By sl97aq

It was 6:30 am when Andrew's alarm went off. He got out of bed and went into the washroom to shower and brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror and saw a huge muscular jock staring back at him. Andrew thought, I am no longer just big, I am huge!

When he came downstairs for breakfast, he found his parents and Sarah waiting for him.

"Good morning Andrew," said his father, Sam. "Have you thought about how you are going to handle all the attention at school?"

"What attention?" asked Andrew, confused.

"Look at this," replied his mother, Susan. She held up the morning paper, and read:"Football star lifts a car!"

"Let me see that," said Andrew, grabbing the paper out of her hand. He read the whole thing and grinned. "I guess I made quite an impression, hunh?"

"That you did son," agreed Sam. "More than I made at your age, when I got into college on my football scholarship. You will command a lot more attention because you are much bigger."

"About 100 pounds bigger,"agreed Andrew,"according to the scale. I weigh 325 pounds now."

"That's great," said Sarah. "You'll be able to blast through any defensive line now!"

"It's a little unsettling to put on 50 pounds in two months," Andrew said. "Maybe it's one of my final growth spurts. I hope it's done now. I wouldn't want to get any bigger. If I did, everyone might get scared."

"Don't worry about that," said Susan, clearing away the breakfast dishes. "Your kind and gentle nature will keep that from happening."

"I hope so," agreed Andrew."Well, we'd better get ready for school, Sarah."

"Coming," she said. "Just let me get my bag from my room."

A few minutes later, they came out of the house and got into their seperate cars. Sarah went to the Wallas residence to pick up her boyfriend Chris. Andrew drove over to the Peterson's house to pick up his girlfriend Carrie.

As he drove, he thought, Obviously Sarah doesn't know about how I have been showing off, as recently as last night at the Fitness Depot. Maybe I should stop that.

At Carrie's house, he found her waiting outside.

"There's the Sports Star," she said with a big grin.

"Aw stop it,"said Andrew. "You'll embarrass me."

"That's nothing," Carrie told him. "Wait until we get to school. I bet everyone who has heard about the news will mob you."

"It was quite an honour being names Athlete of the Week," agreed Andrew. "I'll try not to let the attention get to my head."

"Not like last night," Carrie reminded him. "Steve told me all about the arrogant jock act you put on."

"Do you think I went to far?" Andrew asked. "I didn't mean to; I just got carried away."

"Just quietly acknowledge your strength," Carrie suggested. "Don't use it to intimidate people, not even in fun. The college recruiters probably want confidence, but not cockiness. Just keep that in mind next time."

"I'm glad you're here to keep me grounded," said Andrew, putting his huge arm around her shoulders. "Thank you."

At school, Andrew parked the car and helped Carrie out. Then they just hugged for a moment. Carrie felt very safe in Andrew's huge, muscular arms. Then Andrew opened the back door of the car and took out his football jacket.

"Are you sure that will fit with all the muscle you put on this summer?" Carrie asked.

"Only one way to find out," Andrew stated. He put his arms in the sleeeves, and then pulled the jacket over his shoulders. "The seams are starained, even though it hangs open!"

"It certainly doesn't hide any muscles," agreed Carrie. "Look at the biceps bulging through the sleeves, even with your arms straight!"

"How about now?" asked Andrew, flexing his arm. He heard tiny rips, and saw the threads of the seams tearing. "Oops," he said, lowering his arm again. "I will have to get fitted for a 3XL jacket, if they can find one."

"Are you ready to go in now?" Carrie asked.

"Yes," agreed Andrew. "Let's go."

They walked across the parking lot holding hands, and went up to the door. Andrew stood beside the door, and said,"Look inside and tell me how many people are in the hall."

"It's crowded," replied Carrie, "and they are all holding copies of the morning paper!"

"I was afraid of that," sighed Andrew.

"Don't be," said Carrie. "It's very flattering, and it will help the school too. Just grin and bear it."

She opened the door and led Andrew through. The sound of clapping greeted them, as they passed into the hallway full of smiling people. Andrew grinned as he saw all the people holding up the paper with his picture on the front cover. His grin faltered however, when he saw some people holding out pens.

"What's this?" he asked Ralph. "What's going on?"

"Can I get you to sign the front page?" Ralph asked timidly.

