By paarke

This was always my favourite part of a good workout. Standing in front of the mirror, going over my posing routine. Casting a critical eye over every inch of my physique. I thought I looked great. My diet had been brilliant and my bodyfat had plummeted. My body looked as though it had been carved out of granite. This made all the hard work seem worthwhile. All those hours with the weights, the dieting. It could be tough, but how many people can say that their body is truly a work of art? Mine certainly was. A living sculpture of muscle. Something I had worked hard to achieve, but was very proud of. I flexed my biceps, admiring their size and the rock hard veiny muscle. I loved the feeling of power they gave me, the second glances they earned as I walked down the street. I carried on flexing and posing long after my routine had been rehearsed to perfection. I ran a hand across my chiseled abs, the striations of the muscle emulating the marks left in the stone by the sculptor. I have to admit, impressive though I felt I was, I still had a strong desire for more. I wanted to be huge, bigger than huge. My dream was to win the Olympia, being able to stand up on the stage with the really big boys, holding the trophy over my head, knowing that the outcome was decided the second I arrived at the hall. Iíd always wanted to aim high, and that was my goal. That was my purpose every time I stepped into the gym. I wanted to be the biggest and the best. Maybe the Olympia was still a way off, but there was no way I could lose on Saturday. I was in the best shape of my life. I knew all the other guys that were competing except for one, and I knew that I was better than them all. I doubted that the mystery man would pose much of a threat. Finally I tore myself away from the mirror and showered and dressed. I pulled my jeans on, tight around the thighs and loose at the waist. No one would say that my legs were lacking this year. I left the gym and made my way home. Definitely time for some sleep.

I woke up early on Saturday morning, to say I felt confident would be an understatement. As I checked out my most muscular in the bathroom mirror, I knew I would be coming home with that trophy. I even cleared a place for it. All I could think about on the drive to the show was how great I would feel when I won. Having all the people congratulating me, having a better physique than anyone else there. Iíd worked bloody hard for this, you could almost say it had become my life. Some people might say I was self-obsessed, but I donít see whatís wrong with it. Why shouldnít I feel strongly about something that I love? Itís my life and Iím going to do what I like, what I love. Itís not as if itís solely for my benefit. Iíve seen all the people looking at me, asking me to flex my arms for them, wanting to see my six pack, curious to know how strong and powerful I actually am. The fact is, everyone loves muscle. Some people might not like to admit it, but Iíve clocked the looks. You canít pull the wool over my eyes. Youíre impressed! Just admit it! I know the truth anyway. You all love looking at it as much as I love having it. And lets face it, you probably wish you could have it. Even some of my most reluctant mates had to admit that they only went to the gym because they wanted to look like me. And, of course, they did tend to fade into the background when I was with them. My mind wandered back to the mystery contestant. Still an unknown quantity. Iíd made a few phone calls the night before but no one seemed to know much about him. It seemed heíd not been in the country for long, his name certainly sounded Eastern European. Still, I wasnít worried. I knew how great I was looking and I knew none of the other guys would have much of a look in. Why should Mr. Eastern Europe be any different.

Finally I arrived, and after parking my car I made my way across the road to the ICC. Pretty impressive venue for a bodybuilding contest. Should attract some publicity though, I always loved that. Backstage was a hive of activity. I knew I was on to a winner the second I took my shirt off. I donít know if it was my imagination but I swear I could hear jaws dropping around the room. I casually gave my biís a bit of a flex, let the other guys see what theyíre up against, and theyíre not even pumped yet! A few of the guys congratulated me on how much progress Iíd made since last time, just wait till they see the legs! An upper body like mine needed some very firm foundations and I certainly had them. My jeans were almost bursting at the seams round the thighs, but I had to wrap the belt way round the waist, talk about a v taper. Some of the other guys could barely bring themselves to look at me. I noticed them trying to sneak the odd glance here and there though, I donít miss much. I didnít seem to find much of a shortage of willing helpers to get me prepared, and soon I was pumping up my muscles. I knew it was hardly necessary, but I still wanted to look my absolute best. I was just about done when I got interrupted. Apparently a reporter from the local paper was here, wanted to do an article about the show and get some pictures. Who better to ask? I was always in my element in front of a camera. I donít put all this work into chiseling and honing my body to perfection to keep it under wraps. I want the whole world to see! Shame it wasnít Central News, forget them, lets have the BBC, a feature length documentary about me! That would be something to see. Still, the local paper was a good start. I have to admit, that I do like to show off, but then anybody would in my position, and so it was my idea to pose in Centenary Square. As always, it was busy, and the sight of such a perfect muscular body emerging through the doors attracted a lot of attention. It wasnít long before quite a crowd gathered to watch the proceedings. They got an amazing show. It felt great, posing in front of the grand glass frontage of Symphony Hall, a great backdrop for a great body. I made a mental note to try and get some shots taken out here when I was holding my trophy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see dozens of pairs of eyes all focussed on me. People staring out of car and bus windows as they made their way along Broad Street. I bet there were more than a few disappointed people when the lights changed and they had to move on. I couldnít get enough. Once I start Iím like a posing machine, displaying each and every muscle to its best advantage. The sound of the cameraís shutter driving me on even more. It was probably lucky that the photographer ran out of film when he did. I got the feeling he felt he was wasted on the local paper, he wanted bigger and better things, just like me. I was soon due on stage. Leaving my fans behind, I started walking back into the building. Then I definitely heard the sound of a jaw dropping. Unfortunately it was mine.

