Steve: The NEW Superman


By SteveBB

I was 26 years old when I discovered the gym. I was always an average guy who wanted to be something more. I was 5’10 and weighed 170lbs. I started working out and seeing some results. What a feeling. Maybe some day I would be like those guys in the magazines.

Over the next 3 months, I got to know one of the “big guys” at the gym. He was my idol. About 32 years old 6’ tall and 240lbs of solid grade A beef. WOW!! Strong as an ox too. I used to admire him from across the gym until he came over to the water fountain while I was taking a drink.

“You’ve been really working hard man.” he said as he gripped my shoulder in his huge hand. “What kinda goals have ya set?” he asked.

“Well,” I could feel my face going red cause I had never admitted it to anyone else before, “I’m not sure” I said, thinking in the back of my mind… why don’t I just say it… I’d really like to be built like you -- bigger if possible and have infinite strength. “I’m Steve.”

“Steve… I’m Dave.”, he said reaching out his sweaty hand to shake mine.

I’ve been watching you since I started here a few months ago. You sure must be dedicated to get to that size.” I said.

“Thanks.“ he said with a huge shit-eating grin on his face. I love the feeling of a good pump. “Everyone’s got goals… mine are to be 260lbs by next year.”

“Holy shit” was all I could say… “You really think you can do that?”

“Sure man. When you’ve got the connections I’ve got, 260 is gonna be a cakewalk.” he winked as he walked back to the squat rack to continue his workout.

Those words just echoed though my mind for the next week. “With the connections he’s got 260 would be a cakewalk.” HMMMM… I wondered what that meant.

Two weeks later I saw Dave again. He’d definitely added some mass and was looking great. I on the other hand hadn’t changed at all. Curiosity got the best of me so I went over to him while he was doing some standing bicep curls with 135lbs on the barbell. “Lookin’ good Dave” I said feeling more confident then last time I was talking to him.

“Thanks.” he smiled. “Just finishing up my workout. Wanna grab a protein shake and chat for a few?” he asked.

“Sounds great… I could use a drink.” We walked over and got to muscle building protein shakes and had a seat. “So last time we talked, you asked me about my goals… I’ve really been thinking about it and have decided I want to be huge. I want to be at least 260lbs -- bigger if possible and to have mindblowing strength increases. WOW -- I finally got that off my chest!!! It feels great!!” I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm for working out any more. I could feel my chest puffing out with a new confidence that had been buried inside me for far too long.

“Okay Steve, you serious? Cause I’m gonna help you out as much as possible. You’ll be 260lbs before you know it and aching for more mass and strength.” Dave offered.

“Oh hell yeah man, I can’t wait. When do we start?”

“Let’s go to my place. We can finish our drinks in my truck.” Dave said as he got up and started for the door.

“Alright. I’m yours man.” I had never done anything like this before in my life. I didn’t know what was about to happen. It all seemed too good to be true. This guy was going to train me to be the man I always wanted to be.

When we got to Dave’s place, you could tell it was a bodybuilder’s apartment. There were muscle mags scattered all over, supplement bottles on the kitchen counters and one unlabelled bottle on his coffee table. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt as soon as I got there.

“So Steve…” Dave hollered from his bedroom “you really meant it when you said you wanted to get freaky huge right?”

“You got it man… the bigger and stronger, the better.” I could feel my cock start to stiffen in anticipation of what was going to happen to me. I stood up and stared at myself in the mirror trying to imagine what I was going to look like. What I was going to feel like… Next thing I knew Dave was standing right behind me… shirtless and he started to flex and check out his progress.

“Damn I love this body” he smirked with a cocky smile. “You’ll know what I mean soon Steve. It’s like there’s nothing I can’t do.”

“What do you mean? Nothing you can’t do?” I wondered.

“Here” Dave handed me the unlabelled bottle “Take a swig of this. It tastes like shit but if you were serious about growing like me, you’ll ignore the taste.”

