Muscle Sex


By Corwin

Jason pulled the shirt over his arms. It had been two weeks since Sean left. The shirt that once strained to contain his huge pecs and massive back now hung loose. The streched out arms were baggy over his depleted biceps. The scale this morning told Jason he weighed 250 pounds. He felt skinny and small.

He pulled his pants on. Jason was use to his massive thighs straining inside the fabric. He loved that feeling of tightness as his muscles fought against the clothing not made for a man his size. Now, the pants fit loose. He was normal. No longer a mass monster who was the envy of all. He was just big. A normal bodybuilder.

Jason had had sex with men since Sean had left. None could satisfy him, and the results were apparent on his shrinking physique. He hoped against hope that tonight would be different.

Jason headed off to The Eagle.

It was early when he got there and the crowd was light. Jason ordered a beer.

"Hey!" he heard from behind him. "Excuse me, but you're Jason, right? Sean's ex-boyfriend."

Jason turned around and saw who was speaking to him. The guy looked about his age, with blonde hair and a decent build. He was smiling a toothy grin and offered Jason his hand.

"Ya, that's me," Jason said in a non-commital tone.

"I'm Rich Thompson. Maybe Sean mentioned me. I went to school with him. I heard about your break-up, I mean, well, him leaving you. I'm sorry." The guy stopped smiling and looked like he really cared. "Can I get you a drink? Are you doing OK?"

"Thanks, but I'm OK," said Jason, lifting his beer and taking another drink. "I don't recall Sean ever mentioning you."

Rich sat on the stool next to Jason. "Ya, it doesn't surprise me. We were always competing and fighting. I guess we figured out early on that the other one was gay. Made life difficult, but you probably didn't have any problems. I mean, you've got that athletic look." Rich ran his hands over Jason's bi's. "Damn."

Jason was struck by how forward the guy was, but it felt good to have someone appreciate his body. He flexed his arm. Even though he felt small, he was still one of the biggest guys around. "Actually, I didn't start working out til I was 18. High school was rough. I was kinda skinny and picked on too."

"Really? Wow. You'd never know to look at you now. I guess being picked on was something you and Little Sean had in common."

"Heh," said Jason, flattered by the attention. "I've never heard anyone call him that before. He's no bodybuilder, but he's got a nice bod. Kinda like yours."

Rich blushed. "Thanks. I'm pretty tight, but not huge. Not like you. Oh, Little Sean's not about muscles. It's more of a private joke that we have. You interested in the story? I mean, I know you just broke up so you may not..."

"Sure," Jason interrupted. "It could to hear about him. He never talked much about school."

"I guess it was right before we graduated high school. Sean sorta had this reputation. You know, from gym class. Guys talk and notice things."

"And the boy did have something to notice, I'm sure," said Jason fondly.

"Sean was a bit of a show off. I guess it was his way of getting revenge for being picked on. Anyway, we were at some overnight school function. Some of the kids had swiped some beer, and they were all having a good time. They didn't want 'the faggots' with them, so Sean and I hid in an empty room.

"I guess we were getting a bit drunk ourselves. Sean started bragging about how all the guys felt inferior because his dick was so much bigger than theirs. He said he really got off on measuring himself, and that he had just broken the eleven inch mark. Started saying how he'd love to fuck some woman and hear her scream as he pounded her with his big dick."

Jason laughed at this. The thought of his ex boyfriend with a woman struck him as funny.

"Anyway, Sean pulled out his meat and started stroking it. 'Look at this monster. Damn, I love being huge. Bet you've never seen one this big, huh Rich. Bet you'd love to feel it.' He motioned for me to touch it. I had never touched another guy's schlong before. It was warm, and real heavy."

"Ya, Sean was always proud of his endowement and loved showing it off," agreed Jason, flexing his chest at the thought of that big cock. "Guess he started early."

Rich continued. "Anyway, he challenged me. Said he bet my dick was way smaller than his. I guess he saw the bulge in my pants. Anyway, I had had enough of his bragging. I'm a bit more shy than he is, but I decided to put him in his place. I unzipped and pulled out my dick. Man, the look on his face!" Rich smiled and laughed. "Guess he had to come up with a new definition of 'huge' after he saw me."

"You were bigger?" asked Jason.

Rich just smiled. "Let's just say that to be a perfect ten, I'd have to chop a good three inches off. At least."

Rich stopped talking, and looked at his drink. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jason's head look toward his crotch. Rich flexed and spread his legs, making the enormous bulge that snaked down his leg half way to his knee quite evident.

Jason tried to act cool. "That's a good story. No wonder Sean never mentioned you."

"Ya, he knows I have a thing for big muscles. Huge muscles, actually. No guy can be big enough," said Rich, still looking at his drink. "Sean did mention you to me, though." Rich turned, and looked Jason in the eyes. "Is it true?"

Jason looked shocked. "Is what true?"

Rich raised his hands and stroked Jason's round pecs. "If Little Sean could do this, think what my monster could do for you?" Rich winked at Jason and smiled. "Damn, I'd love to see that."

