Shocking Brian

By MuscleX

Sunday. Not just a Sunday, but the last Sunday of the month which meant party time for many guys. Cafe the “Golden Fish”, located in a small alley near the city’s shopping center, and tonights place-to-be, had been turned into an enoyable dancing.

The “Golden Fish” was not the only cafe at the ally. There even was a video shop and a bookstore. And next to this bookstore, at the end of the alley, there was a small pub. The “Pink Wonder” was 21 year old David’s favorite pub. He spent four evenings a week there, talking to his friends and drinking beer or mixed drinks, depending on his financial situation. This evening, most of his friends had come to the pub. They drinked and laughed while the minutes pasted by and David draw attention to the fact it was already 21.45 Slowly they took their jackets and coats, kissed some other friends goodbye and left the pub for a pleasant night at the Disco Party in the ‘Golden Fish”.

During the walk, David couldn’t resist dreaming about the guy he saw there the previous months. He didn’t know his name, nor he knew where the guy lived. The only thing David certainly knew about the guy was what his own eyes had told him. A dark skin, very short hair, a broad nose and two big lips. It seemed the guy doesn’t had a neck and although he wore wide shirts with the logo of the cafe, his black body looked well build. His hands where large and so was his butt, stretching the thight jeans to the max. David estimated the guy to be 25 years old, 6” long and about 198 pounds.

In a flash David remembered the day after the last Disco Party. He was at home, his parents were shopping, and he was surfing on the internet. Suddenly a screen had popped-up with a special offer for muscle growth pills. He’d bought one, that would be enough to grow beyond imagination, according to the site. Strange thing was, that he couldn’t find that site again, a few days later.

It was still very quiet at the party. Only a few other guys where doing their things on the dancefloor, and while the dj played some popular music, David was looking for his guy. Ah, there he was, behind the bar, cleaning some glasses. A little nervous David felt with his hands in his pockets, looking for the little, purple pill. He sighted when he found it.

One and a half hours later the cafe was filled with dancing boys of all ages. With a smile on his face David watched over them, and found the dark guy in a corner of the building, picking up some empty glasses to clean them at the bar. This was the moment David had been waiting for. He slipped throug the crowds to the bar, where the dark guy has left his drink. The bartenders were to busy serving the large amounts of people to watch over the glass of coke, so it wasn’t to hard for David to put the pill in the drink without beiing seen. Slowly he walked back to the place he stood before and waited with excitement till the guy would drank his drink. Fortunately, he didn’t had to wait to long. The dark guy came back with some empty glasses, cleaned them and drank his coke. According to the instructions he got with the pill, it would take a few hours till that little, purple thing starts to work, so David went to his dancing friends and took a nip of his beer.

Two o’clock. The party was almost over. The last guys where leaving the building. Davids friends took their jackets back from the secured wardrobe and pushed him to go with them, but David found an excuse not to go with them and kissed them goodbye. When his friends left David slowly walked to the wardrobe, took his jack (also very slowly) and took it on (very, very slowly). ‘When is that pill doing its work?’ he thought. ‘I really have to go now.’ He turned to a small poster. ‘Do you mind if I go home now?, said a deep voice. From a corner of his eye David looked at the bar. ‘What’s wrong?’ one of the bartenders asked. ‘I don’t feel that good,’ was the answer. ‘I feel sick.’ The dark guy rubbed his stomach. ‘Is everthing ok Brian?’ one of the bartenders asked worried. Brian said nothing, but burbed loudly. His face showed he was in pain. Another burp. ‘Go home,’ one of the bartenders said. ‘We will finish it here.’ It was clear the guy found troubles moving his body. ‘Can I help?’ David asked. ‘I... I have to ... get... home,’ Brian said. ‘Where do you live?’ David asked. No answer came. David looked up, to the bartenders. ‘I have a car. If you’ll tell me where he lives, I can take him there. I don’t think it’s wise to leave him all by himself. Another loud burp escaped from Brian’s mouth. He was shaking a little. ‘At the other side of the city,’ one of the bartenders said. In an appartment next to the firestation.’ ‘I know that,’ David said. ‘Come Brian. I’ll take u home.’ David helped Brian in his jacket and supported him to his car. Fiftheen minutes later they arrived at Brian’s appartment. Again, David supported the dark guy to his front door. Brian felt heavier then before. And harder.

In the living Brian felt on his couch. Large beads of sweat slid down his face and his breathing became heavier. Suddenly he grabbed his stomach, as if he felt a terrible pain. Again Brian let out a loud burp while a thick vein became visible on his growing traps. He screamed while his wide shirt filled itself with his own body. Suddenly, the growth stopped.

