Becoming a Teen God


By MuscleTeen

"Fuck man that was hot!"

Master grinned at me as I jumped down from the ring side. I had just done my first big wrestling match - against a russian dude, big strong fucker - but not as big as me. Fuck no - I pinned that fucker down no problem.

"Awesome. YEAH!! Could feel all his muscles fighting against me. But I held my ground, just like you said Sir. Made him feel how strong I was. And he crumpled under me. Fucking awesome"

We were walking out of the auditorium now, which was full of mainly russian guys - mafia guys mostly, so Sir said, who just were just staring at me, mouths open. I'd just fucking defeated their best - a streoid pumped huge 300 pound 25 year old fucker - Vlad - who belonged to one of the head Moscow mafia guys. So Sir said. We were walking along, and Sir had a big cheesey fucking grin on his face. I knew he was proud of me. That made me so fucking happy. I knew I had pleased him.

We got back to my locker room. I was in my black lycra singlet, the one Sir preffered. The shorts part were cut to ride across the maximum of my thighs, which when pumped now at 32 inches looked like they were gonna tear the material to shreds at any moment. The top was sleeveless, and my huge shoulders ballooned out.

"Well done boy, you did me proud"

I loved when he praised me. I started to grow a boner.

"You looked excellent in the ring. Muscles showed fantastic definition, wrestling style was excellent, your power is tremendous."

Fucking gonna cum any moment, I am so happy. He kept talking, praising me, telling me how I was his best ever.

"Flex for me boy, show me that awesome wrestling body. Oh yeah, look at yourself in the mirror. Flex that bod. Fucking flex so hard - I want to see you rip outta that singlet - ya hear me boy?"

"YES SIR" I shouted, flexing the hardest most muscular I could. I roared at the mirror - shouting out each time a pulled a new pose. Sir came up behind me, rubbed my 22 inch cannons as I flex them hard. I felt him move his hands around to feel my pex, so I flexed them as hard as I could. I could hear him moan with approval. I continued flexing, and Sir rubbed my hard teen muscles, rubbing his crotch against my tight glutes. I could hear his zip come down, and felt his huge hard cock at my glutes. He pressed it against me, startd to shout poses for me to do, and pushed his cock through the thin material and up my tight muscle butt. I kept flexing, as he fucked my hard ass raw. I flexed my arms, chest, quads, most muscular. The material of my singlet stretched, and eventually started to rip with the enormous strain.

By the time Sir came up my ass, hot juicy cum penetrating me deep, my singlet had ripped to shreds at the torso, and was hanging down at the waist. Sir withdrew his cock from me, and I stood there panting, sweating, erect, horny and awaiting orders.

After master had drained me off every drop of muscle boy cum, we got dressed and went down to a private banquet to be held in honour of the winner and his boy. Master dressed me in boots, a cock sling and a collar, and led me to down town Moscow on my leash to the banquet. Twelve masters and their dogs were there, with the masters sitting at a large table and their boys standing behind them, alert, attentive and ready to obey. Afterwards, the masters sat around and watched us play - which involved the winner of each match fucking the loser. It was fun.... As I fucked Vlad tight russian hole, Master explained how I came to him 6 months before, a nervous slim runt, and how he had transformed me into the Teen Muscle God all these Russians were jacking themselves off to. The 6 months had changed my life and was my life.

Need less to say when I went home after the first time I met Sir, and explained to my mom the relevant details she wasn't having any of it. I don't know how it worked out, but it involved Sir coming to my place, giving my mom assurances about my education needs and probably giving her a hard fuck. Either was, when he left she had a dirty grin on her face, and told me how proud she was that I was gonna make something of my life. Too right. Back then I wsa 120 lbs of no muscle. Slim, black hair cute, but no fucking muscle. I wanted to be PAul de Mayo, what a joke. That guy is so small now...

Sir trained me hard. Every morning I got up at 6 and served him. We slept together, and he is horny in the mornings, so he would fuck me or I would blow him. Or both. Sir would go to work. Then I ate a huge breakfast, including his pills he developed. Felt so fgucking full of energy after breakfast. Like I could do anything. Which is what I did. I pumped weights 6 hours stopping only to eat, eat and eat. I was forbidden to cum when Sir wan't there. I worked out in a huge gym on the west side of the house, which had mirrors all around. I could see my body develop daily, hourly sometimes. All I wanted to do was pump iron. Seeing the effects so rapidly meant I kept pushing harder. Like a pump that keeps on going. Getting biger and bigger. Every morning I would put on a tee and shorts that were too loose, and each evening they would end up in shreds on the floor. That's how much I grew each day. Sir would come in, and monitor my progress. Then he'd fuck me as I posed, fuck my ass, my chest, anywhere he chose. Sometimes he liked to strap me over a big gym horse and ride his boy.

Last week before I left for Moscow, I had hit 310lbs. Chest at 60, arms 22, quads 32. Calfs 25. I consumed 6000 calories a day. I was just 19 years old. I loved when Sir paraded me around. I could see guys looking at me, looking at my body and thinking how big it was, how powerful I was, and how young I was. I imagined them jacking off to me - the way I had jacked off before, they fucking worshipped me. Sometimes Sir would let me loose on them, and I'd choose whose tiny little body I was gonna fuck. Like the time I jumed Josh Hades, that guy from school.

"Hey, fuck man, nice body"

I had gone into the shower room when I knew he'd be there. I was wearing a real tight top, and jeans. My chest was gonna fucking explode out of the top man.

"You like it?" I flexed one bi, and looked at him as i did, as if curious to see if he was talking about me. I liked that, teasing my prey, making them fucking worship me more.

"Fuck yeah man, you must juice? Fucking huge guns. Fuck man are they 20inch?"

"Twenty two", I said, pumping each one up into a double bi. I strutted towards him, each of my massive quads roling around each other.

"You look familiar dude". He was peering at my face, as if looking into the distance.

My tee shirt could hold it no more. With a most musclar it fell away, leaving my massive ripped chisselled torso.

Sir came in behind me. I looked at him. He nodded.

"Do it boy"

Josh suddenly looked very afraid.

"What the ..."

I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him clear off the ground, looking at my bicep expanding as I did so.

"Fuck yeah boy", sir roared. Encouraged, I flung Josh back against the wall and flexed again. I could see him whimper.

"What have you got in your pants there Josh boy?" I roared, as I saw his bulge growing at the sight of my muscles.

"You like what you see? Fuck yeah, look at my fucking body man. No, no trying to escape, come here to me boy, yeah let me see that tight ass of yours. Fuck yeah, gonna fuck this tight little hole. My huge fucking muscle body gonna fuck you real good. Real hard.

Sir took photos of me as I raped Josh. Loved looking back at these. I could look at my body, admire it as it flexed involuntarily as I ripped Josh's hole apart. You could see the fear, feel it even in his face in the pictures. Fuck yeah, de Mayo, he's a fucking runt compaerd to this Teen God Body.


Third and final part... new treatment coming up... Boy gets bigger, and more arrogant. Can Sir control him...? •

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