Scent of a Man


Jesse strolled out into the bar receiving stares from everyone. Jaws were dropping like flies as every man in the room turned his head to get a good view of Jesse. The DJ caught site of him and switched tracks and leaned into the microphone "Good evening Ladies and Gents please give a warm round of applause to our stunning entertainment tonight, Roberto!" Jesse thought to himself "that must be who the were expecting. Well Mr. Roberto I don't know where you are but you are about to miss one hell of a show." Jesse jumped up on to the stage with a bound. As he landed the crowd converged on him reaching out to touch his bulging flesh. As he thrust his hips and gyrated to the rhythm pumping out of the clubs sound system countless hands were stuffing bills into his briefs. He looked down at the men around him who behaved as if they were caught in a trance. Then he noticed the man closest to him was breathing deeply and tenting out his pants with a wicked hard on. As he continued to dance he surveyed the men around him. They were all getting hard-ons. Was it the perfume? Were they all were reacting to his scent. From the back of the room a rather buff guy in shorts and tank top carrying a gym bag moved through the crowd towards him. He stopped directly in front of him after pushing some men out of the way. "Hey, Mac! This is my gig."

"Well, little man" Jesse scoffed, "I guess you are either going to have to knock me down from here or join me! What's it gonna be?" The Blonde, Buff surfer type looked Jesse over and his annoyance seemed to slip away. Roberto smelled something wonderful and seeing Jesse with his wavy jet, black hair and huge muscles made him let his gym bag slip to the floor. Roberto tore off his tank top and hopped up next to Jesse. They gyrated against each other and worked the crowd into a frenzy. Some men could not help them selves and openly reached down into their pants to work their hardening cocks. Jesse enjoyed having this little muscle stud lust for him. Yesterday this guy wouldn't have giving him a second look, but now he was going berserk over him, eagerly grabbing at his pecs and suckling on them. They danced together for at least an hour when then decided to take a break. Jesse and Roberto worked their way to the back of the bar and were handed drinks as they sat down to have a breather. Roberto started talking first. "Man your are the hottest guy I have every seen. I can't believe I haven't seen you around before tonight." Jesse responded "Well, I travel a lot I just got back into town tonight and ended up here of all places, Roberto." "Hey, big man my friends call me Bobby." Jesse sat in silence as he recalled the last time he heard the name Bobby as it was spoken from his lover's lips. As Jesse was preparing a response he heard a familiar voice from behind. "Hey, Bobby, who's your friend." Bobby leaned into Jesse "Play dumb, and maybe you'll get lucky!" he whispered as he stood up from the table. "Tommy baby, I thought you'd never get here honey." Jesse turned around in horror and anger to see Tom approach. Tom starred straight at him with a puzzled look but did not seem to recognize him. Jesse thought he was going to puke as Tom and Bobby kissed in front of him. Some how he managed to maintain control and forced a smile and shook Tom's hand as if they had never met. Bobby spoke "Tommy, this is Oh, I'm sorry I didn't catch your name" "It's Hank, my friends call me Hank, pleasure to met you, Tommy, is it?" Jesse responded. "Well, Hank the pleasure is all mine. My, you are a big one aren't you! Is that you I smell, because somebody sure does smell good." Tom said as he continued to hold onto Jesse hand squeezing all the while and batting his eyes. Jesse could not believe how shamelessly Tom was hitting on him not knowing it was him. How many people had he been unfaithful with? Jesse thought about all those business trips, all that hard work to support them, what an idiot he had been! He didn't know how but he was going to get even. "Are you sure we haven't met? You sure seem familiar for some reason Hank." Tommy questioned. Bobby was starting to glare at Tommy planting a seed in Jesse's mind. "Listen, why don't you two catch up a bit it looks like the crowd is getting restless, so I think I will take the stage again." Jesse uttered as he walked away from the two of them. He looked back over his shoulder to see an argument begin. "Let ‘em pull each other's hair out, hypocrites" He thought as he bumped into another familiar face. "Oh, sorry, excuse me." Jesse apologized to the tall, handsome and buffed man that he recognized from his office's legal department. "It's okay buddy, pleasures all mine. Say, do you have a brother?" Responded the man. "No!" Jesse said. "Too bad! You could be the brother of this guy who works for the same company I do and since he's spoken for you'd be a nice runner up." The man responded. "So, I am only second runner up, huh!" retorted Jesse. "Sorry no offense, it's just I have always had a crush on the guy, but was to shy to say anything since I know he's involved in a long term relationship. You know how that can be. Although you are quit the stud. My name is Jack by the way." He said as he held out his hand. "So, Jack if you aren't doing anything later on I'd love to have a talk with you." Jesse said as he stepped up onto the stage. "How about I just stay right here and enjoy the view." Jack stated. As Jesse began to move and sway to the beat he kept his eyes on Jack below him. It was as if he was dancing only for Jack a man he hardly knew who apparently has had a crush on him for some time before the muscles, before the monster cock. Jack, who's gay and he never even knew it. As he danced he fantasized about him and Jack and as he did his muscles began to take on a life of there own undulating across his body flexing and pumping as he started to feel his traps push against the bottoms of his ears. He was growing again. The crowd stood slack jawed around him as his body pumped up more and more with veins snaking across his writhing sinews. He could see Tom staring at him and then Bobby coming up behind him slapping Tom across the back of his head and then walking out of the bar. As Bobby left Jesse stopped his performance and told Jack to stay right were he was. Jesse walked over to Tom. "So, Tommy, like what you see?" Jesse suggestively spoke. "Oh, yes I do!" said Tommy.

