Muscle Gun, The

Fourth combination


By Frklvr

I awoke early the next morning. I looked at the clock and saw that it was before 6 am. I knew that I was obsessed with the gun because I haven’t awakened this early on a Sunday since I was a kid when my mom would wake me up for church. I got up and peeked into the hall. I saw that Theo’s door was still open. That meant that Theo wasn’t home yet. I slipped out to the main room and grabbed my robe. I put my robe on and then stepped out into the kitchen. After making the coffee, I went back to the main room with my cup of coffee. As I stepped into the room, Theo walked through the door. His clothing was winkled and ripped in a few places. He also had a red mark on his left cheek. Theo looked a bit upset and confused.

“Theo?” I asked concerned about him.

“Hey, Mitch.” He replied.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I woke up in one of the sorority houses. The girls didn’t like it that I was there.” He answered.

Feeling guilty, I decided not to use the gun again. I got him a cup of coffee. He sat on the couch. We sat silently for a few minutes. After finishing our coffee, I went over to Theo.

“Why don’t you go grab a shower and forget about this morning. I’m sure that you’ll feel better.” I told him.

He looked like he was going to protest.

“Hit the showers, Champ. I’ll fix us some breakfast.” I urged him. “We’ll take it easy today.”

Theo headed for the bathroom and I went back to the kitchen. I whipped up our usual Sunday breakfast to put Theo’s mind at ease. I figured that waking up in a strange place and not knowing how he got there was what had Theo upset. I knew how lucky we were that Theo hadn’t been hauled off to jail. I planned to make the morning as normal as possible and take his mind off last night. I finished making breakfast as Theo stepped out of the bathroom. I set the plates of food on the table.

“Here you go, Theo.” I said motioning to the food. “Dig in.”

We sat down and began to eat. Breakfast went along as normal as any other Sunday. Theo seemed to relax. We finished eating and I put the dishes into the sink. Theo went back to his room to change for the day. I also went to my room intending to change clothes. But when I stepped into my room, I saw the gun sitting on my nightstand. There was a momentary battle inside me. My obsession with the gun warred with my concern and friendship for Theo. Obsession won. I guess I’m just a weak and misguided person.

I picked up the gun. I slid the top switch to “G”. Then I slid the bottom switch to “MMF”. I had to know what “MMF” created. I took a quick peek into the hall. Theo’s door was still closed. I went out into the kitchen so that Theo wouldn’t see me right away. Standing in the kitchen, I felt a tinge of guilt. That quickly went away when Theo opened his door. Inching back into the kitchen, I let Theo walk into the main room. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of gray sweat pants. Holding the gun in front of me, I stepped into the room. I pointed the gun at Theo. A look of fear crossed Theo’s face.

“Sorry.” I said as I pulled the trigger.

A spot of light green light about the size of a dime stuck Theo in the chest. An explosion of air escaped Theo’s mouth as if he had been hit by something solid. He went absolutely still. Theo began to change. I watched as the soft roundness of his midsection melted away. His arms took on a look of hardness; muscles deeply defined and veins clearly snaking in and around the bundles of muscles. Then he started to grow larger. I heard popping and cracking as I saw his shoulders widening and he gained height. When the popping and cracking stopped, his shoulders were about five feet wide and he was 6’10”, maybe even an even 7’. He looked extremely thin, almost whispy. That soon changed. Slowly at first, his muscles began to swell. His body began to fill out his t-shirt even though it was already stretched across his amazing wide shoulders.

His forearms blossomed into huge bundles of muscle snaking over and under each other with the largest mass near the elbow. His biceps grew with size. First, just filling the loose sleeves of his t-shirt. Then, they stretched the sleeves tightly until they looked painted on. Finally, his biceps gained so much size that they literally exploded out of the sleeves leaving small scraps to fall to the floor. With his biceps bare of material, they looked like someone had replaced his old muscle with a giant watermelon. His delts pushed against the fabric of the t-shirt as enlarged. Already stretched from the width of his shoulders, the t-shirt appeared ready to tear as each head of his delts became a corded mass. The t-shirt split open at the shoulder revealing the three swelling deltoid heads. They soon grew to the size of three tractor tires wrapped over his shoulder joint. His chest began to push the front of the t-shirt forward. Two square mounds were clearly visible through thinning fabric. Soon, individual bundles of muscle fibers could be seen through the failing fabric. The t-shirt finally gave way as his expanding pecs pushed both to the front and to the side. A tear appeared in a cross pattern and quickly opened the front of the shirt. The fabric fell away and revealed his substantial pecs jutting from his chest like two great buttes. His pecs looked to be at least a foot thick. His abs were like craved bricks of stone. Intercostals and serratus bulged like steel cables. His obliques were solid and firm like battle shields.

