By cca651

Returning from a growth state is tough, especially for the first-timer. Suddenly your normal-sized body doesn�t seem to fit properly anymore. You feel weak and movement is awkward. Maybe it�s the body�s genetic response to �wasting� � alarms go off for awhile. Even weirder, being alone in your own body after sharing it feels wrong somehow � like there�s a void � kind of like a lonely feeling. Dad said he felt strangely �whole� when I was inside him.

Anyway, so I knew Cal would need my help getting his bearings even without that repressed-memory freakout shit. I crawled into the tent and rummaged through his clothing looking for something clean and found nothing but a tattered black jockstrap and a pair of worn cut-offs. Grabbing these and a pair of clean shorts for myself, I helped him to his feet and supported him as we stumbled up the hill to the shower. (He avoided my touch at first, but he calmed down when he realized how unstable he was and let me put my arm around his waist to steady him). I had a million questions to ask him but kept my mouth shut for fear of waking up the kids in their tents as we passed.

A flicker of light cast our shadows on the ground. Looking back, I saw a mountain of clouds flashing in the western sky. Instinctively, I waited for the rumble of thunder but it never came. Still too far away. Stars shown overhead. Everything was quiet and still.

Gamm had left the light on in the bathroom and the bulb over the sink was orbited by a dozen brown & white moths. The only sound was their occasional soft collision with the bulb�


I started the shower and helped Cal pull off his shirt (the only remnants of his clothing left intact). He stepped into the warm spray and stood motionless, head down. I began to rub the dirt from his body.

�How long is Gamm usually in town for?�

He didn�t move or speak.

�Cal! C�mon, how long? How much time do we have?�

He blinked a couple times. ��.two and a half�three hours�.�

There was drying cum mixed with dirt on his chest, belly, back and ass � he was covered in it, basically � and I wished he would start washing himself. I was rubbing his big pecs with one hand and with the other scrubbed roughly between his ass cheeks, trying to keep it clinical, knowing that to throw wood now would be a big mistake.

�Gamm is like me, Cal�.only more powerful. Those memories? � he�s been doing that stuff to you all along! You said yourself in the tent last night that you got strong like this without any exercise! He�s making you grow, don�t you see? He�.he did it to me when you went to town tonight. I think he�s evil, Cal��

There was gritty patch of dried cum/dirt deep between his ass cheeks and while rubbing at it my fingers strayed across his hole. Cal jumped away, suddenly alert.

�*He�s* evil, Charlie? *He* is? What about you � what did you do to me down there?� He meant down by the campfire. He backed away from me until he was against the wall. I couldn�t help noticing his cock had thickened. He caught me looking down and tried to cover himself.

�Jesus, what the fuck are you doing to me, Charlie?�

I turned off the shower and the room was silent. A few last drips of water hit the floor. The moths circled the light bulb�


I walked to the sink and watched him in the mirror as he crossed to the pile of clean clothing and stepped into his jockstrap.

�Cal, do you remember when I was inside you � at first? How it felt? How wonderful it felt?� He pretended to adjust his pouch but I knew he was listening, thinking back.

�That was real, Cal. That was me and you. I don�t know how to fake that�I don�t know why anyone would even want to. The sex part? It happens to everyone when they grow�it�s a turn-on. You don�t have to worry about it. It doesn�t make you gay�� I had to swallow back a lump in my throat.

Cal was actually smiling now! He came up and hugged me from behind.

�Alright, I believe you buddy!� He squeezed me tight against him, his jock-pouch pressing between my bare glutes, his arms encompassing mine. �You�re absolutely right. It was the best thing I�ve ever felt � you were like something innocent and pure inside me��

He was pressing himself against me, pushing me against the sink. I felt his pecs flexing against my back, his groin pressing insistently.

�Cal, what are you � �

His head was next to mine in the mirror. His eyes sparkled brightly. His full lips were smiling, almost sneering.

I broke his gaze and looked down. The sink was full of moths, fluttering against each other, trying to crawl up the white basin but always slipping back down. Unable to fly. They�d dropped from their orbit around the bulb�.

I felt his presence before I turned my head to see him.

