Jeff & Mike


By Cleety

It was after just such a brain-zonking workout that I blew what I consider to be my first "official" load. Oh, sure, I'd whacked off before, but it wasn't until I started lifting weights and grooving on muscle that I really started to blow "for real". Do any of you dudes reading this remember your first real orgasm? Jeez, it's sure seared into my brain…I remember the feeling like it was an hour ago. (Of course, I DID just spew spunk an hour ago, but you know what I mean…heh heh heh!) Since this was a, pardon the expression, seminal moment, indulge me on a small digression.

I was working out in my underwear, slowly squatting and pumping up my legs, and I start to notice how big and powerful they are getting - tan, hard, set off by red-blonde hair just coming in. I had just noticed I was getting these tear-drop-shaped knots just above the kneecaps, which bulged out when I tensed them and disappeared into the general mass when I relaxed. I learned to do this by watching some of the jocks on the porch of their frathouses. They would sit there flexing their legs absent-mindedly while they hung out on the couches on the screenporch in the evenings, barefoot and shirtless, getting stoned off their asses and talking about sports and chicks and cars.

So I decided to check if my thighs were as big as theirs: I stood up, and started flexing my thighs in the mirror - tensing and turning them from side to side, amazed at the thickness around the top, you know, the flat bunches of muscle ropes that tie the thigh to the hip? The tanline from my shorts left the skin at the upper thighs white…

Below that, my golden tan quads ballooned out nicely, backed by meaty hams that hung thick and long, all the way down to the back of my knees. Then - POW! Rock hard calves almost as wide as the thighs above them, but made of two clubs of muscle that narrowed precipitously down into my ankles.…I marveled at the bulging shapes I could make in my calf and thighs, just by bending or extending my leg, pointing my toe, digging in with my heels and flexing the quads hard... Well, my cock started swelling in my tighty-whities. I had gotten woodies before, of course, all my life, but never quite like this. It was HARD. Frankly, it hurt.

So, purely as an expedient to my flexing comfort, I eased the cockhead down through the leg of my briefs, and, free at last, the damn thing starts to stiffen, growing and pushing down the length of my hard-muscled quads halfway to my knee. I started squatting again, and the peach-fuzzed skin of my warm, swollen leg muscle felt so good rubbing against my dick that by the time I hit three reps, I start feeling funny…then suddenly, I get blindsided out of nowhere by a rush of sensation that almost knocked me off my feet. WHAM! A muscle in my crotch starts cramping, and my cock leaps and shudders, and my balls start squeezing themselves, and this jet of warm syrupy white stuff shoots out my piss-slit. I thought something was SERIOUSLY wrong with me…though it sure felt good.

FUCK!! Barely controlling myself, I sank to my knees, while jet after jet of ropy white milk shoots all down my crouching legs, and drools onto the floor. When it finally stopped, and I was left kneeling in a pool of this gunk, I tried to touch my dick, but it was, like, insanely sensitive - it made me gasp.

"Damn," I said, as I staggered to my feet, dazed…then the panic hit. I thought I had ruptured something or was about to die or some shit! I didn't know ANYBODY could blow a load like this. Of course, Joe hears the commotion, sticks his head and bare, massive shoulders into my room, fuckin' pissed off. "What the hell -?"

He takes one look at the floor, and at the river of drying cum on my leg, and starts laughing his head off. "You fuckin' whackin' off in your underwear, dude?" Then I tell him it happened while I was working out, flexing my quads.

He rolls his eyes around, looks down, starts stroking his hairy chest. Like he's concerned about something. "You must have been thinking about a girl." "No - I never think about girls." Really? His eyes narrowed, like something was finally clicking into place for him. I, of course, was oblivious.

