Dreaming and Growing


By Pec Hunter

Scott eased himself into the first available seat in his freshman engineering class a couple minutes after the bell rang. He hated getting to class late on his first day, walking into a lecture course with 120 other students. Embarrassing as it seemed, Scott also liked the anonymity of it all. He still hadn't shaken the feelings of self doubt and insecurity that plagued his earlier teen years and now he felt even more self conscience. Since graduation night Scott's body had put on another 13 pounds. His pecs bulged noticeably now through his t-shirt. In fact everything was bulging noticeably. Still at 5"-5" and 166 pounds Scott was turning into a real tank. He made a few furtive glances around to see if anyone else looked the way he did. Maybe attention would be diverted to that person instead. Most people ignored him, but a few girls did smile. One jock type however gazed a little too long at Scott. The jock's eyes seemed to look right through him, knowingly. It made him feel uncomfortable and occasionally throughout the lecture Scott looked back to see if the guy was still looking at him. At the end of class the jock sprung to his feet and left the hall pausing ever so briefly to check out Scott. By this time Scott had stood up giving the jock a better view. Scott briefly looked at his tall, gym-pumped physique but quickly turned away, red-faced.

Escaping the classroom scene Scott briskly walked along the beautiful tree lined campus checking out the scenery. He pushed the sunglasses down for a better look. Ever since he started developing a body he began comparing himself to others. Scott checked out the guys that came streaming onto campus from fraternity row. All shapes and sizes and degrees of development were present, but it was the muscle dudes that really caught his attention. He thought he could now understand what it meant to have a powerful body and be the center of attention. That precise feeling bothered him in another way too. He had never felt attraction to guys before. And now every time a real hot one passed by he felt the stirrings in his crotch. It felt wrong in some ways and Scott wondered if it had something to do with his "condition." For now he tried to forget about it and enjoy the fading days of summer.

Later that fall Scott began to feel his appetite take a turn. He wondered where the growth would take place this time. Somehow he had to get control of it. He didn't want this thing to jeopardized his college career. Scott stayed close to his apartment where he could study for final exams and be close to the refrigerator. The next several days became a continuous cycle of eating and reading.

On the morning of the final exam Scott crammed down the biggest breakfast he had had in months. He had to make it through the test without food. Again his swollen balls ached, blown up to twice their normal size. They had turned into huge testosterone cannons ready to fire a load of hormones into his body and he knew something was going to happen soon. Two hours into the test the professor announced that only 20 minutes remained. Scott had twelve more questions to answer. He could feel his pulse begin to race and the sweat form. He wasn't sure he could make it. What if he started growing in the classroom? Scott scribbled as fast as he could and handed in the test, trying to control the pain in his crotch. He wrapped his jacket around his front to conceal the swollen cock and balls that were crammed down his right pants leg. Half hobbling and half running he sped off campus trying to ignore the curious glances of others. In another seven or eight minutes he'd be home.

Scott fumbled with the keys to his building as the first wave of growth hit. Breathless, he pulled himself up two flight of stairs unzipping his pants at the same time. He could feel his back expanding, humping up with growth, the lats bloating outward tight against his shirt. One more door and he was in, throwing himself on the couch. Scott lay writhing as the hormones continued surging through his body. Luckily, he had gotten his pants pulled down as far as his knees. His quads were pumping up in waves, the calves were tight in his rumpled jeans. Just as his dick began jerking out an endless load, he felt one last growth wave start from his forearms. He could feel his veins pulsing wildly as it quickly swept up his biceps to his shoulders and gained intensity as it inflated his chest causing to him to make one final gasp. Exhausted, Scott fell quickly asleep.

Saturday morning, almost noon, Scott awoke from his prolonged sleep. Still laying on of the couch Scott felt like he couldn't move. His shoulders had grown so much that they stretched the fabric painfully tight. The sleeves had bunched up above his mounded biceps. He struggled to get his shirt off and drug himself to his full length closet mirror. The incredible sight made him instantly hard. His back had bloated upward and outward with incredible muscle. He quickly realized that he just wasn't standing up straight. Stretching to final position his back looked more proportional , but the size of his mounded pecs became evident as he pulled his shoulders back. He turned slowly trying to comprehend their magnificence. Something else was different too. Hair, had begun to appear over his beefy pec pads. Scott ran his hand through the black hair that had formed there and stopped at his sensitive nipples, also larger than before. His dick sprang up proudly displaying its new girth. The bathroom scales hovered at 187 pounds.

On Monday morning Scott put on his baggiest clothes and headed off for class. The spring in his step felt more like a sway, as for the first time his thighs rubbed against each other as he walked. He was developing the unmistakable bodybuilder's swagger. His arms no longer fell flat to his sides but were thrust outward by the increased mass of his lats and triceps. That was the coolest feeling of all and it was something you couldn't hide. But after a day of annoying questions and stares from the other students, Scott was beginning to worry. He debated whether to seek medical advice but quickly decided against it. He discovered that he liked being larger. For the first time in his life people actually admired him. His body felt more alive, more vital than he had ever felt before. He loved the feeling of his muscles and how they looked. His favorite shirt stretched tightly around his chest was a big turn on. And that big dick crammed into his pants-there was nothing better! The idea of growing larger was just too intoxicating. If he could get just a little bigger he could finally be the son his father would be proud of. That would be the ultimate acceptance. For now Scott was satisfied with his situation and awaited the next growth spurt.

Several months passed before Scott grew again. But this time the experience was more traumatic. The buildup to the event lasted longer and darkened his mood significantly. When it finally happened Scott's body convulsed with violent spasms resulting in painful cramps. For the first time he felt this thing could be life threatening. The fears that he had suppressed surfaced again. He had to find someone who could help him. Scott picked up the phone and made an appointment at the campus health clinic. •

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