Super Powers Universe, The


By legionxp

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This part contains the Hammer and James battle.

Rex and Frank show up again in part 5.

I hope you guys like this, took forever to get just right.

South Fork, right after where part 3 left off

James surveys the town, he intuitively knows who did this, but they promised. He feels the top of the small metal device that sits just above his right buttock. He flashes back to that day….

James was in the woods, it was two weeks after he had killed Pete. There was a terrible roar, three huge men in black flew from the sky.

They demonstrated their powers. Told him all of South Fork would be wiped out if he didn’t cooperate. Then they took him away for 12 hours and drew some blood from him. They needed his special power. The one he got when he killed Pete, the one he really couldn’t control.

They could’ve killed James and maybe absorbed his special power, but then they would have to experiment on themselves. Also, there was no way to really keep James imprisoned without damaging him, so they struck a deal. Every three months they would take the blood they needed from James for their experiments. As long as James complied, South Fork would not be destroyed.

James thought that they had now broken the deal, but this man was not in black, he was not one of them, or was he?

James focuses on the gas tank of the bus and VREEET! Unleashes his heat vision. After about five seconds KABBOOOM! The bus explodes in a fiery cloud around Hammer. Well it would have, if Hammer was still under it.

WRRRRR! Hammer tunnels through the earth at super speed and SWOOOSH! Blasts up through the soil, behind James. James scans for Hammer in desperation and then realizes, he turns. THWAMM! Hammer’s fist connects with James’ face. OOOOOSHHH!

James has never felt anything like this, he is propelled 20 miles in just a few seconds and stops only when he slams into a skyscraper in the city of Boise. KABASHHH! He then is able to reverse his momentum and return to the scene.

Hammer in the meantime turns his attention to the firemen who have donned their hazardous materials suits and have no idea that a battle of titans is underway due to the thick green smoke that covers the town square. The green smoke is so thick, even with their brightest flashlights and headlamps, the firemen can’t see more than a foot in front of their faces. The air is so thick with the smoke that there is actual resistance when they try to walk through it, it’s like trying to walk through Jell-O.

Hammer lifts a fire truck UMPPH! And walks it over to the edge of the pit. The three firemen on the truck freak out, but RMMBLE! RMMBLE! Hammer shakes the truck violently, bouncing them around a bit and knocking them for a loop. Some firemen have gathered at the bottom of the smoking pit and are frustrated because they cannot find any survivors. Hammer cocks his arms back and OOOOOSH! Flings the fire truck toward the pit bottom. KERRRASSH! It smashes into the ground below and the firemen scramble, except for the two that were crushed by it.

VREEET! Hammer’s heat vision targets the gas tank of the fire truck. Suddenly, THWAAAMMMM! Two fists slam into Hammer’s back and OOOOOSH! He is launched into the forest. CRACK! CRACK! KERACCCK! As his body blows through the forest, Hammer snaps many trees.

James FWOOOOSH! Uses his super cool breath to cool the fire truck’s gas tank. A stream of the frosty white cooling vapors races from his lips and surrounds the gas tank. It also has the unintended affect of freezing one nearby fireman to death.

Hammer grabs a 105 year old oak tree by its trunk and RUMPFFT! Tears it out of the earth with one hand. VOOOSH! Hammer flies off toward James, holding the huge tree like a baseball bat as he races through the sky.

James spots Hammer flying at him with the tree and calls on his heat vision VREEEET! James’ heat vision sets the tree aflame, but doesn’t completely incinerate it. Hammer smiles and OOOSH! Throws the massive tree to the North, it shoots like a comet through the sky and KABBOOOOM! Smashes into one of the 10 houses on the street that is a mile from town. The house instantly explodes in flame.

“I was hoping you would do that,” Hammer sneers as James races toward the burning house.

Hammer smiles and puffs out his cheeks FAWOOSH! A brief gust of wind with the power of 1000 hurricanes escapes his lips and KAAABABOOOM! Blows the burning house to smithereens. Chucks of flaming house rain down upon the whole neighborhood, setting other homes ablaze.

James stops when he sees the house explode under the power of Hammer’s blast of super breath. He needs to take out Hammer before he hurts anymore people. James turns back and sees Hammer standing 30 yards from the pit and FAWOOOOSH! Using his super breath to herd firemen and their fire trucks into the deep hole. The 23 firemen are quickly overwhelmed by the windstorm and OOOOOSH! Are the first to go as Hammer’s breath propels them into the hole like tumbleweeds. FAWOOOOSH! The two ton fire trucks shake a bit before OOOOSH! Racing into the smoking pit. In seconds Hammer’s task is complete, he slowly closes his mouth, ending the brief wind storm.

