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By legionxp

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South Fork Town Square

“YOU MONSTER!!” A man shouts from the city park in the center of town square.

It seems there is a witness, WOOOSH! Hammer flies down and lands in the park, which contains a gazebo, a few benches, a pond, a 40 foot high stone clock tower, and several iron statues of historical figures. The park also contains winding paths through some small trees and grass. It’s a nice place an oasis in this small farm town.

The witness is about 38 years old in a flannel shirt and work jeans, he is dirty and Hammer smells the alcohol on his breath. Then Hammer realizes his witness has come from a bar across the street, the Trojan. UHMMMM! UHMMMM! Hammer’s huge muscular body continues to pulse with waves of green energy that travel randomly across his smooth, tanned skin.

After eating 300 people, Hammer feels more alive than ever, more powerful, more unstoppable.

“You are a fool, human,” Hammer addresses the man in his booming voice, as he speaks OOOSH! Gusts of wind explode from his lips, knocking the guy backward.

“You’re some kind of terrorist, you bastard!!”, the guy screams.

Across the way, the fire station springs to life.

The man runs toward it, Hammer smirks, reaches his large, powerful hand around the leg of one of the iron statues and hoists it off its base. Hammer holds the two ton statue with his arm straight out in front of him, then he bends at the elbow slightly and then straightens his arm, as his arm straightens, he releases his grip on the statue OOOOSH! The statue flies toward the fleeing human and KHWHAM! Knocks him to the ground, the man is RRRUMBBBB! Propelled 30 feet by the forward momentum of the statue, bits of gravel are embedded in his flesh. He lays helpless on the ground as SPLOOSH! The statue crushes him into a pulp.

Hammer smiles and sits down on a nearby bench, watching and listening with his super senses to the fire fighters scrambling about as his green smoke billows through the town square and blocks out the moon.

The police can wait, Hammer wants to play with fire.

The fire men are aghast at the situation, Hammer hears it all.

“The Hotel, Jim’s, and City Hall”

“Has to be a gas main or something.”

“Shut the gas for the whole town, NOW!”

“No survivors at Jim’s, so far!”

“City Hall no one was in.”

“Erma said that the night manager and 28 guests we at the motel.”

“What’s making all that smoke? Is that from the gas?”

“Haz Mat suits everyone, we got to get to the bottom of that hole and put out whatever is burning and making that smoke.”

“I don’t know what that shit is, but don’t breath it.”

“Get the word out, call Carol at the police station, have her get some back up over here from Shelby Township.”

With that last command, Hammer’s ears perk up, he couldn’t have more towns sending folks to help with the disaster.

SWOOOOSH! Hammer races into the police station, moving so fast he is invisible to the human eye. He whips through the doors of the police station into the lobby. A locked metal door separates the lobby from the rest of the station. Hammer drives his palm into it TH-BOOOM! The door is blasted out of its frame and KERRBOFM! It crumples as it smashes into the wall opposite the door frame.

A male officer stares at Hammer completely dumbfound. Before he can react, Hammer places his hand over the crown of the officer’s head and pushes down. KERRRACK! The super strength shove is instantly lethal. The officer’s neck is compressed into his spine, his vertebrae snap and crack, his legs explode in splinters of bone. The officer lies dead in a crumpled pile, like a marionette whose strings have been cut.

Hammer SWOOOSH! Races into the dispatch office and finds Carol working the phones and radio. She doesn’t even see Hammer raise his hand in her direction and FRACCCKKTT! Unleash a huge beam of green energy from his palm. POOOOFH! In a millisecond Carol is vaporized. Hammer then directs his power at all of the equipment in the dispatch office, moving his arm in a wide arc FHOOMPH! His power decimates everything in the office, effectively cutting South Fork off from any emergency assistance from other communities.

WZZZZZ! Hammer scanned the small police station and detected only three others in the building, all were locked up in the station’s temporary holding cells. James was not here, although a white board in the office stated that James was out on patrol, as were four other officers. Hammer had previously killed three officers, so only James and another were on duty.

Hammer made his way to the cells. One of the detainees was pressed against his cell bars trying to listen and figure out what the hell was going on. When Hammer burst into the room, he retreated against the back wall of his cell.

Hammer smiles while wrapping his hands around the bars of the man’s cell and pulling KEROOM! The bars are easily torn from the stone they were mounted in by Hammer’s amazing strength.

RENNNNNNKT! Hammer twists the metal bars into a pretzel and KLANNG! Drops the twisted metal to the floor. The sound woke up the other two locked up dudes.

