By Genie

It was an awkward time for me. I had been working hard for years, but that didn't save me when the company went out of business during the recession. Hard work continued with lower pay, as I slaved at any job I could find.

Finally, I'd settled on two jobs -- working as a front-office greeter during the day at a small law firm, and working at night at a gas station. It kept the rent paid, but the other bills had long since gone into default now that my savings were gone.

The collectors weren't calling anymore, though -- the bankruptcy put an end to that. But along with that filing also went my sense of pride. Here I was, a once-successful engineer, now working as a part-time secretary and gas station attendant! At 28, I felt like life had rebooted to when I was just graduating from university -- but with fewer opportunities and an older, more tired face.

Recreation is a bit difficult when you have no money to spend. This weekend was no different. After wandering the boardwalk for a while, I was beginning to get even more bored. Looking up ahead, I noticed a small flea market selling junk. Having nothing else better to do, I walked up and started browsing.

Browsing through piles of old photographs, boxes and other dusty mementoes, I didn't see many interesting things. Oh well, at least it was passing the time. Well, at least I thought so until I stumbled across photographs in a large folio a bit less innocuous than family portraits.

Now I sit looking at some photographs that are beyond interesting -- downright erotic. Apparently, the photographer, dating from the 1920s, was into photographing nude male bodybuilders, and what red-blooded gay male like me could resist looking at those?

Pictured in these photographs was a stunning man. Tall and muscular, he has a dark, exotic Mediterranean look to him. Curly hair dusts his perfect pectoral muscles and stunning abs, leading down to a dick that was so big I. . .

Damn. I've got a hard-on and I'm in public. How embarrassing!

Well, let me tell you about him. This is a whole set of photos, and they look to be self-portraits. He's photographed every inch of his incredible body, perfect in every way -- before the age of photoshop or airbrushes! But the photo that has me most in awe is a closeup of his upper body. Bulging pecs, covered with hair, straining out, accentuating his incredible shoulders and biceps as he holds his muscular arms straight up. Around his neck is a chain, with a medallion that looks like. . . the male symbol! Good Lord, could he have been gay?

Hot damn, turn of the century porn! I think I'll buy these. Hmmm. . . the whole portfolio is only $5. Well, that's an easy decision, even for a poor guy like me! Quickly putting the photos back in the folio, straightening my erection, I walked towards the counter and paid for the folio, hoping the cashier didn't notice my flushed face or throbbing. . . heart.

Rushing home, I dumped the folio on the bed and pulled out the photos. My God, in this light, he's even more beautiful. Bulging muscle everywhere, sleek, and hairy in the right places. A tight, round ass. Shit, I am hard again.

What's this? In the folio? Something rattling around?

Oh it's the medallion he's wearing in the photos. It's made of green jade, and quite ornate!

Staring at the photos, I lie back and do what comes naturally to a horndog like me. Then, sleep overtakes me.

Chapter II: It Begins -------------------------

The next morning, I awoke. My dreams had been filled with visions of the man in the photos -- fucking me, me fucking him, his hard chest covered in fur grinding into me, his five-o-clock shadow brushing against. . .

Shit. Morning wood. Time to shower and take care of that. The boss hates it when I am late in the morning.

Hopping out of the shower, still dripping wet, I notice the amulet. It HAS to be the same one he was wearing in the photos.

Staring at the mirror, I appraise myself again. Not too short -- 6'2. 195 pounds, I could lose 10 or so. Losing my hair slowly. White as a sheet. Maybe not all that great looking -- not a lot of muscle.

But the amulet -- it looks good. I think I'll try it on.

It's warm to the touch! Aren't gems supposed to be cool? Whatever. It looks good on me, a little heavy around my neck though.

A voice says "Welcome!" Was that the neighbors? Doesn't sound like them, but they do make lots of noise. Anyway, time to go to work.

Chapter III: After Work -------------------------

Wow, work's still a drag. Nothing but filing and transcribing to the PC all day. I was made to do better work than this, damn it! I hate this recession.

End of the day. I've gotta piss.

"Hey, hey you!" whispers someone. Turning around I look, but see nobody. What the hell? Am I hearing things?

Tonight is my day off from the night job. I can luxuriate in a hot bath and sleep a full eight hours tonight! Woo hoo! Time to head home.

Walking in the door to the apartment, I feel dizzy. A little light-headed.

"Hey you, yes you, I am talking to you!" says that whisper again.

"Who the HELL are you?" I ask.

"I am who you have sought and found," said the voice, stronger now. "You have chosen me, and I have chosen you."