The guy was huge, even though he was still fully clothed when I saw him, it was fairly obvious that it was nothing other than dense, solid muscle that was threatening to shred his clothes. There was always a chance that he wouldnít be the mystery competitor, but deep down, I think I knew that he was. This had been my worst fear, and I could feel at least some of my confidence ebbing away. I tried to put it out of my mind as I saw him walk through the stage door. After all, there was no way he could be as shredded as me, and what would be the point in having all that muscle if its buried under a thick layer of fat. Surely the judges would have to see that. I wouldnít know what the damage was until I saw for myself, so I followed him through the door and went backstage myself. If I thought the reaction of the other guys was impressive when they first laid eyes on me I was wrong. As soon as the wraps came off Mr. Eastern Europes impressive body there was a palpable atmosphere of despair. I think some of the other guys almost decided on the spot that they may as well go home. He was huge, and I couldnít have been more wrong with my suspicions about his bodyfat. He was shredded to the bone, just as much as I was, only he was a decent amount bigger. I couldn't help but stare as he pumped up, giving us a few flexes along the way. Huge slabs of vein encrusted muscle covered his whole body like armour plating. He looked so solid that I wouldnít have been surprised to see him walk through the wall as if it wasnít there. He definitely looked hard enough. I was not a happy man. Iíd worked so hard for this and up until a few minutes ago Iíd not had a shred of doubt that I would win. I stared at him intensely, desperately trying to find some flaw in his physique, no matter how minor, but anything that could give me even the slightest glimmer of hope again would be more than welcome. It was all in vain. He was as perfect in every way as I was, just on a larger scale. The call came for us to go on stage. My fate was in the hands of the judges, and I didnít fancy my chances.

Jaroslav Marinovic. Not a name that I will be forgetting in a hurry. I slammed my fist into the dashboard of the car so hard that a few people turned round to see what the big thud was. Iíll tell you what it was, sheer frustration and anger. Anger at myself. I came so close to winning last year that I promised myself that losing was not an option. Iíd worked so hard, yes I was impressive last year, but this year I looked like a god of muscle in comparison. It wasnít enough though, I needed to be bigger. True, the crowd had gone wild as I ran through my routine. They obviously liked what they saw and I canít blame them for that. Its an intoxicating feeling to know that my body can cause such extreme reactions. I only have to flex my biís and the crowd go wild, shouting and screaming for more, the sight of my abs and pecs having people either wishing they were me or wishing they could have me. I loved every second I was on stage, and I could tell by the reactions that I had definitely improved. I wanted more though, I needed more. I wanted what Jaroslav had. The crowd had been in a frenzy from the second he walked onto the stage to the moment he left it. The screaming and cheering started before he had even done his first pose. It was tough having to stand on stage as he was presented with the trophy. My trophy, at least it should have been. I did all the things I should have done, shook his hand, congratulated him, smiled for the camera. Deep down though I was boiling with rage. I couldnít believe heíd taken this away from me. He wouldnít be smiling smugly the next time he saw me. I would make sure of that. Iíd work harder, do anything I could, but I intended to be huge. Jaroslav Marinovic would disappear if I stood in front of him, like a stick insect. I laughed to myself as I imagined getting so big that even the proís were dwarfed. It was a nice image though, I always felt I should aim high. I started to drive home, mentally running through my workout routines, Iím sure I could find some room for improvement. And of course, unlike the proís I had my day job to think of.