I took the bottle in my hand. Could this be it? Is this Dave’s secret to rapid muscle growth and incredible strength gains? My hand was shaking as I put the bottle to my lips and took a huge mouthful. I almost spat it out. It tasted so horrible I wanted to throw up. It was like battery acid but I managed to get it down. My whole insides were tingling. I didn’t know if it was from the liquid or from the excitement. “FUCK DAVE…” I sputtered “what is this shit? It tastes like battery acid!!!”

“HAHAHA I thought the same thing when I drank it too man. That’s just phase one.”

“Okay Okay… maybe I should have asked you before, but how many phases do I go through? What can I expect from this?”

“Well there are four phases in the process. Phase 1 - the liquid you just drank, is a primer for your body. It strengthens the skeletal system and prepares your muscles for the next 3 phases. Phase 2 is the strength increasing phase. You will have an injection of a serum that will increase your strength to ten times what you have already. The caution you have to take is that nobody can know about this new super strength. NOBODY!!! Understand? It’s top secret. The military has been trying to get their hands on this stuff for a year now.”

“I understand. How long until I take phase 2?” I asked eagerly.

“Well, it’s never been done this quickly, but I think you can have phase 2 tonight. I’ll call my friend and he can give you the shot.” Dave said with a wink and smile.

“Your friend? Is he the one who developed this process?” I asked.

“Yeah, he’s a doctor and a guy who has fantasies about Supermen. The only payment that he asks for is that you show off your super strength for him. Gets him all horned up.”

“So, what phase are you on now? I’d guess phase 3 although I don’t know what that is yet.”

“Oh yeah… Phase 3 is the muscle development phase. You start growing these muscles… DAMN these muscles. Steve you gotta feel these muscles man.” Dave flexed a bicep that looked like a bowling ball covered with soft smooth skin.

“Shit Dave, that’s what I call rock hard man -- and I’m gonna be like that?”

“Sooner than later.” Dave replied with a nod. “I’ll call him right now to see if he’s available.” he said as he walked out the room to place the call.

“Wow - tonight I could have 10 times the strength I’ve got now. HOLY FUCK - That’s insane!!! I popped a wood right then and there that could have busted through a steel wall. I started doing some calculations that were blowing my mind. Never in my wildest dreams could I have this kind of power. Now lets see… my max bench was 200lbs so HOLY SHIT -- tonight I could bench 2000lbs??? Unbelievable. My max bicep curl was 75lbs so then I could curl 750lbs! This is too good to be true. Meeting Dave was the best move I’ve ever made in my life!

Just as I was going over some of my incredible stats, Dave walked in with another guy. He was about 50 years old 5’10 and 170lbs (like me) and in decent shape.

“Steve, this is my friend Dr. Adams.” Dave introduced us “Dr. Adams, this is my new friend Steve. He’s very interested in the process. Actually I was just about to call you when you knocked on the door. Steve has already completed phase 1 and is anxious to get going on building some strength in phase 2”

“Ahh, nice to meet you Steve.” the Dr offered me his hand.

“Likewise Dr. Adams.” I said shaking his hand.

“You look like you’ve been visiting the gym pretty often Steve. Definitely a good candidate for the process. Now, you’re sure you want to do this are you?” he said getting some paperwork out of his briefcase. “Because once you do this, there is no turning back. You will have to sign a contract stating that you will never give up this secret to anyone… EVER…”

“Yes, absolutely, I’ve wanted this all my life Dr. I just can’t believe that I am going to get to live out my fantasies.”

“Okay then Steve, you just need to sign here on the dotted line and we’ll continue.” I grabbed the pen and signed the contract. “Ok now Steve, lets get you out of that shirt.” Dr. Adams prepared the syringe with the serum. It was a sparkling green liquid that was going to be injected into my bicep. Dr. Adams took a cotton ball wet with alcohol and prepared my arm for the injection. “Here we go Steve, just take a deep breath and we’ll get this done quickly.”

I filled my lungs with air and felt the burning pain of the needle as it pierced my skin. As Dr. Adams emptied the vial into my arm I felt something. It was like all my muscles were tightening… not painfully though, it was very pleasurable. I felt euphoric. Like nothing could hurt me now. I kept expecting this feeling to go away, but it didn’t. “Dr. Adams, how long until the second phase is complete?” I asked.

