By musclpkg

Hey Guys --

I've been silent on the group for a while... but recently came across this transcript of a chat session I had last summer with a muscle- buddy of mine. I had forgotten how hot it was. Any of you who get off on forced growth and quasi-medical authoritarian/bondage scenes will really like this one. Thought I would post it here for your enjoyment, although it's not a "story" in the traditional sense.

This is an actual chat session, though the names have been changed to protect the "innocent." I was at work at the time and let me tell you it was hard to keep my composure (I was MusclDoc, and my friend was FuknGrow). Enjoy!

MusclDoc : OK so I'm at work surrounded by people... but if you're alone I'll chat you to a hardon you have to stroke off

MusclDoc : I'll just make sure my chair is pulled all the way up to my desk so no one will get an accidental view of my tented crotch

FuknGrow : Hehehe... eager. I like that.

FuknGrow : And I'd like that too.

MusclDoc : so what are you in the mood for studboy

FuknGrow : Hmmm...

FuknGrow : Let's make an interesting scenario.

MusclDoc : medical. you've signed up for the human trials of a new growth hormone.

FuknGrow : And you're the doctor.

MusclDoc : yeah.

MusclDoc : Afternoon, son. Come on in.

FuknGrow : Hello doc.

MusclDoc : Have a seat. Just need to take your temp and blood pressure here. Roll up your sleeve, please. Hey, very nice bicep development you have there.

FuknGrow : I flex it a little, and grin. Yeah... I've worked hard on it.

MusclDoc : You hardly look like you need any growth hormone. You're a pretty big boy. What are your stats?

FuknGrow : I'm 220 pounds,

FuknGrow : 6'

FuknGrow : 50" chest...

FuknGrow : 28" thighs

FuknGrow : And these babies.. ( I flex my arm again) They're 20".

MusclDoc : (pumping the cuff, looking at my watch)... very nice. You'll soon wonder how you could have ever been so small.

MusclDoc : this pressure cuff is almost too small to fit around your arm.

FuknGrow : The veins in my arms start bulging due to the cuff.

MusclDoc : good vascularity too... man, your main feeder vein is like a length of rope!

FuknGrow : I smile again... I'm liking all this attention.

MusclDoc : (I can't help but adjust the bulge in my crotch that has sprung up... uncomfortable in my dress slacks)

MusclDoc : OK, your pressure is normal. Keep this thermometer under your tongue.

FuknGrow : I take it in my mouth... wrapping my lips around.

MusclDoc : 15 seconds. *beep* 98.6 -- right on. You're healthy as a horse.

MusclDoc : Now you signed all the release forms up front with the receptionist, right? You understand what's going to be happening to you here?

FuknGrow : Good to hear doc. Yeah, I signed. Basically you're gonna give me something to get bigger...

MusclDoc : That's right. Much bigger. Now, that thermometer was coated with a fast-acting relaxant... don't be alarmed if you start to feel a little, ah, good...

FuknGrow : Mmm....

MusclDoc : Some men report a libido response as well. It targets your pleasure centers so that what otherwise might be a difficult experience is actually very pleasant

FuknGrow : Nice... I think I feel it doc.... (my speech slurs a bit)

MusclDoc : Now, stand up, son, and get undressed.

MusclDoc : Easy boy, lean on the chair for balance.

MusclDoc : (I watch as you lift your shirt off over your head...)

FuknGrow : I pull my t-shirt out of my pants...

FuknGrow : Slowly lifting it over my head...

FuknGrow : My thick pecs flex and bunch up.

MusclDoc : I can't help but gasp as you expose your torso to me

FuknGrow : Pecs overhanging onto my abs.

FuknGrow : Thick slabs of lats pushing my arms out a bit.

MusclDoc : Good god son, why do you of all people want this growth treatment?

FuknGrow : I look you in the eyes, I gotta get bigger....

MusclDoc : My cock springs to full hardon, trapped behind my fly... I have never seen such a magnificent body, and you haven't even had the treatment yet...

FuknGrow : I pull my hands up behind my head and flex my midsection.... Yeah, you like that doc?

MusclDoc : Oh... fuck.... yeah...

MusclDoc : (regaining my composure)... come on son, off with the pants. We have serious work to do here.

FuknGrow : I begin to unsnap my jeans, looking up at you...

FuknGrow : I unzip my pants and begin to slide them over my thighs...

MusclDoc : nice, son. you wear a jockstrap for underwear all the time?

FuknGrow : Hehehe, yeah... anything else is too restrictive.

MusclDoc : looks like some kind of stretchy spandex material. That's very hot, son.

FuknGrow : I slap my crotch once...

MusclDoc : mmm... watching your package bounce in the pouch... nice and heavy....

FuknGrow : I run my hands up my upper thighs, and over my crotch, then slide my hands under the strap.