Work had always been a cloud on the horizon for me. It was something that had to be done, bit I hated my job. The idea was that eventually I would be able to get onto the pro bodybuilding circuit and make enough money off that. Then I could give up the lousy day job and concentrate on what I really wanted to be doing. I worked for the local power company. My Dad had got me the job and made it clear that there wasnít going to be any discussion. Iíd been trained as a high voltage engineer, working on power lines and substations. It was my job to make sure the lights stayed on when there was a problem. I suppose there were advantages. I wasnít stuck in some dismal office all day, and the money wasnít too bad. We did have to lug some heavy equipment round with us from time to time, although that was never a problem for me. I just enjoyed the slight pump it gave my muscles! It could be quite a dangerous job though, safety was everything. One mistake and you could find yourself with thousands of volts blasting through your body. It happens. I never thought it would to me though, I didnít think I could ever be that stupid. I donít suppose I should complain though. The accident did change my life forever, but not in the way you might expect.

It was a couple of days after the contest. I was still feeling a little tired, and still more than a little preoccupied with the result. I was on call all weekend, not my favourite shift. Iíd tried to get some sleep, but got called out just after 3am. There was a problem with one of the main stations, and the hospital was blacked out. Much as I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, I knew it wasn't the kind of call I could ignore. Fortunately it wasnít too far from home, I hoped it wouldnít be a major problem. I hadnít gone far when I was in the blacked out area. This was worse than just the hospital. A large part of the city had been plunged into darkness. Even at this time of the morning the roads were chaotic as drivers tried to negotiate some of the junctions without the aid of traffic lights. I had a feeling I might need some help, but Iíd see what I found when I got there. The building was a main substation, it was a large brick building, open to the roof some 40ft above. I have to admit that I didnít like going in there alone. It was pitch black, a few large pieces of equipment made strange humming and crackling sounds, and an acrid smell of burning filled the air. Every so often a large arc of electricity lit the room, like a surreal indoor thunderstorm. All I needed was some organ music in the background and I could be on the set of a horror movie. I fumbled around in my pocket for a torch and walked over to the control panel. Finally I found the right switch and the emergency lighting flickered into life. If anything it only made the place look even more eerie. You can probably tell that Iím not a nervous sort of person but I really had a bad feeling about being in there. I wanted to fix the problem and get out as quickly as possible. It looked like some kind of animal had managed to get in, probably a fox, but it was a bit hard to tell from what was left. It had shorted out a couple of the high voltage lines and blown the circuit breakers. I needed to climb on top of one of the large transformers, get rid of the animal, reset the breakers and the job was done. First I needed to phone the control room and get them to shut down the power line. That could take a while, then I had to wait for them to call me back and confirm the line was down before I could get on with the job. I phoned the control room, and they told me it would be about 30 minutes before they could get the power shut off. In the far corner of the building was a small rest room for the engineers, I decided to go and wait in there. I sat down, and in the warm semi darkness of the room it wasnít long before I felt unable to escape the clutches of sleep. I donít know how long I was asleep for, but I felt bad when I woke up. Those chairs werenít made for comfort, and my only thought was to get the job done and into my own bed. I completely forgot that the control room hadnít called me back. I didnít even look at the mobile to see if I had a missed call. I just went and got the ladder and started to climb onto the transformer. The fact that the high voltage lines above my head were still humming with huge amounts of power just did not register at all.

Itís very easy to see how the accident happened. My mind was distracted, I was very tired. It was just a brief moment of forgetfulness that could have so easily destroyed my life. The one thing that even I cannot understand is why something that should have ended my life so finally, in just a fraction of a second, made it so much better. Even in my wildest of dreams I could not have imagined this. Donít get me wrong though, it wasnít an entirely pleasant experience, well, not to begin with anyway. I certainly wouldnít recommend that anyone else try it. Youíd probably end up like the fox. Stone dead and burnt to a crisp. Obviously I must have had some kind of superior genetic make up that made for a different outcome for me. One thing I would say though, if you think you know what pain is, you donít. Trust me. You have no idea. Take it from someone who knows. However, life does have its compensations and I certainly got mine many times over.