“What are you , man?” The terrified prisoner asks.

“SHHHH” Hammer responds. “I want this moment to be special for both of us.”

The prisoner makes a run for the doors. SWOOSH! Hammer blocks his escape from his cell and places two of his fingers on the man’s shoulder and presses down slightly.

The man is forced to his knees by the force behind Hammer’s fingers, he is powerless to resist Hammer’s super muscle power.

Hammer’s right foot lifts from the floor and THWOOK! Hammer kicks the man like a football using just enough of his super strength to WHA-BLOOOSH! Launch the man into the wall of his cell, splattering him like a pile of shit across it.

Hammer turns to his right and CHUMBOOM! Walks through the nearest cell wall into the next cell. Bricks tumble around him and a muscular 30 year old man stands defiantly before Hammer, in a fighting stance.

“I’m not afraid of you fucker,” the cell dweller shouts. “I have a black belt.”

Hammer grabs two bricks from the floor of the cell in one of his massive hands and BOOOSH! Closes his fist around them, crushing them to powder.

The prisoner backs down as Hammer opens his fist revealing a pile of clay dust. Hammer raises his flat palm up to his lips, puffs out his cheeks and FWAOOOSH! Blows. His super breath blasts the dude with a cloud of clay dust and THWAMM! Knocks him back against the wall of his cell.

The dude jumps up and slams his fist into Hammer’s chiseled abs. KERACK! The bones in his hands crack against Hammer’s supremely dense body.

“My turn,” Hammer says as he forms a fist and drives it into the dude’s solar plexus KERACKOOSH! Hammer’s fist rips through skin, muscle, and bone to burst out the dude’s back, creating a gaping hole in the man’s torso and a cloud of blood mist.

Hammer withdrawals his arm from the corpse and THUD! Lets it fall to the floor.

The final prisoner awaits. CHUMBOOOM! Hammer enters the man’s cell by walking straight through the brick wall. The prisoner is cowering in his bed curled up in a fetal position. Pathetic human, Hammer thinks.

Hammer wraps one hand around each of the twin bed’s legs and OOOOSH! Lifts it up and KRWHAMM! Smashes the bed into the ceiling of the cell, SPOOLSH! Crushing the prisoner against the ceiling, like a tomato caught in a vice.

Hammer lets go and the bed stays embedded in the ceiling as blood drips from it.

Hammer KABOOOM! Flies through the exterior wall of the police station and ½ mile up into the sky.

Hammer looks down with his super vision upon the scene, peering through the green smoke WZZZZ! At the scrambling firefighters in their hazardous materials suits who are blinded by the smoke. Some have already fallen into the ½ mile deep crater.

The green smoke is so thick surrounding the town square that there is actual resistance when you walk through it.

Hammer continues to hover over the scene and tenses his pectorals. The beefy twins seize up on his chest as he primes them. More officers arrive at the police station and feel their way into the building to fetch equipment.

Hammer turns toward the police station and VREEEEET! Broad rays of heat from his eyes slam into it, bathing it in heat as intense as the sun itself. KAPOOOF! In an instant the building is completely incinerated, exploding quietly with a rush of air in a cloud of vapor. Hammer smirks, god he loves his powers.

More firemen are arriving at the fire station and getting their gear on. The fire departments’ three fire trucks and two ambulances have all congregated at the bowling alley, since it is the source of all the noxious green smoke.

Hammer flies over to the three story brick fire station and hovers about a ½ mile directly over the center of its roof. He sees the 15 volunteer firemen scrambling about inside on the various floors and then Hammer tucks his legs into his chest and curls himself into a ball. Then Hammer lets himself free fall. WOOOOOOSH!

His super dense body races towards the Earth. KERASH! KERASH! Hammer’s body rips through the third and second floors before PHHROOOM! Impacting the main floor. The force of the impact sends the seven firemen and all the free standing equipment flying into one of the four walls. SHRUMM! The building shakes, but still stands, which is exactly what Hammer calculated would happen. What fun is the game if it’s over before it really starts?

A cloud of dust is kicked up by the impact and Hammer stands up as the dazed firemen try to regain their bearings.

“Everyone ok?” Random shouting fills the station as the firemen call out to each other.

One of them gets a clear view of the supremely muscular figure of Hammer.

“Holy shit!” the fireman cries out.

Those are the last words he utters as Hammer’s fist connects with his chest BDOOWM! And powers him through the wall KERASH! The strength of Hammer’s punch kills the fireman instantly, blasting his body through the wall is just gravy.