FuknGrow : You need these off too doc?

MusclDoc : You can leave the jock on, boy. Now have a seat in the chair here. How are you feeling?

FuknGrow : Good man... good.

MusclDoc : Now lean your head back against the headrest here...

MusclDoc : and your arms on each of the armrests.

MusclDoc : (quickly I snap restraints around your wrists to hold them to the armrests, and a chinstrap to hold your head against the headrest.

FuknGrow : I push against them... what's this for doc?

MusclDoc : don't worry son... just a precaution. sometimes the treatment produces involuntary muscle spasms and this is to prevent you injuring yourself.

MusclDoc : (now ankle restraints on each ankle, fastening your legs to the independent leg supports of the chair)

MusclDoc : just relax. that drug should be making you feel pretty good now... and judging by your jock pouch, you are feeling pretty good

FuknGrow : Oh yeah.... it feels real good...

MusclDoc : all right now son, I need to make sure these restraints are sufficient... please, attempt to free yourself.

FuknGrow : I jerk against the restraints...

FuknGrow : Muscles tensing...

MusclDoc : mmm... your arms look so hot straining against those straps!

FuknGrow : I pull my arms, flexing my biceps and forearms... biting my lip.

MusclDoc : harder, son. break those straps if you can.

FuknGrow : I strain harder... muscles jumping into relief...

FuknGrow : My biceps bulging...

FuknGrow : I try pulling my legs up...

FuknGrow : my thighs and calves straining.

FuknGrow : I buck my hips a bit.

MusclDoc : watching you struggle, I pump my first load of cum into my pants.

MusclDoc : Can't do it huh baby?

FuknGrow : I jerk a couple more times... then slowly stop...

MusclDoc : it's OK buddyboy, you're not supposed to be able to break out. just making sure, that's all.

MusclDoc : I give your bulging jock pouch a slow, loving caress.

FuknGrow : It responds...

MusclDoc : how big is your cock when it's hard, son?

FuknGrow : 8 inches... and thick as hell.

MusclDoc : well there's a certain side effect of this treatment.

FuknGrow : Am I gonna get bigger there too doc? I wanna get a bigger cock too....

MusclDoc : oh yeah. your cock is gonna get... much... bigger.

MusclDoc : (stroking again, gently, teasingly)

FuknGrow : I squirm... Mmmm..

MusclDoc : all right, it's time to begin the treatment.

MusclDoc : I push a lever and with a hum the chair rises and tilts back so you are horizontal.

MusclDoc : Another lever raises your legs, spreads them, and bends them at the knee.

MusclDoc : In this position your jockstrapped ass is exposed and vulnerable.

FuknGrow : I groan again...

MusclDoc : I open a closet and roll out a portable unit, but you can't see what it is because you can only look straight up due to your restrained position.

MusclDoc : OK son, now this is the part we didn't tell you about when you signed up, because it seems to have a certain... discouraging effect upon the applicants.

FuknGrow : I try to twist my head to see... but the restraint holds me in place.

MusclDoc : Now son, have you ever had a prostate exam?

FuknGrow : No....

FuknGrow : I squirm again.

MusclDoc : Well this is kind of like that. The growth hormone has to be administered by direct prostate infusion. Your prostate is the gland that manufactures your cum, Mike.

MusclDoc : The easiest access to your prostate is through your... through your asshole, Mike... so it's convenient that you wore a jock today giving me full access.

FuknGrow : What're you gonna do?

MusclDoc : This machine is designed to administer the hormone directly to your prostate by penetrating your hole and coming into direct prostatic contact

FuknGrow : You're gonna stuff that thing up my ass?

MusclDoc : this is one of the reasons we gave you the relaxant at the beginning...

MusclDoc : just relax, son... you'll find it's much more pleasurable than you imagine.

MusclDoc : In fact.... I have this set of mirrors we can use if you'd like to watch.

MusclDoc : (rolling a set angled mirrors into place, one over your face reflecting horizontally, and another over your groin which shows its reflection in the first mirror)

MusclDoc : but in answer to your question, yes, I'm going to stuff this thing up your ass.

MusclDoc : and there's nothing you can do about it, Mike. this is what you signed up for.

MusclDoc : you've already shown you can't break the straps holding you down.

FuknGrow : I struggle again...

FuknGrow : Jerking my hands against the strap...

MusclDoc : you're already giving away your arousal at the situation... if I let your cock out of that pouch it would spring up to full hardon, wouldn't it?

MusclDoc : so why struggle? why not just relax and enjoy it? I guarantee you'll like the results

MusclDoc : OK so let's get started. Now you see this big mother here? That's the infuser...

MusclDoc : It's a mechanically pistoned electro-friction stimulator. It conditions your prostate for optimum infusion conditions. Gotta get your nut nice and swollen and porous so the drug will enter with maximum efficiency.