Gamm was standing in the doorway, naked, motionless except for the tiny pulsing movements of his massive, upstretched cock. His face was horrible, twisted in a lewd grin, eyes half-closed so that only the whites showed through the slits. He looked like a huge sculpture � half centurion, half gargoyle!

�I told you to keep out of him!� Cal hissed in my ear. It was Gamm�s voice.

With a roar he threw me across the room. I hit the wall under the shower head and slumped to the floor.

�Look!� Cal was facing me, flexing a thick bicep. His other hand fingered his bloated jock. The pouch was unmistakably larger now and seemed barely able to contain his swelling cock and balls. �Too tight!� he gasped as the elastic waistband pulled away from his body. His balls began to spill out from either side of the tiny triangle of pouch cloth which now covered little more than the fat knob of his cock head. He stepped forward, towering over me.

�Help me get it off, Charlie. Hurry!�

Both of us, using all four hands, barely managed to roll the strap down over his jutting ass and thighs before it snapped like a rubber band. His ball sack fell heavily against my face, suffocating me until I managed to push it away.

I tried to enter Cal, to see if he was ok, but was instantly repelled.

�Oh no you don�t!� he sneered down at me. Then a light dawned in his eyes. �In fact�..�

I felt the now-familiar spinal rush as I was entered. I wanted to fight it but didn�t know how � how was Gamm able do it? I tensed against the invading presence until I suddenly recognized the spirit inside me. It was Cal!

�Yes, Charlie! Interesting, huh?� Cal�s body leaned forward over me, butting my head mockingly with one huge pec, then the other. �So many combinations, yes? So many possibilities! I want you two to experience this one together.�

I could feel Cal�s panic inside me. His confusion coursed through me, disrupting any possibility that I might muster my energy in some kind of defense. He was completely disassociated from his own body � seeing it looming over us threateningly through my eyes. I felt a rush of shame as I realized he could sense my excitement, my big erection jutting up between my legs.

There had to be some escape. I glanced towards the door but Gamm�s huge body, still motionless, blocked the way. A thick stream of pre-cum dangled from his pulsing erection.

Cal�s cock struck me in the face.

�Hey, buddy, pay attention to the task at hand! He smeared the fat knob back and forth across my lips. �I want you to show your boyfriend just how you feel about him.�

He stooped in front of me and, taking my head in his powerful hands, pressed Cal�s full lips to mine, the tongue trying to pry its way into my mouth.

Mustering all of my strength, I pushed him away. Caught off-balance, he staggered back and fell on his ass. He sat there smiling at me and lazily stroking his fat cock as I jumped to my feet, hands clenched into fists.

�Oh Charlie�, he said, chuckling, �You�re not planning to beat up your friend, are you? Let me set a few ground rules. You�ll do exactly what I say, when I say it, or I�ll hurt Cal. It�s that simple. Understand?�

With that he took Cal�s balls in his free hand and twisted them roughly.

�Now get over here before I rip them off!�

There was nothing I could do but obey. Defeated, I stepped forward between his huge, widespread legs. He took the base of my cock in his fist and waved it back and forth in front of his face.

�I think your friend wants to suck your dick.� He tongued the knob obscenely and then sucked several inches into his mouth. The sight of the fat tube running from my body into Cal�s mouth made me shudder with lust. I sensed Cal�s fear inside me - but there was also a growing excitement as he experienced the blow job from my vantage point. I wondered what it would be like to cum with Cal inside me.

Meanwhile, his body released my cock and clambered to its hands and knees. I heard the first distant rumble of thunder from the approaching storm.

�Fuck me now, Charlie. Do it and just as we�re about to cum I�ll let Cal have his body back. How�s that for fair and square? He�ll get to experience the rare delight of fucking himself and then he�ll see what it feels like to be fucked�to cum with a big dick up his ass. Of course, he�s done it before � many times actually � but we�ll let him remember it this time.�

He was facing away from me, his cock pressed back through his legs and trapped it between his thighs. The sight of that fat drooling knob protruding just below those muscular ass cheeks was too much to resist. Diving down, I mouthed the cockhead hungrily then ran my tongue up into that cleft, burrowing my face deep to find, then penetrate, Cal�s spasming sphincter. Back and forth I went, fucking my mouth on his cock then fucking his ass with my tongue. He ground his butt back against my face and I had to grip his huge thighs for support.

