Dreaming and Growing


By Pec Hunter

In half an hour Scott was pounding on Zander's door. An eternity seemed to pass before Zander opened the door. The sight took Scott's breath away. At 6'-2" and 245 pounds, Zander stood there in a black leather vest and pants leaving little to the imagination. The vest framed all the fur covered lumps and bulges of his massive chest and abs. A shadow created by the overhanging pec meat disappeared under the skimpy vest. The huge thick arms he had gotten so hot over earlier that day were on full, mind boggling display. Zander's enormous lats flared out at the sides and tapered down to a trim and sexy waist. The snug leather pants wrapped deliciously around his heavily muscled, tree trunk legs. His huge dick clearly outlined was crammed down one pant leg. Scott stood transfixed, remembering the recurring dream of the muscle master. He was living his dreams!

"Scott…hello…do you want to come in?"

"Come…yes…oh, sure!" Scott flushed with an intense heat. Zander gave a small chuckle. "I didn't know you be would be so… I'm sorry, I can't stop thinking about what Dr. Kindred … you know, you're really hot looking… the brochure says…"

"Calm down, Scott. Sit here and I'll try to explain everything I know." Zander sat down and put his muscular arm on the back of the sofa, leaning in closer to Scott. Zander's vest fell open revealing his meaty pec and exposing the large eraser-like nipple. Scott could see it out of the corner of his eye. He didn't want to be impolite and stare at the beautiful man, but he couldn't resist getting a better view. Clumsily he cast his eyes downward, scanned the magnificent torso and looked away. Could this guy be any more distracting? He tried to pay attention as Zander proceeded to explain.

"Probably the first thing you should know is that I am one of Dr. Kindred's patients, one of his failures. He couldn't stop the muscle growth and he couldn't stop me from being gay. He tried to get me into his program like you. But I was younger and lacked the will to say no. So I tried some of his medications but they didn't work. I kept growing to what you see today and then it stopped. He figures the drugs caused a remission. I don't know."

Zander continued on for almost an hour explaining the clinic, the testing procedures, medications, other test cases and failures. Periodically he would jump up to get some chart or report to show Scott what he was talking about. Scott watched his rippling muscle mass in fascination as Zander moved around the room. Every time Zander jumped up, his dick jumped up too. It was like a yo-yo and Zander knew how to pull the string.

"Scott," he paused looking sexy as could be into Scott's eyes, "He thinks we are monsters, things that should be abolished from the face of the earth. He hates gays! He wants to make us "normal" like everyone else."

"Then why do you work for him. That makes no sense."

"I use him just much as he uses me. He used my body for research and now he uses me to lure other unsuspecting victims. In return I am paid an incredible salary, but in my position I'm able to stop most from falling into his hands. That's what is most important. And that's why you mustn't tell him that we talked! My advice now is to put him off for a while, but play the game. If you reject him immediately, he'll suspect me of having something to do with it. It's more important for me to stay at the clinic and prevent further ruined lives."

Scott sat in silence, stunned by the plan. He was repulsed by Kindred's methods and goals, but Zander's plan made sense too.

Zander walked up behind Scott and said quietly, "I think you should move in here with me until the first test phase has ended, that way I can make sure his efforts are undone." He placed his large hands on Scott's shoulders. The feeling made Scott melt with desire. His constrained cock hurt even more. Zander led Scott by the hand into his bedroom.

Scott was trembling and his heart pumped wildly. He couldn't believe he had this huge muscle man in his arms. Zander was the most handsome man he had ever seen. After some frantic kissing he thought his cock was going to rip a hole in his pants. No hiding it now. At once the two were fumbling at each others clothes. Each piece of clothing removed revealed more delicious, muscle pumped body parts. Scott almost lost it when he pulled off Zander's vest. Zander's broad chest bristled with blond hair that perfectly covered his huge pecs. Within the hair were two beautiful, meaty nipples ready to be licked and chewed. In no time Scott had a mouthful of hair licking Zander's nipples to perfect rigidity. The two pulled apart briefly, but Scott wanted to continue his tongue exploration. Zander delighted in Scott's eagerness and let him explore his body any way he wanted. Scott licked, smelled and caressed Zander's sexy, perfectly rippled stomach and then moved on for more tasty discoveries. He followed the hair downward to where it thickened around his engorged muscle pole.

