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This part of the story will detail Andrew's growth in the summer after Grade 11. He worked out harder than ever, pushing his benchpress past 1000 pounds by the end of July. Steve was amazed by Andrew's strength, but he realized he would not be able to match it. So he settled for doing his best, and he managed to push his benchpress past 750 pounds.

To his credit, Andrew did not gloat, he simply helped Steve do his best. Andrew's weight crossed 300 pounds by the end of July.

"How did you get so big so quickly?" Steve asked.

"Remember the gravity chamber Commander Marge told us about?" Andrew asked him.

"No I don't," replied Steve. "Refresh my memory."

"She said that the chamber can simulate heavier than normal Earth Gravity. So if I can lift 500 pounds in normal gravity, then it would go down to 250 pounds at 2 times Earth Gravity."

"When's the last time you only lifted 500 pounds?" asked Steve with a huge grin.

"I think it was Grade 8," replied Andrew. "Or maybe it was Grade 9; I can't remember. Anyway, I went over to Marge's house and trained in the gravity room. Then I was able to lift much more in normal gravity."

"So now you lift 1000 pounds in our gravity?" Steve asked. "I'd like to see that."

"Okay," agreed Andrew. He put ten 45 pound plates on each end of the weight bar. "Can you spot me, Steve?"

"Sure man," replied Steve. "You do realize that the bar itself weighs 25 pounds, don't you?"

"Ya I do," said Andrew. "I am going for a new record: 1025 pounds." He lay down on the bench and put his hands on the bar. "Get ready."

Steve stood behind Andrew as he lowered the bar to his chest. He pushed it up until his arms were straight, and then brought it back down, almost touching his chest. Andrew completed 10 reps before he got tired. He kept pushing, bringing the reps up to 15. His arms trembled and his veins popped out as he pushed him-self. His face and neck turned red from the effort.

"Come on man, five more," encouraged Steve. "You can do it."

Andrew grunted with the last few reps. "AAUUGGHH!!" he screamed with the last reps as he pushed it all the way up. His arms trembled, but he managed to lower the bar back to its place on the hooks. "Whew!" Andrew gasped as he lay back. "That was intense! Man, I'm tired now!" He got up and stretched, and his t-shirt ripped all along his back. "Rats this always happens!" he snapped. He ripped the t-shirt off and threw it to the ground. "There, that's better."

His huge chest was red and heaving, but Andrew grinned. "Get some measuring tape. I want to see what my bicpeps are up to now."

Steve came back with the tape and wrapped it around Andrew's flexed bicep. "I see 27 inches," Steve read off.

"They grew 3 inches in one month!" Andrew gasped. "How about my shoulder width?"

"Three feet wide," Steve reported.

"Yeah!" Andrew shouted. "I am huge!"

"And strong," Steve agreed. "Look, you have no neck!"

Steve was right; Andrew's shoulders came up to his earlobes, and they were as hard as a rock. Just for fun, Steve threw a punch at Andrew's rock-hard 6- pack. It made a loud smack.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" Andrew smirked.

"Yes!" said Steve, holding his left hand. "But I hurt myself!"

"I'd give you some of you own medicine, but I don't want to hurt you." He gave Steve a slap on the shoulder, and Steve was knocked down.

"Oww!" yelled Steve. "You're way too strong! Hey, put me down!" Andrew had pulled him up with one hand, and was holding him above his head effortlessly. "What do you think you're doing?" Steve laughed. "Take it easy big guy!"

"Ya I am the big guy now, little guy!" joked Andrew. "Don't you forget it!"

"Are you two finished horsing around?" asked a female voice.

Andrew dropped Steve with a crash as he whirled around, startled. "Oh hi Carrie," he said as Steve yelled "OWW!" Andrew turned back to help Steve back up.

"No, don't touch me!" laughed Steve. He picked himself off the ground. "I got up by myself, see?"

"I just thought I should help you up since I was the one who dropped you." He looked over at Carrie, who was grinning behind her hand. "What are you laughing at?"

"You," replied Carrie. "Calling Steve a little guy when he's 6 foot 5 and 250 pounds!"

"Hey, I've got 50 pounds and two inches on him," bragged An-drew. "He is little compared to me! What are you doing here, anyway? I thought you were working today?"

"I got off early, because business was slow today," Carrie replied. "I got a call from Ralph and Connor. They haven't seen you two since school ended. They wanted to know if you wanted to go to the movies with them and the rest of the team."

"That would be great," agreed ANdrew. "What about you?"

"While it's guys night out, us girls will be having our girls night out," replied Carrie. "Go get changed and meet me outside."

She left Andrew's room, and Andrew went into his bathroom to change. Steve used the one down the hall.

"Whoa man!" said Steve, "what size shirt is that? It looks like a second skin!"

"It's XXL," replied Andrew. "The biggest t-shirt I could find. This shirt was somewhat loose just one month ago. So were my shorts. Now they fit like spandex."

"It's Bodybuilder Andrew!" said Steve. "So big his clothes won't fit him!"

"Aw, stop it, you're embarassing me," grinned Andrew. "Now let's get downstairs before Carrie gets impatient."

The two huge teens went downstairs, almost brushing the walls of the stariwell. •

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