James doesn’t know what to do, he has been totally outplayed by this foe.

“NO!” screams James as VREEETT! He targets Hammer with his heat vision. The beams slam into Hammer’s pecs and soon Hammer’s chest is glowing a reddish hue. Unfortunately for James, his heat beams are not strong enough to wear down Hammer’s invulnerability.

Hammer turns toward James and FAWOOOSH! A gust of Hammer’s freeze breath shoots into the sky swallowing James in a bluish vapor cloud which quickly solidifies into a super strong ice like substance. OOOOSH! James plummets to the ground, trapped in a cube. WHUUMP!

Hammer flies up and stands next to the cube.

“You obviously have little experience in combat boy,” Hammer sneers. “I have killed at least 15 people with powers just like yours. Why don’t you just surrender now?”

“Never, you bastard,” James screams as his muscles push against the cube. “We had a deal, you promised.”

“A deal? I make no deals,” Hammer retorts. “You like these humans, don’t you, too bad!”

As James is helplessly trapped, Hammer raises his hand and SHRACCKKT! A beam of green energy blasts from his hand into the cube, charging it and James up.

“AAAEEEEII—“ James shouts in pain as Hammer’s power fills him.

Once the cube and James are glowing brightly enough, Hammer stops the beam. Smoke billows from his palm. James’ muscular body is throbbing within the cube, Hammer’s energy blast has really messed with him.

OOSH! Hammer lifts the sparkling cube and flies over the pit with it. James continues to struggle within it.

WOOOOSH! Hammer flings the cube into the pit at full force. KABOOOOOM! Upon impact the cube and James unleash their lethal energy payloads. A bright green light fills the pit and the firemen are smoked in a huge bright green energy flash. FOOMPH!

Hammer waits for James to crawl from the muck filled pit, to pass the time OOOOOOO! Hammer opens his mouth and sucks in the green smoke cloud, storing hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of green smoke in his lungs for later use. The poisonous affects of the dark green smoke on humans could come in handy later.

BOOOOSH! James explodes from the mud at the bottom of the pit.

“You asshole, all those firemen,” James cries in rage and pain.

VOOOSH! James flies at Hammer at his top speed with his fists outstretched ready to hit him hard with everything he has.

As he approaches Hammer, Hammer smirks at him and SWOOOSH! Disappears at super speed. KRENCH! James feels two hands grab his ankles and then OOOOOOSH! Hammer tosses James like a rag doll toward the earth and WHHHHAMMM! Into the side of one of four buses that are parked next to each other. BOOOM! BOOOM! BOOM! James rips through each of the four buses and finds himself laying in a pile of twisted metal wreckage.

James “UGGGH!” moans in pain, just as SWOOOOSH! Hammer appears and THOMP! WHAMM! KWOOMPH! Rains blow after blow upon James. Hammer’s super strength tests the limits of James’ invulnerability. The super fast and super strong blows leave him stunned and unable to mount a counter defense.

Then SWOOOOSH! PTHONCK! Hammer plants a roundhouse kick in the center of James’ chest. OOOOOSH! James is blasted across the town square where KERASSSH! He is launched through the front and out the back of the town library in a hail of bricks.

SWOOOOSH! Hammer is off and standing over James, who lays face up on the grass, stunned. Hammer reaches down and grabs James by his neck and squeezes.

“GAKK-“ James chokes as Hammer’s huge hand compresses his neck and holds him a foot off the ground.

“Had enough yet?” Hammer teases. “You’ve never even dreamed of power like mine, have you, chump? You can’t even save your own town.”

With that, Hammer turns toward the town and ZRACKKIKT! Unleashes his laser vision. The yellow beams streak across the town square and slam into the façade of the open Trojan bar in which about 25 people are seeking shelter from the green smoke and chaos outside. FRAZZZKT! The energy from the beams quickly spreads through the building and everyone inside, screams are heard and then SKRACKOOOM! The bar vanishes in a bright flash of white light, it has been completely reduced to vapor.

“Damn, am I a good shot or what,” Hammer exclaims with pride, his pupils are still glowing with his yellow laser powers as he faces James.

James struggles in his grip, Hammer thrusts his head forward and KUCNKK! Head butts James. James goes limp and almost passes out. Hammer is bored by this wimpy opponent. This dude is not putting up enough of a fight, as he does is babble about some promises that Hammer doesn’t know anything about.

