Becoming a Teen God


By MuscleTeen

Every night I jacked off thinking about it. Just the very idea. I mean I'd heard about this sort of stuff before, but only cos it was so close to home... made it so real... so POSSIBLE...

I had printed off the ad, and every time i read it I practically came in my pants. It came by mail one day with a lot of other junk. And it was gonna change my world.

------- Muscle Dad looking to coach and train the right gymboy (18 - 25) both in the gym and in the bedroom. Boy must be responsive, obedient, willing to please, and ready to work out very hard in the gym to make Dad proud. Boy will be trained to be a total showpiece, and accept he can be nothing but the best. Dad is a doctor with much experience in muscle enhancement. Ready for his biggest experiment yet. -------

That was it. The contact details were there... this guy lived less than half an hour from me. And when you live in a remote a part of the world as I do that was close. The only interaction I ever got with anything close to muscle was the internet, peeking at Josh Hades in the changing room after practice and that ranch hand that worked on Mr. Winter's farm while I was a summer worker there. And yet I was obsessed about muscle. Obsessed about getting fucking huge.

I ran out to the long mirror in the hall. Stripped down to my white slip. Flexed my arms... nothing. I was a slim build with not a hint of any muscular development. My smooth body had not a hint of pectoral, no traps, no lats. I was cute enough - I knew that. A few girls were looking for me to go to the prom with them. (But hey - I wanted to go with Josh!) I had jet black hair, blue eyes, and stood about 5'11.

Fuck he'll just laugh at me. I mean - he'll get loads of huge guys wanting to get huger. He won't even look at me. But I want it so bad. Maybe I should reply. I went in to my pc, loaded up my favourite pix of de Mayo, jacked off and fell asleep dreaming of his massive body, and how big mine could get when I start the program.

I went through this routine every night for months. Every night I wrote a mail, but chickened out of sending it. All sorts of excuses - he'd have someone by now, he wouldn't want me, anything at all. It was one night, by accident that i hit the reply button by mistake. Then, it was too late.

-------------- Hey Musle Dad,

Young boy here nearly 19. 5'11 athletic build, smooth skin, black hair boyish looks. Finishing school this summer and want nothing more in life than to get big and muscular. Like Paul de Mayo, he's my hero.He's such a huge hot stud. I want to pose and flexand for people to look at my body in amazement. I want to be so huge, so ripped that you will be proud. MAke me a fucking huge muscle gym boy and I w


It stopped there because I simultaneously came at the thought of being this huge stud and hit the send button. Because I had written the mail thinking I was never gonna send it - I was much more aggressive than I would normally be... I went to bed mad at myself for being so stupid at sending it and horny at the thought of what the reply would be. I couldn't sleep that night. I checked my mail every hour, then every half hour, but no reply. No reply for a week. I cursed him, cursed me for sending a stupid mail. I didn't sell myself enough. Fuck - what's there to sell? Just as I hit orgasm over de Mayo's quads one night, the mail came in.

---------- Stud,

Let's meet. Sorry for not replying earlier. Was in Moscow finishing some business. Let's meet and discuss and if neither of us is happy we walk. Call over tomorrow at 9.


It was so short. Business like. He called me stud. Fuck - he has the wrong impression. Fuck, this wasn't good at all. Fuck. I had to jerk off before I could tink straight. Even then I couldn't think. I wrote a mail - making up excuses, but none of them seemed good enough. FUCK... This was it - this was my one chance to get huge. Shit.

I cycled on down after shouting confusing excuses to my mom. Took me 35 mins to get there. Up a long drive, fuck I am gonna be late. I arrived at the door of a big old ranch house out of breath, sweating and 10 minutes late. I rang the bell. Heard footsteps for waht seemed ages, and just before my nerves got hte better of me, the big door opened.

I was surprisingly calm over the next few minutes. He was big, no doubt the biggest guy I had seen. Wore cowboy boots, jeans and a white tee. He said something that I didn't hear and I nodded, followed him inside. Watched his glutes in those pants, broad back with big shoulders. He fitted that tee, no doubt. He brought me out back and I guess I must have said yes to a soda as he gave me one. We sat by a pool in the morning texan sun.

My calmness disappeared. I started jibbering - most of it nonsense, about the email, about mistakes, about my body size, hell even about the fucking de Mayo pix. He stood up - my he was muscular, put a big hand on my shoulder. I fell silent.

"Steady son, take your time".

It was only then I first really heard his voice. It was deep and gravelly, but you knew it was the voice of authority. I relaxed.

"So you want to get big?"

"Yes, yes sir very much so"

"And you are prepared to do anything, anything at all to achieve that?"

"Yes sir, absolutely" I'm not sure what he meant by anyhting at all but I figured this wasn't the time for hesitation.

"Hmmm. Stand up boy. Take off that tee" I obeyed.

"Turn around, pull down your pants. That's it. Now turn around again. Very good. Yes that looks good. Now your briefs. Come on now boy, don't be shy. That's it. That's good."

He stripped me down, looking and touching me at every turn. It felt so fucking good. I was getting horny. I stood there, butt naked, 120lbs 5'11 before this fucking stud 6'3 and at least 250lbs. The sun shone on the side of his face and he looked fucking godly. I got a de Mayo sized boner.

"Looks good boy", he grinned. "Now you do understand, don't you the terms?"

I obviously showed that I didn't on my face, so he started talking. I heard most of it - I just couldn't stop looking at him.

"You will live here at the ranch. You will work out as I direct - normally 6 hours per day. I have a specific program for you to follow that involves taking special supplements I have developed. They have worked well in the past, and I have enhanced them even furhter. You will be the first subject for the enhanced supplements. You will develop quite rapidly and soon you will be able to accompany me on business trips. You wil be my showpiece, my fuck toy, my huge muscle boy. You will be provided with clothes that will accentuate your body to the maximum, usually very litte. I will also expect you to wrestle other... similar boys, but don't worry about that as you will soon be much bigger than any of them. That brings me to the question of size. You mentioned de Mayo - you like him?"

My fucking boner was so hard - all I wanted to do was jack off.

"Yes sir, a lot".

"Hmm, we'll see what you say to that in a few weeks time. Now, I want you yo move here tomorrow. Have you parents?"

"My mom, Sir, my dad left years ago with a ranch hand"

"Say goodbye to her tonight. She will never see her son again, at least not she knows you".

And that was it. As I alked back through the house, I noticed now lots of pictures on the walls. Huge muscle men - or at least the bodies of massive me - they had faces same •

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