"No, never. I don't ever look at or think about girls. Only guys and their muscles." Joe got a puzzled look on his face. "You mean, like this?" He pulled up his arm, and snapped his bicep to attention. Well I had actually never seen him do this before, at least not right in front of me, and it sure was BIG…and cut! A tennis-ball sized protrusion between his elbow and shoulder. The brownish-red hair of his armpit tufted up below the smooth, pale swollen protrusion of his biceps and the pale-white, protruding front head of his shoulder - the tufts making a little nest for the enlarged egg of muscle. His pit was slightly damp, and released the SWEETEST fucking odor. He rolled his wrist around to face front, then back -- and the bicep egg lengthened and peaked, lengthened and peaked…

Instantly, my cock started inflating. "Fuck dude - look! It's happening again!" I was REALLY panicking now. My big brother, the senior, could apparently control the size of my cock remotely! My own body had somehow come under my big brother's command! This was NOT a cool development. Joe just smiled.

"Let's see something…" He started brushing the taut skin of his bicep with his fingertips. "Does your cock get stiffer if you touch my bicep - I mean, like, if you grab it -- like this?" He grabbed my wrist and guided my hand to his upper arm. My soft hand felt his bicep swell to meet it, finally growing so big I could barely hold it all in my spreading fingers. My brother's upper arm was a swollen, warm, iron-hard sphere of twitching, ripped muscle. Sure enough, my tool responded like a trained dog. How did he know it would do that? He shook off my hand and considered. "Jesus Mikey…you're hardcore. Who'da thunk it, my own little bro… Can you do it again??"

"You mean - cum, again? Now??"

"Try it. What will drive you over the top?" I didn't want to admit the truth.

"Come on, dumb ass. I can sometimes blow three, four loads at a time. What will make you cum again?"

"Fuck, I don't know," I said, laughing and almost crying at the same time.

"Aww, Mikey. A guy's got to know what makes him cum; it's like, a point of honor. Just think - concentrate. Rub your cock til it gets as hard as possible…"

"Like this?" I said, yanking for all I was worth. "Slower…" he said. "And here - " He leaned down and spat copious clear saliva on my fist. "Try that." I almost fainted from the odor of my brother's clean sweet thick mucous-y jock-spit on my sweaty dick and the electric sensation of my spit-slicked hand rubbing up and down my shaft.

"Nice tool you got there, by the way, bro. Looks like it's almost as big as mine." Hearing him taunt me like this made me suddenly feel bizarrely aggressive. "Fuck you, Joe. Bigger, even!" I couldn't believe what I was saying.

"Whoooa, okay little man, whatever," he said, laughing. "Check this the fuck out before you say something like that." He quickly zipped down his fly and this…HOSE tumbled out. It had clearly been a while since I had seen my brother heading in for a shower, I realized. Because his penis was massive. He swung it a few times, by swaying his hips, then grabbed it with both hands, swung it around like a lariat. It seemed like he was real proud of it - but also, like he was sharing a secret with me.

"I think THAT solves the question of who got the biggest cock in the family." He stuffed his astonishing tool back into his shorts. Seeing how bummed out I was that he had shot down my dick, he volunteered: "But yours is still plenty big, dude, just wait a few years til it grows out fully." I felt a little better. Actually, I hadn't felt this close to my shithead brother in years.

"Now, I've got to go finish my workout in the basement, so let's get you off again and see what does it. Stroke it, and think. What do you want - more than anything in the world?" I tried to make sense of what he was asking.

"I don't know, I don't know, maybe I --" The penny dropped. "Yes I do. I do know, Joe. Make a muscle, and then lick it." What? "Lick your fuckin' bicep, Joe," I commanded. "That's what will make me cum - I know it." Joe got this amazed look, but did as I commanded. "You mean -- like this?"

The sonofabitch pops his ample puppy up to full blast, and proceeds to turn his face into his crooked arm and lay into it with his tongue, bathing the hard ball of flesh with his spit, and licking away the peeking hairs from his pit to expose his glistening biceps peak.

I came, of course. Spat all over. RIVERS of cum, right on our mom's carpeting. He just kept licking, but he was staring at me out of the corner of his eyes, like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. When I finally stopped, after what seemed like FOREVER, I looked up at him sheepishly. "So what - what do you think it all means?" I asked quietly.

Joe put his arm down. "Fuck, I don't know, dude. Guess you must be a faggot." •

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