Testing Jesse


By FanTCMan

The thing everyone liked the most about Jesse was that he was always such a good sport. He was always a little geeky, a little klutzy, a lousy athlete, but fun anyway, and he could always take the ribbing he got with great good nature. He would take any kind of dare and laugh it off when he made a fool of himself. In short, he was a natural choice for the first kid to test the new formula.

Rumors had spread from the kids whose parents worked at the lab that some new stuff was being developed to turn ordinary guys into some kind of supermen, and one day they would test it out, but no one knew what it was, or who would be the guinea pig, or when.

It was shortly after lunch, Jesse was walking down the hallway with some friends, headed for class, when he suddenly felt extremely sick to his stomach. He ran to the bathroom and barely made it before puking his guts up in a toilet. He heaved until there was nothing left to come up, and then, feeling a little dizzy, he collected his books and went on to class.

Sitting in English, he still felt dizzy as the class discussed composition. The guy next to him asked if he was feeling okay, and he said he was, but he couldn't shake the dizziness. Near the end of class, they were given some time to write a short composition, and he found he could hardly concentrate. He dashed off a quick piece on how schools should be allocating more of their funds to the arts and science and less to athletics if American were to continue as a power player on the world stage. But when he finished early, he found himself stuck on the words athletics and power player. His mind locked in on Cole Bennett, the school's star athlete, and a power player if ever there was one. Handsome and built, there wasn't a guy at school that didn't envy Cole. And in the locker room, Cole was even more a star, proud of his generous endowment, hanging out naked, letting his big cock flop as he walked to and from the showers. And as Jesse thought about him, and going to gym class next, where he would have to undress, he wished he could be built better than Cole and have a big dick to flop around, bigger than Cole's. They wouldn't tease him so much then. And, thinking that, to his surprise and embarrassment, he felt himself get hard in his briefs.

The bell would ring soon. He wished his boner away with all his might, but his mind was playing a trick on him, and all he could think about was what it would feel like to be built and have a big cock. The room felt hot and stuffy, and when the bell rang, he held his books in front of his crotch and rushed to the bathroom and locked himself in a stall. He had to jack off right then so he could get his dick soft again and get to gym.

When he closed the stall door and dropped his pants, his dick sprang out, and his shock made him sweat. It was not his dick. It was, but it was half again the size he knew. It must have been eight inches long and so thick. But he didn't have time to think about it. He stroked it hard and fast, keeping as quiet as he could, and when he came, he had to lift his butt off the seat to get his big cock pointing down where he could shoot into the toilet, and the ejaculation felt so strong, he had to bite his lip to keep from making noise.

When he was done, he got soft again, and he stood up and pulled up his briefs. Shit, even his balls were bigger. He was bulging so much, everyone would notice. But he hurried to gym class anyway.

The minute he took off his underwear, trying to stay turned away from the other guys, the comments started. Fuck, dudes, check out Jesse's cock. Hey, dude, you must be the one. It's you dude, you're the guinea pig. The guys gathered around, trying to see. Jesse realized they must be right. That had to be it. And he couldn't be so uncool as to try to hide it now. They were right. Even soft, his cock hung long, probably six inches, and was so fat, and his balls hung low and felt big and heavy, but it didn't feel bad. In fact, it felt petty good. He smiled, not quite as shy as usual, and let them look at him while he got into his jock strap, and when he got his stuff into it, the bulge was big. He put on his shorts, and even in those, the bulge stuck out.

They played basketball, the comments about him got to the ears of the coach, and Jesse felt pretty good for a change. He would look down now and then as he ran the court, and the sight of the mound in his shorts pretty much turned him on. Eat your heart out, Cole Bennett.

He actually felt athletic as he ran. He felt tight and strong, even had a feeling of power in his body. He still felt a little dizzy, but it was easy to live with, it even felt kind of good, although it also felt like a hot, humid August afternoon inside the gym, and he felt an odd ache in his muscles and bones, almost fluish, but he didn't feel sick, really, at all.

When it was time to head back to the locker room to shower, he found himself actually looking forward to getting undressed. If he was the test guy, and they all knew it, then he might as well enjoy what was happening to him. He felt his thighs rubbing together when he walked, a strange sensation for someone who had always been skinny. And his T shirt felt a little tight on his chest.

When he went to strip off his clothes, he, and everyone else, realized he had started to bulk up now with muscle. He had pecs where his chest had been flat, and his arms had muscles that bulged when he bent them. He legs had grown thicker, and it was muscle that was making them thick. And his skin stretched tight on the muscle and showed his veins and the separation of muscles and even the muscle fibers.

Everyone gathered around him to look. He threw his shirt in his locker, and the guys were all saying holy shit. His abs felt so tight and hard, he ran his hand down his stomach feeling the ridges of muscle. Now he couldn't wait to get out of his shorts.

His jock bulged more than when he had put it on, but the excitement was making him start to get a little hard, so that seemed normal. What wasn't normal was that he wasn't at all embarrassed about starting to bone up in front of everyone. He stepped out of his jock, and his balls hung low and heavy between his legs, and his cock, only slightly hard now, was at least eight inches and very thick. It was as big as it had been only an hour before in the bathroom when it was totally hard. The guys were saying dude, let's see how big your boner is, but the coach came and interrupted and told them all to get showered and get to their next classes. But even the coach stared at Jesse and smiled when he said he guessed they'd all have to get used to seeing Jesse differently now, and it was very interesting, but school did have to go on.

