Dreaming and Growing


By Pec Hunter

With his massive chest heaving Scott tried to grasp the cold bricks with his fingers. He leaned against the wall, his arms outstretched for support, but the huge bulk of his triceps kept his arms from contacting the damp surface securely. He knew what was coming next, he'd been through it before. His main concern was what to do after the growth stopped. How could he get back home without the numerous glances and questions from strangers. With sweat pouring down his forehead he reminded himself of the effects he had on people. The three "Ds" he liked to call them. He'd seen it before- the looks of disbelief, disgust, and desire.

These days it became harder and harder to hide his muscle engorged body. His height seemed to be about the only normal thing left. At 5'-5" he might blend into a crowd and hide his face from most. But with his handsome, bearded face and tremendous sculpted chest and shoulders barely contained by his clothing, he would always be the focus of attention.

Scott looked up the alley wondering if he could be seen from the street. He didn't have much time to wait. His heavy breathing was becoming more rapid and soon the spasms would start. Scott braced himself and tried to look at his pulsating dick, inflating rapidly to unbelievable proportions. His view had been blocked however for many months by his gargantuan pecs, which ballooned more with every frantic growth spurt. How could they grow so big? Wouldn't his frame limit their size? The twin slabs of meat must have jutted out 6 or 7 inches beyond his cobbled abs and crowded his delts in the other direction. The only thing he could see by looking down was the unbelievable pec shelf covered in thick black hair which swirled up from below and perfectly covered his chest.

Scott fumbled with his sweatpants and tried to pull his cock out. Every time it happened he couldn't believe how huge it would be. And it was the same story each time only larger with each event. He had no idea now how big his dick was. He couldn't put his hand all the way around it but he could pull it high enough to see the top third beyond his chest. The head was a perfect blunt helmet shape fully gorged with blood, flared bigger than the shaft, at least the size of an orange with a deep cleft at the tip, oozing a warm fluid. The sight of this pushed him over the top. Gulping and gasping for air Scott doubled over, fell to the ground, and passed out. At once Scott's mind began to replay the story of how his body had grown to unbelievable proportions.

Scott Harrison had grown up with an inferiority complex which he liked to blame on his father. It seems Scott could never please his father. His father was athletic and encouraged his son to participate in all the organized sports his school offered. Scott was rarely picked for any of these games because he didn't possess the physical size and strength necessary. Painfully he confessed to his father that he didn't like sports. His father became angry and refused to accept the truth. Deep down however Ed did accept the truth and gradually pulled away from his son. Scott sensed the rejection and turned inward. Even the other kids at school tried not to associate with him. The feeling of isolation and being different only increased as Scott got older. He saw the other guys grow up and become competitive muscular young men. Scott grew more slowly and remained smaller than the other guys, especially smaller than his dad.

At 6'-3" Ed Harrison was a muscular fireman. An intense, energetic man Ed was always up for a physical challenge and the job of fireman suited him well. The differences between Scott and Ed were so great that Scott often wondered whether Ed was really his father. Ed was everything he was not. The differences grated on his mind to the point where he Scott felt inferior in everything.

As his high school years passed and Scott became more self conscience, he couldn't help but wonder about the differences. His mind would often turn to an old photograph which showed how he had clearly been cheated in life. The picture was dated a couple of years before his parents married and showed his father and his mother to be standing on the beach. They obviously had just come out of the water. Matted hair and wet bathing suits clung to their bodies. The image of his father burned in his brain. At 22 years of age Ed Harrison was simply a god- the epitome of manhood. He looked to be about 30 pounds lighter than now, but that only served to show his muscles in greater relief. From the v-taper of his upper torso, the broad set of shoulders, arms that bulged immensely in the right places, all supported by sturdy, muscular legs. The focal point however was Ed's chest. Lightly covered with fine black hair in a perfect pattern, his pecs bulged forward with perfect definition. They seemed almost out of scale with the rest of his body. Why his father had not become a bodybuilder was beyond his comprehension, he certainly had the right structure for it.

And finally, Scott could hardly bare to look at it, his father's crotch. The clinging wet bathing suit revealed a huge dick extending down his swimming trunks. The outlined head bigger than the rest was clearly visible beneath the fabric. Even the oversized balls bulged forward in obvious detail. Scott knew of no other with a package like his father's. As always Scott immediately got hard thinking about it all. It seemed weird to him that he would get turned on by a guy, and that guy happened to be his father. But it wasn't that way at all. It was hard to explain, but somehow this incredible virile image made a powerful connection with him.