Brian sighted and looked at David, who was in awe and trying to believe what just happened. Both guys said nothing for almost an hour they where staring at each other. Brian, now the size of a small proffesional bodybuilder, seemed to say help me, but David, exactly knowing what was going on could think of only one thing; more!

‘I believe...’Brian suddenly said. ‘I believe... it.. is ...happening again!’ David jumped of his chairof excitement when he saw the black guy shaking. ‘!’ Brian screamed with a low voice. His shirt was wet of all the sweat. Again he grabbed his stomach. Davids eyes grew large when he saw the wide shirt inflating, like a balloon. The fabric stretched to the max, but could barely hold the mass in it. The jeans became more thight with the second, eventually they lost it from the growing leg and butt muscles. With a loud tearing sound, Brian burst out of the fabric, revealling his massive, veiny legs and some of his round, black ass. Again, the growth stopped suddenly and the guy burped loud.

‘What is happening man?’ he shouted afraid. David said nothing. ‘I am bigger than Mr. O in the off-season.’ Amazed David looked at the enormeous pecs which where pressing the shirt to the limits. ‘Are...are you alright?’ he asked with a soft voice. ‘No, I am not,’ Brian shouted. ‘I want to know what’s happening to me.’ ‘I...I put something in your drink,’ David answerd doubtly. Brian looked at him. ‘What have you done?’ Brian asked. ‘I...put a little pill in your coke,’ was the answer. ‘You little bastard,’ the black boy screamed. He jumped of the couch, flexing his muscles so hard, his shirt gave way, showing his body. The pecs were like balloons; large and inflated, leaving his small, black nipples pressed to the side of his chest. Abs the size of a man’s fist, and mightly lats, arching the upper arms to the side. The pumped shoulders made him look wide, almost as wide as the doorway.

David ran to the kitchen, followed by the muscle monster. He was breathing loudly, carrying all of his new weight. With a scream, David fled to the bedroom and turned back. Brian ran into the room. His pecs bounced heavily. Brian was not as fast as he used to be. His body was to heavy and his legs to big. Nervously David searched for an exit, unfortunatly for him, he was trapped between a window, and the biggest and angriest guy he had ever seen. The choice was easy. Swiftly David opened the window and jumped to the balcony. Brian found out he was to big to follow him and waddled back to the living, from where he could enter te balcony via the back door.

David was shocked by this experience and rested on the balcony floor. He was ready to flee again when he saw Brian opening the backdoor, but suddenly he grabbed his stomach again. ‘Not again,’ David thought. ‘What have I done.’ He smiled. ‘I’m creating my fantasy man, is that so wrong?’ Slowly he walked to the large living room window, to see what was going on.

Brian staggered to the couch and with a loud burp, he fell in it. His body started shaking and large drops of sweat made his big body look like a balloon. His pecs started swelling. Brian screamed when they reached the size of beachballs. His skin was painfully stretched now. His nipples pressed outwards, looking they’re ready to burst out of his chest. Brian had to lay down to compensate the weight of those inflated pieces of meat. Uncomfortably he was trying to balance his growing body, so he wouldn’t fell of the couch, but with his back, growing thicker and thicker it became very difficult. His shoulders grew as wide as the couch itself and his arms, pumped by the blood from veins as thick as pencils blew up to the size of bowling balls. His ass became rounder and bigger than the biggest beachball filled the couch and made it hard to sit easy.

David saw how the growth stopped. It looked like Brian wasn’t able to get out of the couch. How big would he be? ‘Hey Brian, got to big?’ David shouted from outside, teasing the big boy. ‘In my opinion, of course, there ain’t no such thing as to big. Unfortunately, not everyone shares that opinion.’ David laughted. He walked through the open backdoor. ‘Wow, you’re way to big man!’ David said when closed in on the black guy.

Slowly Brian turned his head a little, his traps where to big to turn his head all the way. ‘You f***cking asshole,’ Brian shouted. With shocks he tried to hop of the couch, as he couldn’t bend his legs anymore. The couch creaked under his weight. David smiled of excitement, seeing that big guy having so much difficulties getting out of a couch. After a while, Brian managed to get himself up. Slowly, with heavy steps, he waddled to David, flexing every muscle in his body with each step, to keep his balance. Of course, David was way faster. He planned to stay in the living, in case another growth spurt will take place, though he did not expect that seen the size of Brian. David looked at Brian, still attempting to catch him. The massive pecs bounced wildly, bringing the boy out of balance so he had to take a break after every step. His huge arms swung mighty, resting on his lats, growing to the back, the side and to the front, pressing his arms into an almost horizontal position. His abs where so big now, it was impossible for Brian to bend forward and his legs where twice as big as an avarage men’s waist.