Andrew looked down at Carrie beside him. Carrie gave a barely perceptible nod, and Andrew grinned again.

"Sure man," he said, taking the pen. He signed his name on the front page. Then he handed the paper back.

Heartened by Rlaph's success, other people asked Andrew to autograph their papers as he passed down the hall. He did so, smiling quietly and basking in the admiration of his classmates. He shook hands and gave his teammates high-fives as he neared the end of the line. Then he found himself facing Steve.

"Sorry about last night," Andrew said. "I hope I didn't scare you too much."

"You did actually," replied Steve. "But you can make up for it by signing my paper." He held out the paper and his pen. "There you go, Mr. Car Guy."

Andrew signed his paper, and then heard the warning bell.

"There's the bell; time to get to class," he said.

"Flex for us big guy!" several people said.

Andrew took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and flexed his 30-inch biceps. Everyone gasped at the rippling mounds of muscle and the rock-hard veins running down his arms. Then the crowd dispersed.

"That was amazing," Andrew said to Carrie as they headed to their English Class. "Everyone wanted my autograph just because I bench-pressed a car?"

"I don't think you realize what an amazing feat of strength that was," Carrie informed him. "I can't think of anyone who could do that."

In English class, Andrew gave his muscles a break and used his brain instead. He answered some hard questions that the teachers asked, showing off his academic gifts. At the end of class, Andrew was mobbed by the students, who hauled out their newspapers and wanted him to sign them. Andrew willingly obliged, grinning all the while at the attention his athletic achievements had generated. Then the crowd diespersed as they headed off to their next classes. Andrew had spare next, so he headed towards the library.

"Mr. Pearson," a voice said from behind him. "Could I see you in my office please."

Andrew turned around and looked down to see the Principal, Mr. Duncan, standing behind him.

"Sure," agreed Andrew. He followed the principal down the hall. "Am I in trouble?" he asked.

"Certainly not," Mr. Rowe stated. "Quite the opposite, in fact."

They reached the office and Mr. Rowe asked the secretary to hold his calls. He lead Andrew to his office, and opened the door.

"Close the door, Andrew," he said. Andrew complied, and the principal said,"Sit down please."

Andrew sat down and said," So what's up?"

"I've heard from the Dean of Admissions at University of MIami, that's what's up," replied Mr. Rowe. "They are very impressed by your academic achievements and they are going to extend you a Full Academic Scholarship once your application has been sent in. I also talked to the head football coach there. He is also impressed with your athletic achievements. With the help of our football coach, a Full Football Shcolarship is being prepared for you as well."

Andrew sat quietly, in shock from the news. The principal came over and shook his hand.

"Congratulations Andrew," he said. "You're a credit to our school. Make us proud."

"Thank you sir," Andrew managed. "This is a great honour."

"Call me Larry, Andrew," Mr. Rowe said. "You have earned it. If you keep up your performance, you will graduate Valedictorian as well as Player of the Year."

"That's great," said Andrew, beaming. "Is there anything else?"

"Just one other thing," replied Mr. Rowe, pulling the morning paper out of his desk drawer.

"Oh no, not you too!" grinned Andrew, embarrassed. "I've already signed about a hundred copies this morning!"

"The price of fame," Mr. Rowe reminded him. "Don't forget that it is the fans spreading the word of your achievements that brought you to the attention of the University of Miami."

"Okay," agreed Andrew, signing Mr. Rowe's newspaper. "Thank you sir." He looked down at the principla, as he stood up and corrected himself: "I meant Larry."

"That's all Andrew," said Larry. "And thank you," he said, holding up his paper.

Andrew left the office, beaming with pride, and his head swimming with all the good news. He headed to the library, but he couldn't concentrate. He just sat at a table in the back, put his head down on the wood, and basked in the glory that his achievements had brought him.

At lunch, Andrew automatically went to sit with the football team. But he was first mobbed by a crowd of students who wanted him to sign their papers. Andrew kept quiet about the principal's news, but couldn't stop thinking about it.

"That trophy will be ours this year!" Steve bragged. "Especially now that we have Pearson the Tank!"

He grinned at Andrew, who grinned back. This is just the beginning, Steve, Andrew thought to himself, just the beginning. •

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