Muscle Gun, The

The Next Morning


By Frklvr

I awoke in a mass of wreckage that used to be my bedroom. It was early evening. I looked around at the devastation. I sat there in wonder, amazed at the sheer wreckage that Theo and I caused. I had to admit that the sex was truly wild and great.

I stopped cold. I could remember everything, the transformation, the sex, everything. I even knew about the hidden compartment in the butt of the gun, where there was a button to morph the gun and a switch to make the changes permanent.

‘Oh shit.’ I thought. ‘If I remember then Theo must remember each time.’

I looked around but I didn’t see Theo. I stood up. I cautiously stepped to the door of my room. I peeked out into the hallway. The hallway was also a wreck. Huge holes were in the walls. The door to Theo’s room was snapped in two. From what I could see, Theo’s room was as much of a wreck as mine was. I eased my way down the hall to his room and looked in. Theo wasn’t there, either. Was Theo still here?

I moved towards the living room. Stepping down the hallway, I approached the room. I heard something moving in the room. I walked into the room. I found Theo standing there naked and holding the gun. I saw that the hidden compartment was open. I looked at the gun but couldn’t see the switches. I couldn’t tell if he had used the morph button to add new switches.

Theo saw that I was in the room. He looked at the gun then at me. He had a small wicked smile on his face.

“I think it’s my turn with this.” He said. “Only this time, I think we’ll make some permanent changes.”

I knew then that he had flipped the duration switch. Theo chuckled. He pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. The beam hit me in the chest and I could feel the change begin..... •

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