The whole world seemed to disappear leaving nothing but cock and ass and the deep rumbling waves of thunder which began to crash over us with increasing fury.

Frantically, I pulled myself up onto Cal�s back and slid my cock between his spit-slick glutes. His ass was so huge now that even at 10 inches my cock could barely reach his hole, the slimy head butting halfway into the juicy, warm opening like an insistent fist. He clenched and released the shaft between his smooth globes, then jammed himself against me roughly, hungry for penetration.

�Fuuuuck!� The scream from my lips came from Cal. I felt his energy inside me change from fear and hesitancy to pure animal lust.

Lightning flickered now like a strobe and I thrust my cock as deep as it would go. The head lodged halfway between his asslips. Squeezing my eyes shut in concentration, I sent a surge of growth to my shaft and felt the knob press forward until Cal�s sphincter snapped shut around it. I paused for a moment to savor the sensation as it ballooned inside him.

�Yes!� Gamm groaned. �More!�

Another surge and my cock thickened and lengthened several more inches, extending deep to press hard against his prostate. The body beneath me began to buck wildly and I wrapped my arms around his thick torso, hands searching for something to hold onto and finally finding and gripping his huge, hard nipples. The tit-stimulation sent him even further over the edge.

I had to hook my legs around his thighs to keep from being thrown off as we slammed against each other. My cock, extending from my groin like a heavy trunk, filled the giant beneath me to bursting. The nipples within each grip felt like two hard cocks and I milked them mercilessly.

Just as I fired my first shot I felt Cal taken from me and knew he was back in his own body as Gamm had promised, feeling my enormous cock flooding his ass with cum. He reared up on his hind legs and roared, flexing hard as his cock began to lurch without being touched, firing an impossible number of thick wads into the air.

As my own orgasm subsided and I began to slide down Cal�s body, I looked towards the door. Gamm hadn�t moved but his cock pulsed out shot after shot of cum, firing in a wide arc across the room. When he finally finished his entire frame seemed to shudder violently. Suddenly his legs buckled beneath him and he fell to the floor, striking his head hard.

I saw the moths flutter up from the sink and return to their orbit around the light bulb.

A clap of thunder shook the building.

Cal, swiftly shrinking to his normal size, also pitched forward and I caught him just before his own head hit the floor. Pulling him back against me I looked into his dazed face.

�Cal, you there? You OK?�


�Yeah, it�s me. Do you feel OK? Can you move?�

A groan escaped from Gamm.

�Cal, we have to get out of here. Fast! Can you move or do you need help?�

He sat up and tried to get to his feet but fell back weakly.

Putting my arms under his, I stood and pulled him up with me. My legs were kind of wobbly but his were much worse. Stooping to grab our clothes I handed them to him.

�Here just hold onto these and I�ll help you. We�ve got to get out of here before he comes to.�

I supported Cal as we stepped over Gamm�s body where it lay in the doorway, a thin trickle of blood extending from under his head and pooling a few inches away like a word-balloon in some gross cartoon.

Outside, the air was still and muggy � the storm almost upon us.

�Where does he keep the car?�

�Behind�� Cal motioned with his head towards the building.

We hobbled along a path to the back of the building and, sure enough, there was an old station wagon with a dented front bumper and what looked like a bullet hole through the driver�s side windshield.

I got Cal into the front seat on the passenger side.

�Where does he keep the keys?�

�The spares are on a hook behind the door.�

�Good, try to get dressed � I�ll be right back!�

I ran back around the building and went inside. The keys were right where Cal said they�d be. As I grabbed them I looked across the hall to the bathroom door. Gamm was up on his hands and knees, shaking his head woozily.

Back inside the car I inserted the key into the ignition with trembling fingers and started the engine.

�What about Jimmy�the kids?� Cal asked.

�It�s you he wants.�

Turning on the headlights, I put the car in drive and we took off through the woods. Cal had gotten his shorts on but I was still naked. Lightning lit the sky between the tree branches overhead.

When we reached the highway I turned south and gunned it.

�Where can we go, Charlie? No one is going to believe us. He�ll find us.�

�Home,� I said as the wind suddenly came up and the rain overtook us. �I�m going home.� •

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