Muscle Sex


By Corwin

Sean walked into the gym and up to the counter. "How much for a day's workout?"

"$15" said the guy.

Sean reached into his wallet and pulled out a ten and a five. He looked at the pictures on the wall. He knew what to expect, and he was not disappointed. There it was, the autographed picture of Jason, shaking hands with some wimpy dufus that owned this place. Below the signature were the words, "Three times Mr. Olympia."

It's been over three years since Sean left Jason. He had hoped to teach Jason a lesson about using people. Instead, he had thrown Jason and Rich together. Sean had wallowed in his feelings ever since. He wanted revenge, not just on Jason, but on both. He hated them with every fiber of his being.

Sean knew Rich from school. They were friends. Well, sorta friends anyway. They were both picked on. They were both gay, though they hadn't realized it at the time. As Sean went through puberty, he found he did have something no one else had. He was hung like a horse. That was his power. When the muscle heads would pick on him in the gym, he'd get his revenge in the locker room. He'd put them in their place. No one could match his size. Well, not until he tried to play that card on Rich. He still remembers the cocky grin on Rich's face as he displayed his monster cock for the first time. Soft, Rich was nearly as big as Sean was hard. When Rich's dick got hard, it beat Sean by inches. Sean had wanted to worship Rich's cock right there, but was too afraid. That defeat added to his hatred and jealousy of Rich now.

As Sean grew up, he became more secure in his sexuality. He also realized that he loved guys with muscles. That's how he met Jason. Jason loved big dicks, and Sean's mule cock tickled Jason's fancy. Jason also had a secret. There was something about his body chemistry that caused him to get stronger when sexually aroused. Sean did that, and Jason became a bodybuilding champion. He was a muscle monster. At first, Sean thought that would be enough. It wasn't.

There was something lacking in their relationship. Sean wanted more, or so he thought. He felt stifled by Jason and his insatiable appetite for sex. Jason needed the sex to stay big, and Jason loved being a mass monster. It was always about Jason, and never about what Sean wanted. When Sean left, he had hoped Jason would follow him. He wanted Jason to beg him to come back. He wanted Jason to change. He wanted Jason's love. Instead, Jason found Rich. Rich could satisfy Jason like Sean never could. Sean didn't know what Rich got out of it. He suspected Rich was just using Jason, like Jason was using Rich. Sean had made a tactical mistake when he left, and now he couldn't go back.

It was six months or so after he left Jason that Sean discovered Jason wasn't unique. He had gone to a bar and picked up a waiter. The guy modelled part time and had a descent build. As Sean fucked him, he saw the guy begin to change. His six pack became a ripped eight, and his flat pecs rounded and became fuller. His lats flared and his runner's legs became thicker and more muscular. The guy was not in the same league as Jason, but he had the same chemistry. He grew. The guy couldn't believe the change, and flexed and posed for minutes. Sean also learned that this guy didn't shrink if he wasn't fucked constantly. The changes were permanent, well, as long as the guy worked on it.

The revelation that Jason was not alone his ability to grow spawned Sean's plan. Sean could still take Jason's dream away. Jason was the biggest mass monster bodybuilding had ever seen. He had turned pro and won every contest he entered. No one came close to his physique. Sean knew what he had to do. He would find someone and make them bigger. He'd take Jason's prize from him.

For almost three years Sean had searched for other men. He called them "growers". Other bodybuilders were "showers". Sean had found a half dozen or so growers since then. He loved fucking them and watching their thick muscles bulge with new power. He loved feeling their bodies swell as he rammed his mule cock into them. Each of his growers had become substantially more muscular, but none could compare to Jason. Jason's 375 pound body and 30 inch arms were legendary. Sean's biggest grower was only 250 pounds -- a runt compared to massive Jason.

