Steve: The NEW Superman


By SteveBB

I walked over to the phone and hit the speed dial for Rich, an old buddy from high school. We used to talk about what it would be like to be a superhero. I was kind of wishing I hadn�t used the muscle growth serum yet and that I could just surprise him with my super strength. Oh well this was gonna be an awesome day no matter what.

�Hello� Rich answered the phone.

�Rich, it�s Steve� what are you doing right now?�

�Nothin� just flipping through an old comic book. Why?�

�Man, I got a surprise for ya� why don�t you come over. The sooner the better okay?�

�Okay� I�ll be there in 10 minutes.�

�Okay, bye.� I hung up the phone. Hmmm now I gotta find something I can put on to show off to Rich when he gets here. What to wear what to wear� I was going nuts trying to find something to cover myself with until it was time for the unveiling but everything was way way way too small. I looked in an old trunk in the basement and found an old costume. It was from when I was Superman about three years earlier. I grabbed it and felt the material. I also found a foam rubber muscle suit I used to have to wear under it� until now. I went back upstairs and slipped into the suit. It fit like a glove. Damn� this looks like it was made for me. I hit a few more poses. I know this doesn�t hide my new physique but I don�t have anything else I could throw on.

�Ding dong� Steve� I�m here�man�. You around?� It was Rich at the front door.

�Yeah man come in I�m in the living room.� I yelled.

As Rich came around the corner, he looked at me and just laughed. �What the hell is this? Why are you dressed in your Halloween costume man? It�s only May!! This isn�t what you invited me over to see is it cause I�ve already seen it.�

�Oh, you�ve seen the suit before man, but you ain�t seen this yet. I bent over and grabbed a bar loaded with 1000 lbs on it.

�What the hell are you doing? Is this some sort of joke?� Rich laughed. I lifted the bar up and started curling it with two arms.

�Hmmm this is too light, maybe I should just use one arm.� With that, I let go of the bar with one arm and continued to curl it with one arm.

�Ahhh ha I get it, those are just plastic plates, although they really look authentic.� Rich said confused.

�Yeah that�s right, this is just a joke.� I said as I put the bar back onto the ground with a bit of a thump so to make Rich think twice. I walked over to him looked him up and down. He looked great. He was 26 like me, 5�10 and about 165lbs. I reached out and grabbed his shirt.

�What the hell are you doing Steve?� Rich said as I approached him.

�Well, I just wanted to see your reaction when you found out�� with that, I applied a tiny bit of force and he was hoisted off the ground with my one arm. He grabbed my forearm with both hands and squeezed.

�Holy fuck Steve!!! What�s the deal man?� Rich grunted �You�re arms are as hard as rock! Is this some new foam suit? But how did you get so strong? How are you lifting me?�

�HAHAHAHA!!!� I just laughed� I flexed my free arm for him and he could see the difference between artificial muscle and me� the real deal. �This ain�t no foam rubber muscle suit under this superman costume Rich, I�m built and I have not found any limits to my strength man. This is incredible.�

�What?� Rich said as he stared at my flexed bicep and shook his head. He couldn�t believe what was happening was real. �How did this all happen.�

I told him the whole story leaving out a few details to keep my source protected. I slowly started to unzip the suit exposing my chest. Smooth and striated. I started to flex my pecs and the veins started to stand out. I fuckin� love this chest!! This whole body. I slipped out of the suit and soon was standing there buck naked in front of Rich. �So whaddya think buddy?�

�To be honest Steve, I don�t know what to think!� Rich gasped. He was clearly astonished at my new body. �Let�s measure you up man� He reached for a tape measure in the kitchen drawer.

�I�m all yours man.� I grinned. Rich started with my neck. �Neck is 26 inches� he whistled. �Biceps are 29 inches� he squeezed the peaks that were popping out as I smiled. �Your chest� 76 inches� his hand grazed my nipples and I could feel his hot breath on my bare skin. �Fuck Steve� you�re amazing.� He let the tape slide down to my waist �Your waist is just 34 inches man!!!� He saw that the numbers were getting me excited. My cock which had grown in proportion with the rest of my body was now half hard. Rich knelt down and wrapped the tape around my left quad. I flexed it and the tape slipped out of his hand. �Jesus Steve!!! Can�t you hold still. HAHAHA� He grabbed the tape off the floor and measured me again �Your quads are 32 inches and finally your calves are 21 inches. Steve� you are a fuckin He-man!! What�s it feel like?�

I grabbed Rich off the floor and tossed him onto the couch. �It feels like I can do anything I want. And that�s just what I wanna do!� I strutted over to the couch and knelt down. I grabbed the couch by the front and tilted it. I hoisted it off the ground effortlessly. I started to stand back up and instructed Rich to hold on. I easily pressed out a few shoulder presses to give my muscles a bit of a pump. Pressing Rich and the couch to the ceiling. �Rich, have you been losing weight cause I can�t even feel any weight on the couch.�

�Very funny man, but seriously, what can you do?� I set the couch down and we walked over the the bar I curled before. �See this?� I asked �I can curl this like it�s a 25 lb dumbell. But it�s 1000 lbs. It�s nothing for me man.� Rich looked at me and still thinking that there was some sort of trick, he grabbed the bar and tried to lift it. He was grunting and groaning but the bar wasn�t budging. I bent over behind him and said, �Let me give you a hand little buddy.� I placed my hands beside his on the bar and the bar came up off the ground. I told him to keep his hands on the bar and that we were gonna do some curls. I positioned myself so my cock was right between Rich�s legs. We continued doing some curls and when Rich had enough to believe me, we set the bar down. When we stood up, I steadied Rich�s body with my hands and I flexed my now rock hard cock between his legs and his whole body lifted off the ground.

�Whoa� what is that?� Rich yelled.

�Oops, sorry Rich, I guess my cock has super strength now too!� I laughed. �Man, I just feel the need to go out and use some of my brute strength and show you what I�m capable of. You game man? I know we have the same fantasies� strength beyond our dreams, well I got it now man and I wanna share it with ya.�

�Sure!!!� Rich yelled. �Lets go!� So we took off in his car and drove around the city. I was constantly eyeing things I could lift or crush or bend or destroy but it was gonna be dangerous to the public and expensive if we got caught. Rich suggested we head to the junk yard. �There�ll be tons of stuff you can play with there� and it�s all junk already.�

When we arrived at the junkyard, the guy at the front counter looked us up and down and after Rich told him we were looking for some car parts, he let us into the yard. We headed right to the back of the lot and that�s where the fun started. �What�s your biggest fantasy Rich� be creative� be demanding on me okay?� I asked.

�Well, I�ve always wanted to see a guy lift a car overhead and hold it there.� Rich said.

�Your wish is my command.� I strided up to this old beast of a car bend over and grabbed it by the front bumper and started to curl it with one arm. My bicep was pumping but not showing any sign of weakness. I felt like I could flip the car over end over end with one hand! I set the car down and grabbed it under the drivers door and tilted it up.

�It looks like your not even trying there Steve� is that easy for you man?� Rich gasped.

�Oh yeah man this is childs play for me.� I decided to freak him out a bit and used a bit more power and tossed the car up in the air about 15 feet. I quickly stood up and got under the car and caught it in mid air.

�Holy fuck Steve!!!! THAT�S AMAZING MAN!!! YOU�RE INCREDIBLE!!!� Rich hollered. All this attention was really getting me excited. My cock was harder then I ever thought it could be. Rich must have noticed it too because he came over to me while I was holding the car and knelt down, unzipped my pants to free my cock and started to stroke my shaft and put the head into his mouth applying the suction of a champion cock sucker. I shifted the weight of the car onto one hand and used my free hand to hold Rich�s head in place. His eyes rolled up and when he saw me holding the car up with one hand his eyes bugged out and I noticed his hands go to his crotch. He started to jerk himself off through his pants!!!

I decided to kick it up a notch. I took my hand from back behind his head and put it back on one of the axels of the car and grabbed the other axel with the other hand. Lowered the car over my back and I started to flex my pecs. I pulled my arms forward and down and pulled and bent and tore the car over my back. AGAIN! This was my favorite trick. Obviously, this was Rich�s favorite too cause the next thing I heard was a muffled grunt and then Rich was bucking. He was cumming and cumming. He loved it!

I tossed the remains of the car across into another pile of scrap metal and they landed with a crash.

�That�s enough for here now Rich, we�ll come back again another time, but for now, I have something we need to take care of. Let�s head back to my place okay.� I reached down and picked Rich up and carried him over my shoulder fireman style. He was finished. I was hoping he would re-energize by the time we got to my place cause I had plans for him. Rich slept in the car the whole way to my place. When we got there I carried him inside and put him on my bed. •

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