He remembered thinking when he was younger that he would soon look like his father. He always wanted to be older, thinking that his father's physical gifts would be passed on to him. But the hope turned to despair when puberty started and he progressed through his teen years. Scott grew to 5-5" , but he remained thin. One consolation was that he seemed to have inherited the broad shoulders, but still with little muscle on them. Upon arrival back at school after each summer vacation, Scott would check up on how the other boys had changed over the summer. He noted how shirts fit tighter from growing chests and arms, others were just a little taller. Faces had also changed becoming more masculine. He loved seeing how other guy's beards created 5 o'clock shadows and how some could grow thick sideburns and goatees. Scott however remained boyish looking and underdeveloped by comparison.

At 18 and a senior in high school Scott Harrison was depressed. Feeling like an outcast at home and at school Scott could hardly wait for graduation. That meant escaping small town problems and people with small ideas. His ticket to freedom showed up in the mail one spring day in the form of an acceptance letter to the University of Ohio. He couldn't believe his eyes. The U of O wanted him!

In a burst of excitement very uncharacteristic of Scott he flew out to the garage and grabbed the old bike he hadn't ridden for years. With a huge grin he hopped on and sped off down the driveway without a clue of where he was going. The traffic at 4pm was heavier than he would of liked and yes, he should have had his helmet on, but what the heck. With the wind in his face and a feeling of invincibility he cruised along the busy street unaware of a fast approaching car beginning to make a left turn in front of him. Scott swerved as best he could, but it was too late. He hit the back end of the car and was thrown to the street, his bare head making a dull thud on the pavement. Dazed and shaken he got to his feet and wobbled in a few circles. Nearly doubled in half, the bike frame was a mess. The worried driver took Scott home where fortunately no one was home. He didn't want to have to explain this to his parents.

That night in bed Scott's head throbbed with pain. He took popped a few pills he thought would make him drowsy. If he still felt bad in the morning, he would tell his mother he thought. Scott relaxed and fell asleep but dreamed of the accident, replaying the events over and over in his head. In one of the dreams the driver of the car was actually his father. Scott lay on the pavement gazing into the sky, when his father, or someone like his father came up to him. As the man approached however all resemblance to his father faded. Backlit by blinding sunlight a silhouette of an extremely muscular man was all Scott could see. A broad flaring back pushed the man's huge arms away from his torso and monstrous shoulders flowed into mounded traps. The figure stopped and stood towering above Scott. Scott could see that the man's clothing stretched tight to contain the massive bulk. Dark chest hair emerged from the man's shirt and flowed upward to the keg-like neck merging into a rugged thick beard. Scott feared what would come next and recoiled in terror as the man held an outstretched hand to him. Feeling helpless Scott extended his own hand to the stranger. The moment their hands touched Scott felt a shock so strong he cried out.

Scott awoke to find his own dick exploding an big load onto his sheets. He couldn't believe it. He had never experienced such an intense orgasm and he hadn't even touched himself! Shaking and drenched in sweat, Scott tried to determine whether he was still dreaming or awake. He fell back asleep drained of all energy.

In the morning Scott bolted awake with surprising energy and headed straight for the shower. He laughed as he tried to clean the gobs of dried spunk off his body. As he soaped up he noticed that his balls felt a bit larger than before. Not the worst thing that could happen he thought and proceeded onto breakfast where he ravenously ate everything his mother had put before him.

At school Scott plodded through each of his classes. When he wasn't thinking about getting out of school he was thinking about the events of last night's dream. After a while something else came to Scott's attention. His balls were feeling uncomfortable again and his dick hardened. He ducked into a restroom stall and pulled down his pants to find his balls were a little larger than in the morning. He started to worry, but worry was soon replaced by hunger. So off to the high school cafeteria he went to chow down. He finished the first tray and decided to get another hamburger plate and wolfed it down in no time. By the end of the day his white briefs were feeling fuller and he slowed his walk a bit so as not to jostled the jewels too much. On the way home hunger caught up with him again and he stopped for fried chicken even though he knew dinner would be ready shortly after he got home. Scott ate everything on his plate that evening, so much so that his mother asked if everything was OK. His father hadn't noticed anything unusual.

