Alone In the Dark

By MuscleX

The basement of the University of Hong Kong, a dark and silent place no student or teacher preferred to be. They’ll got easily lost in the maze-like network of corridors which had been taken over by bugs, mice and dust over the years. In the past, this was the place where different faculties had there labs, but during the first modernization new laboratories where build at the higher floors of the building, leaving the spaces in the basement empty and forgotten.

Only a few small lamps lighted the large room and the only sound was that of bubbling liquids in all colors of the rainbow. In the center of the room, surrounded by a dozen desks, stood a blackboard full of complicated calculations and in front of it sat Chuen Li at the largest desk looking at one of his test tubes. The student examined the boiling, blue liquid the tube contained, with excitement. Would this be the mixture he has been working on for so long? From the day he found and claimed this ‘secret’ lab in the basement of his University he had been working on a biochemical serum to make his body bigger and stronger, so he could beat his brother someday. His brother, who has dominated him since he was a child, a bodybuilding fanatic and impressing others with his body. His brother, gifted with a strong body, so was Chuen gifted with an excellent intelligence. Only twenty three and already a fourth year student.

‘Ah, the mixture should be ready by now’, Chuen thought delighted. A bit nervous he took the test tube, put out the fire and turned to the blackboard, re-reading his calculations. ‘It should be perfect!’ Chuen smiled as he looked at the last mouse in a tiny cage on a corner of his desk. ‘Well lets hope this one works,’ Chuen said to himself. ‘I’m not in the mood to run through the corridors to catch mice again.’ Chuen took a needle, filled it with the blue liquid and injected it in the mouse’s body. Nothing happened. Concentrated the boy watched. The mouse moved a bit and ate some of his food. Suddenly the mouse did’t move anymore.

Angry Chuen washed his hands and took off his white coat. It was time to go home now. His parents waited for him with dinner. And of course his brother should be there, teasing him from the moment he walked throug the door. Chuen shivered at the idea. One last look at the blackboard. ‘The first thing tomorrow when college is finished is catching some mice!’ ‘Hey, what’s that? That calculation is wrong. Of course it didn’t work! Chuen grabbed his calculator of his desk and made one of the calculations again, discovering what he did wrong the first time. He looked at his watch. ‘Hmmm... Will be to late for dinner if I finish this. But when it works...’

With shaking hands the test tube was placed in a holder and Chuen took a needle. He filled it with some of the green liquid. ‘The mice are gone now’, the student thought. ‘No time to catch others.’ Full of doubt cause of the risks he injected the liquid into his arm. His heartbeat rose when he became fully aware of what he just did. ‘What if this go wrong? I haven’t created an antidote.’

Suddenly he felt an stitch in his arm and just a few seconds later his whole body was burning. A terrible pain in his stomach made him fall on the cold floor. His breathing became heavier. He watched at the great mirror next to him and in awe he saw his arms getting more ripped. When he looked better he concluded that his arms where not getting more ripped, but that the muscles in it became bigger. His shirt gets fuller and tighter, as a pumped up balloon. Chuen screamed when he felt his jeans getting to thight around his legs. His skin is burning and his body felt big and heavy. With loud pops the buttons of his jeans gave way and the fabric teared away. Eventually his body even grows out of his shirt, revealling a smooth body as big as a prof bodybuilder. The growth stops and slowly Chuen started moving his limbs. After a while he tried to get up. He laughed when he saw his new, bloated body in the mirror. He flexed his pecs and his arms which where forced outwards a bit due to his lats. His abs where nicely difined and his legs where thick and round. He walked to the scales next to the large mirror. ‘286.6 pounds’, he screamed. ‘That’s better then the skinny 143 pounds I weighted before.’

‘Now I can go home,’ Chuen said. ‘I believe I’m bigger than my brother.’ He smiled. ‘He’ll probably catch in with me over a few years, but it’s good for now.’ He looked at the blackboard and laughed again. ‘I’ve done it.’ Then he saw the test tube which was still filled with 2/3th of the green mixture. ‘Why should I wait till my brother grows bigger then me’, Chuen thought and fetched another needle. Again he injected himself with some of the green stuff.

This time his body really, really hurt and screaming he fell on the floor. Chuen closed his eyes and concentrated on anything else but the pain. Again he felt his body and breathing became heavier. His traps grew over his ears, making his head look very small. The shoulders grew big and meaty, making his upper torso twice as wide as his taille. His chest was pressed outwards, making his thick neck invisible. Even his nipples became larger, stretched with his skin. The two arms pumped themselves up with every second. The football sized biceps and twice as large triceps where forced out by lats which didn’t only grow to the side, but also to the front. Chuen felt his body going up in the air as his huge back ballooned out under him. He screamed again. His skin was so thight now you could hear it stretching. His calves where like pillows, raising his feet in the air. He couldn’t bend his legs, there just was to little space between the hams and his calves. Veins became visible, providing the growing muscles with blood, to pump them even more. The growth stopped and Chuen had to lay there for a few hours before he could move again. He sighted and moaned trying to get up. After a few failed attempts he finally managed to get his huge, bloated body from the floor. Taking deep breaths he waddled to the mirror, which was to small now to show the students whole body.

Chuen was in shock. He was so HUGE. But it in seconds shock turned in excitement. He tried to flex his veiny biceps, which failed. They where so enormeous there was no space left to bend his arms correctly. The boy looked over his hugely swollen chest and saw the size of his nipples. He saw that his chest was so hugely overgrown they covered the upper two abs. The other abs looked like stone bricks. He had to put his feet as wide as he could to create space for his legs. He slowly turned around, cause he found it difficult to find balance with this new, heavy body and carefully he walked to the scales. Chuen looked down to see what the scales had to say, but could only see his wide and thick chest. He used the reflection in the mirror showing 429.90 lbs.

‘Yeah baby,’ Chuen said. ‘This is what muscle is ment to be.’ He smiled when he saw the last bit of the green substance. He got another needle and used his right hand to fill it up with the mixture. Another problem occured. He couldn’t bend his arms far enought to inject the stuff. After a few minutes of thinking the student put the needle on his desk, with the sting side up and injected the liquid in his enormeous tricep muscle by pressing his arm downwards.

Again Chuen fell on the floor while his body grew. Clouds filled the young students mind while his body blew up. He screamed. ‘Something goes wrong here,’ Chuen thought. ‘Im going to get to big!’ His body grew like mad. The already bloated chest grew befores the boy’s head. The two legs pressing the feet even wider from each other. With raw shocks his back pumped up, lifting the screaming guy higher from the ground. The students chest was so big and heavy now, he could hardly breath, and still the growth continued. His arms getting bigger and bigger. Biceps the size of beachballs where pressed outwards by the ever growing lats. Some of the veins popped. Also Chuens shoulders grew. Wider and wider, pushing some desks away. A lamp fell of a desk, leaving the young boy growing in the dark. •

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