His arms, as massive as they were, were pushed out and up by the increasing size and thickness of his lats. His lats flared out in an astounding wingspan like a great bird of prey. A loud ripping sound announced that his t-shirt once again failed to contain his bulging mass of muscles. His traps soared like mountains from his rounded delts to the overwhelming column of his neck. A final rip and his t-shirt was nothing more than shredded pieces of fabric.

Keeping pace with the jaw-dropping change of his upper body, Theo’s legs also swelled to gigantic proportions. His sweats stretched across his mammoth legs. His calves blew up into a massive diamonds of striated muscle. They soon grew to the size of most bodybuilder’s thighs. His thighs swelled into humongous tear drops and sweeps. His thighs soon were the size of most men’s chests. Each muscle’s definition was clearly seen through the tightly stretched sweats. At his crotch was insane bulge, it looked like a fifteen pound sausage and two soccer balls had been stuffed into his pants. Suddenly, his growth overwhelmed the sweats and the sweats were reduced to tattered remains.

Theo had become a muscular behemoth. Veins the size garden hoses snaked in and around the bulging masses of muscle. His skin stretched so tight that individual bundles of muscle were deeply defined. He appeared to be an exaggerated anatomy chart. His cock had the thickness of a fire hose and was about a foot and a half long, completely soft.

Theo unfroze. He inhaled deeply sounding like a giant bellows. He made small movements of his body causing various muscles to bulge hugely. A glazed look came to his eyes like that of a drug addict getting a fix. His hand ran up the stone brick wall of his abs. His hand came to a stop as it hit the thick shelf his pecs made. He cupped the thick mounds of muscle. A satisfied smile crossed his face. His hand moved along the bottom edge of his pecs until he found his downward pointed nipple. His fingers toyed with two-inch nipple, which soon harden into a four-inch length. He moaned deeply and lustily. His hand then moved up to the broad surface of his pecs. His fingers traced the creases between the swollen muscle fibers. He found the abyssal canyon between his pec mounds. He growled as his fingers probed the depths and not being able to reach the bottom. He next moved his hand to the mountainous slopes of his traps. I could see that his hand could barely grasp the great width of his traps. He hand followed the muscular slope up to his neck and down to the triple heads of his delts. Again, he moaned as he felt his wrecking ball delts. He hand finally came to rest on his bicep. He squeezed the muscle but it did not dent. His finger ran along the vein that crossed the length of the gigantic muscle. His hand dropped to his crotch as slowly bent and unbent his arm several times. He watched delightedly as the melon sized muscle exploded into an Everest sized peak. He only held the thick tube of his maleness and it began to stiffen and lengthen. Just by watching the flexing of his bicep, he grew aroused. After a few minutes, he was fully hard. His cock thrust out at least 27” and was as thick as an average man’s bicep. Theo then looked down at me. “I see that you like this humongous monster muscle freak.” He said in a rumble that vibrated throughout the apartment as he looked at my hard and dripping cock. “Sorry, little man. This monster’s way too big for you.”

“But...” I stammered.

“I could easily crush you into a bloody pulp without even trying.” He told me.

He grabbed my wrist with just his forefinger and thumb then picked me up high off the floor. He held me in front of him like a puppet on a string. A slight tremor in his wrist had me flailing about like a paper doll made from tissue paper. He acted like I weighed even less than that.

“You see, little guy, if I didn’t accidentally crush with my muscles, I’d probably split you in two with this monster cock.” He said as pushed my face against his soccer ball-sized cockhead. “What I need is a muscle freak or another monster muscle freak, like me.”

He opened his fingers and I fell to the floor. Theo the monster muscle freak stood there casually stroking his monster cock while lost in thought. I heard him talking to himself, actually his voice held such power and resonance that I couldn’t help but hear him.

“Now, where can I find a huge muscle freak for some fun?” He was asking himself.

I, then, realized that this monolith of muscle was going to leave to find a guy big enough for him. I couldn’t let this gigantically muscled wet dream walk out but he had already brushed me aside like an ant for being too small. If only I were bigger. What? That was it. I’d have him use the gun on me then I’d be big enough. Sure I wouldn’t remember it but then again Theo would stay.