“Phase 2 is complete Steve. Why don’t you try to lift something. Be careful though. You don’t know your own strength yet.” Dr. Adams warned.

“Yeah Steve, please be careful. This is my apartment afterall.” Dave pleaded.

“Okay what should I lift?” I walked over to Dave’s weight bench where he had about 500 lbs loaded on a e-z curl bar. I bent down and grabbed the bar in my hands and was amazed at how light it felt. It was like I was lifting nothing at all. “Holy shit… Dave is this really 500 lbs man? It feels like I’m just lifting an empty bar!!!!” I curled the bar up and down and could see my veins in my arms starting to pop out yet my muscles stayed the same size I was before (still 170lbs).

“Oh yeah Steve, that’s 500 lbs, but don’t forget, that bar adds about 25lbs so you are really working with 525lbs. Awesome isn’t it?!?!” Dave said encouragingly.

“Well Steve, looks like the injection was a success.” Dr. Adams said.

“Hell yeah - I’d say so!!! This is fucking incredible. I feel invincible, but I’m still the same size I was before. When can I move into phase 3 and grow some muscle?” I asked.

“You can enter phase 3 in as early as 30 days. It takes some time for your body to stabilize with your new found strength and then you can add some beef onto that body.” Dr. Adams said. “Well Dave, Steve, I’ve gotta run. I wish I could stick around for more show, but I’m on my way to a meeting. Have fun, and remember Steve, keep this our little secret.”

“Thanks Dr. Adams!!! I will!!!” I said just wanting to lift something else and test my new power out.

“See you Wednesday Dr. Adams!!” Dave winked.

“Wednesday it is big guy!” Dr Adams smiled.

I was just blown away. I couldn’t believe my new capabilities. I just wanted to go on testing myself out. Meanwhile, Dave wanted to go take a shower and get something to eat.

“I should be heading out now anyway. I’ve gotta be in at work tomorrow at 8am sharp. I’m going for a big promotion at work and it wouldn’t look good if I was late.” I said. “Thanks for everything Dave. See ya at the gym man.”

“Alright, just let yourself out and see ya soon buddy. Congratulations and welcome to the superman club.” Dave said as he walked out of the room and down the hall to the shower.

As I was getting ready to leave, I came realized Dr. Adams had forgotten his briefcase on the coffee table. I grabbed it and initially thought I would return it, but then I got a wise idea… If one injection gave me ten times the strength I had before I wondered what would happen if I took another shot. With that, I ripped open the locked briefcase like it was a piece of paper. My hands were shaking I was so excited. I grabbed the syringe he had used on me, found the phase 2 bottle, filled the vial and injected myself with the serum. It only took a second and I could feel it… the euphoric feeling again!!! I got up and went over to the bar I had just been curling and lifted it, this time with just one hand. Still as light as a feather. I curled it and then added all the plates I could find onto it and still fit my hand on the bar. I grabbed it and lifted it again. There seemed to be no end to my power. I grabbed the bar by both ends and held it in front of my chest. I knew I could do it so I applied some pressure and the next thing I knew, the bar was bent like a horseshoe. FUCKING AWESOME. I love this!!!! Now I gotta show this off for someone!

I grabbed the remains of Dr. Adams briefcase and headed out the door -- a new man err should I say -- SUPERMAN. I was walking down the street and approached an intersection. There wasn’t any traffic around so I started across the street on a ‘Walk sign‘. Just then a car came flying over the hill and into the intersection through a red light. He jammed on the brakes and just missed me. He stopped the car right in front of me. He didn’t offer an apology and just yelled that I should look both ways before I crossed the street. I started to feel a rage come over me.

“You chose the wrong dude to mess with today buddy.” I snapped back at him. I felt the euphoric feeling grow stronger. I needed to teach this asshole a lesson. I grabbed his car under the drivers door and lifted. It was like nothing. That shit must have multiplied my strength 10 times AGAIN!!! Holy fuck. I’m the strongest guy in the world. Nothing can stop me! I hoisted the car over my head and grabbed it by the axels. I gave it a good shake.

