Jim's Shot


By FanTCMan

Sit down, Jim. Let me have your arm.

Aw, come on, Doc. Not another shot. They're already teasing me so much at school. Do you have to? Just give me your arm. Good. Now I'm gonna do it real slow. Tell me when you can start to feel it.

I wish you didn't have to do this to me.

Don't complain, Jim, you know it's for your own good.

Oh, shit, I can feel it already, Doc. Good. You like how it feels, don't you Jim?

Yeah, you know I can't help it. You want to get big, don't you Jim?

Oh, shit. Yeah, Doc, when you make me take this stuff, it makes want to get real big.

That's good, Muscleboy. I want to see you get real big. I want to see you grow into a huge muscleboy. You want that, too, don't you, Muscleboy?

Oh, yeah, Doc. I do. I really do.

You want me to make you grow big, Jim?

Yeah, Doc.

Tell me, Muscleboy. I want you to tell me.

I want you to make me grow big, Doc.

How big, Jim?

Really big, Doc. I want you to make me grow huge.

You know I really want to see you get massive, don't you? You know I want to see you grow totally massive and huge, make you a muscle freak, don't you, Muscleboy? Yeah, Doc, I know.

How does that make you feel, Jim?

Scared, but hot, excited. Oh, shit, Doc.

Do you like how you feel when I give you a shot like this?

Oh, yeah, Doc.

Tell me, Jim.

I like how it makes me feel when you give me my shot.

Can you feel it going into your vein, going all through you? You like it when I do it real slow like this so you can feel it?

Oh, yeah, Doc. Fuck, it feels so good.

What does it feel like, Muscleboy?

It just feels so good. It feels like it's getting me so stoned. It feels like I could lift a house. It makes me feel hot, Doc.

What do you mean by hot, Muscleboy?

You know, Doc. It makes me get a boner. It makes me feel so horny and so turned on.

You like to feel that way, don't you Jim?

Yeah, Doc. I love it.

What turns you on, Muscleboy? What does it make you think about that makes you feel so hot.?

You know, Doc. What it does to me. What you're doing to me.

You like that, don't you Muscleboy?

Oh, fuck, Doc. I love it.

But what turns you on so much?

Oh, man, Doc. My muscles. Getting big muscles, is so hot. And how it's making hair grow on me, and making my dick big and all that.

Yeah, I know, Muscleboy. I know you like that. You know what this shot is going to do, Jim?

No. What?

It's going to make you grow more. You like that, Jim?

Oh, yeah.

It's going to make more hair grow on your pecs. Oh, shit, Doc.

You like getting hair on your pecs?


You think you'd like more?

Oh, yeah. And it's gonna make that little trail of yours grow thick and go all the way up to your pecs. Pubes to pecs.

Oh, man.

You like that, Muscleboy?

Oh, shit yeah.

You know what else it's going to do?

No, Doc, what?

Can you feel it doing it? Can you feel it in you, working on you?

Oh, yeah. Feels so good.

Your boner looks very hard, Jim. Do you feel hard?

Fuck, Doc, I feel so hard.

Does your dick feel big now?

Yeah, Doc, you know it does. You made it get so big.

How big was it the last time you measured it, Muscleboy?

Ten inches.

That's a pretty big boner for a 17 year old kid. You like that, don't you?


You like to show it off, don't you?


Well, this shot it going to make it grow bigger, again. It's going to make it grow twice as big this time. You like that?

Oh, fuck yeah, Doc.

Is that okay?

Fuck, Doc, a twenty inch boner? Sure. That's okay. That's great.

And what else is this shot going to do to you, Jim?

Make me grow bigger?

Yes, it will. You want to grow bigger don't you?

Yes, Doc.

It turns you on, doesn't it, Muscleboy?

Yes, Doc.

You like growing for me, don't you, Muscleboy?

Oh, yeah, Doc.

I'm going to make you huge, Jim. Is that what you want?

Oh yeah, Doc.

Really huge? Yeah.

What do you want, Jim?

I want you to make me grow huge, Doc.

How huge, Muscleboy?

Extremely huge, Doc.

That's good, Muscleboy. Oh, fuck, Doc.

What, Muscleboy?

I just feel that going in me, working on me. It feels so good.

That's good, Jim.

I can feel how it's going to make me grow. Oh, man, I feel so stoned. Just relax, Jim.

Oh man, Doc, I feel so stoned and so horny. Fuck, this stuff makes me so hard.

You like feeling like this, don't you?

Oh, yeah, it feels so hot.

You gonna have the biggest dick at Fairview High?

Yeah, Doc. Gonna have a huge cock. Oh, man, I'm so horny.

You want to cum, Jim?

I think I'm going to.

Don't touch your dick. Just look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

I see a big muscle guy, Doc.

Is that all?

I big hairy muscle guy with a huge cock.

Yeah. That's my Jim. You like what you see?

Yeah Doc. Making me huge. Making me grow. I don't care how much they tease me.

Good boy. Are you a stud, Jim?

Fuck yeah, Doc.

You a big horny muscle stud?


You feel like you could cum just looking at your body, Jim? Big muscle boy?

Yeah Doc, oh, shit, yeah.

Good. Go on. Just let it go.

Oh, fuck, Doc. Oh, man. I'm growing so huge. So fucking huge. I feel so hot, so turned on, Doc. I'm gonna cum.

Go on.

Oh, fuck Doc. Oh, man. I love my muscles, Doc. Oh, man, my pecs are so huge, so thick, my guns, oh fuck they're so fucking thick and huge, and my dick. Huge fucking cock. Oh, God; Oh, fuck, my cock is so fucking huge. Oh, fuck, Doc, I'm gonna cum. Oh, man, Oh, Jesus, Doc. Ohhhhhh. UUnnnnnhhhhh. Aawwwww, God!! Oh, yeaaah!!! •

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