Muscle Sex


By Corwin

"Please, we can work this out. Whatever I did... whatever it is...," Jason sobbed. "I'm sorry."

"No you aren't," said Sean. Sean looked at Jason, crocodile tears running down his cheek. A single tear fell onto the huge man's muscular chest. It was Jason's physique that had attracted Sean in the first place. Seeing the huge man cry just didn't fit.

"Please. I need you..."

"Yes!" screamed Sean. "You do. And you think that need is love, but it isn't. You don't love me. You love what I do for you! What this does for you!" Sean grabbed his crotch in his cupped hand and lifted it up.

Jason looked at Sean. The 150 pound man was small compared to Jason's 290 pounds of muscle. Sean was handsome, sure. But Jason knew with his physique, he had his choice of men. In his heart, Jason knew what Sean was saying was true. Jason was just using him.

"I'm sorry. Please. I'll change. I won't take you for granted anymore. I won't use you. You know I have a contest in three weeks. Don't leave me now." Jason begged.

Sean picked up his bags. "There it is again. It's all about you and winning that damned contest. Well, maybe losing will be good for you. Just another 250 or 230 pound guy. Big, but not perfect." Sean opened the door and walked out. He stopped, and without turning around said, "You know, I did love you. Goodbye Jason." Sean walked away.

A chill ran through Jason. He walked to the door and slammed it with all his strength. He hoped the explosive sound of the door closing would scare Sean, but his ex-lover was already down the stairs.

Jason looked at himself in the mirror. He was huge. His arms were 24 inches, cold. His chest measured 65 inches, and his waist was a thin 31 inches of solid muscle. His thighs exploded to 34 inches, 3 inches bigger than his waist and his calves were 19. He had five percent body fat, or less. He was pure, ripped, tight muscle. Jason defined big and strong. Sean was right. It was his physique that was important to him, not his lover.

How had he come to this, Jason thought. He remember the first time he walked into a gym. He was 130 pounds of skin and bone. He was 18 and he was afraid. He feared that the bigger guys would laugh at him or pick on him. Some did, but that's when he met Sam. Sam was about 4 years older than him, and had a fantastic body, well, at least Jason thought so at the time. Sam was about 210 pounds of lean muscle, and he knew his way around the gym. Sam helped Jason train, and they became friends.

That's when Jason realized he was gay. He probably knew it before, but his feelings for Sam were stronger. He could barely hide them, least of all from himself. Jason would leave the gym and go home and jerk off to fantasies of the big guy flexing for him, kissing him and fucking him.

After several months of training with Sam, Jason began to see some changes in his body. He had gained 15 pounds, and his pecs were becoming defined. His abs began to appear, and there was a little ball of muscle on his arm.

"You're looking good, stud!" said Sam. It made Jason's heart flutter to hear his idol praise him.

"Thanks. Maybe someday I can get as big as you. I owe this all to you," said Jason, kicking himself for sounding so gay, but Sam just smiled.

"Hey, why don't you come by my place after our workout. I can make us dinner as a reward for your progress."

Jason couldn't agree fast enough.

Sam lived around the corner from the gym, and they talked about sports and current events as they walked. In retrospect, Jason should have realized that Sam was testing him. "I really don't like that Clinton backed down on the gays in the military thing. I mean, I don't want to join the army or anything, but who cares if some guy is gay. If he wants to serve his country, why not?" Jason just nodded his agreement.

When they got to Sam's apartment, Sam dropped his gym bag. "Man, I think I need a shower after that. You?" Sam peeled off his tank top slowly, revealing his ripped chest. He turned to the mirror and struck a double bicep pose, flaring his lats and squeezing his chest. "Nice pump," he moved his nose to his pit and took a deep breath, "but I stink." He lowered his arms, and turned to his side. He curled his arm into his chest, flexing the baseball sized muscle again and bouncing his pec. "Whatcha think, Jason. Pretty good, huh."

Jason walked over. He was shaking at the sight of Sam, remembering all his fantasies about the bigger guy flexing. "Ya," Jason's voice cracked, and he tried to regain control. "You look awesome."

Sam turned to the younger man and stepped close. "So do you." He grabbed Jason and kissed him.

At first, Jason was surprised, then he found himself kissing Sam back. Sam lifted Jason's shirt and pulled the thinner man into his muscular body.

Jason's first time with Sam was a blur. Sam flexed, and Jason worshipped the big guy's body. Jason was a bit apprehensive when Sam told Jason to suck his cock. Jason was about 7 and a half inches, and Sam a bit bigger and fatter. After Jason got over his reluctance, he found that he liked it.

"Can I fuck you?" Sam asked. Jason didn't know how to say no.

