Muscle Gun, The

Third combination


By Frklvr

Guessing that the back position of the bottom switch would create even larger muscles than the middle position, I decided against using it for the test. I selected the front Position, “MS”, for the test. For the top switch, I selected the back position, “S”, to be certain of the label. I waited for Theo to come out of his room. Apparently Theo had gone back to his room sometime during my hazy period. I knew that he was in there because I could hear him snoring. All I had to do was wait.

After a couple of hours, Theo finally came out of his room. He dressed in a button down shirt and a pair of dressy jeans. He looked like he was ready to go out for the evening. I experienced a split moment of guilt but then I aimed the gun at Theo. I pulled the trigger.

A red spot struck Theo in the chest. Theo froze up. His eyes bugged out. The waist of his jeans drooped as his body fat melted away. The legs of his jeans stretched taut, as his legs grew more muscular until they looked painted on. A hefty bulge appeared in the crotch. Across his chest, his shirt tightened to the point where a button popped off revealing the muscular mounds of his pecs. His arms filled his sleeves until near bursting. I could see that his torso took on a definite V-taper. Damn, he looked good. I could even see traces of an eight pack through the shirt.

Theo took a big breath as he unfroze. He ran his hands over his body. He then flexed his arm a few times. He growled lustily and then strutted into the room. He looked like the statue of David come to live, only slightly more muscular. He glanced over at me with a superior look on his face.

“See ya later, Fagboy.” He said grabbing his crotch. “This stud going to get himself some pussy.”

Theo strutted out the door. I sat there momentarily shocked. I stared at the door for several minutes. Well, my guess about the gun was correct. Theo turned into a straight muscle stud. But he was more of a stereotype straight man. I shrugged off the momentary worry as I thought about what sort of change the third position of the bottom switch would cause. I estimated that each change lasted about six hours. That meant that I probably wouldn’t see Theo until the morning. I decided to go to bed but I took the gun with me. Needless to say, I had a number of very erotic dreams. •

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