Hammer WOOOOSH! Flies over to the only neighborhood in South Fork, holding James. Of the 10 houses, two at the end of the block are burning and Hammer previously destroyed the neighboring house. Apparently the residents of these homes were at the bowling alley or were employed by the city at the fire or police department. All Hammer notices is that no one is reacting to the fires.

Hammer examines the houses carefully and then lands in front one with a sign outside that says “room for rent”. The house has been converted into several small apartments. James lives in one of those apartments with his girlfriend Jan. Hammer gleaned this from James' employee file.

WZZZZZZ! Hammer scans the apartments with his enhanced vision and locates apartment number five. A young female is sleeping within apartment number five, which is on the second floor. In fact, the bedroom window faces the front lawn that Hammer is standing on. There are about eight other young folks inside the house, dozing or drinking in various other apartments.

This should put some fight back in this loser, Hammer thinks.

“Wake up,” Hammer shakes James and he awakens. “Do you know where we are, asshole?”

James’ eyes snap open, “NO! NO!”

Before James can react, Hammer presses James against his massive pectorals and FWASSH! Blasts him with a flash of blue light that he projects from his slabs of muscle. James is instantly immobilized.

“You like that, wimp?” Hammer taunts James. “That’s my stasis power, you won’t be able to move for just a little while. I could probably paralyze a wimp like you for a day with full exposure. I bet you wish yours were this size. Why don’t you have a look.”

Hammer presses James’ face into his chest and THOOM! THOOOM! Bounces and rolls his thick, heavy beach balls of muscle a few times, rubbing them across James’ frozen face, taunting James’ with his huger muscles and greater powers. James face is buried in Hammer’s right pec, the slab of hot beef surrounds James’ head like a big bean bag chair conforms to a person’s ass.

“Can you smell my pec power, dickhead?” Hammer taunts as his pecs throb on his chest and massage James’ immobilized head. Hammer positions James’ open mouth over his right nipple. Then Hammer “opens” his nipple and FFFFFSSSSSH! A jet of green smoke is forced down James’ throat. James feels it inside his lungs and it makes him feel sick. “Can you taste the power that will bring you death?”

Hammer then pushes his pecs to the sides of his chest which opens the deep, lean valley between his two gigantic pecs and positions James’ head in the center of his chest and then THWHAMP! Relaxes his pecs and lets the two hunks of smoking beef slam into the sides of James’ head. James’ head is jolted by the impact and is now buried in Hammer’s chest, surround by his thick pecs.

“I could crack your skull like a nut, bitch,” Hammer snarls as he contracts and relaxes his pecs tightening and loosening their grip on James’ head. Then he changes it up and THOOM! THOOM! Bounces them up and down, rubbing them along the sides of James’ face, slowly. Hammer enjoys toying with his foe, the sight of his opponent’s head locked between his pecs is amusing to Hammer.

He releases James’ head from his pecs and slams James’ open mouth over his right nipple. Then Hammer “opens” his nipple and FFFFFSSSSSH! A jet of green smoke is forced down James’ throat. James feels it inside his lungs and it makes him feel sick.

Hammer grabs James by his shoulders, raises him in the air, and then UMMPH! Plants James like a tree slamming him feet first in the front lawn next to him, facing the house, so he can watch and maybe get “motivated”.

Hammer raises both of his fists over his head and then brings them down KAAAABBOOOOOM! Slamming them into the ground. RUMMBLE! CROOOM! Everything within a three mile radius shakes and rattles. Huge fissures, originating at the point of impact, open in the Earth and snake outwards expanding to swallow trees and houses that are unlucky enough to be caught in their path. The houses in the neighborhood, which were not designed to withstand powerful seismic forces KERASHOOM! BTHOMM! Collapse, burying their residents in debris.

Cries come from the houses, James can only watch, Hammer can only smile as he rises into the air and extends his arms KRAZZT! Spheres of green energy crackle into existence around his hands. Then Hammer points his arms toward the houses at the ends of the row and fires huge beams of green energy from his hands SHRACCCK! PHOOOMPH! The home sites are instantaneously transformed into barren plains of ash. Hammer moves his arms down the row, never stopping the beams, vaporizing house after house, PHHOOOMPH! cutting them down one after the other, until only the house containing James’ apartment remains.