Three other firemen lay in a pile together at the bottom of the south wall, they are slowly regaining consciousness.

“Is everyone ok down there?” A voice shouts from the edge of the hole in the ceiling above. Hammer’s fall blocked the staircase with some heavy debris. The pole remains the only way down, but the man doing the shouting is injured Hammer notices.

Suddenly CLANNG! A fireman swings his axe into Hammer’s back. The fireman steps back in shock at his now deformed axe blade which bent against Hammer’s invulnerable flesh. Hammer turns and tears the axe from the fireman’s grip and KERSSH! Crushes the wooden handle to splinters and RENNNKT! Closes his fist around the blade, compressing it into a metal ball the size of an apple.

The fireman goes into shock, Hammer puts the metal ball in his mouth and then PHHTHOOM! Spits it at the fireman. The metal ball, propelled by the power of Hammer’s powerful lungs, shoots from Hammer’s lips like a rocket and BALOOSH! Rips through the fireman’s chest and pulverizes his heart before shooting out his back and through the fire station wall. The fireman falls to the ground and his body is soon surrounded by a pool of blood.

Two more firemen shrink back into the corner of the station after witnessing Hammer’s display of power. Hammer turns toward them.

“Come and get me, boys,” Hammer coos.

The firemen don’t move at all, in fact, one wets himself.

“Fine, I’ll come to you,” Hammer announces.

SWOOOSH! In a millisecond Hammer has his massive hands wrapped completely around each of their necks and is holding them two feet off the ground.

Then Hammer spots a fireman sliding down the metal fire pole. VREET! Hammer’s super brain allows him to react quickly and his heat vision beams slam into the pole.

“AEIIIII-“ the fireman screams as the heat travels through the pole and into him. PHOOF! The fireman is vaporized in a puff of smoke and the pole is reduced to a pool of molten slag.

Hammer turns his attention back to the two firemen and turns around so he is facing the opposite wall. Then Hammer holds his arms straight out and pushes his shoulders forward as he lets the firemen go. OOBLASOOSH! The two firemen slam into the opposite wall and are reduced to bloody smears. Hammer chuckles, humans are oh so fragile.

The three remaining firemen on the first floor begin to stir. Hammer needs to finish this and get back to finding James. Hammer notices the two main concrete columns that run through and support the structure of the entire building. Each is about three square feet in size.

Hammer approaches the first one and cocks his fist back, smiling at the three firemen who are now helping each other to their feet.

“No! What are you doing? Stop,” one of the firemen exclaims.

Hammer’s massive fist rushes forward and connects SKABOOM! A hail of concrete bits blasts through the air as Hammer’s super strength punch pulverizes the support. A seven foot long section, centered at the point of impact is reduced to concrete powder, while CREK! CRCK! CERAACK! Cracks begin to form in what remains of the support column and BRRRMM! RRRRUMB! The walls of the station begin to quake.

Hammer walks across to the other support column. When THUMMM! A fireman attempts to tackle him to the ground. Hammer is amused by this man clinging to his back in vain and pushing against him. Hammer VOOSH! Flies into the air, turns 180 degrees and THWABOOOM! Slams himself and the fireman right into and through the remaining column. KERACKK! The fireman is pulverized and his body slides off Hammer’s back as the whole building shakes violently. RBBBBMM! RUUMMMBBBL!

Hammer is loving this, he turns toward the two remaining firemen who have backed against the wall to shield themselves from the falling chunks of building debris and THOOOOOOM! Bounces his gargantuan pectorals in unison. KLABOOSH! The two firemen are blown into fleshy bits and BOOOOOMM! The brick wall behind them is completely blown into clay dust by the powerful blast of concussive force that Hammer’s pectorals unleash.

KERASSCK! BOOOM! KABOOOOM! The fire station, now missing an entire wall and both support columns, collapses around Hammer, killing the remaining firemen and reducing the building to a pile of debris.

Hammer hovers above the pile, laughing, “BWAH! HA! HA! HA!”

“NOOOOOOO!,” A cry pierces the night, Hammer turns and KERRBASSHH! A bus smashes into Hammer, catching him by surprise and launching him ¼ mile and driving him into the earth a few feet. James is very mad, this should be fun, Hammer thinks………. ---------------------------------------------------------- >>South Fork near the Parker farm 5 minutes before the bowling alley exploded, 8 miles from the town square

James pulls up in a patrol car along with George, a fellow officer to the Parker farm.

