Feasting at the Muscle Banquet


By mandrake

Greetings, fellow muscle worshippers from a new member of the Evolution Forum.

Before joining the forum, I was meandering through the Male Muscle Growth Interactive Story, and couldn't resist adding a couple of brief entries to the "never ending story" tree. I soon discovered that I got myself more aroused by writing the sex scenes than by reading what others had started.

I must confess that it was the stories about guys having sex, not the power-lifting that really piqued my curiosity. Sure, I like the exhilaration of working out but had never made the mental link between body building and gay sex in quite this way. So while horniness guided me to the suck 'n fuck scenes, I'm learning to appreciate the intertwining of the muscle growth and the sex that many of you write about so adroitly.

I'm especially fascinated by concept that drinking a muscular guy’s cum or taking a wet load up the ass can produce explosive muscle growth. What a hot premise on which to build a story line!

So, now that I'm a member of the Ev Forum I screwed up my courage to post some of my initial contributions in a new thread for more "public" consumption. Keep in mind that I picked up a story line already in progress. The underlying premise and characters were set in the string of plot twists contributed by those who preceded me. Here’s the basic scene:

In a mysterious spurt of gargantuan growth, I go to the gym with my workout partner, Tom, to try out my new strength. Tom and the bevy of beefcake already in the weight room can’t control their urges to worship my incredible, ripped body. Boys will be boys, and soon enough Tom is on his knees paying homage to my immense boner. The humpy power lifters are all chomping at the bit to fuck me; so I spread my ass and take on all cummers. I return some of this manly affection and suck off one after another of these studs. Tom and I discover that our growth spurts are accelerated each time I take cum down my throat or up my ass. As more guys get into the act, Tom and I are becoming muscle giants. And away we go.........

Astonished at my exploding bulk, I had to wonder aloud, "How was this unbelievable growth spurt possible?"

I can’t explain the science, but the hormones that clouded my brain still left me alert enough to grasp what was happening. The manjuices these power lifters were depositing deep within me were swiftly transforming my metabolism. The muscle building properties of their sperm was surging through my hungry body, and I quickly transferred this new energy to the gallons of jizz that slowly streamed from my pulsing manhood into Tom’s eager mouth.

Somehow, my internal membranes absorbed the warm, salty emulsions that gushed from the piss slits of these muscled studs. Then my digestive system and gonads teamed up to concentrate the vital essences from their power-cum. The only parallel in nature I could think of was how thousands of worker bees donated pollen and nectar to be distilled into the royal jelly used to feed the queen and nourish the next generation of the beehive. And, God, I loved the taste of the “royal jelly” that these fuckers were queuing up to willingly deposit in my “hive.”

Taking on All Cummers

At first it was sexual pleasure that drew these studs to my wagging ass and slobbering lips. But what started as lust soon enough evolved into compulsion, then into an unconscious, animalistic urge to feed me their “nectar of the gods.” They became human drones unable to control their instinct to fuck and release their vital essence into my gaping orifices. With each load of power-cum they deposited up my eager asschute and down my gagging throat, I became more like a muscle god.

The fecund juices that my cells distilled from their nectar was then siphoned into my swollen, aching nuts and pumped forcefully into Tom’s gut, supplying raw male strength for his surging body. Each thrust up my ass goaded me to produce more seminal fluid, insuring a smooth flow of the liquid nutrition that fueled Tom’s muscle growth. The horsecocks pounding my prostate added force to this pumping action. I was savoring what I only used to dream of - a non-stop orgasm – having the cum fucked out of me by these prodding invaders. Tom scarcely needed to apply any suction on my throbbing member to receive gobs of my supercharged power drink.

This orgy of free-flowing, cum-fed muscle growth had been going on for hours. Each spent lifter who filled my guts with his boiling juices was immediately replaced with an even heftier strongman, pumping my mouth and ass yet fuller of this addictive liquid. Their power-jizz was feeding not only my muscles, but also my insatiable appetite for manflesh. “More…. Harder…..Deeper!” I commanded the eager lines of muscle-bound sex slaves, who could barely wait their turn to get another chance to service me.

With each successive orgasm, of course, these muscle studs yielded a slightly smaller volume of liquid, and the spunk became stringier, less like viscous cream and more like tapioca. What had felt at first like quarts of scalding juices filling my bottom to bursting and pouring down my thirsty gullet, soon became tablespoons, and then merely thimblefuls of luscious goo.