Sean had come to this gym in search of Thomas Gintell. He had seen magazines of Thomas winning teen competitions. That was nothing. What caught Sean's attention was a massive growth spurt Thomas had about 6 months ago. Within one month, Thomas had grown from a 195 pound stud to a 260 pound mountain of muscle. Rumors of steroids and growth hormone surrounded the athlete, so Thomas took a drug test and passed with flying colors. When asked about his sudden growth, Thomas laughed and attributed it to good sex with his girlfriend.

Sean came out of the locker room. Thomas was easy to find. He was working his chest. He slowly lowered a bar with over 500 pounds to his chest, then easily lifted it back. A girl with a barbie-doll body cooed, "nine!" as Thomas started another rep. Sean walked over to a free bench and loaded up 150 pounds. He heard the barbie-doll swoon out "15!" as Thomas put the weight gently on the bench. He sat up, bounced his pecs then rubbed the right muscle with his hand. "Damn, that was too easy. Better put another 100 pounds on so I can get a real workout!"

While Sean struggled with his 150 pound weight, Thomas lifted heavy, all for the benefit of his girl. After finishing benching over 650 pounds for 8 perfect reps, he heard Thomas whisper, "can't wait til we get home so I can get even stronger." The barbie-doll giggled.

Sean watched as Thomas continued to train. Two hundred pound dumbells were light for the massive man as he pumped out set after set of incline presses. Thomas's chest heaved and flexed as he did cable cross-overs. The barbie-doll mounted Thomas's wide back as the man did rep after rep of push-ups. Sean's chest workout wasn't nearly as impressive.

Finally, Thomas kissed his girlfriend and headed off to the showers. "Babe, I promised to close up for them tonight. You go home. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"I'll be waiting," said the barbie-doll, and walked out.

Thomas went into the changing room. Sean followed him. Once inside, he saw Thomas standing shirtless in front of the mirror. He flexed his chest and checked out his pump. Thomas's pecs were huge and full. Thick veins feeding blood to the massive muscles were visible through paper-thin skin.

Sean approached. "You're Thomas Gintell, aren't you?"

"Ya," Thomas said. "Saw you training. You need to go heavier, little guy."

"Thanks, I've always been small. Well, at least my muscles." Sean said. "But I didn't bug you for advice. I wanted to talk to you about something."

Thomas looked at Sean and grunted.

"I think we have a friend in common," said Sean. "The current Mr. Olympia. He's my ex-boyfriend."

"Hey man. I don't care what you do, but I'm not gay and not interested in any hustling." Then what Sean had just said dawned on Thomas. "Whoa. You mean Justin..."

"Gay? Ya," said Sean. "Guess it doesn't help with product endorsements to be too public about it. Of course, he wasn't as big as he is now when I dated him. In fact, he was smaller than you. Way smaller."

"Must have taken a lot of drugs to get where he is now," said Thomas. "Me, I'm clean."

"Ya," said Sean. "Bet your girls fingers really know how to work that tight ass of yours."

Thomas looked at Sean, red faced and angry. He clenched his fist, but before he could do anything, Sean continued. "Jason is the same way."

Thomas relaxed, stunned. "Uhm, I don't know what you mean," said Thomas flatly.

"Sure you do." Sean sat on the bench and began to pull of his pants. "When I was with Jason, I could get him to 290 pounds. This is a lot bigger and fatter than fingers." Sean hefted his 8 inch soft cock for Thomas to see. "Jason loved to ride this, and did it make that boy grow."

Thomas stared at Sean, then smiled. He pulled down his shorts, revealing his seven and a half inch soft cock. Sean's eyes widened at Thomas's endowement. The man's balls looked as big as softballs!

"Ya, Jewel really likes my meat too." Thomas looked at Sean. "I gotta admit, though, seeing a big one on a guy does turn me on." Thomas paused, then added, "You like muscle?"

Sean smiled. "Love it. I loved making Jason huge."

"Tell me more."

"First, is it true."

