Dreaming and Growing


By Pec Hunter

"Bend over and cough, son" kindly old Dr. Forster said. Scott couldn't believe he actually had him do that. "I don't think there's anything wrong with you son." Scott was getting a little perturbed at the use of that word "son". "You're a lucky young man and you should enjoy your youth while you still have it. All young men add a little muscle at your age. You're still growing."

Deep down Scott believed something was wrong and pleaded with the doctor for further advice. Reluctantly Dr. Forster gave him a referral to see Dr. Kindred, a muscle specialist at the Kindred Myology Center across town.

Scott feared the worse as he nervously sat on the bus on his way to the center. Oblivious to the admiring and curious looks from the other bus riders he wondered what would happen if Dr. Kindred couldn't do anything for him. At this point he'd settle for being a muscle stud, but not a circus freak. A handsome, well-built man leaving the bus brushed Scott's shoulder on his way out of the bus and dropped something in the aisle. He picked it up and looked back at Scott giving a quick nod of approval combined with desire. He handed Scott a card which read "LIVE YOUR DREAMS" and a phone number. Scott's face flushed as he read the card and watched the man leave the bus. At the curb the man stared at Scott as the bus pulled away. Scott's heart was thumping by this time and his dick boned up hard in his pants. He had just missed his stop. Five blocks further down the street Scott got off the bus and rushed back to the clinic.

Once inside Dr. Kindred's office the nurse had Scott change into a paper examination gown and left him alone to wait for Dr. Kindred. Scott gazed down at his huge thighs splayed on the examination table, barely covered by the gown. He thought of the man on the bus, or at least tried not to think of him. His dick started to inflate again. He tried to erase the image from his mind, but it was too late as Dr. Kindred burst through the door. Scott saw the look of surprise in Dr. Kindred's face as he quickly surveyed his new patient.

The examination proceeded with initial small talk and progressed onto general health questions. From there it was on to the weight scale. Dr. Kindred tapped the small weights on the beam until they finally balanced.

"207 pounds," Dr Kindred said peering over his glasses. "We'll need to take a few measurements now Scott. Could you take off your gown?"

With a slight hesitation Scott took off the gown and Dr. Kindred proceeded to wrap the tape around Scott's wrist, forearm, then bicep and jotted down "20 inches". With quick efficiency the doctor measured the rest of his body calling out a few numbers as he went, nodding approval. "Waist-29", Penis-8", Thigh-24", Calf-16". You can put your gown back on now."

Scott was beginning to feel at ease and confident that Dr. Kindred was interested in his situation. Scott talked about all the growth spurts and the sharp increases in appetite in the most minute detail. He withheld the sex part out of embarrassment. Dr. Kindred asked a few more questions and continued to nod in understanding. Just as Scott was beginning to feel that everything was going to be okay, Dr. Kindred dropped the bomb.

"Scott, my experience tells me you are in the early stages of Adult Myogenic Hypertrophy. Don't worry, it's not life threatening. It's not even a disease"

The ominous pronouncement immediately had Scott dumbfounded . "Can it be fixed?" he said, his mouth suddenly going dry.

"Before we try to "fix" anything let me tell you about this and its probable effect on you. AMH as is a recently recognized condition which has been researched for the past 15 years, mostly by myself. Simply put, it is a hormonal imbalance which causes one's muscles to grow abnormally large. It afflicts only males in their late teens and 20s, after the normal process of puberty has been completed. In AMH males something, often times stress, triggers the brain to produce more hormones, especially testosterone. Rapid growth results from the buildup and often disturbing release of growth hormones into the body. The further development of secondary sexual characteristics also manifests itself, such as the increase of body hair, lowering of the voice, growth of genitalia, and so on. The cause of AMH is somewhat unknown but most of the research indicates physical trauma as the switch which turns it on. To date some medications have shown promise for controlling the symptoms, but not all patients respond favorably.

By this point Scott's head was swimming with questions. "What if I didn't take the medications? What could I expect to happen?"

"Again, that varies from patient to patient. You could expect to experience additional myogenic episodes. In some people the episodes become less intense as they mature and gradually fade away. For others the episodes come to a sudden halt after a few years. The end result however is a body bloated and misshapen with too much muscle. I have a genuine concern that these people fit in with society and lead a normal and productive life. The psychological well-being of …."

Listening intently, Scott finally gathered the courage to ask more personal questions. "What about guys….I think I'm attracted to guys" he blurted out. A bead of perspiration had formed on his forehead.

"It doesn't surprise me, Scott. All AMH sufferers are homosexual in their orientation at some point. My research shows that 90% start out as heterosexual. Once the brain is awash in an excess of male hormones a reordering of sexual orientation is inevitable. Every myogenic episode only serves to reinforce that misdirected orientation. I believe if I can control the excessive muscle growth, I can also control the sexual orientation, thus preventing a life of perversion and depression. I'm sure you can appreciate the value of that."

A flood of questions came to Scott's mind. What was wrong with being fit and muscular? How can love for another human being be a perversion? Wasn't a person's sexual orientation something that couldn't be changed? Before he could ask another question Kindred spoke again.

"Would you be interested in helping me prove the validity of my therapy? You exhibit the classic symptoms and I think would make the ideal candidate."

The information was too much for Scott. He wasn't sure he agreed with the doctor's ideas. He suddenly felt a little faint and asked Kindred if he could lie down. The doctor agreed and called for his assistant to come in and take Scott's pulse.

Scott awoke with a start when he saw Dr. Kindred gone and his assistant Zander leaning over the exam table looking at his face. This was the man on the bus! Zander's curly blond hair framed his handsome, square jawed face. His blue smock barely contained his overdeveloped bodybuilder-type physique. Scott guessed he was only a few years older than himself.

"I'm here to take your blood pressure, " Zander said in rich bass voice. "Let me help you up. That's quite an arm you've got there. I hope this cuff fits."

Squeezing the bulb, Zander placed his hand other hand on Scott's thigh. The immediate heat of Zander's hand caught Scott off guard and caused him to look down at it. His gaze followed Zander's arm upward, first the forearm covered with a mat of blond fur and then to the meaty, oversized bicep. Scott traced a huge vein upward as it disappeared under the short sleeve, bulged out by an equally oversized shoulder. The vision made his dick inflate to half mast under the thin gown. In the process of removing his hand from Scott's lap Zander brushed Scott's tenting cock. The sensation made his dick surge forward not unnoticed by Zander.

"It's OK, Scott," Zander said flashing a beautiful smile. "We don't have much time, but could you tell me what Kindred said to you?" Zander knew some of Kindred's half truths and didn't think Scott would go for his plan. He explained that Kindred really couldn't control his patient's sexual orientation and that he was just out to use Scott to help secure his personal fame and fortune. Zander hastily left the examination room upon the return of Dr. Kindred.

"Here's an outline of the treatment. I think you'll find all your questions answered in this brochure. We could look into making the consultations at convenient times and waiving some of the normal clinic fees for your first ten visits. Give it some thought and let me know by tomorrow. We need to get your condition under control." Scott thought that was very unusual and became even more suspicious of the doctor's motives. With the examination over Scott put his clothes back on, rediscovering the card Zander had given him on the bus.

That night Scott phoned Zander and started asking more questions. Instead of talking on the phone Zander suggested he come to his apartment where they could freely discuss the situation. Scott's heart started pounding at the suggestion. Desire won out over shyness to visit his new muscle friend. •

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