Hammer smiles at James and then SHRACCCKT! SHRACCKT! A lower intensity beam from each of Hammer’s hands plunges into the house below him. Screams for help are heard as the house slowly begins to fill with Hammer’s godlike power. As Hammer’s energies overwhelm them, objects are reduced to vapor a few at a time. POOOF! Some of the screams stop as the residents are vanquished. James can only watch as his one source of happiness in this world is PHOOOMPH! Wiped out by a grinning Hammer.

“Oh yeah,” Hammer exclaims when he lands. “Was that hot or what? I’d like to see you try that stunt.”

Without warning THWAAAMMM! Hammer’s fist connects with James’s chin OOOOOSH! James is launched three miles into the sky by Hammer’s uppercut before beginning his descent.

Hammer watches James fall from the sky VREEEET! Hammer’s heat vision blasts from his eyes and FVOOOSH! Slams into James. The heat is so intense, James can’t concentrate enough to use his flight powers. Hammer doesn’t let up VREEEET! The air ignites around James and his clothes are burned away. KABBOOOM! James crashes into a farmers’ field, creating a giant smoking crater.

Hammer SWOOOOSH! Races to meet him. Smoke rises from James as he lays face up in a crater. Hammer hovers over him, James opens his eyes. Hammer AOOOM! AOOOOM! Flexes his pecs and unleashes two transparent kinetic force balls. THWAAM! THWAMAM! James is blasted into the Earth. AOOOM! AOOOOM! Hammer’s pecs leap up and down on his chest, each bounce unleashes another force blast, hammering James deep into the ground and packing the earth around him. A cloud of displaced soil fills the air.

Hammer turns toward the nearby farm house and VREET! Lights it up like a Christmas tree with his heat vision. FROOOOSH! It bursts into flames.

James claws his way out of the dirt slowly, he is buried waist deep in the earth. Hammer smiles at James and his eyes glow yellow as he watches a small amount of blood flow from James’ nose. Then ZRAAACK! Hammer’s yellow laser vision slams into James’ large pectorals.

“AEEEIIII!” James cries out as the beams burn into his flesh, waves of yellow energy cascade from the impact point and flow across James’ torso. Hammer hits him with laser vision intense enough to instantly vaporize a 2000 square foot house. It seems James’ invulnerability is holding up pretty well.

Hammer stops the beams and James shivers as his upper torso smokes from Hammer’s last assault, he is weak and stuck in the earth. Hammer steps up to him with a smirk on his face, raises his fist into the air and WHAMMMM! Brings it down right on the top of James’ head. BOOOOOSH! Hammer’s muscle power blasts James through layers of soil and bedrock, a mile deep into the Earth itself. James lies at the bottom of the mile deep hole, bruised, dirty, and dazed from the devastating blow to the head that Hammer dealt him.

Hammer positions his massive pecs over the hole and tenses them, they quickly swell and glow with his green energy and then FAZZKT! FAZZKT! They each emit one bolt of green energy which shoots into the dark hole, races to the bottom, and KKAKAKOOOOM! Explodes underground. James screams “AEEIIIIII” as the energy storm washes over him and also vaporizes a huge amount of soil and rock. The field Hammer is standing in collapses into a crater ½ mile deep and a ¼ mile across.

James is buried under the earth, his body has been ravaged by the explosion and the waves of energy that washed over him. He’s out of gas, he has no hope and then he remembers his special power. He remembers that he can grow. He has only done it once, but this may be his only shot at survival.

James focuses and lets the power flow into his muscles, the morphing power, the power he got when he killed Pete.

“GRRRRROAR!!” his voice explodes from below the earth.

James’ muscles begin to expand and grow to giant size, his skeletal structure grows as well to support all of that muscle. James watches as his biceps grow as large a small car, veins popping out from the giant cannons. James shoulders inflate like hot air balloons, filling with giant super muscle power. His smooth pecs rise like bread dough, except really fast, creating a “trench” between them that is at least two feet deep. James pink nipples expand until they are the size of pancakes, accenting his massive pecs perfectly. His neck grows thicker, his forearms grow until they are as thick as tree trunks. James quads and hamstrings stretch and grow until his legs look like he has two whales under his skin.

Soon James BOOOSH! bursts through the ground he is now a 40 foot tall giant. His strength increases with the amount of super dense muscle that covers his huge frame. Nothing is going to move this beast.

Hammer stares up in awe, he has never seen anything like this. THWAMMM! James’ giant fist powers into the distracted Hammer. OOOOOSHHH! Hammer KERASSH! Is blasted through a barn as James’ powerful punch launches Hammer two miles before Hammer MASHHH! plows into the earth like a comet, digging a 25 yard trench into a field before coming to a stop.