Jason smiled back. "Me too."

The two didn't say another word. They finished their drinks and got up. Rich followed Jason to his apartment. When they got inside, Rich was the first to speak.

"Nice place." Rich walked over to a table. He picked up a tape measure. "You into measuring yourself?"

"Ya," said Jason.

"Me too," said Rich. He walked over to Jason and rubbed the big man's chest, then started unbuttoning his shirt. Jason moved his hand toward Rich's crotch and felt the thick, soft pipe that snaked there.

"You wanna measure me?" whispered Rich, as he opened Jason's shirt revealing the huge mounds of his chest and bricks of his abs.

Jason didn't answer. He unbuttoned Rich's pants and slid them down the smaller man's thin frame. Jason's eyes grew wide at his first sight of Rich's schlong.

"You're almost as big as Sean!"

"And I'm not hard yet. Always been a grower," said Rich, hefting his meat in his hands. "Go ahead. Measure. I'm not going to stay soft for long with your sexy bod around." Rich handed Jason the tape.

Jason pulled out 12 inches of tape. He placed the end at the base of Rich's snake and measured only the thick vein that ran along the top of his cock. "God, it's 10 inches!"

"Soft," added Rich.

Jason quickly wrapped the tape around the cock. "And six inches around!"

"Yep." Rich ran his hands over Jason's pecs and onto his shoulders, forcing the open shirt back so that fell down his muscular arms. "Let's work on getting it hard." Rich licked Jason's pec. "Big and hard. Just like these arms." Rich ran his hands over Jason's biceps. His one hand was unable to cover the massive mound. "Can I measure them? Please?" Rich begged.

Jason handed Rich the tape. Rich pulled out 30 inches and wrapped it around Jason's gun. He pulled it tight as Jason raised his arm and flexed. The tape expanded beyond 20 to almost 21 inches. "Damn that's big."

"No. Use to be 24. I'm kinda small now."

"Sean said that you grew after sex, right? How soon?"

"It's hormonal or something," said Jason as Rich felt up the man's massive torso. "It happens when I'm fucked and get turned on." Jason noticed Rich's cock bounce as he said this. Jason smiled. "You wanna make me grow, don't you."

"Fuck ya," said Rich, moving his mouth to Jason's and deep kissing him. As they tongue wrestled, Rich moved his hands to Jason's pants and unbuttoned them. Jason grabbed the waist and pushed the pants down. His cock was hard and jumped up as if it were spring loaded.

Rich pulled back and looked at Jason naked. "Damn, there ain't nothing small about you!" Rich pulled off his shirt. He had small, defined pecs and a six-pack. His legs were ripped and muscular. His massive cock was streching nearly to his knees and getting fatter.

Jason smiled and his cock jerked up toward his ripped stomach. "Man, you ain't half bad yourself." Jason walked over to Rich and kissed him. He then knelt and wrapped on of his big arms around Rich's legs as he supported Rich's back with his other arm. Jason lifted Rich like a new born baby, cradling in his arms. "Let me show you the bedroom, stud."

Rich smiled. "Yes sir."

Jason place Rich on the bed. No sooner had he crawled in next to him did Rich jump on top of the muscle stud. He rubbed his lean body against Jason's massive muscles. Jason could feel Rich's iron rod push into the grooves and valleys of his body.

Rich began to lick and suck on Jason's manly frame. "Damn, so fucking big," he'd whisper. "Gotta make you bigger. Turn you into a muscle monster. Fuck. So much mass. Gotta make you grow."

Jason moved his hand to Rich's cock. He could not longer wrap his fingers around the thick, steely-hard shaft. It felt like a thick metal pipe.

"Fuck me!" said Jason. "Make me grow."

"No," said Rich. "You're not ready." Rich moved his mouth to Jason's left nipple and bit, then sucked, then bit harder. Jason moaned as his body shivvered uner Rich's mouth. As Rich sucked, he grabbed the tape measure. He stretched it out along his cock. "Damn, you turn me on. How big?"

Jason looked. "Oh god! 13 3/4 inches. Oh, please Rich. Fuck me." Jason was shivvering at the thought of the thick meat overpowering him.

Instead, Rich began to rub his cock in the divide between Jason's rocky abs and hilly pecs. "Feel how big that cock is? Feel how hard? Squeeze those muscles of yours around it. Jerk me off with your muscles. Make me bigger so I can fuck you right. Turn me on more!"

Jason flexed. He tried to crush Rich's dick with is hard pecs, only to find that Rich's dick was too hard. He pressed his muscles together, but Rich's dick fought against them and kept them apart. Jason moved his hands to Rich's ass and began squeezing his firm bubble butt. He inserted a finger and Rich moaned. Jason felt Rich's cock throb and poke into him. "Ya! Such a fucking turn on," said Rich.