James is 5’11” and weighs a lot, you would too if you were made of super dense muscle. His cop shirt, which he hastily threw on, is open revealing his smooth, dinner plate sized pecs which protrude by about 2 inches from his chest. His forearms are thick and turkey leg shaped from all of that farm labor. His upper arms look like sandbags were implanted in them, they are large and cut. He has 18 inch peaks with the power to do major damage. His shoulders cap off his arms and look like two big grapefruits, the distance between them is two feet, he has an expansive muscular back. His lats hang like folded wings along his sides. His 30 inch waist highlights the massiveness of his upper torso. His abs while not super cut create symmetrical bumps in his creamy white skin. His legs are strong and the muscles are visible under his jeans, which are worn along the inner thigh from straining against his quads and hamstrings. His brown hair hangs over his eyes, he has bushy eyebrows and a long face which is filled out nicely by his full features. His bright, brown eyes and broad smile cap a perfect male specimen with a good heart.

James smells blood in the air with his super senses, the remains of the chief after Hammer pounded him. Then George notices the tire marks from both patrol cars and how they suddenly disappear on the dirt road. One set of them is strangely hot.

James is starting to get worried, he flashes back………

>>It was about a year ago, James and his friend Pete were both gifted with powers after The Event.

Pete was taller than James, about 6’5” and he really loved his powers, used them all the time whenever he wanted. He was blond with green eyes. After The Event both of them bulked up and would often go play in the woods and spar.

Pete was stronger, everyone of his muscles were at least an inch thicker than James’. This also made all of his power levels just a little bit greater. Sunlight recharged Pete’s and James’ powers, but they weren’t really aware of how their powers worked and stuff. One hour of sun exposure was enough to charge them for a week and their bodies could store enough energy for six months of sporadic power use.

One fateful afternoon, the two muscle dudes were in the woods KERAACKK! Using their bare hands to karate chop big oak trees. The tree trunks would snap and THUDD! Tumble to the ground. It was awesome a great way to kick back and let loose.

Then James’ would use his heat vision to VREEET! Carefully cut the trees into perfect size fire wood logs. Pete would then use broad beams of heat from his eyes to VREEE! Bake the wood and dry it out. Then they would sell the wood for profit. It was a good system, until that afternoon.

“Hey, what are---,” James’ kind of nerdy friend Corey surprised them in the woods and saw what they were doing.

Now James and Pete swore to mostly keep their powers secret, but someone seeing them using them in broad daylight like this, well it was going to be hard to convince this guy otherwise.

Pete had never been fond of the nerdy, wimpy Corey and he knew what had to be done.

SWOOSH! In the blink of an eye, Pete grabbed Corey from behind and reached out with his massive hand and pinched one of the bulging veins on Corey’s neck tightly. Corey slumped backward, his head resting in the deep crevice between Pete’s pecs. Pete had cut off the blood flow to Corey’s brain and he passed out.

“Pete, no!”, James cried.

“He has to go, he saw us, dude,” Pete explained.

As the two muscular dudes debated the topic Pete felt strange, then FRAZZT! A green light emanated from his pectorals and raced through Corey. FOOOSH! In moments, as both James and Pete gaped at the scene, Corey was reduced to a cloud of white vapor. Pete, as if by instinct, OOOOO! Inhaled the cloud and felt the rush of energy.

“WHOA! Dude, the energy,” Pete exclaimed.

James was devastated. Pete was pumped up, people could be used to power him up. This was awesome! How did that green energy work? Pete had even done that before, he needed to try it again.

The disappearance of Corey was going to create a stir in town. The cops would be looking around and investigating. James wasn’t sure what to do, he was so pissed at Pete.

Later that night, Pete called James and told him to come over. Pete lead James to a tool shed behind his family’s barn. On the floor inside lay Corey’s whole family. His parents and four older brothers, all hog tied with ball gags in their mouths.

“Holy shit,” James raced to untie them.

THWHAMM! Pete brought his fist down on James’ back OOUUUFFF! Knocking the wind out of James and sending him face first into the dirt.

Pete picked James up and WHAMM! THWACK! TWHUDDD! Punched him three more times in the face and stomach before he propped James up in the corner of the tool shed.

“Dude, you just don’t get it, this has to be done,” Pete explained.

Pete’s pectorals rose up on his chest and shivered and then FZZRAKT! A broad beam of green light shined from the two muscle masses and the family was bathed in Pete’s power. The effect was not immediate, the family tried to scream as Pete’s power slowly roasted them. The began to glow brighter and brighter over a three minute period then FOOSH! FOOOMPH! FOOOMPH! They exploded one after the over in clouds of white vapor. James was horrified. Pete was ecstatic.

