Muscle Gun, The

First Combination


By Frklvr

Anyway, when we got back from the mall to our apartment, Theo went to change into some comfortable clothes and I set the “lazer Tag” gun on the desk next to the computer then went to the kitchen to fix dinner. Nothing fancy, just some stew from the freezer and biscuits. After serving myself, I went to the computer to check the e-mail. Theo walked out of his room wearing a tank top and gym shorts and went into the kitchen for his dinner. While waiting for the frickin’ dial-up to load the e-mail, I looked over my new toy. I notice that it had been modified with a couple of switches. Each switch had three positions. On the top switch, I could make out the letters “G” & “B”. I figured that it changed the color of the beam so the missing letter was probably “R”, for green, blue or red. The bottom switch was the one I couldn’t figure out because the only marking I could read was “MS”. I guess that stood for Mode Standard, which made me wonder what the other modes were.

I wondered if the battery pack still some juice left in it. I slid the bottom switch to the standard mode. I was going to shoot at the wall to see if I could the red spot but I decided to try changing the color to green, my favorite color. As I fooling with the gun, Theo walked in from the kitchen and set his dinner on the coffee table and picked up the TV remote. So, on the spur of the moment, I pointed the gun at Theo.

“All right, couch potato. Eat laser.” I said as I pulled the trigger.

A bright green spot appeared on Theo’s chest. At first, I thought Theo was playing along when he went “Oomph” and made a face like he had really been shot. Theo just stood there with his eyes bugged out. Then, I noticed that something was happening to Theo. I watched as Theo slowly changed.

First, his body lost the roundness from body fat. That made his tank top hang loosely from his shoulders and his gym shorts seem baggy. Next, his muscles began to swell. Theo’s upper body soon took on an enticing V-taper. While his legs developed luscious arcs of muscle bellies. When the swelling stopped, Theo’s body looked like a Chippendale’s dancer or a gymnast. His tank top stretched taut across a set of squared, ripped pecs and showed a tight set of abs. The legs of his gym shorts were pushed up higher towards his waist. Theo may not have become a big muscleman but he definitely bulged in all the right places. I could see his nipples along the lower edge of his pecs poke through the tank top like pencil erasers. His now tight shorts displayed his package that looked like a Polish sausage with a couple of oranges underneath it.

The transformed Theo, after being motionless during his change, suddenly had a spasm. His left hand dropped down to the bulge in his shorts and his head was thrown back as what appeared as a wave of extreme pleasure rolled over him. His hand slowly roamed over his taut abs then to his pecs. When brushed against his right nipple, he grasped in surprise and began breathing heavily. His feeling himself up like that definitely aroused my attention and more. His head dropped forward and he looked at his right arm. He then flexed it several times, apparently pleased with the hard baseball sized bulge his bicep made. He then looked over at me and looked me up and down; his gaze paused at my crotch for a moment. He walked over to me in a sexy strut.

Surprised by Theo’s change, my gaze dropped to the “toy” in my hand. When I looked up, Theo’s crotch was almost in my face. His “sausage” had gotten longer and harder. Theo then surprised me further by leaning forward and kissed me. Momentarily shocked, my jaw dropped then his tongue was in my mouth wrestling with mine. He pulled back just enough to turn my head and whisper into my ear.

“I can tell. You like this stud.” He said as his grabbed my hardening dick, “Yeah. You like this stud.”

He suddenly grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up and to his body.

“You know what, Mitch? This stud is very horny and you have what I need.” He whispers again as he cups my ass with both hands, “but first, lets lose some of these clothes.”

He then reaches with both hands up to where his tight tank top is scooped across his chest. Grabbing the tank’s edge and pulls his hands apart, slowly tearing the tank down the center. When shrugged off the ripped tank, I saw his pecs were thick, squared and cut. Bundles of muscle fibers arced across his chest, I couldn’t decide if they were diving into or shooting out from the valley between his pecs. And speaking of valleys, his abs were incredibly ripped, deep valleys separated every block of muscle. I just stood there staring.

Apparently, Theo wouldn’t wait for me to take off my shirt because he reached over and tore it off me. When I looked into his face, I saw that he licking his lips and his eyes were devouring me. I opened my mouth to speak but Theo silenced me with another deep tongue kiss leaving me breathless. He then grabbed my hand and led me back to my room.

“Enough foreplay, it’s time to fuck.” He stated as he tore off his shorts.

Theo tore off my pants and then threw me on the bed. That was the first of the surprises of the night. Mere seconds after I landed on the bed; Theo dived between my legs. Then came the next surprise of the night, Theo inhaled my semi-hard cock into his mouth and began to suck me like a pro. Theo was totally straight, he had never and I mean never done anything with another guy, not even a circle jerk. But he had me hard and squirming in seconds. His powerful sucking soon had me shooting and he swallowed every drop. Theo, next, surprised me by pushing my thighs towards my chest and began to lick my ass. His tongue easily slipped into my hole. I was shocked that his tongue was able to massage my prostate but soon he had me in a fog of lust. Theo shifted and I felt my legs lifted higher and came to rest on his shoulders. I felt something hard, blunt and insistent press against my hole.

“This stud is going to enjoy riding your ass.” Theo said huskily and then thrust his cock deep into me.

I gasped as he entered me. I could tell that it wasn’t only his muscles that had grown. Before Theo changed, I had seen him with a morning hard-on and he was thin and nearly average. Now, he was at least 10” in length and 5” thick. He fucked me with a practiced ease of a long time gay man. Alternating between hard and fast then slow and gentle. His technique once again had me hard and ready. His new muscular body glisten with sweat. He sensed that I was nearing climax and sped up until he, himself, fired his mighty cannon, flooding me with his hot white cream.

With a quick but devouring kiss, Theo pulled out of me and then lay on his back, pulling his knees to his chest. He looked at me with eyes filled with sexual hunger.

“Fuck me, Mitch.” Theo begged. “I need a man in me.”

Still lost in a haze of lust, I quickly positioned myself and thrust in. As my balls slapped against his ass, I realized that Theo was a virgin. I looked at him and saw absolutely no trace of pain in his face. He moaned in pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” said Theo, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

My cock took over at that moment. The harder and rougher I fucked Theo, the more he begged for even more. His ass was most skilled at working and milking a cock. Soon, I was shooting my load for the second time that night.

Theo pulled me to his chest. We started kissing in a wild passion. Our hands roamed over each other bodies, groping and squeezing. Theo then pushed me down his body as I kissed, nibbled and licked each and every inch. I made a brief stop to suck on his nipples. Wreathing, he pushed me down to his hard cock. I sucked his cock with all of my skill showing him I too knew how to keep a man on the brink. Finally, I sucked him to climax and swallowed his sweet, hot load.

For the next four hours, we alternated in pleasuring each other with only a brief rest. We lay next to each, worn out from the wild sexual marathon. A short time later, maybe an hour or two, I felt the bed shift as Theo got up. I sleepily watched as he sort of strutted/staggered to the bathroom. After taking long piss, he stumbled back to his room. I was somewhat disappointed that he come back to bed with me but I realized that he was most likely still asleep and went to his room out of habit. I decided to go back to sleep. •

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