Thomas looked around. He went over to Sean, and sat down, then whispered, "Ya. Jewel said her other boyfriend's really got off when she put a finger up their butt. Asked if I wanted to try that. When she did, it was like WOW-MAN. I had never felt anything like it. It was a wild rush, but I felt kinda weird. Real manly. Real strong. I heard her scream, but it was a good scream. I mean I put on like 70 pounds of muscles from her doing that. I love being big."

"Wanna get bigger?"

Thomas didn't answer. Instead, he got up and reached for a set of keys. He walked over to a door and unlocked it. He signaled Sean to come inside. "This is the posing room," said Thomas as he turned the lights on inside the room. Every wall was covered with mirrors.

Thomas walked up to Sean. He reached out and began to manhandle Sean's dick. With his free hand, he started stroking his own hardening meat.

"I thought you were straight?" said Sean.

"Never said that," said Thomas. "I like big men. Big muscles. Big cocks. Doesn't matter. Ya, I like women too, but doing it with a guy is OK if he's got something to offer." Thomas felt Sean's growing cock. "Man, looks like you got a lot to offer." Thomas kept stroking both cocks, feeling the grow and thicken and harden. When they had stopped growing, he put his manhood next to Sean's and compared. "Fuck!" He squeezed them together hard. "Man, you're bigger than me. Damn. Seeing a hung dude is a real turn-on."

Sean smiled. He raised his hand and rubbed it against Thomas's thick, swollen pec. His skin felt like velvet covering steel. Thomas closed his eyes and smiled as Sean felt the powerful muscle and rubbed the sensitive nipple.

"Oh ya," murmurred Thomas. "Man, your cock is fucking awesome. Man, I gotta suck on that meat." Thomas dropped to his knees and placed his lips against Sean's swollen head. He pressed his tongue against the piss slit, then lapped at Sean's meat. "Shit, so fucking big!" cried Thomas as he opened his mouth and thrust the long meat down his throat.

"Oh god!" cried Sean as the warmth of Thomas's mouth and power of his deep thrust caught him off guard. Sean fell into Thomas, and grabbed his mountainous traps for support. The thick muscles formed huge mounds around the bodybuilder's neck, and were just as hard and firm as his pecs. Sean let his hands feel down Thomas's back, marvelling at the thick traps and lats and the contours of the muscles. He felt Thomas's hand stroking his own mule-like dick and he watched in the mirror as his muscles flexed as the bodybuilder worshipped Sean's superior cock.

"Man, I want to fuck you hard," said Sean. Thomas pulled away.

"Please, let me suck you some more," begged the muscle man. "Can you suck me too? God, I love your dick. Please."

Thomas's eyes begged Sean. Sean knelt on the floor, then lay down. Thomas flipped himself over, bring his cock close to Sean's mouth. As soon as he was in position, Thomas once more thrust his eager mouth over Sean's dick, wrapping his tongue around the thick shaft.

Sean's eyes looked at Thomas's ripped abs and his long thick penis that raised among them. He marvelled at the elephantine thighs that pressed tightly together, forcing the man's hefty balls forward. He placed his tongue at the base of his cock and licked along it, imagining how much more muscular Thomas would soon be. He lapped at the bodybuilder's man organ, smelling its musky aroma and tasting its salty brine. As he slowly and methodically began to suck it's mass, he hard a moan of approval from Thomas. He felt Thomas suck harder on Sean's own cock. Sean traced along Thomas's powerful legs and reached toward his balls. As he touched them, he felt them pulsing, almost vibrating. He felt Thomas's body heat rise, as if it was being primed for the explosion of hormones that would cause him to grow.

Sean moved his other hand to Thomas's butt. He felt the striations of the bodybuilder's glutes. Sean's cock throbbed with excitement as he realized how totally muscular this man was. There was no fat on the area at all. Thomas signalled his approval as Sean's fingers found their target. He pressed one finger in, finding the sensitive areas. A second finger enterered and prepared Thomas for the girth of Sean's organ.