Pete OOOOOO! Sucked down some of the vapor cloud and then commanded James to try it. OOOOOO! James inhaled and found that he liked the energy boost he felt, but this was so wrong.

Soon after Pete became a monster, smoking folks and digesting them whenever the opportunity arose. James knew in his heart he had to stop Pete, so he planned to. He also knew that he was going to have to kill to be able to stop Pete, in order to have enough power. He needed to act quickly.

James put on his cop uniform one night and flew over to the nearest General Hospital. There he entered the terminal ward and let his green energy flow from his pecs. He smoked 23 people. Then he heard of the college football team whose bus plunged into a nearby river. Much of the team was on ventilators and brain dead. James smoked and inhaled the whole team. He was super charged, he definitely had enough power to do what needed to be done.

He found Pete sitting on a bridge over a road into town, a few cars would drive past South Fork on this road each night. A car was coming now and Pete puffed out his cheeks and PSSSSSFFFFT! Hit it with a gust of his super breath that flipped the car three times.

James WHAMMM! KERACCK! Busted a 3 ton stone slab off of a cliff face and hovered in the sky ½ mile over the car. As Pete flew over to finish his victims, James OOOOOSH! Flung the chuck of rock at Pete as hard as he could. THOOOWHAMMM! The giant stone slab pancaked the car and pressed Pete into the earth.

James lifted the slab and pulled the semi-conscious Pete out of the ground.

“Wh-What are you doi---“, Pete struggled to speak.

“Shhhhhh,” James responded and then he stood over James and straddled him and tensed his pecs and FSOOOM! Let the green energy flow and flow and flow…….

15 minutes later, FOOMPH! Pete was reduced to vapor which James inhaled. James powers increased in magnitude and he also gained a special new ability that he would regret later, two weeks later, when they came for him…… ------------------ James and George notice the Parker farm in ruins, as they survey the damage, James knows what did this. He scans the area with his super vision WZZZZZ! Spots the town square and he is off. Leaving George in awe and shock as he flies away….

------------------------------------------------- >Rex's house, suburbs of Chicago

I woke up in someone else’s bed. I had some strange dreams of big muscle dudes hovering over me, examining me. “He’s a seer.” I remembered hearing that. Also, there was a large pink circle on my chest, like a slight burn. Rex and I were alone in the room.

Rex spoke first, “I am sorry this had to happen. You were not supposed to see that.”

“What are you?”, I asked.

“I am a super human being, I have power and abilities that you can only imagine.”

“You killed that Davis guy!” I exclaimed. “How in the hell can you do that?”

“Humans are an energy source for me. I kill them for energy, like food. Plus, Davis pissed me off.”

“So are you going to kill me?”

“No,” said Rex. “I need you.”

“Need me for what?”

“There are others like me,” said Rex. “We battle and the loser dies and the winner steals their life force and power. However, we can’t detect others like ourselves, but you have that ability. You’re a seer. That is what that tingling is.”

This stunned me, he knew what my tingling meant.

Rex continued, “Those of us with the powers are divided into tribes in a battle. A war is coming. You know those special police, they have been deployed by the government to cover up our activities and keep the word from getting out to the general public. Meanwhile, the government is building its own force of super soldiers. Actually the government is the puppet of Gideon, but more about him later. I fight against Gideon and the government forces. One of these others with powers is your friend Ron.”

My friend Ron I had known for years and he was huge, but not as strong as Rex. To have Rex tell me that Ron had the same powers that he did just blew me away.

“I knew that Ron was your friend, that is why I gave you such a great rate on training sessions.” Rex explained. “I need you to lure him to me, so I can defeat him.”

“What if I refuse?” I asked.

“I will kill you.” Rex revealed. “Also you will tell no one about me or any of the things you saw tonight.”

I was fascinated by this entire thing. “What will I get out of helping you?” I asked. Rex was a nice guy before all of this.

“Certain rewards can be arranged.” Rex said. “You must understand that I did not want any of this to happen. I hope you can forgive me. There is a higher power at work here. Forces that you cannot understand.”

“I see” I said. “What else can you do?”

“I live like a God. I see you are getting tired. Let’s fix that.” Rex said.

With that Rex took my hands and put them on his massive pecs. His chest began to glow a soft yellow and I could feel energy being passed into me. It 30 seconds it was over and I felt full of life.

“I have just boosted your energy level, it’s a little trick I learned. Now let me show you what power without limit is like.” Rex smiled…. •

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