Scott laid on his bed and read for a while, absent mindedly playing with his balls. The funny thing was that he wasn't getting hard from all the man handling like he usually would. Scott jumped into bed and quickly fell asleep but soon was tossing and turning and mumbling to himself. The next morning he awoke and immediately reach downed to grab his balls and found them once again larger than before. Scott was getting a little concerned and wondered if jerking off would relieve the pressure that was building in his balls. He started the pounding at once and to his surprise was not able to come.

Scott was feeling more and more uncomfortable at school. His balls kept getting bigger each day as was his appetite. Some of the other kids began to notice his new eating habits. His trips to and from school now included stops for fast food. Snacks from vending machines calmed the hunger pangs between classes. In the evening after dinner he sneaked out of the house to have a large meal at McDonald's.

By the end of the week Scott couldn't hold his legs together for fear of crushing his balls. He made sure to wear baggy pants that wouldn't reveal his bulge. Shirts pulled down to his butt also helped to hide his growing package. He didn't want to attract any more attention than he was already getting from the guys who regularly liked to pick on him. Luckily the next day was Saturday and he wouldn't have to face the daily torture test of school.

That night in bed the dream came back. The oversized muscle master appeared just as in the first dream. This time Scott was not afraid to reach out and make contact with him. The resulting orgasm exploded in his body jolting him awake. After a week of not being able to come he finally had some relief. Scott fell back asleep with a big grin on his face.

The next morning feeling warm and very comfortable in his bed Scott got up to take his morning shower. Once in the bathroom he flicked on the light and squinted until his eyes got used to the bright light. His stripped off his pajamas and saw someone he did not recognize. In disbelief he gazed at his new body. Overnight his whole body had filled out and become more muscular. He did a few quick poses to get a better sense of the musculature. A handy scale nearby showed that he had put on 16 pounds overnight. What was thin and boyish looking now looked more mature. Biceps, thighs, calves were now visible and his chest once painfully thin had started to fill in. Better yet was the package between his legs. The balls had shrunk some, but his dick had blown up into a hefty little handful, not a lot, but definitely noticeable. He was overjoyed! Scott briefly thought about telling his father, but nixed the idea. Ed Harrison still outweighed his son by 125 pounds or more. Scott didn't think his dad would be impressed. Besides, he wanted to enjoy his new body himself for a while.

The first growth spurt had left Scott happy, but perplexed. It had been two months since it happened and he still wondered whether it suggested a serious health problem. In the short term it had definitely effected his mood and appetite. Both parents noticed their son's improved outlook on life and thought he was finally moving beyond his sullen teen years. Perhaps it was because graduation was just two weeks away. Whatever the reason Scott was ready to get on with his life.

As graduation day approached Scott noticed his appetite taking a sharp upturn again just as it had before his first growth event. If another growth spurt was coming he didn't know if he'd be able to control it. What if it happened while he was away from home? With a sort of nervous excitement he looked forward to the event, hoping that he'd grow even larger. The last event had left his cock about an inch longer and he'd certainly settle for another inch or more. The thought of this made him instantly hard and hungry. He rushed off to wolf down a couple more meals.

On graduation day morning Scott was scared. His balls had been growing all week and appetite was out of control. He was irritable and anxious for the ceremony to be over. That evening he put on the new suit his mother had bought him and ran off for the high school auditorium with a large bag of chips in hand. The jacket covered his crotch for the most part but his balls still bulged tightly against the thin fabric.

Fifteen minutes before they were to march out, Scott ducked into the restroom to adjust his cap and gown and take a piss. Once in the stall he carefully unzipped his pants and pulled out his hugely swollen balls. He trembled as he handled them, mesmerized by their size and weight. And then it happened. Scott's breathing abruptly increased. He panted uncontrollably as his dick grew hard and long. His chest was heaving. He gasped for air. It was like one big panic attack. He felt like passing out and braced himself against the toilet. With one last surge through his body his dick spewed its load against the wall. A wave like motion pulse through his body and he could feel the blood rush to all extremities. His legs first, then arms back, shoulders and finally chest surged outward with growth. His neck tie immediately cinched tight and the buttons of his dress shirt began tearing off the fabric. No time to look. He had to graduate! •

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