Sean felt Thomas's bodyheat rise. He saw the man's abs turn red, and felt the vibration from his nuts increase. Thomas's growth was slow, but the big man was becoming bigger. Thomas pulled back from Sean's cock and screamed a primal cry.

"OH, Ya. Please. I'm ready. Please fuck me!"

Sean didn't need to be told twice. He reached for a condom and placed it over his turgid cock. Thomas got on his knees and Sean stood behind him. He placed his cock against Thomas's anus, spreading it open with his hand. He presses his steely-hard cock and feels the resistance from the muscle man. The resistance subsided and the fat head penetrated into Thomas. Thomas's head snapped back as he let out a scream. Sean felt an inferno spread over Thomas's body. Instantly, Thomas's back spread wider and his arms throbbed larger. Slowly, Sean pressed inch after inch of his thick manhood into Thomas. With each push, Thomas's body responded by growing larger.

Sean could barely contain his excitement as he watched the valley in Thomas's lats become deeper. Thomas's wings spread wider and his shoulders went from cannonballs to bowling balls to beach balls in seconds. In the mirror, he saw Thomas's already full pecs thicken more, becoming globes of hard muscle. He saw Thomas's defined waist grow more ripped, the washboard shape becoming a rolling landscape of muscle.

Thomas raised an arm and began to flex it, watching his muscle power increase in the mirror. "FUCK YA! GROW!" he screamed, flexing the arm. With each flex, the bicep grew higher, got thicker and more defined. Thomas's voice grew deeper as Sean's expert fucking grew more intense.

Sean watched as Thomas's muscles became more powerful. His steely hard body became even harder, like living, growing marble or granite. Thomas had to adjust as his muscular legs grew too wide for his stance. Sean had to fight against Thomas's growing glutes as he willed his cock to stroke deeper into the man. Sean wanted the same thing as Thomas. They both wanted a muscle monster. They both wanted Thomas to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world.

"Look at me. I'm fucking huge! Oh fuck, you're so fucking good!" Thomas stroked his mighty cock, getting ready to blast his juice all over the mirrors in front of him.

"You're a fucking muscle monster. You're huge. Man, look at the size of your muscles." Sean thrust hard, and Thomas screamed, his body jolted into a sudden growth spurt faster than any before. "GROW HUGE YOU MOTHER FUCKER!"

Thomas could contain himself no longer. His cock erupted, squirting white juice all over the room. Thomas's ass squeeze Sean tight, causing Sean to erupt into the growing man. With each throb of Sean's cock and each eruption of Thomas's, the bodybuilder's body spasmed larger. His leg-like biceps continued to thicken, the horseshoe of the tricep growing deeper. His shoulders were nearly twice as wide as Sean, and growing. Thomas's neck was encased by traps, and he could barely lower his chin through the thick pecs.

As they stopped shooting, Sean reluctantly pulled his softening cock out of Thomas. Thomas collaped into his pool of spunk before lifting himself up. He stood, and stared at his new body in the mirror.

"My god! LOOK AT ME!" he boomed. Sean saw a measuring tape, stood and brought it to Thomas. Thomas flexed his arm, and Sean wrapped the tape around it.

"Shit. Jason has 30 inch bis. Yours are now 35!" Thomas helped Sean wrap the tape around his chest. "90 inches! That's a foot bigger than Jason's!"

"You're looking at the new Mr. Olympia man!" said Thomas. "Your friend Jason is a runt compared to me now!" Thomas hit a most muscular pose that blew Sean's mind, causing his dick to rise eagerly.

"What about those legs?" Sean wrapped the tape arount Thomas's thigh. "53 inches!"

Thomas turned and looked at Sean. He moved toward him and easily lifted the smaller man. He brought their lips together and kissed him. "Dude, let's go and find Jason and show him what real muscle is!" •

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