Jesse felt very different as he walked to his next class. His shorts, which fit him loose and hung low on his hips, were tented with the bulge he was carrying in his briefs, and his shirt, which had hung loose on him before, clung to his upper arms and chest, and when he passed the trophy case and saw his reflection, he saw a muscular dude looking back, hard pecs and muscular arms showing in his shirt.

All through civics, he felt hot, like he could hardly breathe, and he couldn't think about anything but what was happening to him. He could swear, now that he was aware of what was going on, that he could feel his shirt getting tighter. He would shift his weight in his seat, and he could feel his legs taking up more room in the legs of his shorts.

He could even feel his butt on the seat getting harder and bigger as it pulled his shorts tighter and pulled the material around the bulge at his crotch. And he was sure that the bulge was bigger too. In fact, as he sat there, trying not to think of it and turning his attention away, he would look down every few minutes in spite of himself, and each time it looked like the bulge was bigger. He began to think it was almost funny. Before, he would have been so embarrassed to get up and walk out of class with what was looking like he'd stuffed his pants full of socks, but now he thought of how the guys would stare and comment about his package.

He bent his arms a few times, and his biceps were getting to feel like he had baseballs inside his skin, and they pushed the material of his sleeve tight. The triceps were taking up so much room now. And the buttons over his chest were pulled about as tight as they could be without popping open. He wished class would end so he could get out and see how he looked. And finally it did.

It had been almost an hour since he had stood up and walked, and now his legs brushed hard against each other and he could feel the muscles in his back against his arms, thick and hard, lifting his arms out as he walked. And the bulge in his shorts was much too big to ignore now. He felt so good. He still felt hot, but the heat, he knew now, was inside him, and it seemed to be generating some other feelings. He felt a kind of masculinity that he couldn't even encompass, but he went with it, and it gave him a kind of swagger when he walked. He felt the bulge in his shorts, felt it pushing on the material, and it felt like pure, hot manhood. And, wait a minute, his legs and arms were suddenly covered with very short dark hairs. He stuck his chest out, proud, as he walked out of class into the hall, and the top button of his shirt popped off.

Dude, the guys said, that's fucking amazing, man. Look at this guy. Come on, Jesse, let's go where we can check it out. Let's go to the locker room, man.

Jesse was happy to oblige, and even as he walked to the locker room, he could feel his lats pushing harder on his arms and his legs pushing harder against each other. The weight of his basked pulled heavy on the front of his shorts, and even he couldn't wait to see himself now.

When they got to the locker room, a large group of guys following Jesse, surrounding him like a star, Cole Bennett was there, finishing up from lifting weights, showering, and he came out wet, swinging his dick, to see what was going on. The coach came out, too, and told them all to keep it down, but he didn't try to discourage Jesse from taking off his clothes.

Now Jesse found himself in a position he had sometimes let his geek mind imagine, being the center of attention, the object of admiring dudes all dazzled by his studliness, but even his dream hadn't dared this. He smiled as he slowly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt. His pecs had grown wide and thick and veins snaked across their surface. They were so thick now that they had begun to fold over his ribs and his nipples had grown large, like silver dollars, and were starting to be forced down as the mass of his pecs had grown out to tilt them toward the ground.

There was a trail of short dark hairs now that started in the middle of his abs and plunged into his shorts, and he slowly unzipped his shorts and let them drop and pulled down his briefs and kicked them off.

His cock was already starting to get hard, and in its semi-hard state, it hung twelve inches over his balls, and they had dropped lower and were filling his sac like two ripe lemons.

All the guys were blown away, but no one more that Cole Bennett. Someone had stolen his spotlight. And yet, he couldn't deny his fascination. If it could happen to Jesse . . .

Come on, dude, let's see it boned.

So Jesse let himself get hard, and as his dick grew thick and started to elongate and rise, he felt his own sexuality rise with it. This was so hot he couldn't believe how he felt. But he kept his cool and smiled and he watched along with the others as it grew and rose, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen inches, finally reaching a solid, arched, stiff eighteen inches. Oh yeah, this was fucking great. He tried no to touch it, to just look at it, feel it, absorb what he saw and felt jutting from his hairy groin, but he was so turned on that precum formed at the tip of the huge head and began to drip in a silvery, slippery string.

Okay, Jesse, the coach said, breaking up the moment, do what you have to to that monster so you can get dressed. It's time to lock up, and go home. So Jesse stroked his dick, slowly, feeling the sensation of sexbliss pulsing through him in waves. He lifted it up and bent his head and found that he could suck himself, and the guys cheered, and then he held it with both hands and stroked its full length, savoring the sensations as they grew, made him shiver, coiled in his groin, and finally bucked his hips and he exploded to the cheers of his audience, shooting a stream of milky cum across the room, followed by another and another until he finally felt the orgasm spend itself. He was crying oh shit, oh man, oh holy shit as he came, and all the guys cheered and laughed, all except Cole.

When he finished, he dressed again, but in that short time, he had grown more muscular still, and now he couldn't button his shirt over his pecs and his legs were jammed into his shorts. And he had to push his bulging briefs in to get the zipper up over the mound.

The coach said he had phoned Jesse's parents, and they knew what to expect when he got home. The crowd broke up, reluctantly, guys saying they couldn't wait to see Jesse tomorrow, wondering if he would still change more. But as they all split up and left the locker room, Cole hung back. Hey dude, he said, can I talk to you, man? What does that feel like?

That looks so fucking hot, man. And I thought I had a big dick. Hey, dude, no one's home at my house. You want to come over for a while? Jesse grinned. Already, he felt his muscles, as big as any bodybuilder's, turning him into pure masculine sexuality, swelling so thick and feeling so sexy, so hot, and still growing. Sure, he said. •

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