By cca651

Cal was loading groceries into the fridge when I finally burst out of the bathroom.

“There you are!” he called back. “Can you believe they don’t carry soy milk at the grocery store but they *do* at the Gas ‘n’ Go? Drove all over freakin’ creation. Worse part is, I still think the twins are making this vegetarian shit up!” He slammed the fridge door shut just as I reached him and dragged him outside.

“Whoa! What’s up?” he pulled free of my grip and stopped short.

We were at the top of the hill overlooking the tents. The sun had set and the lake, reflecting the crimson western sky, looked like the portal to Hell against the darkening landscape.

“Charlie, is something wrong?” He was looking at me with a frown.

I had to get a grip.

“No…sorry – I’m fine,” I said, exhaling. What else was there to say? This was no time for the truth (‘Cal, Mr. Gamm just nipple-fucked me’) – to be honest, I didn’t even know what the truth was. I had a horrible feeling that Cal was in danger, that maybe we both were – but, from what?

“Have a bad shower experience, boy?” he laughed, tousling my wet hair.

“Can’t you fix the lock on that goddammed door? Christ!”

“Oh, I see – you got a look at it!” He spun me around and then, hands on my shoulders, began steering down the hill before him. “Tis a mighty prick, matey, am I right?”

“Yeah, he was waiting to use the shower after me. I – I just like a bit of privacy when I’m soaping my stuff.”

Cal guffawed. “Your ‘stuff’? You crazy kids with your street talk!” Hands still on my shoulders, he shook me playfully. “Sure, maybe Tom likes to show it off a little. He’s not going to try anything if that’s what your worried about – he’s had plenty of opportunities with me and hasn’t made a move…..and, really, Charlie, who could resist *this*?”

With that he moved in from behind and gave me a full-body bump. “And look at *you*! Talk about putting it on display! You crawled into my tent last night like the buffest, pumped-up little stud muffin this side of Fuck-me Town – so anyway, I’m blaming you for the nightmares I had, thank-you-very-much!”

Jimmy, the other counselor, had built a fire on the lakeshore and was sitting alone, lost in thought.

“Hey guys,”

“Hey Jimmy,“ Cal said, sitting beside him. “Kids zipped-in already?”

I sat across from the two, watching Cal moodily.

“Yeah, they were sacked out and so am I…wish I didn’t have to go tonight.”

“Jimmy takes notes for Gamm at the monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings in Galaxy.” Cal explained.

“Mr. Gamm doesn’t go?” I asked.

“Sure he goes – he just can’t be bothered to write. Likes to take a secretary.”

Jimmy scowled and stood. “Guess I’d better get up there or he’ll be coming to get me.” With that he disappeared into the darkness.

A short time later a car engine started and headlights swept through the woods at the top of the hill. Then it was quiet. Just the crickets and the crackle of the fire.

I decided to change Cal’s life.

“You said you had a nightmare last night?”

He was in a campfire trance. He looked up and frowned – his dark eyes gleaming in the firelight.

”Yeah, “ he thought back and shook his head slightly, “…yeah, I did. And you don’t want to know.”

“Cal, I think I *do* know.” I got up and moved around the fire to sit beside him. “It was about us, wasn’t it – it was about sex.” I whispered it, not meeting his eyes.

“I don’t think we should….”

“Cal, listen. I think I had the same dream. I don’t even know if it *was* a dream.”

He started to protest but just sputtered a couple of half-words.

“Listen, Cal. There’s something you don’t know and I have to tell you –“

“Charlie, I *know* you’re gay. Take it easy…I’m cool –“

“No, Cal, LISTEN! There’s something you don’t know! And you won’t believe it when I tell you. But I can show you. I can show you and then you *will* believe it. And I *need* to show you because something is wrong and…and…and I’m kind of afraid. For you. For both of us.”

He leaned back on his hands and exhaled wearily. “Charlie, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“I know I sound crazy. But you know me enough to know I’m not, right? We…we don’t have a lot of time and I’ve got to make you understand something and you’re going to think it’s very weird – and then we’re going to have to decide what to do. Please trust me enough for that – just to tell you and show you. Please Cal. I – I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“Bud, I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing – is this campfire-ghost-story time?”

I got up and sat behind him, my legs spread on either side of his, my lips next to his ear. He stiffened nervously and leaned forward but I took his biceps softly in each hand and pulled him gently back against me.

“Cal, I just want you to hear every word I say, even when I’m whispering like this - softly. Relax and just listen. All you have to do is listen. First I’m going to tell you, then I’m going to show you, OK? It’s OK if you don’t understand at first. You will.” My voice was soft and I felt him relax slightly, his biceps softening as he let himself lean back against me.

“I have…an ability – like a special gift. I can go inside people – I can go inside and listen, or I can feel what they feel, or I can … I can change them if I want to.”

“What, like ESP?” he snorted.

“No, not like ESP. I become a part of them. I can make them change. I can make them do stuff.”

“Hypnosis…” he muttered.

“No, not hypnosis. It’s something you’ve never dreamt of. There is no term for it…I call it ‘influence’ but it’s not just mental – it’s physical too. You don’t believe me, do you?”


“That’s OK. Neither did my Dad until I showed him. And after I showed him he understood – enough to believe me, anyway. Can I show you, Cal? You’re the only other one I’ve ever told. The only other one…”

He didn’t answer and I entered him. A thousand chirping crickets fell suddenly silent and there was only the crackling of the fire.

“I did it just then, Cal, “ I whispered in his ear. “Did you feel anything?”

“No. The crickets – “ he murmured, slightly dazed.

“Weird side-effect, huh? Something changes and insects can sense it. You don’t feel anything else?”