"What are you talking about and how can I hear you?" I asked.

"Let me explain," said the voice. "I am what you would call. . . a wizard. A sorceror--"

I laughed.

"Laugh if you will, but either I am right or you are losing your mind," came the voice again, a stern edge in it.

I got his point.

"You found the amulet that my lover wears. Whoever finds and wears the amulet is destined to be my lover. . . my male lover. As a lover of men as a man, none who are unworthy find the amulet."

I laughed. "I don't know who you are, mister, or how you got a microphone in my apartment, but I'm no great catch. I am undermployed and not all that in shape -- you can probably do much better considering how smart you are in setting up this practical joke."

Silence. Nothing more from him. Ha! Guess I showed him.

Well, I think I am not going to cook tonight. . . just some soup and a bath.

Finishing off the soup, I strip to hop in the tub. I move to lift off the amulet when the strange interlude from half an hour returns to my memory. How bizarre that was!

Well, if there's a microphone in the amulet, there's one way to find out. Electronics and water don't mix. I drown the amulet in water, it shorts out, no more trouble.

Drawing the warm water, I settle back in the bath tub. I feel relaxed. Just as I start to drift to sleep, a voice awakens me.

"I see I have much to work with!"

Oh, shit, it's the "wizard" again. I'm going to flip him off. Huh? I cannot move!

"Do not panic. As I said, I see I have much to work with -- a man of noble heart. I shall simply make the rest of you resemble the heart."

What the hell? I still cannot move. And I feel strange -- tingly -- like electricity is running through the bath.

My skin. . . it's tingling -- prickling. . .

Oh God, it's getting darker. What the fuck is happening! My skin is turning darker and darker -- bronze!

"He was the man I loved. He had dark skin, dark eyes, and he was endowed with all that made him a man," says the voice, louder now

OK, I am seriously freaking ou. . . Ohhhhhhhhh. . . my body. . . ENGH make it stop. . .

Cracking and snapping. . . Oh shit, I think I am getting taller! My legs. . . ohhhhhh. . . my legs stretching out further. Out past the end of the tub!

Oh shit I can hardly breathe. . . My ribs, cracking inwards, oh God my shoulders. . . Oh it's over. I can move!

Fuck fuck fuck look at me in the mirror! I look like I've grown four inches in height. I'm skinner, my shoulders are broader, my skin is bronzed, otherwise it's me!

I cannot go to work like this! What the fuck did this amulet just do to me! I'm going to take it off.

It won't budge! Shit, it won't come off!

This is fucked up man, and I've gotta piss again.

"I'm not even beginning to be finished with you." says that damn voice again. "The tool you hold in your hands shall be my next objective."

God-damn it, I want to scream at. . . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . fuuuuuuck. . .

Something is stroking. . . ugh. . . my cock. . . making me so haaaard. . . Oh shit, it's wriggling, it's taking a life of it's own.

"That's right, let it grow," says the voice. "Give in to it, let it be whole."

Pangs of electricity shooting down my cock, to my asshole! Oh, I think I am going to cum. It's getting bigger. . . longer. . . harder. . .

Wiggle wiggle. . . a hot dog. . . pulse shake stretch. . . a banana. . . ohhhhhhhhhhhh god. . . longer. Veins are pulsing and growing, reaching out further down the shaft. . . the mushroom head growing longer and thicker. . . shit, this isn't my dick, it's the dick of a stranger. . .

Quivering and thrusting sooooo far. . . 10 inches. . . ugh, shit, I think I am going to come. . .

My balls. . . it feels like they're being filled with water. . . shit they're so big. . . Ahhhhhhhhhh. . .

Holy shit I just blew the biggest load I've ever seen. The equipment between my legs is. . . amazing. It's long, hard and uncut, two tennis ball-sized nuts beneath it. How long . . . ugghhhhhhh. . . can't touch it, feels too good.

Hands. . . running up and down my body. . . changing me. Shit, I am bulking up. . . Auggghhhhh, auggggghhhhh. . . my voice. . . getting deeper. My pecs stretching outwards muscle bulging and thrusting forward. . . hair growing on them. . . Oh god

It's over. I think it's over. Holy shit. I'm the man. The man in the photos. My ass is like two globes of hard marble, unyielding to my strong hands. My muscles are thick and hard and strong, chest and forearms and legs covered in dark hair. My face. . . oh god, thick perfect lips surrounded by stubble, deep brown eyes above a graceful nose, with a crown of black curly hair.

I'm fucking amazing.

"Yes, and my lover." That voice again! It. . . •

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