"How big is this thing?" Scott said in a sexy, muffled voice.

"Eleven inches on a good day, and this is a very good day," Zander joked.

Scott immediately had his mouth clamped on the big man's dick, sucking, licking, and more sucking. Scott loved the hardness, taste, the incredible sexiness of the whole thing. He caressed the enormous, flared head, nibbling at the thick mushroom edge.

"Careful there, Scott, this could all be over in a moment."

'That's OK, we'll just start over." Scott continued to make a meal of Zander's cock, but in a few more minutes Zander was jerking wildly. Scott ran his tongue back and forth over the pulsating head smearing the cream around in circles as it erupted from Zander's hot hole.

Zander now had a chance to do some exploring of his own. He had only gotten glimpses of Scott before, but now this compact fire plug was his. He marveled at the fullness of the muscle groups, amazingly dense for someone his age. And to think that Scott could continue to grow. The thought of that caused his own cock to plump up again. This guy could blow up into one incredible muscle dude. Zander spent some time in tongue play just as Scott had done. He had the poor kid writhing in ecstasy in no time. His sausage sized man dick throbbed hard out of control.

"Damn Zander, this thing is going to explode in your face any second," Scott gasped.

"I've got just the place for it." Zander quickly grabbed some lube from the shelf and proceeded to jack Scott's cock, lube in hand. "I'm not sure that head of yours is going to fit, but I want to try." Scott's dick head was meaty to be sure, but more blunt than Zander's pointy mushroom. But it was a good deal wider than the shaft, a shaft wider then Zander's own hog. Zander put a pillow under his butt and proceeded to pull his legs back. Scott grabbed some lube and started massaging Zander's asshole. Scott carefully pushed his way in and held there for a few seconds, and then with steady pressure inched his way in. He rocked back and forth before pulling out.

"I can't take this much longer. Does this hurt?" Scott panted.

"Hell no, go for it!" On Zander's command Scott gave a huge thrust, and began fucking Zander relentlessly. "Fuck me Jesus and Mary!" Zander yelled out. "Go…yeah, there!"

Scott was panting like a wild man. Zander reached up to tweak his tits. "Here we go, oh, oh, oh…" his voice trailing off on each mighty last thrust pulsing hot load after hot load into Zander. Scott didn't want to pull out, but finally collapsed on the bed beside Zander, brushed back his hair and laughed, "When can I move in?"

In the morning the two boys awoke nestled together , both with hard-ons and silly grins on their faces.

"That was quite a show last night." Zander said.

"I think I was hard all day after seeing you in Dr. Kindred's office. It looks like I've got the same problem now. And I'm hungry!"

"No food until we have our Good Morning Suck n' Fuck."

"Yes Sir!" Scott barked and struck a double bicep pose laying in the bed.

Zander prepared a huge breakfast of steak, oatmeal, egg whites and toast. He watched Scott wolf down the food barely stopping to talk.

"When was the last time you had a growth spurt, " Zander asked.

" It was about three weeks ago. That's when I decided to do something about it. Why do you ask? I thought that they happened every two or three months."

"More or less, but we've also found that with better nutrition the results can be enhanced. You probably ate a good deal of junk food when first started growing, I bet. Think of what would happen if you got the proper balance of protein, carbs, vitamins and other nutrients. Your body would explode! Remember, to be a beast you have to feast. Have you thought about getting bigger? Are you concerned?"

"Right now it's great. I've always been the runt, the guy who gets the sand kicked in my face. My dad has always been ashamed of me. He's the macho, stereotypical fireman. He's as big as you, probably outweighs you, but has gotten a bit of a belly in recent years. And he's got the big donkey dick. I got none of that growing up."

"Scott, I think it would be real hot if you blew up to 270 or 280 pounds. That much weight on your frame would be fucking incredible."

"Is that possible? Aren't there limitations? That seems like an awful amount of weight on a guy that's 5'-5"."

"You've seen Lee Priest haven't you? His competition weight isn't that high, but I think you'd look similar to him. Here, take a look at these pictures."

"Whoa, that is hot! I can't believe his arms. Look at those triceps hanging off. God, and his legs! He's really got the total package! Is this possible?"

"Do you want to live your dreams?"

"When do we begin?"

"We've already begun. Eat up." •

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