"Please, I need you to fuck me. Oh god, please." Jason took control and lifted Rich, throwing him down and straddling his cock with his butt. "Now!" Slowly he began to lower himself onto Rich's hard pole. "OH FUCK!" Jason screamed as Rich's head penetrated his butt. Jason felt like a virgin taking in the monster that Rich commanded. Jason instinctively began to back off, but Rich thrust his hips, forcing a few more inches of his long, thick meat into Jason. Jason's body quivvered and began to expand.

Jason tried to roll off Rich, but Rich would have none of it. The sight of Jason's powerful body starting to grow thrilled him. As Jason rolled, so did Rich, using the length of his rod to stay connected to Jason.

Rich pushed in deeper. As he fliped himself behind Jason, his cock stroked outward. Now behind the big man, Rich shoved hard, forcing 9 inches of his dick into Jason. Jason's massive back flared wide as it expanded with muscle. Rich leaned into Jason, wrapping an arm around the thickening lats to Jason's nipple. He stroked out, then thrust in as he pinched Jason's left nipple.

Jason's mind was a blur. He was consumed by a coital haze like none he had ever experienced. Ever nerve in his body was alive. Beyond the passion, he felt something else -- power. He felt strong again. Big. As he felt Rich thrust in deeper than anyone ever had before he screamed.

"Struck virgin territory, didn't I?" asked Rich as he slowly stroked out. "Ya, bout eleven inches in right now. Looks like I got four more to go."

Jason moaned his approval. His body was now covered by a fine film of sweat. Rich watched as with each of his deeper thrusts, Jason's body expanded. His arms were noticeably thicker and looked as big as Rich's legs. Jason's lats were growing wider, and he could feel Jason's pec thickening under his hands.

"Fuck Jason." Rich panted as he worked in deeper. "I can see you growing. So fucking hot." Finally, Rich pushed hard and forced his entire length deep into Jason.

"OH GOD!" screamed Jason, his voice getting deeper as he grew. His body suddenly convulsed with power and growth. His butt clenched at Rich's monster cock, trapping it and acting like a cock ring. Rich screamed as he felt his cock throb, getting thicker and longer inside Jason.

The effect was apparent on Jason as well. Rich's arm could barely reach Jason's nipple now, as the lat widened and pushed his arm away. Rich squeezed the nipple one last time, causing Jason to scream in ecstacy and his new muscle to burst forth on his body.

Rich lay on Jason's massive back and began chewing on the mountainous traps, thrusting and gyrating his cock in Jason. His hand found Jason's nuts and he tugged on them, causing a deep moan of pleasure to eminate from Jason.

"Grow for me, stud. Get huge. More muscle. Think of how big you'll be, squashing every other bodybuilder with your massive muscular body. No one will be in your league."

As Rich repeated this mantra, he felt Jason's balls pull up. Rich tugged on them, fighting for control and to prolong Jason's pleasure and his growth.

"Oh ya. Bigger. Ya! Gotta be the biggest. Shit. I gotta cum. Man, you're so good. Fuck me harder. Make me a monster, a god damned muscle monster. OH, fuck." Jason's body suddenly tensed. His head snapped back and he let out a primal yell as his balls shot their massive load. As he shot, Jason's body convulsed and grew larger still, forcing Rich off of him. Jason shot volley after volley of man juice.

This was too much for Rich who shot his load all over Jason's wide back. Both men collapsed next to each other, breathing hard and covered in sweat and spunk.

Jason was the first to move. He went toward the bathroom to get a towel to clean up, but froze when he saw himself in the mirror. His eyes grew wide. "FUCKIN' A! Look at me!" Jason hit a double bicep pose, then pulled it into a most muscular. "I ain't never been this big before. Shit! Rich, get over here and measure me."

Rich didn't have to be asked twice. Rich's arms measured 27 inches, and his thighs were close to 40. His 25 inch calves were thick and hard. His glutes were stiated. His waist was only 32 inches, but his chest was 72. He stepped on a scale and it read 341 pounds.

"Man! You are fucking amazing. Thank you! Fuck, you did this for me! You are one incredible fuck. You and that monster of yours."

"Man, you aren't half bad yourself," responded Rich. "You got a competition next week, right? Let's go again and see how much bigger we can get you!"

Jason's eyes lit up and he kissed Rich.


Sean took his seat in the auditorium. He had come to see Jason. Sean figured he'd be no more than 225 pounds now. He wanted to see him lose, to be overwhelmed by bigger men.

"Hey Sean! Little Sean, is that you?" Sean turned and saw Rich. "Man, I didn't know you were into bodybuilding!" lied Rich.

"I came to see a friend," said Sean, turning his attention to the announcer.

The super-heavy weight class began to come on stage. Sean jumped out of his seat when he saw a massive giant of muscle that he recognized. The men started to flex, but none could compete with the 29 inch arms or 43 inch thighs of the ultra-ripped behemoth.

"You show them Jason," yelled Rich in support. Turning to Sean, he said, "that's my new boyfriend. Ain't he just totally awesome."

Sean turned to Rich, his face red and angry. He pushed passed him and stormed out of the arena. •

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