MusclDoc : But that's way too fucking big to just shove in on the first try, huh Mike? That's why we have this series of "starter" plugs.

MusclDoc : See, number one is barely bigger than my pinky. Dip it in the lube reservoir here and slide it in gently.... there.

FuknGrow : I groan... you're gonna stretch me full out...

MusclDoc : eventually, yes. your asshole is going to ride this big wrist-thick machine. but not all at once.

MusclDoc : now, you see these wires? I can hook them to the base of the plug and, even with these smaller ones, start the stimulation you need to accept the hormone.

MusclDoc : I hook them up like that, and turn up this dial just a bit...

MusclDoc : how does that feel Mike?

FuknGrow : Ughnn.... ah... man.

MusclDoc : looks like your cock likes it.

FuknGrow : It's engorging with blood... pushing against the material.

MusclDoc : It's getting fatter and thicker and drooling a stream of clear pre-cum into the almost-transparent white lycra pouch...

MusclDoc : OK Mike, you're doing good. Ready for the next one?

FuknGrow : Go...

FuknGrow : I grit my teeth...

MusclDoc : so now I slide out the baby plug... and I show you his big brother... size of a hotdog. Similar electric hookup on the base.

MusclDoc : you ready for this one, Mike?

MusclDoc : I'm not going to put it in until you ask me to.

FuknGrow : Ugh.... I can take it. Stuff yer machine in there.

MusclDoc : all right. (i slowly push it in... it stretches your hole wider and pushes deeper, to a place you've never felt before).

FuknGrow : I buck my hips a bit... and gasp.

FuknGrow : The muscles on my midsection strain.

MusclDoc : Then turning up the dial on the wires a little more... delivering a good electric buzz, subtle but present.

MusclDoc : You are so hot, Mike. I fucking love your muscles and I can't wait to see them start growing.

MusclDoc : You feel that buzz, Mike? That's getting your butt-nut ready to receive the hormone. Conditioning it, stimulating it, getting it primed.

MusclDoc : Sometimes it helps if I push the plug in and out a little, like this....

MusclDoc : you can watch in the mirror if you want. Your pretty asslips are really grabbing, aren't they?

FuknGrow : Ahhhh... man! What is that!? Mmmm... feels good.

MusclDoc : That's right, it actually feels good, doesn't it? Your cock sure says so. I can see every bump and vein on your shaft thru the soaked material... straining to get free.

MusclDoc : don't you wish you could touch your cock, son? even just gently, like this?

MusclDoc : Mike? You still with me man?

FuknGrow : Stroking here...

MusclDoc : good. now I down't want you to pop your nut too soon...

FuknGrow : I won't.

FuknGrow : Keep this going...

MusclDoc : so keep your hands on the keyboard. let your cock drip and twitch as we keep going but DON'T TOUCH IT.

FuknGrow : K man...

MusclDoc : OK son... now it's time for the third stretcher... sliding out big brother and replacing it with Daddy. This one's textured, see?

MusclDoc : Size of a good thick dill pickle you get at the deli.

FuknGrow : I swallow... Ugh... it's big...

MusclDoc : think you can take all that in Mike?

FuknGrow : I can take anything you got.

MusclDoc : I position the head at the edge of your asslips and watch your face as I push it in, gently at first

FuknGrow : I try to arch my neck...

FuknGrow : Mouth opening.

MusclDoc : Your magnificent torso looks so hot from this angle... looking past your bulging jock pouch to your cobbled abs, wide heavy pecs, all sheened with sweat... your handsome face contorting, trying to accept the invasion

MusclDoc : Just relax son. This is the last one before big daddy.

FuknGrow : There's one bigger? Ahhh... I gasp as you push it past my sphincter.

MusclDoc : Oh yeah. bigger.

MusclDoc : Try not to make so much noise, son. There are people out in the hallway.

MusclDoc : (hooking up the wires). OK, now you're going to feel a more intense buzz, Mike. Here goes.

MusclDoc : turning up the dial to high, watching your face

FuknGrow : My muscles involuntarily tense...

MusclDoc : oh yeah, that's good boy...

FuknGrow : My mouth is open, my eyes half shut...

MusclDoc : fight it, it gets your nut even more swollen.

FuknGrow : My ass works against it....

MusclDoc : OK son, that's real good. You're doin great.

FuknGrow : Spasming... pushing...

MusclDoc : Yeah, squeeze with your ass. It forces the plug up harder against your nut.

MusclDoc : But pipe down, boy.

MusclDoc : Or I'm gonna have to keep you quiet by force.

MusclDoc : (grinding the plug hard up against your prostate)

MusclDoc : All right boy, you asked for it. If you insist on continuing to moan out like that I'm gonna have to keep you quiet.