“Jesus Christ man -- what are you???” the driver yelled out the window. “How are you doing this?” He was scared shitless. It was awesome. I felt drunk with strength. I felt like I needed to do more.

I bent down and put the car over my back, not even breathing hard, and said “You ain’t seen nothing yet man.” I hit what would be a classic most muscular pose pulling the axels down and bending the car over my back. I ripped the fucking car in half!!!” This is going to be an incredible life for me now. The driver jumped out of the wreckage and ran away. I wasn’t going to hurt him. I just wanted to show him that he needed to be more careful. I finished up with his car and tossed it to the side of the road and carried on my way home.

Walking down the sidewalk, I came upon a bar that was known for the rough guys in town. There were rumours of huge bar brawls breaking out, all sorts of violence. Today I was feeling particularly safe, so I stopped in to check it out. All eyes were on me when I walked in -- but I couldn’t give a fuck… what were they gonna do to me? HA HA HA!!! I walked straight up to the bar and ordered a beer from the bartender. I felt like I needed to make some room for myself at the bar so I approached the biggest guy there and said “Give me your barstool.”

“Fuck you pencil neck!” he snarled. “He took my beer and dumped it over my head.”

“Oh man, now you’re askin’ for it!” I said.

“Let’s arm wrestle for it…” he snarled “and you ain’t got a chance against me… I’m the bar champ and by the looks of you, I could rip your arm off and use it as a fucking toothpick.”

“You’re on” I said confidently “Let’s go!!!”

The whole bar surrounded the two of us. We were gonna go for it man to man. Little did he know who he was messing with. “Ready, set, GO!!!” yelled some little biker bitch. We both sat there staring each other in the eye. He was waiting for me to start to try. “That all you got little man?” the biker said “Cause you’re about to get your ass whipped and then some!”

“Here man, why don’t you use both hands -- I got the feeling you’re gonna need’em!” I spat at him. It was a total role reversal. I could see he was applying full strength to me and I wasn’t budging. In fact I was just laughing at him. He was finding out my little secret. He quickly put both hands on my one hand and started wrenching my wrist. I still wasn’t budging. This was incredible. Not even straining, I finally poured it on. I smashed his arm through the table - flipping him over and then I applied some might to his hand and he was on his knees begging me for mercy. I let go of his hand and grabbed a barstool and destroyed it. That’s the best way I could describe it. It was absolutely destroyed. I wrapped it around the bikers body and started doing one-arm shoulder presses with him. The whole bar was in awe -- cheering as I went along counting the reps. “Looks like I’m the bar champ now asshole” I said as I put his sorry ass down on the floor and a couple of other bikers tried to free their friend. I could hear some comments coming from them like “I’ve never seen anyone so strong before -- that was incredible” and “He really showed you didn’t he fat ass!!” I laughed as I grabbed a beer from behind the bar and guzzled it down. It was getting late and I needed to get home.

When I got home, I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. What I was capable of. FUCK ME - I gotta be the strongest man in the universe. Now I just want to add some muscle on - I flexed a few poses in the mirror - and surprisingly - despite all the lifting I had just done, I wasn’t even pumped in the least. I looked through the rest of Dr. Adams briefcase and found phases 3-5. Hmmm Dave said that there were only four phases, I wonder if phase 5 is something new.

Anyways, being my impatient self, I decided to administer phase 3 to myself right away. What was the worst that could happen. I prepared the syringe again and shot myself with twice the normal dose of muscle growth serum. My growth started immediately. My shirt got super tight. Like a second skin. My pants were filling up so my legs looked like two giant sausages. Then it happened… the moment I had been waiting for… the sweet release of all the fabric hitting it’s breaking point. All I could hear was tearing and ripping… it was happening so fast I didn’t know what was ripping anymore and I didn’t care. I was revelling in the feeling of my new muscles. I was hard as a rock. When the growth finally settled down, I looked at myself in the mirror. Bodybuilder - - that doesn’t even begin to cover what I saw looking back at me. I was like some new species of man. I powered my physique through a bunch of poses. Damn, I love this new look. I gotta show this off to someone.

I called my buddy Rich from high school. He’s a guy who will really appreciate this. •

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