By the time I realized my mistake it was already too late. I tried to react, but I wasnít fast enough. I was already on top of the transformer, just inches away from the high voltage lines when I became aware that they were still humming. I knew I was in the danger zone, it was amazing the current hadnít already arced into my body. I carefully tried to back away. I had been lucky so far, and I decided that if I could make it back on to the ladder I would be safe. As I edged backwards, my heel caught on a rivet. I stumbled and fell in towards the steel cables. For a split second all I was aware of was a brilliant white light enveloping my body. In my memory everything seems to happen so slowly, Iím acutely aware of every last detail, but in reality it was all so fast. The whole room was lit up brighter than day, everything was white, then, my other senses began to kick in. The noise was terrible. All I could hear was a deafening array of buzzing and crackling, the sound was so intense I thought my head would explode. I thought that was bad, but nothing could prepare me for the pain. It was almost indescribable. My whole body felt as if it was on fire. Bolts of lightning blasting into it hundreds of times a second. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, a thousand times worse than any pain I had ever experienced. I screamed in sheer agony, the sound echoing round the room, sounding truly blood curdling. I screamed myself hoarse, but nothing could compensate for the horror of what I was feeling. My whole body was convulsing, each and every muscle completely at the mercy of the current. It felt like I was having some terrible kind of seizure. The current was far too strong, there was no chance of being able to escape its grasp. Somehow, in the midst of the terrible noise and the excruciating pain I managed to realize that something was very wrong. Frankly, I shouldnít have been experiencing anything at all. I should have been dead almost as soon as the arc of electricity hit my body, or unconscious at the very least. Somehow my body was coping with the immense forces it was being bombarded with. Amazingly, after what seemed to be an eternity, I felt as though I was becoming immune to the pain. I started to feel almost euphoric, endorphins pouring through my system. I still wouldnít say I was enjoying it, but at least the pain became more bearable. It was then that I started to notice some of the other effects that the huge onslaught of high voltage electricity was having on my body. At first I thought I was hallucinating. It was amazing that my brain was managing to focus at all given the torture it was going through. I could be forgiven for seeing things. In fact, its fair to say that it took a while for the reality of the situation to sink in. If anyone else had witnessed what happened to me I donít think they would have believed their eyes either. At first, my clothes began to feel unbearably tight. If Iíd been able to get any control over my body I would have probably torn them off, Iíve never felt so constricted. I was finding it hard enough to breathe as it was, this just made it even worse. Even my feet felt like they were bunched up in my boots, almost as if they were a few sizes too small. I was gasping for air and finally managed to snatch a deep breath. I felt my chest expand as I filled my lungs with air. As I did so, my shirt burst apart along the seams, the cotton flapping around my muscular torso like a rag. It began to feel very tight around the arms, still flexing involuntarily as a result of the massive current. The sleeves couldnít take much more and my biceps shredded the material. At least I thought they were my biceps, although they didnít really look like them, they were far too big, huge boulders of muscle. My expanding neck tore through the collar and I watched my shirt, or what was left of it flutter to the ground. I had the strange sensation of feeling intense heat against my back, and an icy breeze against the front of my shirtless body. My jeans began to take on the appearance of a second skin as my thighs and calves bulged through the denim. I remember seeing tears begin to appear in the fabric, denim being replaced by thick, growing muscle as the tears grew longer and wider and snaked their way down my legs. My work boots came part way up my calves, and they were obviously getting bigger too. The laces snapped and it was at least some relief for them to be able to expand properly to their new size. It was at this point that the extreme convulsions began to subside. Not only was I surviving the incredible amounts of energy blasting into my body, it was as if I was starting to use them to my own advantage. It wasnít controlling me, I was controlling it. I still wasnít really sure if what I was experiencing was real, or whether it was a product of a super charged imagination, but if there was even a slim chance that I actually was growing, I wanted more. Given that somehow I seemed to have found enough strength to pull against the current, what I did next may seem insane to some people, but we have to face facts now. It actually worked and turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Instead of moving away, I moved closer in to the cables. I wrapped my arms around them and hugged them into my body. I could feel the hot steel pressing into my torso, but somehow it wasnít burning me. In some ways it was a relief. The arcing finally stopped as the current was passing directly through me. As soon as the horrendous noise and the pyrotechnics had stopped, I was able to focus more on what was happening to my body. Now I could actually feel the energy coursing through my muscles, rather than the confused mass of pain I had felt before. Every cell and fibre being forced to grow at an incredible speed, my whole body felt like it was being supercharged, like I was having years worth of workouts all at once. I had completely grown through my shirt, my jeans were in tatters, a few remnants of fabric stretched almost to breaking point clung tightly onto my legs. My boots had lost the battle for survival too, they looked ridiculous, my toes protruding some distance from where they should be. Not only had I got more muscular, Iíd grown taller too! I donít remember much else. My mind began to whirl, and I felt as though the lines between reality and fantasy had become very blurred. I do remember a blinding flash and a loud explosion, then a short, sharp burst of indescribable pain as the immense forces finally withdrew from my body.

