Jeff & Mike


By Cleety

Anyway, some of the guys wanted me to take photos just so they had something risqué to send to the fuckin' out-of-state girlfriends, or what-not. I was already known as the guy in school who was pretty handy with a camera. I always agreed, of course, and for free too - the only thing I demanded is that I do the whole photo shoot naked. I mean, I'd be naked, they'd be wearing, like, shorts, or their wrestling singlets, or whatever! Fuckin' outrageous. These dumb, straight, college hunks peeling their t-shirts off, and flexing their rock-hard abs against their jutting hip-bones until their faces turned red, or pumping blood into their pyramid-shaped biceps by doing heavy curls, while I circled them with my camera, snapping every rep and exploring every capillary-busting striation of muscle. My cock stuck straight out into space toward them, almost as long and heavy as my foot-long lens! Jesus - the loads I blew onto those assholes…they fuckin' loved it. They frequently came too, after I did, so for a while I wondered if they were might ALL be queer. I finally figured out that Joe was right, and they weren't gay, not really - it simply made their egos explode to be fuckin' worshipped by another guy, even (especially?) a fag. As long as I didn't tell their girlfriends or any of the other guys about it, EACH ONE would come over and flex for me, anytime I called, ha HA! If only they all knew all the others were doing it too! I should fucking tell 'em - I mean, right now: look them up on the internet, or call up their wives or bimbos or something and say "did you know I shot about a gallon and a half of churning man-sperm onto your husband's chest in college?" Heh heh heh… •

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