“Hey, Theo, big guy.” I nearly shouted. “I know where you find a guy big enough.”

“And where’s that, little man?” He asked not even looking at me.

Picking up the gun from where I had dropped it during his change, “Right here.” I told him.

Theo laughed. His laugh rattled the windows of the apartment. He turned and looked at me.

“Good joke.” He rumbled.

“No joke. Point this at me and pull the trigger.” I told him as I handed the gun to him. “It’ll make me big like you then we can have some fun.”

“Yeah. Right.” He said.

“Just give it a try.” I said, almost begging. “You’ve got nothing to lose.”

Theo took the gun from me. He looked the gun over and chuckled. He tossed the gun from one huge hand to the other like it was a simple toy. After a few seconds of further teasing, Theo aimed the gun at my chest and pulled the trigger.

The sensation was like having a wrecking ball hitting me in the chest. Air rushed out of me and then I couldn’t move. Next, I felt searing pain in my shoulders in a series of sharp pops. I realized, from seeing Theo go through the transformation, that my own shoulders must be widening but, damn, it hurt like Hell. The pain then centered around my hips. It then dawned on me that was also being adjusted to hold all that muscle. Just as I thought I would pass out that pain stopped. I still frozen but things seemed to be moving. Then I saw that I had gained some height during this part of the change so I was seeing things from a different view. I thought that I now understood the look of fear that Theo had when I pointed the gun at him.

From the point where I had been hit, an area of warmth began. It seemed to connect right to my heart. The warmth was rapidly racing through my veins. At first, it felt somewhat pleasant but soon it surpassed warmth and quickly became white-hot. It felt like molten steel was being pumped throughout my body. The heat abruptly quit. I then became aware of a growing heaviness in my body. Next, I could feel different parts of my body pressing against each other. I could feel my lats battling with my bis and tris for rooms. I could feel my traps, at first, brushing my earlobes but soon were firmly pressing against them. I could also feel my inner thighs meet and then push against each other. The bottom of my feet became rug burned as they slid across the carpet. I could barely see at the edge of my vision my swelling pecs. I could feel a fullness fill my body. It was as if the molten steel racing through my veins was filling my muscles making them larger and harder. The growing fullness I was feeling was giving me a head rush.

Next, I felt an erotic weight against my now massive thighs. Waves of pleasure rolled through me as my cock and balls expanded. I could feel my balls getting heavier and bigger. My cock exploded with size, going from slightly more than average to monstrous fire hose of sex. I felt my balls churning and filling with massive loads of cum.

At last, I was no longer frozen. I inhaled deeply. The weight of my pecs was incredible. I, now, knew what muscle was truly like. How could I have ever thought that skinny and pathetic runt that I was could have ever been desirable. I had become a living, breathing power-packed stud of muscle and sex. The simple act of breathing felt like bombs exploding with power and strength. Simple motions were equal to nuclear explosions. I reveled in the sensations. Next, I flexed my mammoth mounds of muscle. It was like a stars going nova. The energy and strength just burst free. Damn, I was one huge, freaky muscle monster.

Finally, I reached down and checked out my monster muscle cock. Even soft, it was so thick that I couldn’t even grip it with one hand. It’s length extended far beyond my hand. With my other hand, I palmed one of my balls. It was the size of a soccer ball and had to weigh a good five pounds. My hands soon began to roam over every muscular bulge, exploring every deep crevice of my body. I was lost in myself. This was what a man was meant to be.

“Ahem.” Rumbled Theo, my fellow monster of muscle.

Words were not necessary. We knew what we were and what we wanted. We pressed into each other. Thick, bulging, nearly impervious muscles slammed against each other. Our mammoth pecs met and rubbed together. We stretched our gigantic pillars of muscle that were our necks in attempts to lock lips. Our hands grope every swollen, powerful mass of muscle they could touch. Our hips began grinding and thrusting. Our monster cocks slid against and alongside each other. With a mighty thrust from both of us, our cocks slipped through the arced diamond crevice between our thick pecs. Our tongues slathered those great mushroom heads. We fell to the side as our passion grew hotter and hotter. We could hear the sound of snapping wood but we ignored it. We became more and more frenzied as our lust drove us on.

We spent hours lost in each other. We fucked, sucked and worshipped each other’s muscles. We ignored the sounds of breaking wood and shattering glass. We continued on in wild animalistic passion until we were exhausted. We just lay where we finally ended up and passed out. •

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