VREEEEETT! James’ arrives and unleashes his heat vision, VOOOOSH! Hammer is ignited along with everything within 25 feet of him. The powerful heat beams almost hurt Hammer, as they burn the crops around him to ashes. Hammer gets up and WUUUDD! James’ giant foot sends him blasting into the earth.

WWWOOOOM! Hammer finds himself a ¼ mile deep inside the earth. This is so embarrassing, how could he let a pathetic child like this do this to him?

James, meanwhile, feels is confidence growing. He is fighting back successfully, despite not really being used to being this large and the awkwardness of it all.

Hammer makes his move and WOOOOSH! Flies up through the dirt and WABOOSH! Explodes from beneath the surface 25 yards in front of James followed by a giant dirt cloud. James is swallowed by the dirt cloud with his giant sized body, he’s a little slow to respond.

This is just the opening Hammer needs. Hammer looks down at his thick, hard pecs and THOOM! THOOOOM! Watches them spring to life and unleash a powerful wave of concussive force that slams into James’ head and stuns him.

Hammer quickly flies at James, extending both of his fists straight out ahead of him. WBOOOOOM! Hammer’s fists blast into James’ solar plexus and THWOMP! Hammer finds himself smashed into the deep valley between James’ pecs, as Hammer’s powerful blow doesn’t cause James to move at all. His giant muscular body simply absorbs the impact, although the force of it does leave James a bit shell-shocked, he quickly reacts and presses his pecs around Hammer, squeezing the tyrant between the two humongous slabs of muscle.

“AARRRRGGHHH!” Hammer lets out an involuntary cry of surprise as the crushing force of James’ giant pecs catches him off guard.

“You like that, you bastard,” James shouts as he squeezes his pecs together with as much force as he can muster, almost crushing Hammer.

Then PRZZATT! James lets his green energies pump into his pecs and PRZACCKTT! Out into Hammer. Hammer trapped between the two muscle masses is at the mercy of James’ powers. So far, Hammer is able to withstand James’ energies without consequence to himself, but that won’t last for long.

Hammer turns his head upward and sees James’ giant face smiling down at him as he “massages” Hammer with his slabs of meat and charges Hammer with his power. Hammer forms his lips into an “O” shape and FAWOOOOOSH! Blasts James’ face dead on with a powerful gust of his super cold breath. James is caught by surprise as his head is surrounded by a thick bluish fog that robs his body of heat, cooling his head to almost absolute zero.

James’ pecs relax involuntarily and Hammer forms a fist and THWHHAMMM! Drives the most powerful blow his big guns can deliver into the “base” of James’ left pec, as close to his heart as possible.

“ACCK-“ James gurgles and his pecs spasm and Hammer WOOOSH! Flies free.

Hammer UMMPH! Snatches a pickup truck from a nearby farm lifting it easily with his muscular arms and super strength and cocks it back and WOOOOSH! Launches it toward James’ with all of his might. KERASSSH! The truck explodes in a cloud of shrapnel and debris as it slams into James’ chest. It doesn’t do James’ any harm, but it keeps him off balance, which is what Hammer wants. Hammer needs to buy himself time.

James recovers quickly and KERRLAAP! claps his massive hands together using his super strength. The impact of James’ huge hands slamming together generates a powerful shockwave which blasts Hammer backward 50 yards BOOOOM! and rattles him a bit.

Hammer who finds himself sprawled out once again in a field realizes it’s time for him to make his move. WOOOOSH! Hammer flies straight up, 100 feet into the air, raises his arms, and FRAZZT! Spheres of green energy crackle into existence around his hands. Then FRAAAKT! FRAAAKTT! FRAAAKT! Hammer’s hands unleash a hail of orbs of green energy that KAFOOM! KAFOOOPH! KA-BOOOM! Slam into James’ and the ground around him, exploding in huge flashes of green light and kicking up tons of dirt. It looks like once of those scenes in Godzilla, where the whole army attacks the monster and he trashes around amid the chaos. In this case, James’ plays Godzilla and the awesome barrage of Hammer’s unmatched power, results in James’ failing about like a panicked animal, too stupid and uncomprehending to fight back.

James’ writhes within the giant dirt cloud as his body continues to be pounded by Hammer’s energy blasts, waves of green energy rip through James’ powerful, giant body. Hammer stops the blasts, and VREEEET! Unleashes his heat vision upon James. The broad beams are at full intensity, Hammer uses them only to keep James’ off balance, baking him as much as he can. Hammer needs a good 10 seconds to prepare, he has to make sure James is out of it for that long. James thrashes about, enraged and in pain.