Somehow, I managed to get back home and collapsed into bed, I still have no idea how I managed to do it. I must have slept for hours, because it was late afternoon when I finally awoke. At first I felt like Iíd enjoyed an extremely vivid dream, although I felt great, really charged with energy, ready to take the world on. I lay there for a few minutes, still trying to decide whether it had been a dream or a reality. A cold draught around my feet was distracting me. I couldnít understand why I was feeling it, the rest of my body was wrapped warmly in the duvet. I moved my legs to try and pull the duvet over the top of my feet, but the banged into the doors of my wardrobe with a crash. That didnít seem right either, I knew the wardrobe was over a foot away from the end of my bed. I laughed out loud as the realization hit that I hadnít enjoyed a vivid dream at all, it was all real! Forget Mr Eastern Europe, I would be going straight to the top. I rolled over onto my side, the bed groaned in protest at my massively enhanced weight. I swung my legs out and planted my feet on the floor with a resounding thud. I accidentally hit the remote control and the tv came on, I saw pictures of the substation, huge pieces of equipment blackened and melted. The reporter was saying that no one knew the whereabouts of the engineer, or how he could possibly have survived the massive arcs of energy that had ripped through the building. I didnít know either, but somehow I had survived, and it was time to see exactly what theyíd done to me. Despite having only just awoken, I felt incredibly pumped. I pulled on a pair of posing shorts, barely stopping to notice that they were practically bursting at the seams, not to mention the fact that I was overfilling them, my balls almost hanging out of the pouch swung heavily making the fabric creak every time I moved. I walked across the hall into the bathroom, the only room in the house with a full length mirror. The doors and windows rattled as I moved, it was almost like someone was trying to bounce a heavy piece of furniture across the floor. Even before Iíd seen the full extent, I could tell I was carrying a lot of extra weight, I didnít seem to feel any effects from this though. I was moving as freely as I had before. Athletics, gymnastics, martial arts, I felt like I could do anything I wanted to and annihilate the competition. I paused in front of the bathroom door. It was almost as if I wanted to momentarily deny myself the pleasure of what I was about to see, I wanted to build the tension, to hold off seeing my incredible body until I could stand it no more, as if waiting would make the experience even more incredible. I had already been in love with my body, now I could almost start a torrid affair with it. I took a deep breath and placed my hand on the handle. It was time. I was inches away from glimpsing my new self in the mirror when the door bell rang. Some people have such immaculate timing. My first thought was to ignore it, but then it rang again. I decided I better answer it and stomped downstairs, talk about ruining the moment! I opened the door to see a short man in a suit, his face buried in his clip board. I say short, but I still hadnít quite come to terms with my new size, he was probably around 6 feet tall. ďIím from Staybrite windows, weíre doing some work in your area, and I noticed you donít have double glazing, perhaps I..Ē He trailed off as he looked up and suddenly seemed to become aware of my incredible presence filling the doorway. He quickly looked down again, although I couldnít fail to notice his eyes widen as he struggled to tear his gaze away from my crotch. I suddenly remembered that I was wearing nothing more than a pair of posing shorts which were hardly up to the job, no wonder the poor guy had a bit of a shock. I could get used to reactions like this though. He looked up again, although tried to avoid looking directly at me. His face was an intriguing mixture of fear, lust, and envy. His sales patter which he had doubtless used a thousand times before, seemed to leave his head completely and he was clearly struggling to find the words. I was feeling irritated. All I wanted to do know was go upstairs and see for myself what I had that was clearly so stunning. I glared at him. ďJust leave now!Ē I thought silently to myself. Without uttering another word the beleaguered salesmen turned round and walked away. That seemed a little strange, not to mention a little rude, but I had much more important things to concern myself with now. Slamming the door behind me, I raced back upstairs to the bathroom.