MusclDoc : I open a drawer and take out a large rubber ball gag... blue soft rubber ball with straps that fasten around the back of your head.

MusclDoc : I force open your jaws and stuff the ball in so that your lips spread around the thick rubber invader. Fasten the straps around the back of the headrest, further immobilizing your head.

MusclDoc : That should keep you quiet. Yeah, you can keep moaning thru your nose, they can't hear that outside.

MusclDoc : So... back to what we were doing...

FuknGrow : Ughnn...

MusclDoc : I slide out the dripping daddy plug and roll the portable unit up close to your spread ass. Your hole is red and shiny with lube and the lips are swollen and glistening like a hot hungry musclecunt

MusclDoc : All right, Mike, this is the main event. Now it's Big Boy's turn... this is the machine that will actually administer the growth hormone.

MusclDoc : See it in the mirror? Yeah, it looks a lot like a cock... that's really just a coincidence. The flared head contains the stimulation/infusion apparatus, and the slit at the tip is the hormone dispenser.

MusclDoc : Besides, you rarely see a cock as big as this machine.

MusclDoc : Except I have high hopes for yours when we're finished with this treatment... you could get this big, or bigger.

MusclDoc : You ready to go Mike?

MusclDoc : (teasing your cuntlips with my fingers)... you READY, punk?

MusclDoc : cum on muscleboy, snap out of your reverie. DO YOU WANT THIS DILDO TO MAKE YOU GROW?

FuknGrow : Yeah!

MusclDoc : all right, that's more like it... gotta have your full participation here Mikey, even if you are gagged...

MusclDoc : Now open up.

MusclDoc : (I power up the machine and the already huge black-rubber cock extends and thickens

MusclDoc : Just relax boy, and let it in.

MusclDoc : it pushes against your hot lips, and the minute it touches you, before it's even inside, you can tell this is totally different from the previous plugs

MusclDoc : It's both hot and cold... it seems to vibrate at a frequency too high to perceive... it throbs against your asshole. The machine makes a low hum that increases in pitch as I move the levers that control it, forcing past your first ring of defense

MusclDoc : oh yeah Mikey.... shit, look at your cock kicking and jerking inside that jock...

MusclDoc : you feel like cumming yet son? it's OK if you do... happens to a lot of guys when they go thru this. it doesn't make you a fag, don't worry.

MusclDoc : OK, next level. I punch some buttons on the machine and pull and heavy lever, which forces the shaft all the way inside you, invading your guts

MusclDoc : god your handsome face looks so hot gagged up like that... spit dribbling down at the corners... your eyes pleading...

MusclDoc : come on Mike, let your dick cum... you know you want it... just shoot it right into your jock. you don't even need to touch it, do you?

MusclDoc : I ratchet up the machine and it starts to pump on its own in and out of your stretched hole.

MusclDoc : You feel that tight hot feeling every time the machine fucks into you, Mike? That's the infuser delivering the hormone.

MusclDoc : It's like a little shock, isn't it.... a little pull as the dildo kisses your prostate and delivers a carefully measured dose of dope

MusclDoc : Now if you promise to be quiet I'll remove the gag...

MusclDoc : You never thought your asshole would open up this wide, did you? Look at that in the mirror Mike... look at the thickness of this monster

MusclDoc : pistoning in and out on its own. Usually we start to see results after about five minutes.

MusclDoc : yeah, there we go. it starts with the veins.

MusclDoc : See that network of veins crossing your pecs, Mike?

MusclDoc : that's the beginning. they grow first, to feed the muscles with oxygen as they grow.

MusclDoc : fuck, that's hot.

MusclDoc : you're getting even more vascular than before...

MusclDoc : and now I can see the muscle following suit.

MusclDoc : see that son? Your pecs are expanding... getting wider... as the dildo keeps fucking in and out of your ass

MusclDoc : stuffing your enlarged prostate with growth hormone

MusclDoc : now your arms too... jesus, they must already be 22"...

MusclDoc : your rope-thick veins bulging, twisting under the skin

MusclDoc : football-shaped bis struggling for room between your delts and your forearms...

MusclDoc : your shoulders balooning out, cantaloupe size... basketball size... thick high traps that bunch up toward your ears...

MusclDoc : pecs spreading and rising... nipples growing, widening, big brown silver dollars capping those magnificent shields of chest muscle. Must be topping 60" now...

MusclDoc : Look at that cleavage... it was deep before, now I could lose my entire hand in there...

MusclDoc : and your waist getting even narrower and more ripped, your abs shredding and suctioning down so tight, the skin so thin as to be almost transparent

MusclDoc : covered with fucking veins, your body pulsing with pleasure and hugeness

MusclDoc : your cock expanding until the jock pouch seems like a tiny joke, barely holding one ball, your shaft extending up your abs and forcing your cockhead into the tight cleft between your pecs... •

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