But then it began again. The pain in his stomach, only he couldn’t grab it anymore. The shaking of his body, which looked pretty frightening, with all those slabs of muscle. Hasty he waddled back to the couch and started growing again. He was screaming like hell. David had never heard someone screaming that loud. What if the neighbours hear it. They’ll rang and find out what is happening here. Or maybe they’re not at home. He stared back at Brian. He looked incredebly bloated now. His body all wet, his skin stretching like a balloon with to much air. ‘Is ok? Haven’t I gone to far?’ David questioned himself. ‘What if this turns out wrong? He looked at Brian again and saw how his big lips disappeard behind the monstrous pecs. More veins appeared, containing blood which forced the muscles to grow beyond all limits. Brian screamed again. The couch bend under his weight. ‘I...I can’t.....breath! To...big, to...heavy.’ His back grew so thick he was almost pushed from the couch. The shoulders where so wide, it was impossible to leave the house without breaking a wall. His biceps were twice as big as his head and the triceps even bigger. The size of his legs and calves made it impossible to walk. David heard something cracking. In the first place he looked at the couch, but as a wonder it seems to hold Bryan’s weight. ‘!’ Brian shouted. David became frightend when he realised the cracking sound where Brian’s bones, crushing by the size of the huge muscles, which were fighting for space to grow even more. With a burp, the growth stopped.

‘I...I can’t...breath. Help me man!’ The only thing the giant could move now where his feet and his hand. He has became immobile, sitting there at the couch as an enourmous, heavy balloon. The skin was so stretched, David didn’t dare to touch him. But he wanted it so badly. This was the body he has always dreamt of. ‘In are...some tubes...of...cream.’ Brian said, taking deep breaths. ‘Get...those Put the Maybe...they’ll skin more ela....stick.’ David run to the bathroom and got the tubes Brian asked for. Rapidly he emptied all the tubes on the black body and rubbed it on Brian’s skin feeling his body growing with excitement. ‘You know,’ David said ‘maybe you don’t want to hear this but I get really turned on doing this.’ ‘I can’t... hit you any...more, so you can...say want now.’ David smiled. ‘I feel an...other spurt coming...up,’ Brian said. ‘Another one!’ was David’s shocked reaction. ‘But that’s impossible!’ ‘!’

The massive body was shaking in all directions while the muscles grew again. David quickly took a few steps backwards. He stumbled over the chair he sat on earlier this night en fell on the floor. He hurt his ankle painfully en saw Brian ballooning up even more from the ground. The bench broke under the enormous weight, and with a loud bang also Brian fell on the ground. His calves where so fat that is feet rose about a meter from the floor. David heard the irritating, cracking sound again. ‘My...bones...are...getting...crushed!,’ Brian screamed. ‘I am...gonna...blow!’ David closed his eyes. ‘Is this the end? Have I actually killed someone?’ Suddenly it became silent in the room. David opened his eyes again. There was no boom or splash as he expected. A bit of blood was dropping down his left leg. Slowly because of his hurt ankle, David walked around the big body, looking for a head. He found it between two large boulder like shoulders, almost hidden under two incredebly inflated pecs. ‘Are...are you ok?’ David asked softly. A burp. ‘Yeah,,’Brian answered. ‘Man...I’m...huge.’’ ‘I can take care of you, if you still want me that is.’ David said hopfully. Brian laughted softly. ‘’ ‘I really like you’ ‘Yeah, I...know now. sleep…now. I’m...tired and when...another growth...spurt I...don’t...wanna’

The next day Brian woke up late in the evening. David had bought him lots of food and toke care of him very well. ‘Oh man,’ Brian said during dinner. ‘That was a fantastic ride yesterday, when will we do it again?’ David stared at Brian in shock. ‘You can’t be serious.’ ‘I certainly am my little pill man.’ Both started laughing. ‘Come here sweet. I wish I could kiss you with my lips, but as you can see there’s a little to much chest in front of it.’ David kissed the wide, black chest. ‘Don’t touch my nipples man. They really are over sensitive. I’m sure my pecs will blow out if I flex them now.’ David kissed him on his forehead. ‘When you’ll give me another one of your pills?’ Brian asked. ‘I can’t. I don’t have any I mean, and the site I bought them from is gone.’ ‘Hmmm...’ disappointed Brian turned his head from the food.’

After a few weeks, Brian and his skin got used to all the muscle, so he could move bit by bit. The first day he stood in front of a mirror the dark boy was shocked. His body was to big to walk through doorways, so David had placed his bed in the living, together with a computer and a bookcase. Brian prefered to sleep on the floor, as his back was thick enough to cover him from the cold.

From behind the computer david looked at his lover. He was sleeping now. David smiled while he listened to the snoring sounds and was surprised when a ping got his attention. He stared at his computer, which had opened a pop up screen; an advertisement for a little, purple pill... •

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