Muscle Gun, The

Second combination


By Frklvr

I awoke to the sound of my alarm going off. I lay there for a few seconds, just remembering a hazy dream I had of Theo suddenly getting muscles and then the two of us having wild sex. As I reached for the alarm, I felt the familiar aches of a night of sex. I looked to the side of my bed only to find it empty. My head was still feeling fuzzy.

“Did I get that drunk?” I asked myself, “I don’t even remember going out, let alone bringing a guy back for sex.”

I shut off the alarm and remember that it was Saturday. Slowly stretching, I tried to remember last night but all I could remember was the dream about Theo. I slid out of bed and saw my pants laying ripped on the floor. Next to my pants was a pair of torn gym shorts.

“Those sorta look like Theo’s.” I thought.

After putting on a robe, I gathered up the torn clothing. I stepped out into the hall. I saw that Theo’s door was closed. I listened for a moment and figured that Theo was still asleep. I decided to let him sleep, guessing that I probably had kept him up with my wild antics. I walked out into the living room. Seeing that all our stuff was still there, I was glad that the guy, whoever he was, hadn’t robbed us. On the floor of the living room, I found a torn tank top and my shirt, also torn. In the computer chair was the “toy” gun. That’s when I realized that I didn’t have a dream about Theo, it was real. I remembered everything, Theo getting muscular, his coming on to me, and the hot and wild sex. I picked up the torn clothing and put them into the clothesbasket. Fighting the temptation to wake Theo, I sat down at the computer. I examined the gun once more, moving the two unknown switches. As I was flipping the switches through each of their three positions, I heard Theo starting to wake up. I was actually nervous waiting for Theo to walk out.

I heard the sound of the door opening. I slid the switches to the center position and set it to the side. Theo stepped out into the room. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of cut-off jeans. To my disappointment and shock, Theo was again his old self, Mr. Couch Potato. Theo scratched his head and looked around the room in a sort of daze.

“Hey, Theo.” I said. “Are you all right?”

“I think I ate too much before going to bed.” He said. “I had some really weird dreams.”

“What kind of dreams?” I asked.

“Nothing big. I’m gonna grab some coffee then catch some TV.” He answered.

Apparently Theo didn’t remember what happened last night. Theo went out to the kitchen. As Theo got his coffee, I thought about last night, getting a bit turned on as well. Theo came out of the kitchen and set his coffee on the table. I looked over at Theo standing next to the couch as he stretched. I know that I shouldn’t but since Theo wouldn’t remember and I was feeling horny, I picked up the gun. I pointed the gun at Theo.

“Theo!” I said as I pulled the trigger.

Theo’s arms dropped to his sides when I called to him. A blue spot appeared on his chest. His eyes flew open wide and his jaw dropped. Again, Theo seemed to freeze up. I watched as he began to change.

Like before, his soft roundness melted away leaving a lean and firm body. Next, his muscles began to swell with size; soon he surpassed the size he was before. His forearms were like vein-covered hams. His unflexed biceps had the appearance of having had an overfilled football slipped beneath the skin. A thick vein ran over the biceps. His shoulders broadened with such width that they exploded, ripping the sleeves of his t-shirt open. His lats expanded outward and pushed his out from his body. The back of his t-shirt split from the growing thickness of his muscles. His chest thrust forward slowly stretching the remaining fabric of now torn t-shirt. Two square mounds of solid muscle were clearly visible through the taut fabric. He inhaled and the t-shirt died a shredded death from the corded massiveness underneath. The pieces of fabric fell away revealing the bulging pecs with veins flowing up and over the rounded delts. Below his pecs was a set of abs that was a carved 8-pack with the intercostals and serratus clearly etched. A loud rip announced the growth of his lower body. His calves grew to the size that his biceps were before he got big. His thighs soon were pushing each other apart from their muscular size. The sides of his cut-offs split nearly causing them rip off his body. The crotch of the cut-offs stretched ominously. It looked like a 10 pound chicken had been stuffed into his pants.

As before, Theo inhaled deeply and his body unfroze. His hands began to explore his new muscles. His finger ran along the deep crevices of his abs. Then he palmed his thick, meaty pecs. He played with his downward pointing nipples until they swelled to the size of my thumb. A deep groan of pleasure escaped his lips. He dropped his arm to the side. A mischievous sneer crossed his face as he slowly bent his arm. His bicep bunched larger and larger. With a quick snap, he brought his arm up into a fully flexed position. His arm was bigger than any pro bodybuilder’s was. He looked me up and down and I was most definitely interested. Then he looked around as if he was expecting someone else.

“Hey, guy.” Theo said. “Where’s the chick?”

