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This is not strictly as muscle growth tale: the subject has already 'grown'; it is about how the elements deal with him. The story is inspired by and based on a series of pictures of David, super-phenomenon created by ManOfSteel. The actual pictures referred to in the text can be found (by their #s) in the ManOfSteel gallery at . This is a fascinating site in its own right and well-worth visiting. Find any of MOS's 100 or so pictures of David and click on the gallery link below it. Many of them have descriptive commentaries by the artist under the art-work itself.

Enjoy! Musclebuff.

I lie here in wait, my ripples reflecting the Mediterranean sun of which David is so fond. Soon he will have finished his ultra-mega-work out and will bring his ultra-mega-body to relax in my water. Then, and only then, as he slips those amazing muscles into my liquid arms, will he be mine.

I have endless patience for we meet at least three times a day - sweaty from libidinous dreams, sweaty from punishing the mass of his muscle, and needing solace under the stars at the end of a possibly lonely day - for is not seventy-five percent of man not made of water? Does he not therefore depend on uniting me with the power of his body?

Here he is now - pausing against a pillar on his terrace as the dark sapphires of his eyes gaze out over the wine-dark sea in search of - what? [David 24]

Or who?

The Naked God descends. He tears his eyes away from the fruitless horizon and runs down the steps towards me. One foot pauses on the fourteenth step, the other allows me to bathe his foot, as if he is bringing his mind to focus on the pleasures I have in store for him. [David 4] For a moment I allow the water to turn to glass so he may see the perfect reflection of his muscular perfection, then, as he plunges his musculificence straight into me, I allow the waves to churn up around him so every particle of his being may feel my watery embrace.

The powerful thrusts of his huge shoulders and mighty arms carries him the length of the pool, supported at every moment by the strength of my many hands. Ten times I bear him the length of the pool and, by the tenth, his mighty studpole has become aware that my liquid grasp has awoken "the god within".

For several moment he stands waist-deep in my water, encouraging the ever-thickening length of love-muscle that is the center of his being. Here resides all his power, from here he derives all the strength that has built his magnificent muscles, from here his brain transmits his deepest desires, both fulfilled and unfulfilled. Under his startling black brows he raises the laser-like gaze of his deep blue eyes to the sun - those eyes that have the power to enchant, entice, cajole and command any who dare look into them. Those eyes which echo the color of the evening sky, the eyes which, reflected in my water, have made me his slave forever.

For one instant he tastes the magic pearl that appears at the tip of his studpole as it rises above the level of my water - and then he dives once more into my embrace and I rejoice to slide my hands along his body as he passes for another ten laps of the pool.

He moves to the side of the basin to retrieve a bottle of oil - already he feels the sun beating down upon him as if it too wished to devour him. Sensuously he spreads the oil over every muscle he can reach - even his cock, then massages it slowly into the appreciative fibers of those amazing muscular striations. [David 108] The heat of the sun encourages his vascularity to burgeon and throb, adding an even greater vision of power to the God. Now impatient and unduly stirred by the sight of him, I pull at him, my watery mass demanding his body to respond to me.

Feeling my message, he swims across the pool towards one of several powerful and angry jets that pump my cool mass into the pool. Temptingly, as he gets nearer to the valve, I let him feel my power on his flat eight-pack. For a moment only he tests my power against the palm of his hand as I jet out of the wall. Slowly (for he has done this often before) he pulls himself up on the rim of the pool so that my jet can have its way with his fuckpole and strength-nuts.

Close and closer he allows his pelvis to sink towards me until he feels me blasting the underside of his already rampant dick. He runs the long, long length of that steely tower up and down the jet, even allowing me occasionally to pierce his piss-slit. He starts to groan and his mighty torso sweats under the oil.

I allow him the sensation of an increasing power (even though I know it is all in his mind) - the sensation of a powerful god yielding his sex to my watery element. The groans increase as my fingers feel his nuts churning. Now my powerful hands are teasing his whole dick almost beyond his endurance. Once again I increase the sensation of the jet; he pulls his nuts up to meet my attack, he throws back his fine dark head, flexes those lats, then his gargantuan pecs and finally his mountainous abs as he explodes with endless spasmodic jets of jizzm as powerful as those I used to force him to give them to me.

Now my waters are untied with the ribbons of his power-cum; my jet sends them across the pool so that my whole being is suffused with the God. He lies back and lets me support him as he floats, the beads of water on his pecs, encouraged to separate by the oil, now dry in the afternoon sun. After several minutes he regains his strength, turns face down in my water to cool his front while his back is massaged by the sun.

Finally, he stands and walks through me towards the little fountain at the end of the pool which is now shadowed protectively by the surrounding trees. There he finds a golden urn which he fills from the fountain and pours over himself. [David 105]

Now I cascade down over David's wondrous physique, caressing each muscle as I pass, hanging from his man nips, nestling in his pec hair, stroking his abs, provoking his dick into arousal and mingling with his precum before I slide all the way down his giant quads and outrageous calfs to worship at his feet. More of me strokes his head and hair, kissing him on the lips before I enter his mouth and get swallowed into the depths of his deep throat.

My spray is wide enough to massage those crazy four foot wide delts which must be more than twelve inches from front to back, bouncing off his flexed and beautiful biceps, coating his tris, sliding down the sweep of his powerful lats to tickle the small of his back between his girder-like erectors before I finger my cool and watery way in the cleft between the mighty glutes.

When I reach his hams he feels me like a thousand fingers drumming on the muscles, tickling the backs of his knees. The longer he pours, the more he feels me and the more I feel him. When he stops and immerses himself in my pool at his feet, I envelop him with love and receive his power into my now-David-electro-charged waters which thicken like cum swirling around every available inch of his muscular magnificence. Fuckstacy for us both as, thanks to my ministrations, he can no longer hold himself back from shooting his muscle-milk again into my watery presence. He spasms violently, endlessly until, much later, he finally relaxes and is content to lie quietly in my arms, little knowing how the gift he has just made me supercharges the watery muscles that, for the moment, hold him captive.

Eventually the time comes when he must leave me (until our moonlight tryst) and he hoists himself our of my water. [David 74] Apollo, or Eros, calls him and he cannot resist shooting an imaginary arrow of devotion towards his parent gods before leaving the edge of my pool. [David 49]

What he will do with himself between now and when we meet later by moonlight is not my concern. Once again I will wait in patience, sure of my lover's return. Once again the tiles of his terrace will feel the footfall of the God as he moves nakedly towards me. [David 83] For these moments it is for the zephyrs of the breeze to caress him as he passes in his magnificence. Before he comes down the steps to plunge into my depths he pauses and looks towards the moon for her approval. She sadly blesses him with her silver beams, all too jealous that she will never possess him as I do. Never will she drink the jets of his power-juice, but she will bless us both as we fuck each other in the light of her moon. •

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