Hammer stops the beams, this is his chance. James’ increased muscle mass has increased the magnitude of his invulnerability as well, so Hammer needs to pull out his big guns, literally. Hammer goes into a double biceps pose, he repeatedly contracts and relaxes his 25 inch biceps. They FRZZZ! Begin to glow with green light. Hammer takes turns reaching his hand around his upper arms and massaging the muscles, drawing forth his power. His huge upper arms glow brighter and brighter with green energy. Then Hammer flexes them and holds it. His biceps rise up like mountains, the triceps are giant as well. His cannons pulse with power, a large bright green circle of light crackles into existence on both of his arms, stretching from the peak of his bicep to the lower half of his triceps.

James, now focused, looks up toward Hammer. Hammer smirks and SKOOOOOOMPPHHH! A huge beam of green energy explodes forth from Hammer’s huge guns and slams into James’ pectorals. SHOFOOOMM! James is blasted backward as the energy streams into his body, it’s unstoppable, godlike power. “ARGGGHHH!” James cries out as waves of energy flow from the impact points through the rest of his body. Hammer smiles, it’s working. His bicep beams are really doing a number on James. Finally TWOOOPM! James collapses to the ground, after having his clock cleaned by Hammer’s awesome power. HISSSSSSSH! Smoke rises from James’ giant, nude muscular body.

Hammer WOOOSH! Lands next to James’ giant sized head as James moans weakly. Hammer leans his head into James’ right ear and FWOOOOSH! Puffs out his cheeks. The huge cloud of green gas that Hammer as inhaled from the bowling alley pit rushes into James’ ear at a few hundred miles and hour. Hammer wanted to save it to use on humans, but giving James a major case of vertigo will do. Hammer’s the force with which the gas is delivered by Hammer’s super lungs tears up James inner ear quite a bit.

Hammer then clamps each of his hands on opposite sides of James’ head and begins to rotate in a circle. WHOO! WHOO! WHOO! WHOOO! Hammer rotates faster and faster creating enough force to lift James into the air and spin him around. WHOO! WHOO! WHOO! Hammer rises into the air, spinning James, who is held firmly by Hammer’s outstretched arms. Faster and faster, WHOO! WHOOO! Hammer and James spin at hundreds of miles an hour, becoming an imperceptible blur. Then Hammer calculates and lets go at the precise moment OOOOOOOOOOOOSH! James is launched like a fucking rocket towards the town square. KABOOOM! KERASOOOM! KA-BOOOOM! James’ huge body takes out five farmhouses on it’s way to the town. KERACKK! KERACCCK! SNAAAPP! BERACCK! James rips through a forest, which slows him more. Then KERABOOM! James’ plows into the courthouse building, which explodes in a storm of bricks and mortar, on the edge of the town square and stops.

SWOOOOSH! Hammer is on the scene in an instant, he RUUMMP! Dives into the earth and BOOSH! Comes up below James and UMMMPHH! Hoists James over his head by pressing up against the center of James’ lower back. WOOOOSH! Hammer flies with James two miles up into the sky.

Hammer cocks James back and then flings him forward WOOOOOOOOSHH! James races like a bullet back to earth. KAAAA-BBOOOOM! James slams into the pond in the park in the town square. James lies stunned beneath the water.

Hammer flies down and hovers in the air over the pond and James THOOM! THOOM! Hammer’s pecs heave rhythmically and he tightens them up and KRAZ! KRAKAK! They balloon up on his chest, expanding as more of his power flows into them. They swell and pulse with un-quantifiable power. Then Hammer lets it all out, SHTOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM! A monstrous wave of green energy cascades from the slabs of granite and the flow doesn’t stop. The wave expands as it travels from Hammer’s pectorals, growing broader. KERZAAKTT! It slams into the waters and PHISSSHHHH! Almost instantly the pond is reduced to a large cloud of hot steam, exposing James. FRAZZZARRRCKT! Hammer’s pectoral power wave encompasses the giant body of James. Hammer’s massive pecs throb as his unstoppable energies rain down upon his victim, pouring into James who is powerless to resist such a massive energy assault, enough of Hammer’s power is blasted into James’ to wipe out a small city.

James begins to spasm and VIZZZZOOOSH! Shrink away, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. In moments James is normal sized again, dazed, but awake, he struggles to his feet, as Hammer lands near him.

