By sl97aq

Andrew and Carrie were coming back from one of his workout sessions in Commander Marge's Gravity chamber.

"What will you do now that you have used the biggest plates available?" Carrie asked him.

"Maybe I will bench boulders instead."

Carrie looked over in amzement and then looked back up to see a deer run across the road right in front of the car. She swerved the wheel and the car ran into the ditch. Only Andrew's outstreched arm kept her from going through the windhshield.

"Thank you Andrew," she said. "Are you okay?"

"Yes", replied Andrew. "If you are too, let's get going before we are late for the first football practice of the season."

Carrie shifted to reverse and pressed the gas but the tires spun uselessly.

"I have a better idea," said Anrew, getting out of the car. "You will want to get out as well."

"What do you have planned?" Carrie asked, as she got out her side.

"You'll see," replied Andrew. "I just have one thing to say: get ready."

He walked up to the back of the car and grabbed the rear bumper. Then he heaved upwards. The car slowly lifted off the ground. Andrew squatted dwon ans moved towards the front of the car. Once he had his hands balanced properly, he stood up, with the entire car balanced on his three foot wide shoulders. Then he walked out of the ditch and set the car down again.

"There we go," he said, turning to Carrie. "Now we can be on our way again. This saves time: no waiting around for a tow truck. Especially since I forgot my cell phone. We would have had to go back to Marge's house to use her phone. " He looked at Carrie, whose eyes were wide as saucers. "Did you hear me?" he aksed. "Are you okay Carrie?"

Carrie's mouth opened and closed a few times, but no words came out. Andrew came over, lifted her in his arms, and set her in the passenger seat. He buckled her up and then got into the driver's seat. He then drove them to the football practice, glancing at her from time to time to see if she was ready to speak yet. He didn't glance in the rearview mirror, or he would have seen the news van following them.

They had been down the road, approaching from behind Carrie and Andrew when they saw them go in the ditch. Then the reporter had seen Andrew get out of the car and he ordered his camera operator to start recording. His hunch about something newworthy was confirmed when Andrew lifted the car. The rpeorted ordered his camera operator to follow Andrew and Carrie.

"That- that was amazing," stammered Carrie finally. "I had no idea you were so strong."

"Neither did I," agreed Andrew. "But when the car was in the ditch, I remembered your question about what I would lift instead of weights. I had a feeling I would be able to lift the car, since Marge's 1000 pounds weights weighed 2000 pounds at two times Earth's gravity."

At the football practice, Andrew performed more subdued, but no less impressive, feats of strength. He broke through the entire defensive line and caught the ball when the quarterback threw it. When the biggest defender, Steve, tried to stand in Andrew's way, Andrew crouched down, and flipped Steve over his shoulder with one hand. Steve landed face-first on the ground and got a mouthful of dirt. He looked up just as Andrew knocked two defenders aside like empty boxes and ran into the endzone for a touchdown.

"Yeah!" yelled Andrew, spiking the ball. "Hope you liked the Football Flip, Steve!"

When the quaterback handed the ball to Andrew the next time, he decided not to push the five defenders aside. Instead, he let them hang onto him.

"We've got him!" said Steve. "He won't move now!"

Andree looked at Steve, shook his head and grinned. "You can't stop me," he sneered. "Watch this!"

Andrew began running, pushing the five defenders ahead of him like they were made of paper. With five guys dragging behind him, he managed to reach the endzone once again for a toughdown.

"I told you you couldn't stop me," Andrew gloated, as Steve and the other four players gasped for air.

The coach blew his whistle to signal the end of practice. He came over to the guys and said, "I think we have our new secret weapon for this season: Andrew Pearson, the Human tank."

"Thanks Coach," said Andrew. "I'm glad you're pleased with my performance."

"Pleased?" said Coach Everson in shock. "I'm amazed and stunned beyond belief! I've never seen anyone drag five players down the field before! I think it's time you started the scholarship application process Andrew. The football schools in the States will be lining up to sign you!"

"Way to go man!" said Steve, clapping Andrew on the shoulder. "That was awesome!"

"Thanks man," Andrew said He went to clap Steve on the shoulder, but Steve moved quickly out of reach. "Oh yeah, sorry man, I forgot what happened last time."

"What happened?" asked Ralph.

"I accidentally knocked him down with a clap on the back," replied Andrew. "Then I helped him up and he was up in the air without me realizing it."

"That's great strength," said a voice from behind everyone. "But it doesn't match the strength in the footage I have here."

Everyone turned around to see the reporter from the local news station standing behind them.

"What are you talking about?" asked Andrew. "What footage?"

"I'll show you," replied the reporter. "Gather around everyone."

The 10 member team, the coach, and Carrie gathered around the video camera screen, as the camera operator rewond the tape. When he played the footage, everyone saw the amazing strength of Andrew as he lifted the car out of the ditch.

Andrew looked down at the ground in embarrassment, and then looked up to see the awestruck faces of the coach and the other players. "It was nothing," he tried to explain. "I just didn't want to be late for practice by waiting for a tow truck."

"You're too modest, Andrew," said Coach Everson finally. "That's it; we have to go over the paperwork for the scholarship applications. Right now."

"Mind if we tag along?" asked the reporter. "With your permission, and Andrew's, we can get an interview for the 6 o'clock news. Then you can be the Athlete of the Week, Andrew."

"Fine with me," replied the coach. "The media exposure will help make the college recruiting easier. Andrew?"

"I'm game," Andrew replied. "And the pun is intended."

"An athlete and a comedian," chuckled the reporter. "You'll do fine."

"Don't forget Academic Genius!" Steve piped up. "He has a 150 IQ you know!"

"Thanks Steve," said Andrew, glaring as if he was angry. Steve's grin faded, but then returned as Andrew grinned. "I'll see you later."

Andrew, the coach, and the two newsmen walked up to the school to start the interview. The rest of the team went home to tell their families to keep their eyes open during the news that night. Steve and Carrie sat down on the bleachers to wait for Andrew's return. •

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