It hurt as Sam penetrated Jason's virgin butt. "Just relax," said Sam, "enjoy it. Man, you're tight." Jason found that he did like it, as Sam rubbed his cock in and out. Sam flexed his abs and torso, as Jason kissed and felt his lover's hot body. Jason's cock leaked juice as he grew more an more excited as he lived his fantasy.

That's the first time it happened. As Sam fucked Jason, Jason felt something. It was like his balls went into overdrive producing testerone or something. The adreline of the man-sex and his lust made him feel like more of a man. He felt strong and powerful.

"Damn, you are making progress. Man, you're arms are really ripped," said Sam as he pounded Jason. "Love these growing man-tits too!" He sqeezed Sam's pecs, which seemed to have a nice pump from the gym. "And look at those abs. Man, you're progress is such a fuck'n turn on. Love it. Come one, flex that arm!"

Jason did, and was surprised to see that his 14 inch arm looked a lot bigger. Sam rubbed the muscle and sqeezed its steely-hardness. He flexed his 18 inch arm next to it, marvelling that Jason seemed only slightly smaller. "Oh damn, you're getting so fucking big." Jason felt Sam's cock throb. Sam turned red and his body flexed and began to shake as he shot his load into the latex bag that surrounded his fuck tool.

The sight of Sam losing control was too much for Jason, who shot his steamy white juice all over his and Sam's stomachs. Sam pulled out and laid his muscular body on Jason's torso. Jason still remembered the feeling of Sam's hot, sweaty body as they cuddled for minutes.

"Let's get cleaned up." Sam got up and walked into the bathroom. Jason followed, but stopped when he saw himself in the mirror. He was huge. Well, maybe not by his current standards, but he was muscular and ripped. He looked like a smaller, leaner version of Sam. His pecs now hung over his abs, which were clearly defined. His thighs were thick and his calves were now diamonds. He raised an arm and his bicep burst high. He heard Sam start the shower, and he walked into the bathroom. He saw a scale and stepped on it. He weighed 185 pounds.

Jason smiled as he thought about that past encounter. He experimented with a few more men, and realized that his body responded to sex by growing muscle. And not just sex, but the more rough, the bigger the guy's organ, the more he grew. Jason began to search out men with big dicks to make him grow. That's how he found Sean.

Jason never had trouble finding men. His problem was finding the horse-hung guys who could really make him grow. If he didn't have sex, his muscles would begin to shrink. If he had sex with a big guy, he would grow. If he met someone less endowed, he couldn't retain his size and would shrink to a size that the sex with that man could retain. He hated feeling skinny. If being big meant finding hung guys, that's what Jason would do.

He met Sean at a bar. He saw the man sitting alone while he was scoping out prospects for the evening. Sean stared at the then 230 pound Jason, his 20 inch arms stretching the sleeves of his shirt. Sean blushed when Jason smiled at him. Jason thought that was cute. What really got Jason's attention though was when Sean stood up to go to the bathroom. It looked like Sean had a broomstick running from his crotch down his left leg! Jason got up and followed Sean into the men's room.

He met up with Sean at the urinal. Jason took the one next to Sean, and looked down. Jason's heart skipped a beat when he saw the snake coming from Sean's pants. There was at least 8 inches of soft, thick cock coming through Sean's pants.

"Man, that's one big dick," said Jason, matter of factly.

Sean blushed.

"I've got some pretty big things too," said Jason, raising his arm, the peak of his bicep ripping the sleeves of his shirt. "You like big muscles?"

Sean nodded, unable to speak.

"Go ahead and feel."

Sean had to stop peeing as his cock began to get hard. Jason licked his lips as he saw the long, thick one-eyed monster come to life. Jason felt Sean's hands on his big arm. Sean's touch was tentative.

"Feels good, doesn't it. That's 20 plus inches of hard muscle." Jason's hand moved to Sean's cock. He could barely close his fingers around the thick, hardening meat. "Damn, I love a big cock. Looks like you got a perfect 10," complemented Jason, "or bigger. How big is this, stud?"

"ah I I'm.." stuttered Sean, "I'm a bit longer than eleven inches," said Sean, his cock jumping as Jason squeezed it. "And about 7 and a half inches around."

"My name's Jason, stud," said the muscle man as he stroked the big cock. "What's yours?"


Jason smiled. "Nice to meat you, Sean. What'ya say we get out of this place and go back to mine. I think I'd like to know you better, and from the feeling of this," Jason squeezed gently, "I'd say you want to know these," Jason bounced his big pecs, "too."

Sean agreed.

Sex was Sean was the best Jason had ever had. The man's monster organ caused Jason to grow to his current 290 pounds of ripped muscle. Jason had won every bodybuilding show he had entered since then. No one could compete with his huge, ripped size. He was on the verge of turning pro with his next win, and now it was all in jeapordy.

Sean was right. Jason had used him. Now Jason was going to pay the price by having his dream destroyed. •

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