Scent of a Man


Jesse's head was spinning. First, the horrible discovery as he got home on an early flight to surprise Tom. He felt his heart get sink as he heard the moans from there bedroom as he stepped quietly into the apartment and heard Tom's voice scream out "Oh, yes Bobby ... give it to me!" He practically tripped over his own luggage as he scrambled to get out there. Then, he walks along the streets for God only knows how long in the rain to end up in that strange little Asian Curiosity Shop, and being talked into buying this strange little vial of perfume oil. How did the China-man talk him into it? And, the strange warning about not using too much at once. He placed a drop on his forefinger and rubbed it to his thumb. He held his fingers under his nose to sample the fragrance. It was warm and spicy and he had to admit it did smell wonderful, unlike anything he had ever smelled before. It made him think of wild sex, sweat, wild sex and burying his face in a hairy chest. Before he knew it he was sporting a hard-on. As he walked and thought to himself his erection became painful. He was so excited he thought his cock would burst. He tried to distract his thoughts to make the erection go away, but it would not be ignored. Walking became torture as it drove the head of his cock hard into his belt buckle making it ache all the more. He needed relief and soon. He saw the neon rainbow sign of a neighborhood bar he had been to before. He thought to himself he would just slip in go directly to the bathroom and take care of business. Surely stranger things have happened in there. He quickly paid the doorman the cover charge and rushed to the back.

Jesse stepped into the restroom and right to the first empty stall, quickly he closed the door behind him. The pain from his hard-on was overwhelming now. As he looked down to undo his belt he saw the tenting of his jeans "jeez" he whispered "what's in that stuff." As he released his belt his cock shot up through his briefs as it strained against button of his Silver Tabs (r). "Man I've never been this hard." He quickly pulled down his jeans and reached into his briefs to grab his throbbing cock in hand. He tried to stroke it but the skin was so taunt and dry it hurt. He also noticed that it was way past its usual six inches... coming up to his belly button at least eight-inches maybe more. He remembered the oily nature of the perfume and decided to use it as lube. He meant to pour a few drops as the China-man had warned him not to use too much at once, but the contents gushed on to his aching cock. He immediately felt the warmth of the oil on his cock now ready to burst out of its skin. He began to pump slowly and as he did instead of finding sexual relief he felt his cock become softer in his grip, but not losing size it got more and more limp as he pumped it faster and faster. The heavy meat was making thwaping sounds as he ran his grip from the tip to base. Jesse smelled the warm aroma of the oil and felt weak in his knees, as his vision became blurry. The strange passionate feelings started again but this time he felt warm all over his body. His cock began to get hard again, but he was already past nine-inches soft. With each stroke his hand had farther to go to reach the head of his growing cock, and with each beat of his heart it grew longer and thicker soon he needed both hands to go around it. He was lost in ecstasy. As his hands pumped his growing cock his arm muscles began to burn from the exertion. As Jesse was looking down at his cock he noticed his view was becoming obstructed as his back began to arch back and his chest muscles stared to push out and up. Jesse watched his own body in amazement as the buttons on his knit polo shirt popped off and the elastic on the sleeves were stretching to the tearing point as his biceps and triceps swelled more and more pushing against each other for room. As his arms grew thicker and wider veins shooting down his swelling forearms that were quickly resembling Virginia hams. His lats muscles started pushing his swollen arms out and away from his sides. The swelling stared to make it impossible to stroke all the way down to the base of his now twelve-inch and growing cock.

He took one hand away from his cock and felt around to his ass that was now hard as a rock and round like two bowling balls. His extended thigh underwear was creeping up his legs as his quadriceps and hamstrings swelled ever rounder. He could feel the bulk of swelling sinew as he slid his hand down from his butt to the back of his legs. There was no way he could pull his jeans back up now. He went to bend over in the stall which was now becoming claustrophobic to pull his jeans off over his black construction boots when he heard the rip of his shirt as it gave way to his bulging back muscles. Bending over and stretching out his back just made his swelling muscles grow faster traps, lats and erectors struggling for dominance He finally struggled his jeans off and then began to work his cock some more. Despite everything that was happening to his body he could not stop tending to his cock, begging for relief. His shoulders started to resemble melons as they burst the shirt seams and let what was left of his Polo fall to the floor. He felt his now tennis ball sized nuts pull up and he had to hold back his scream as he finally came. With the force of a fire-hose he shot his load against the bathroom wall, it just seamed to go on and on easily a quart of jism was spattered over the toilet and wall. Finally his red swollen fifteen-inch cock started to soften and he packed the monster back into his underwear and anxiously stepped out of the stall. As he was washing his hands a man entered the restroom. "Why didn't' they tell me you were here and getting ready." Wow, your agent said you were cut like a rock but he didn't say you were as big as a mountain, and I don't think your underwear could be any tighter. Oh, by the way I'm Charlie, the owner of the bar. You sure are gonna bowl the guys over when they see you. You're by far the biggest dancer we've ever had here, how much do you weigh any how?"

Jesse was speechless at first, but after a short pause he said, "I don't know, I... I haven't weighed myself lately." "Well," Charlie replied "I'll let the DJ know you're here. See ya' on stage, big guy... Man something smells good in here" and He walked out. Jesse could not believe it. He turned to look in the bathroom mirror and saw the biggest man he had ever seen in his life staring back at him. How could this be? His cotton briefs sagged at the waist band from the weight of his huge basket. He couldn't resist giving himself a show and did "the crab" pose in the mirror. His monstrous arms swelled before his eyes. Again his arms felt warm and started to grow a little more. Veins began to snake across his arms and chest as he pumped up and his abs angrily bulged out into eight huge bricks. His pecs jumped to attention and got rock hard as they swelled like rising dough. ""Holy shit" he groaned. The only part of himself he remotely recognized was his face yet it to had changed some what. Now his jaw was tight and stronger than before and covered with five o'clock shadow... He was totally fucking hot! Nobody was as BIG as he was at this moment. He turned away and walked out of the restroom... "Where is that stage, these boys are in for a show." •

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