Muscle Gun, The

The Finding


By Frklvr

Standard warnings: this is a fictional story involving sex between two men. Both characters are over 21 years old. The characters are not real any similarities in name or description is purely coincidence. As always all comments are welcome. Continuence of the story is possible but only by popular demand or for specific individual requests. Read on and enjoy.

Theo and I had just spent the past few hours waiting in line to get tickets for the big concert. But, as luck would have it, the tickets sold out just as we got within sight of the ticket counter. Disappointed, we wandered the mall.

Thatís when I spotted the place. It was one of those whatnot shops. You know. One of those places that sell everything from junk to antiques. I figured that this would be a good place to pick Theoís spirits up. Donít get me wrong, Theoís a decent guy but he has thing for knick-knacks and other odd and ends. I thought he might find a new little ďgemĒ for his collection.

We walked into the shop and nodded at the refugee from the Ď60s dozing behind the counter. We roamed up and down the aisles. I watched, as Theo would look through one bin after another. He would hold one thing up and examine it closely then put it into the bin. I wasnít really looking myself but thatís I spotted it. It was an old ďLazer TagĒ gun. I hadnít seen one of them since I was a kid. So, on the spur of the moment, I bought it. I figured that I would show it to my nephew, the computer zombie. I met Theo outside after he had made his purchases.

We, then, headed for home. Theo and I have been roommates for the past two years. We met as interns for the company while in college. I was looking for an apartment so I could move out of the dorms. Theo walked into the break room at work while I was scanning the paper for apartment listings. We hit it off right away. Theo lived in one of the frats on campus but he was having the problems I was. Namely the wild parties, noise and other distractions were interrupting our studying. The main problem for both of us was that the rent for a decent apartment was more than either of us could afford alone. So, over the course next several days as we got know each other, we decided to rent an apartment together. We both were hired by the company when we got our Mastersí degrees and graduated. By then, we were great friends and were comfortable sharing the apartment. We saw no need to change things quite yet.

Well, you know a little something about us, so, I guess I should tell you what we look like and a bit more about us. Letís see, might as well start with the basics. What? Oh, here I am rattling on and I havenít even told you who I am. Sorry, I do that sometimes. My name is Mitch. Where was I? Oh yes, Theoís 5í 9.5Ē, mustnít forget that .5Ē, Theoís sort of touchy about that. Iím 5í 10Ē. Theo weighs around 145 and has an average build. Iím about 160 with a muscular runnerís build. Theo has medium brown hair and brown eyes. I have blonde hair and blues, I know it seems so cliche but what can I say.

Theo is the kind of guy that blends into the crowd except when he is wearing a suit and tie. Heís one of those people who were made to wear a suit and tie because when he does he looks great, kind of noble and distinguished. As I have said, Theoís a decent guy but he does have a few quirks. Take his name, for instance. His real name is Theodore but donít call him ďTedĒ and whatever you do never call him ďTeddyĒ; his mom calls him that. Another thing is that he is very serious most of the time. Also, he is straight but I being gay donít bother him.

As for me, I donít exactly stand out in a crowd but I donít blend in too much either. I only wear a tie when it is absolutely necessary. I usually wear a sports coat with a bright colored shirt. I donít necessarily notice that Iím gay but I donít hide it either. I have my own quirks as well. For instance, I always have to be doing something. I hate sitting quiet. Iím also something of a perfectionist when I create something. As far as the guys I go for, I prefer musclemen, the bigger the better. Theoís safe from me mainly because heís more of a couch potato than anything else. •

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