As I soon discovered, the thicker the jizz, the more concentrated the power-cum and the more intense and immediate were its muscle building effects. As these guys continued to pound my prostate, I could feel the growth spurred by their juices accelerating, first on my tight fuck ring, then on my swelling glutes, my aching hamstrings and quads. The glowing energy continued to work its magic through the striated muscles along my lengthening spine and all the way down the back of my tree-trunk legs to my wide-spread feet.

As my famished throat drained them dry, these muscle-monkeys yielded their masculine vigor to my enthusiastic tongue and the pumping of the muscle fibers that ringed my thickening neck. Though their increasingly ropey manjuice became harder and harder to swallow, my salivary glands worked overtime to guarantee a steady flood of cum energy to satiate the hunger in my belly.

And the cycle of growth accelerated as Tom swelled from the even stronger nourishment packed into the mancream spewing from my hose. I marveled at his broadening shoulders and bulging pecs the size of dinner plates. Both of us were caught up in this frenzy to pack even more muscle on our monstrous frames. "I need more," Tom strained to say as he gagged on my raging hard-on.

Packing More Muscle on Our Huge Frames

Happy to oblige my work-out partner’s demands, I gulped mouthful after sticky mouthful of power-cum from the muscle worshipers surging forward to force-feed my hungry lips. The other long line of power lifting studs kept re-filling my voracious ass with repeated volleys of searing cock juice. These frontal and rear assaults were so intense, that I had lost all sensation of my own rock hard prick, still erupting torrents of recharged muscle juice down Tom’s throat. The harder I churned out this liquid harvest from my over-worked testicles, the more of my nourishing seed it seemed that Tom could devour.

Though slower-acting than the cum being mainlined up my butt, the delicious mancream I digested through my stomach linings tightened my granite abs and sent waves of energy up to my immense, surging pecs. My six-pack became a ten, and the sexual energy that engorged my dime-sized nipples flowed through my broadening shoulders, traps, and delts, then down my 26-inch arms. My triceps swelled, and flexing my biceps produced exploding mountains of sinewy flesh. Using my strengthening fingers to beacon closer two of the most studly spectators, each of my huge fists soon gripped their drooling cocks like a vice. Even the slimy precum they dribbled on my skin was absorbed quickly, supplementing my swelling mass.

“Please don’t let this muscle feast ever end,” I prayed silently, not realizing that I had become as enthralled by this ecstatic cycle as each of the sex slaves who queued up to serve me their masculine abundance. But gradually, the banquet lines grew shorter as, man after exhausted man, the power lifters collapsed to the floor, panting heavily from their sexual workout, drained but blissfully satiated.

The Cum Powered Perpetual Motion Machine

This unbelievable orgy had lasted for what seemed like days. That whole time, Tom and I had continued to grow, becoming behemoths of masculine mass, transforming the power-cum of the many into the surging sinews of the few. Our muscles now bulged, striated, and snaked with huge veins. With gargantuan endowments to match, the two of us were approaching physical perfection. You’d wonder how we could possibly ask for more, right?

The testosterone flooding my brain had almost convinced me that this orgasmic banquet could become a never-ending fuck feast. A perpetual motion machine of ball-churning, ass-packing, cock-twitching, sperm-spewing, phallic muscle worship.

But with the virile strongmen who had been servicing my hungry ass and throat now dropping in exhaustion, Tom and I must face the fact that our fountain of power-cum is running dry. To my chagrin, only one stud was left standing, his swollen, but softening manhood buried deep in my clutching throat. Little hope that he might offer enough salty spray of dick juice to satisfy my mouth’s unquenchable thirst.

And at my rear, the long line of impatient fuckers raring to see who could inject the most liquid nourishment up my hungry muscle chute, had no more juice to squirt. Almost an hour ago, even before their libidos had given out, their prostates stopped producing enough fluid for sperm to swim up their cock canals. But these addicted sex slaves hadn’t been able to control the urge to keep reaming the hottest ass imaginable, namely mine. Still horny, but with no more liquid to deposit, these drones let my pulsing asshole do the work, coaxing out of their piss slits miniscule, gooey tapioca pearls of jizz. In our greed for more muscle mass, Tom and I had drained their nutsacs as well as their energy. These power lifters had finally succumbed to fatigue and could fuck no more.

How I ached for stiff meat to replace this emptiness in my man-pussy. I momentarily stopped my sucking to cry out, “Somebody fuck me! For God's sake, plug my fuckin’ butt!” I was reduced to begging, but no one answered my call. No matter how much my ass needed a thrusting horsecock, our drained and dozing lifters just couldn’t keep it up.

So I resumed the expert blow job on my last sperm donor, using my tongue to dislodge a tasty bit of cheese hiding under his lose foreskin, and yet hoping he'd serve me one final helping of power cum for dessert. •

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