“Well, you tried boy. It seems there isn’t much meat to you. You were easy, not much fight in you,” Hammer laments.

Hammer glares at the hunky James as he prepares to finish him. James lies on the grass, a river of blood flowing from his mouth. James hasn’t bled in five years.

His invulnerability has been significantly weakened, bruises cover James’ muscular body. James feels pain.

Hammer bounces his pecs and THOOOOM! A wave of concussive force washes over James which blows him backward

“ARGGHH! Please just…” James tries to speak, his breathing is labored.

Hammer grabs his own pecs and kneads them like bread dough, he’s priming them. Hammer examines James closely as he bounces them up and down. BOOM! BOOOM! Yes, James is ready, his invulnerability has been worn down enough that he will be vulnerable to Hammer’s most important power.

Hammer’s quarter size nipples begin to glow with a purplish light, the light slowly expands to make the rest of Hammer’s giant pectorals glow.

James stares at Hammer’s glowing purple pecs with a mixture of curiosity and horror. James knows that this can’t be good. Hammer’s powers are just more than he can handle. James struggles to find the energy to heal and fight back, but the battle with Hammer has depleted him, pretty much.

“Guess what, boy?” Hammer sneers. “You are about to join the winning team!”

Hammer’s pecs glow a brighter purple and swell up on his chest like two big balloons being inflated. Tendrils of purple lightening arc between the two giant slabs of muscle.

Hammer focuses and turns his torso toward James. FIIZREEEE! Hammer tenses his pecs and a broad ray beam of purple light shoots from his beefy twins and illuminates James. As the light swallows James the effect is slow but powerful, James feels weakness slowly spreading throughout his body. How can a low intensity ray of purple light have this much of an effect on him?

Hammer smiles as James thrashes around a bit and soon begins to struggle to stay conscious. The ray is like Kryptonite to James, it’s a power that is only effective once Hammer has sufficiently weakened his victim and it prepares his victim for the next step.

Hammer’s pecs continue to project the purple light on to James. FIIZREEE!

When James collapses to the ground, Hammer stops the beam, but his pecs continue to crackle with purple energy.

James breathing is labored, he is conscious but so weak, too weak to move, to resist.

Hammer lifts James from the ground and cradles the muscular young man in his arms as he carries him to the base of a statue. Hammer puffs out his cheeks and FWOOOSHH! A gust of his super breath launches the two ton iron statue out of the park OOOOOSH! And across the town square KERBAOOM! The statue crashes through the front door and shoots out the back of a store.

Hammer THWUD! Drops James onto the stone base of the statue. James lies face up on his back. His eyes blink rapidly and he breathes heavily, Hammer’s purple energy really did a number on him.

Hammer’s pectorals swell and expand as they once again fill with his ultimate power, this time however, they masses of hot beef glow a lighter purple, almost a white color. Hammer stands at James’ feet, his pecs hang on his chest, just above the base of the statue, in perfect position.

Hammer kneads his pecs like bread dough and FRAZZKTT! They crackle with swirling storm of purple and white energy. Hammer grins, removes his hands from his muscular chest, and focuses SSHHHAAKOOOM! Hammer’s pecs explode with the purplish white energy, the kickback is so powerful, Hammer is forced to take a little step back. James’ body shutters as Hammer’s power wave washes over him

Hammer’s power bursts forth from his pecs like light shines from the sun, bathing James in Hammer’s ultimate power.

Blue tendrils of light, the very essence of James’ super powers, spark from James’ muscles FRAZT! FRAZZKT! And race into Hammer’s pecs. Hammer’s pecs become a gateway into Hammer himself, while his purplish power rays “loosen” James’ power.

As the sparks of blue energy continue to shoot randomly from James’ muscles, James begins to slowly slide along the stone slab toward Hammer. Hammer’s pecs are now glowing a bright white and James is bathed in the white energy ray that the two masses of hot beef project. SHOOOOOM! The energy continues to race forth and then XERAZZT! James’ feet phase into Hammer’s pecs and James’ body continues to be sucked inside Hammer.

James’ skin near his ankles begins to turn gray, the gray color slowly spreads up his legs. FRAZZKT! FRACKT! A storm of blue lightening now shoots from James’ muscles and is sucked directly into Hammer’s pecs.

Hammer smiles and enjoys the feeling of ingesting this powerful young man. Soon only James’ upper torso remains and James is awakening, struggling again, trying to fight and wiggle and kick.

Hammer is displeased, but is happy his victim is this resilient.

