or whatever the piss slit at the tip of his prodigious Man-Prick decides! And that gives me an incredible thought. Is Rick attempting to fill Ron up faster than he can absorb his showers of gifts? To fill our 6 times Mr. Olympia immediately after breakfast with his manly essence, his ultra thick ManJuice? And will it be possible to fill Ron from just the single donor?

But then Rick is, after all a phase 2 Transform! Whereas Ron & I are mere phase ones! So for us ..no, I think I can presently speak only for myself as it looks like Ron's opinion presently is a little more than obliterated by Rick's huge thick slabs of Pectoral muscle. But for me, well I'm feeling practically overwhelmed! Still, I am at least free to think, a little and I can see its up to Rick, the pink Phase 2 MuscleGod to decide when and how we're going to stop this rampaging orgy. All I can do really is make a suggestion. It has to be Rick who decides how long this sex session is going to last.

And the more I think about it the more convinced I am that Ron, down there under Rick, has passed out again. Or he's in another one of his (for me) famous stupors. Overwhelmed by Rick's massive musculature and his overwhelming handsome Pink face, his fabulous tight striated skin and powerful garden hose vascularity that bathes our tongues in power and heat, and surrounded by Rick's massive arms.

But am I coping? Well, with Rick's 6 foot wide, bursting with muscle "shoulders" presented to me square-on, I see a wall of gigantean rippling muscles with 2 wonderful cock-hardening Lat wings. Huge sweeps of multi-banded muscle that never ceases to mesmerise me as Rick relentlessly humps away like a huge steam engine and Rick's Lats are formed from at least 10 large visibly bulging, tightly packed formations of banded thick muscle that could be hiding several more bands of Lat muscle. That would be Lat muscle tucked away beneath all the visible muscle and each one that's visible is its own separate feast for my eyes to gaze at.

Yes, there must be more slabs of luscious Lat muscle hidden and trying to flex at the surface in search of worship and applause and every one of them deserves my muscular Man-lips to suck their profusion of power! And as they spread they exaggerate his incredible taper. God! Look at that Taper! It's a taper so incredible I only have to run my eyes along the outlined edge to make myself CUM. YES! Another almightily orgasm is cumming!..Oh Fuck yeah!...looking at those Lats with my eye! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh my muscle god, here I go staring at how solid his Lats are. How powerful & thick they are! Oh yeah! I've come again...Oh fuck yeah. Filling Rick's hot gorgeous arse with my spunk, m precious manjuice and again!....Oh fuck yeah I cum again!!! Looking at those huge flairs of muscle, those huge sweep of banded muscles filled with clumps of exaggerated power! Oh fuck yeah! Oh yeah, oh my fucking Muscle God, I'm coming again!!!!!...Oh God. Look at that incredible narrow waist!! Fuck! Look at it! Just take it in! LOOK HARD!....Oh fuck yeah, again. And those Lats? They lead my eyes to that most seductively impossibly narrow waist. A waist so narrow it can't be real. But it is! It must have been once thought impossible to engineer and to build it into his Transformation. But we succeeded and look at how it explodes at his Glutimus maximus muscles! Everywhere! Symetrical from his impossible muscle shoot that I have so well plugged with my Cock! Its all striated muscle with fibres sweeping into that most perfect of perfectly striated massive muscular marvellous arse hole. I can't believe its real. Its beyond my wildest imagination. Its beautiful! And it feels so incredible linked to this God this way. And all I can say is "Oh my fucking MuscleGod! Look at that Arse!

Oh my fucking MuscleGod, look at it, kiss it, and caress it. Feel those striation bands. Look at how they fold into that incredibly seductive vortex of a muscle shoot. See how that muscle shoot has a tight hold of my Cock!! Oh my fucking musclegod, just looking at this magnificent beast of muscle makes me want to cum forever!! Oh fuck I just did. Oh fuck I'm cumming again! Oh fuck I'm cumming some more! Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, oh fuck, yeah, cumming, again, cumming again, yeah again. Oh my fucking incredible MuscleGod......Rick!!!! I can't stop cumming!!!!!!

Fuck Rick, I love you" I start screaming over and over as I keep cumming thumping hard into that delicious arse! •

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