“Excited,” we whispered simultaneously.

I knew his feeling at the same instant he discovered it. He started to tense and I held him softly against me so he could feel my slow deep breaths. This calmed him.

“We’ll go slowly, Cal. I’ll never hurt you.” I remembered Gamm’s similar words in the bathroom and felt momentarily uneasy. “I’m just like a tiny speck inside you now but I want to feel more. Just a little more…”

I expanded excitedly – maybe too quickly – to take in his physical sensations. He gasped quietly and I could suddenly experience the fullness of his body – the total physical sense of being Cal. I also felt how my body felt to him, pressed against his. The warmth of my crotch pressed against his buttocks and my pecs like cushions against his back. His emotions swirled through mine as he slowly wrapped his mind around what was happening.

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you, Cal.” I whispered, barely audibly, sensing tiny sparks of fear dancing around the growing sense of wonder within him. “I know you now, completely, and you know me, right? We would never hurt each other so there’s nothing to fear, right?”


“I don’t know how or why. I’ll show you the rest now. This part is amazing…”

I moved my attention around his body; felt the cotton fabric of his shirt drag slightly across his nipples as he breathed deeply, felt his tongue pressed lightly against the roof of his mouth. His own awareness followed mine and he became excited by his own body, as if experiencing it anew. I moved to his groin, feeling the weight of his balls between his strong thighs, his cock laying to the right. A ripple of resistance formed, then subsided, like a single drop disturbing the surface of a dark pool.

“Let me know when you can feel it happening,” I murmured.

His cock started to fill slightly. “I feel it now!” he gasped.

“I haven’t started.”


His emotions were like the northern lights streaming through the darkness, changing colors with his thoughts. They glowed hot now with embarrassment and I took this moment of intensity to bloat his cock and balls slightly. Our spirits roiled against each other and when things had calmed he noticed the additional weight between his legs.

“Oh god, I feel that!” he said.

“Feel this.”

I gave his entire package another injection of mass. His body stiffened and inside he seemed to sparkle silver until the growth was completed. His cock thickened and the bulbous head pushed out the leg opening of his shorts, the slit dilated as if gasping for air. A dribble of crystal liquid pulsed from the tiny mouth.

“No…oh no….” he groaned.

He slid his hand down to weigh the heavy ball sack, to finger the glassy-slick knob. It was like touching a stranger’s cock and he was aware of my presence in his fingertips too, of my own cock stiffening between the globes of his ass.

“Now feel this.”

His entire body expanded slowly. It was an amazing feeling – I always called it ‘inflation’. At first his shorts and shirt appeared to be constricting around his torso, molding to his contours like a second skin. When the tightness was just short of pain, I stopped. His newly acquired weight caused me to fall slowly backwards until he was lying on top of me. His head, still its normal size, was lolling back on my shoulder, my lips brushing his ear.

“Have you ever felt anything so great?”


“You’re bigger…feel…”

I stretched the shirt up over his pecs and felt them expand into my hands as he gasped for breath. His own hands came up, measuring and squeezing. I put mine on top of his and led them around his new body. My hard-on was pressed under the immense weight of his ass. As I coaxed him gently from the inside, he slowly rock his globes back and forth over my shaft, stopping in mid-roll to clench and release the rod between his cheeks, then repeated the motion again and again.

“Do you feel how much of me is part of you now, Cal?” I sighed.


“Are you OK?”


Using both hands and all my strength I tried to push his shorts down but couldn’t get the waistband to stretch around his ass. With one hand he reached down and tore the fabric from his body like tissue paper. His cock swung through the air and landed with a wet thwack on his belly. Inside him there was a growing white light like the end of a train tunnel swiftly approaching. I knew he didn’t have long.

I had one hand stretched around as much of his cockhead as it could encompass – polishing the slick knob and tormenting the slippery slit with my middle finger. He wrapped both his hands around the remaining shaft and began to pound savagely while I made a fist of my free hand and pressed it roughly into his balls. The white light filled him.

When he came it felt like I was pressing my hand over a gushing garden hose. Suddenly images began to appear through the blinding light. Cal was kneeling over Gamm’s gigantic body on the bathroom floor, rubbing his hot young body up and down the entire length of the giants cock as it bucked under him, threatening to throw him off.

My own cock began to spurt uncontrollably…

Another scene – now it was Cal who was huge, sitting with his back against the wall, his head almost touching the shower nozzle, while Gamm squatted over his lap, impaling himself on the young man’s huge prick and spraying cum into the air as he jabbed his ass up and down wildly, his meaty pecs bouncing with each thrust. The memories continued to flash before my eyes and I lived each scene as if it was happening to me. Rough fingers squirming between my clenched ass cheeks, pressing into my hot hole. Lips tormenting my sensitive nipples as my cock unloaded again and again into the cushioned palm of an oversized fist. My head nearly engulfed between the muscular globes of a huge ass – feeling the cheeks clamped around my ears, the quivering ass-lips pressed hard against my mouth….

Finally the images faded, the light dimmed, and it was just Cal and me, separate now - sweat-drenched, cum-soaked, and splayed-out under the twinkling stars. Tentatively at first, the crickets resumed their chirping.

“Fuck, Charlie…” Cal wimpered, rolling slowly off me onto his side. “Jesus fuck!”

“Cal, are you OK?” I asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. He jerked away.

“Cal, that stuff at the end…do you remember?”

“….jesus fucking christ, Charlie…”

“Cal, please, do you remember any of that stuff ever happening before?”

“Are you nuts? No! You’re sick!”

“Cal, I didn’t do that! That wasn’t me! It came from you!”

I pulled him onto his back and looked into his face.

“I think that shit actually happened to you!” •

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