James pummels Hammer with his fists, WHAM! WHAMM! But Hammer is not moved, but James resistance does complicate the process, so Hammer acts. THWACCKK! Hammer pacifies James with a Karate chop to the base of his neck. James is stunned and Hammer reaches out and grabs each of James’ fists and pushes them through his pectorals and into himself. FIISRT!

James struggles to pull his arms out of Hammer’s pecs, but resistance is futile. James continues to weaken as more and more of his body is sucked inside Hammer, inch by inch. His skin is all gray, he feels so weak, but he can’t give up, if he does his hometown is doomed.

James forms his lips into and “O” shape and blows as hard as he can PFFT! When once he could summon a mighty gale, the gust of breath that hits Hammer almost moves his hair.

Hammer notices and grins and then FWOOOOOSH! Lets James have it with his own blast of super breath. THWUNK! James is pressed against the stone slab during Hammer’s brief windstorm.

“Having some trouble with your powers boy?” Hammer mocks. “I like it when they struggle, it’s so cute.”

James tries his heat vision, but nothing happens. James is now without hope.

KERZAAAAKTT! Hammer’s energy vortex is swallowing James’ muscular chest, his nipples disappear inside Hammer. His nice, smooth pecs are gone. Hammer is enjoying each little bit of power that flows into his body as he ingests James.

“NO PLEASE!! Don’t----“ James screams in desperation as his broad shoulders begin to slide into Hammer.

His cries are interrupted as Hammer places one of his massive hands on James’ head and pushes it right into himself. FRAZZOOOM! Hammer body unleashes a flash of white light and the vortex closes.

Hammer feels the rush and the weaknesses in the knees. Then WHAMMM! The shape of a fist and arm protrudes from Hammer’s right pectoral about two feet. It’s James fighting back, a final effort. The arm doesn’t escape Hammer however, it is as if a person punched a thin rubber sheet, the rubber deforms under the force. WHAMMM! James lands another blow, the shape of his fist shoots out of Hammer’s back.

Then VOOOSH! Hammer begins to rise into the air, but it’s James doing the flying. Hammer focuses and FRAZZZTT! A bright white muscular figure is visible beneath Hammer’s skin and Hammer lands on the ground. The white energy of Hammer is finishing off James.

The white figure swirls and screams inside Hammer. Hammer stands still focusing, digesting. The figures legs fade away, then the midsection.

Suddenly James’ head protrudes from Hammer’s left pec his glowing white face is completely visible and stares up at Hammer, “NOOOOOOO!” James yelps as he feels death closing in, half of his body Hammer has already completely digested.

Hammer looks down at James’ head, which looks like it is covered in a thin layer of tan bubble gum. Hammer clamps his hands on it and holds it, Hammer loves to watch the final moments.

FRAXXXTT! James upper torso is gone.

“Goodbye fool,” Hammer roars as he watches and feels James’ skin, muscles, blood, and bone of James’ head become part of him.

It’s over for James. FRAZZZIZT! Hammer explodes with green light and tendrils of green energy shoot from his body.

Hammer smirks as he concentrates on absorbing James, Hammer’s muscles grow in unison as James’ muscles now become hammer’s muscles.

James’ strength is now Hammer’s strength.

James’ powers are now Hammer’s powers.

FOOOOMMM! Hammer explodes in a huge blast of white light, the process is complete Hammer parts his lips and PFFFT! Blows out a cloud of gray smoke, the only remains of James. Hammer notices his muscles all expand by a ¼ inch as James’ muscle fibers are absorbed.

Of course, Hammer was so much stronger than James’ that the physical changes to Hammer are not that significant.

Still, it’s a big rush. Hammer flies off at hundreds of miles an hour to find another city he can celebrate his latest conquest in…. >South Fork Town Square 3 hours later just before dawn

A man floats over the town square, a hugely, muscular man in a black, skin tight body suit. Along his collar are five small silver badges, indicating his high rank.

He scans the town, his eyes glowing white, he’s looking for something. He doesn’t find it, he’s mildly irritated.

The huge man stands in the park in the town square, he holds his palm out and FRAZZT! A small ball of white light crackles into existence.

OOOSH! It floats up into the sky over South Fork and begins to expand, glowing brighter and brighter like a white star. Then FWASSSSSSHHOOOOOOOOOM! The “star” explodes. Its light encompasses all of South Fork. In an instant, South Fork is reduced to an ashen circle 20 miles in diameter. No living thing survives.

The huge, blond haired man, satisfied, flies off….. •

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