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�Before we continue, human,� he said, holding up his erect bullcock and licking the tip, �I think a few introductions are in order. I am Eh�Ruchinare, owner of the ship. And you are�� He shivered as he continued licking, grunting with pleasure. �Carl.� He continued to grunt. By now he was starting to grope his huge balls, massaging them with as much fevor as he was licking his dick. Then one of the others came up to me. At this time, it didn�t occur to me that there were more than two people in the room. There was about ten or so, each one vastly muscular and endowed. And most of them in acts of extreme fornication. Loud groans and growls in some foreign tongue filled the air. Anywho, the other. Virtual twin of Ruchie over there, deep into self-worship. See his tounge snake out to lick his own armpit, then starting to tickle that thick nipple. Damn. �Ahem!� I turned my head to the other. �I�m sorry. I didn�t hear you.� �As I was saying, while you were watching my brother-� Brother? As of twin brother? Double damn. I could feel precum starting to ooze. �-I am Eh�Trichine, Eh�Ruchinare�s twin brother and half-owner of this ship. I think some explanations are in order. But first, let us wait till my brother is into a less wanton state.� And he chuckled, as if he made some kind of joke. Ol� Ruchie was very deep into himself. I could see his balls churning, ready to spew forth his cream any moment. Then, he just � stopped. �By the Gods� Great Horns, that was good.� He looked to me, and bowed, his sweaty masculine form getting my oozing dick to drool even more. �My apologies, Carl-human, for getting into myself. It is most unfortunate that I didn�t give in.� �If you did, brother,� Triche said with a grin, �I would have to give in and fuck you like I did the last time. I�m sure that Carl-human would like to see it again.� He chuckled again, his blue eyes clouding into a grayish-purple. Again? And I already saw them. So that was the other one. Ruchie pressed a few buttons on a panel next to me and released the bars. I walked a few steps away from the wall, rubbing my wrists and shivering slightly in the coolness of the room. �If you can follow us, Carl-human,� said Triche, beckoning me to be alongside with his brother. �You go first, so we can be your honor guard.� We went into a somewhat dark corridor, skylights breaking up the monotony and giving me glimpses of the moon and various other planets. As we went along the hall, he got to know each other. I learned that they were a race of beings known as Tauruses, a few light-years away from our planet. They were a race of men; no women were known to exist. All of their reproduction was made be highly advanced birthing pods, which replaced women after a plague killed them all off. �Wha�?� �In the year 23607,� said Ruchie, �in the War of Min�Alchune, the Ul�Moq tribe unleashed a bacterium, specifically designed for women, in an attempt to prevent the opposing side, the Ar�Rus tribe, from staying alive.� �Unfortunately,� continued Triche, �they didn�t know how fast it would spread, and soon the entire world was infected. It was then that we developed our pods.� �But what about the plague? Is it still virulent?� �The War of Min�Alchune was over 5,000 years ago, Carl-human,� Triche muttered. �Now it has become a part of us, a native bacteria, sort of speaking. We cannot get rid of it even if we tried.� We continued to talk. It turned out that the plague made them what they are now, an enhanced form of bull, in more ways than one. �You mean, your bodies and your sexual frenzy were caused by it?� �Yes, Carl-human.� Ruchie said, fondling his balls lovingly. �We started developing it during the last days of the war. There was much fucking, so say the history books. Very much.� His dick started to stiffen and drool ever so slightly. �Let�s talk about other things,� Triche interrupted. �I�m sure that you can answer all of our questions, Carl-human.� Uhm�sure�I hope so� •

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