I liked what I saw, I liked it a lot, I wasnít just big, I was huge! No one had ever even come close to having what I now possessed. I could hardly wait to get on stage again, but first I needed to see for myself exactly what was there. The change in height was probably the most startling thing initially. I had to stoop to walk through the doorways, looking down on things that had been eye level or higher before, I had no way to measure myself accurately in the house, but I estimated I must be around 7í6. I have to admit that I enjoyed the thought of towering over most people around me. I wouldnít just be dwarfing people in terms of height though, my body was truly beyond belief. It was better than I could ever have dreamed of. My frame was filled out with huge slabs of muscle, thick and hard, I think my bodyfat must have been lower than it ever had been before, veins covered my entire body, it would have made a road map seem simple in comparison. I ran my finger down the huge, thick vein running down one of my biís. I could feel it pulsing, exuding power. Iíd never felt so strong, so powerful before. It was intoxicating. Slowly I brought my arms into a double biceps pose. Even my eyes nearly popped out of my head, I could understand why the salesman backed off so readily. Iíve seen some of those morphed pics, but my guns made even those seem small, and they were real. More importantly, they were mine. To describe the peak as mountainous was not enough. They were more like vast mounds of muscle that ebbed and swelled as I flexed them, so perfectly formed and hard. I had a very clear image in my mind of what a 20 inch pair of arms looked like, but mine were so much bigger. I could hardly tear my eyes away, the effect of watching my arms bulge up into huge, bulbous peaks was almost hypnotic. I looked down at the scales on the floor under the mirror, this was one measurement I thought I could know for sure, and I had to find out. Carefully I stood on them, the dial shot past my usual measurement, in fact it just kept going. Just before the dial had nearly completed its second circuit, there was a metallic clang, and I felt myself suddenly sink a little closer to the floor. The dial had bent completely out of shape, stuck in the crushed remains of the scales, bits of broken plastic crunched harmlessly under my feet on the bathroom floor. I realized that I was obviously far too much man for those, that really made me feel in awe of myself. A person like I had become and never existed beyond the realms of sci-fi before, out of the billions of people on the planet that this could have happened to, it happened to me, and I was ecstatic. I was obviously a bit more than ecstatic, I became aware that my woefully inadequate posing trunks were becoming painfully tight. You can hardly blame me, I guarantee that plenty of people are having the same reaction just by reading this. I tried to ignore it, Iíd still hardly even begun exploring my unworldly new physique. I brought my attention back to my arms once again, I just could not believe the size of them. Massive, corded meaty forearms that lead the way to my colossal biceps that had to be approaching 40 inches. My pecs looked like they were armour plated. Incredibly dense slabs of muscle standing proudly forth from my body. I felt invulnerable with those in front of me, I felt their hardness, they felt so incredibly strong that if someone had fired a gun into my chest I wouldnít have been surprised to see the bullets ricochet off, or harmlessly atomize on impact, not that I felt ready to put that theory to the test. I closed my eyes and imagined them bouncing as I ran, perfectly formed paragons of incredible muscular beauty drawing stares of awe and envy from everyone as I pounded through the streets like the God of Greek Gods. My dick, which had been struggling for some time, could contain itself no longer. It broke free of its prison, tearing and shredding the fabric of my posing shorts as effortlessly as if theyíd been made of wet paper. I could have perhaps understood the seams giving way, since I was now clearly so much bigger, but in my mounting excitement, my well enhanced endowment had simply torn through the pouch, leaving a tattered piece of fabric clinging on for life around my waist and my glutes. Poking a finger under the waist band, I tore them off my body. They offered no resistance against the pressure of my new found muscle. My huge dick was harder than iron. I let it rest in my palm, moaning breathlessly as I bounced it a few times, letting it smack weightily and satisfyingly against my hand. I ran my hands all over my body, feeling its immense size and power, my mind barely able to cope with what I had become, no one able to compare with me, so huge, powerful and strong. It was what I had always wanted, dreams turned to reality. It was too much, I felt my whole body tense, every nerve overloaded with intense sensations, agony and ecstasy simultaneously. I blasted a load all over the mirror that would make any porn star weep with envy, I thought it was never going to stop. My life was changed for ever, so much better than I could ever expect anyone else to begin to comprehend. •

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