"Too, Bad for you then. My name is not Hank! It's Jesse! You'd better run after Bobby because otherwise I don't know where you are going to sleep tonight because you are out of my house as of tonight!" Tommy looked at Jesse in shock "Jesse? But what happened to you. You're huge!" He responded. "Doesn't matter when or how I got Huge! Tommy what matters is I am over you and you are out of my life. So, take a good long look at this muscle bound body because you are never going to have the pleasure Bye, Bye!" And Jesse turned away and went back into the room and made his way over to Jack. "Jack" Jesse shouted out over the music and crowd "We need to talk" Jesse took Jack by the hand and led him out of the bar. "So, What is it we need to talk about?"

"First of all my name is Jesse!" "Jesse!" Jack retorted. "How wild! That's the name of the guy where I work." "I am the same guy" Jesse answered. "But, how you aren't built anything like Jesse. The Jesse I know has an average build and your well, huge!" "I'll explain as soon as we can get someplace more private. Mind if we take your car to my place? I feel a little awkward walking down the street in my underwear." Jesse inquired. "Yeah, that would be okay." They both walked around the corner and got into Jack's car. Jack started to put the keys in the ignition when he smelled the deep spicy fragrance of Jesse outrageously muscled body. "Man, is that you I smell Jesse?" Jack asked. "Yeah, would you like to get a closer whiff, Jack?" Jack was drawn to Jesse and drove into the nap of his neck to inhale the intoxicating scent. He then felt his intense erection begin. "Jesse, I don't know why but I can't seen to resist you. You're giving me a raging hard on. The way you look. The way you smell. It's just too good to be for real. And, damn it's making my dick hurt."

"Why don't I help you out with that big cock." Jesse spoke coyly as he reached into his boot to get the vial of perfume with one hand and undid Jack's zipper with the other unleashing Jack's throbbing dick. "That a pretty impressive cock you got there Jack and I think it needs some relief." Jesse whispered. "You are so right. I've never been so aroused in my life. I feel like my cock is going to exploded." Jack said as he began to feel woozy. Jesse grabbed Jack's rock hard cock and poured the remains of the perfume oil upon it, and began to stroke it. It became soft and meaty in his grip and started to grow. Jack looked down at his cock and saw the soft nine inches of pulsing flesh that belonged to him. "What's happening to me?" Jack asked in a dazed state. "You asked me how I got to be so "Huge" didn't you. Well, you are about to find out Stud!" Jesse said as he continued to work Jack's cock. Jack became lost in ecstasy as his heart began to pound in his chest. Jesse began to suck on Jack's now twelve-inch monster cock as Jack began to feel his chest muscles swell and fill out his T-shirt. The white cotton tee began to strain against the bulging mounds of flesh that Jack's pectorals were turning into. Jack was in awe of his own pumping, swelling sinews. No matter what part of his body he looked at it was growing at an astonishing rate. The back of Jesse's head was hitting him in the chin as Jesse sucked Jack's cock that was now swollen the length of his abdomen coming up just under the swelling ridge of his pecs. Jack's arms before were an impressive 17 inches from hard work at the gym but now they were unbelievable boulders of man flesh at least 25 inches around. He looked down at his legs. His jeans wear tearing down the side seams giving way to monster trunks of his 36-inch thighs. His thighs were bigger than his waist used to be. Jesse paused from sucking Jack's huge cock to see the rest of Jack's amazing body. He was getting bigger than he was. Jack had leaned his car seat back and was now stretching his arms over his head and touching the rear window. He was getting taller too! Jack was writhing and nearing orgasm. Jesse returned to sucking his cock just as it started to blow its load. The force was incredible but Jesse was clamped on and was not about to let one drop of Jack hot load escape his lips. Jack was shooting with such force Jesse could feel the cum hitting him in his stomach. After several minutes of ecstasy. Jack's cock finally stopped shooting and Jesse sat up and wiped his lips. "Now you know part of my secret." Jesse whispered into Jack's ear. "Think you can drive us over to my place for some more fun?" •

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