“Chick?” I asked feeling confused.

“Yeah. This huge fucking freak has more than enough muscle to satisfy both a guy and a chick.” Theo stated bluntly.

“Ah, there isn’t a chick.” I answered as what he was wanting dawned on me.

“What do you mean ‘there isn’t a chick.’?” He demanded.

“Um, well, most of the women around here, uh, don’t, well, can’t appreciate a man like you.” I stalled.

“What can’t they appreciate?” Theo asked as he flexed again.

“Well, there aren’t many women that are turned on by such big muscles.” I said as stepped over to him. “And they’re fewer that like to get it on while two guys are having sex.”

“Those chicks don’t know what they’re missing.” Theo said as he cupped his bulging package.

“I certainly appreciate you, big guy.” I said caressing his muscular body.

“You think you can handle this huge fucking freak, Mitch?” Theo teased.

Theo reached into his shorts and caused them to split all the way open and fall to the floor. There in his meaty hand was his thick yet flaccid cock. It had to be at least 10 inches long. Theo began to slowly stroke himself making his cock thicken and grow. With his other hand, he ripped off my robe and pushed me behind him.

“Now, put your hard cock to work and bone this big freak’s ass.” Theo growled.

Not waiting for a second demand, I cupped his muscular bubble-butt. Gripping the hard globes of muscle, I parted delicious mounds. Kneeling down, I saw his pucker winking at me. I dove in and jabbed his hole with my tongue. Theo shivered as my tongue entered him.

“Yeah, tongue that hole.” He groaned. “Lube me up good.”

I alternated between tonguing his hole and sliding my finger into him. After several minutes, Theo was grunting and moaning loudly. Slowly finger-fucking him, I stood up. Pulling my finger out, I moved my cock to his spasming hole.

“Oh, shit, yeah. Bone this huge fucking freak.” Theo panted as he pushed back.

I needed no encouragement. Soon, I was slamming into him as hard and as fast as I could. Theo was panting and moaning so much that he sounded like a train. I was so turned on by Theo’s new size that I quickly came. After I pulled out, Theo turned around and I was shocked. Theo’s cock was fully hard. It was at least 14 inches long and as thick as my wrist. Breathing heavily, Theo stepped towards me.

“Since you couldn’t get a chick for me to fuck, Mitch,” Theo said with a glazed look in his eyes. “You’ll have to be my pussy-boy.”

“Ah, Theo, I, uh, I don’t think, um,” I stammered, wide-eyed. “You’re too big for me.”

“Don’t worry, Pussy-boy.” He said as lifted me up. “You’ll loosen up.”

Theo spun me around with ease. Holding me just above my waist, he lowered me until I felt the head of his cock against my ass. I began to tremble, mainly out of fear but just a little bit out of excitement. Theo’s hands slid down to my hips. Then, without warning, he thrust into me.

A white haze clouded my vision. I felt a searing hot pain spear through me. I think I passed out. I could vaguely recall anything that happened. I had the dim feeling of being flopped around like a rag doll in a dog’s mouth. And I think I remember Theo saying that he didn’t kiss guys but then telling me to suck on his nipples. But actual details eluded me. I had the feeling that a whole lot more had happened. When I could think clearly, I saw that it was evening. I was sore all over, especially my ass. I felt like maybe I had been gang fucked or even fisted. I drug myself over to the desk and fell into the chair. The gun was sitting on the desk. I picked up the gun and looked at it.

I had used it twice on Theo. The first time, he became a hot lover with a little bit muscle. The second time, he turned into a huge muscleman but he also turned into a freaky sex beast. Did I dare use it again? What did the other switch positions do? Two switches with three positions meant that there were nine different possibilities. Looking at the top switch, I could easily read “G” at the front position and “B” in the middle one, both of which I had tried. Looking closely, I saw that there was a letter at the back position but it was the same color as the gun. Using the whiteout from the desk, I was able to make out the letter “S”. Now, seeing the three letters, I figured that the top switch changed preference; “G”= gay, “B”= bi, and “S”= straight. That meant that the bottom switch must be what changed size but only the front position was labeled; “MS”. What were the other two positions? Again, using the whiteout, I found the other two positions were labeled “MF and “MMF”. Thinking about what could these labels mean, I remembered how Theo referred to himself after it change. The first time, he kept calling himself “stud”. The next time, he said he was a freak, which he was in more ways than one. So, fitting everything together, the front position was “MS” = muscle stud, the middle position was “MF” = muscle freak, and the back position was “MMF” = muscle something. I believed I had figured out the gun. All I needed to do was to test it and find out if I was right. •

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