By cca651

I was alone in the tent when I woke up. The entry was unzipped and flapping in the breeze and I could hear the clatter of pots and pans outside. A shadow, which in all-around-beefiness could only have been Cal’s, moved back and forth across the sunlit length of the tent wall next to my body. I rolled to that side and lazily watched it bend and stoop, whistling a little 4-note tune over and over again. Twigs crackled and the faint whiff of smoke blew in through the flap. I stretched contentedly.

Suddenly the whistling stopped and the shadow stood and froze in profile. Another shadow appeared from the opposite direction and I immediately got goose bumps. The body was a good head taller than Cal's and dwarfed him in all other respects as well. Its nipples alone were big enough to cast shadows!

“Mornin’!” Cal said.

“Good morning, Cal,” the voice was no deeper than you’d expect from a colossus. “Are you eating down here today?”

“I’ve got a late arrival inside.” I saw him swing an arm in my direction. “I thought I’d let the kid sleep it off this one time.”

“That’s fine. Jimmy’s got the other boys under control. What’s the game plan for today?”

“Well, I thought we’d do some orienteering this morning. It should be hot enough by afternoon that everyone will want to swim...”

“Good, but I think we should avoid the skinny-dipping from now on, alright?”

“Right,” Cal said, quietly. “Oh, is it ok if this kid helps me lay out the course? He seems a bit more mature than the other guys and I could use the help.”

Hearing this, I glowed happily.

“Sure, take him under your wing. His dad told me he’s had a rough time lately.”

With that the shadow turned, either facing away from or towards me – I couldn’t tell. From any perspective it was massive.

A marsh bird warbled nearby and the sound sent a weird tingle of pleasure shooting from my neck to the base of my spine – it was intense!

“Well, have fun and we’ll eat dinner about 6,” the giant said, adding, “Did you know the twins are vegetarians?”

“No way! Their mom didn’t say anything about a special diet – those little fuckers are just bullshitting…”

“I’m afraid they’re not.” He said calmly, “Someone will have to go into town tonight for soy milk. And, Cal – watch the language. I think your guest is awake.” With that, the big shadow turned and slid off my wall.

“See ya later!” Cal called after him before coming around to the tent opening and peering in.

“Morning, princess!” he said, smiling. His eyes slid down my body and froze midway. “Holy shit! Cum here often?”

I looked down and floundered, trying to cover the stain on the front of my underwear. “Shit. Sorry...” I said, face and chest burning.

“At least one of us didn’t have nightmares last night!” he laughed. “Cmon, get up – you can wash those out in the lake while I get breakfast ready.”

I crawled out and he grabbed my bicep and pulled me up. I flexed hard under his grip (I never pass up a chance). “Lordy, boy, how long you been saving it up?” Though the fabric was dry and stiff, cum still dripped from my pouch. My dick was glued to the material but my balls felt like they were packed in cold pudding.

I tried to kick dirt over the spot where some had splattered between my feet but Cal shoved me away, laughing.

“Don’t worry about it! By the time camp is over here we have to bring in a bulldozer to fill in all the gullies from the steady stream of jizz that runs down the that hill each night. You teenage boys can sure pump it out. Go wash your panties and take a dry pair to change into – I’d give you a pair of mine but you’d stretch them out.” He slapped my ass hard, then pretended to shake something off his fingers.

Digging a pair of shorts out of my backpack, I stumbled down to the water and got myself cleaned up as best I could. I’d never been naked outside before in broad daylight and it was exhilarating to stand thigh-deep, slapping and swishing my big, slimy cock and balls through the water. I cleaned my underwear and hung them on a cattail to dry, then rejoined Cal, crouching beside him over the makeshift fire.

“Any minute now...” He stirred a battered, tin pot full of instant oatmeal.

“I peed in the lake – I hope that’s ok” I said, mock-innocently.

“Anywhere but in the tent, Charlie. Anywhere but in the tent… What do you think this oatmeal is cooking in?”

“So, who’s Goliath?”

He glanced up at me for the first time. “You *were* awake, huh? That’s the owner – my boss – Tom. But you’d better call him Mr. Gamm until he tells you different.”

“Is he nice?”

“Nice?” Cal snorted. “He’s a regular Mr. Rogers in front of the parents. Otherwise he’s OK…makes himself pretty scarce most of the time. Don’t get him mad.”

We ate then I washed the dishes while Cal gathered a compass and a paper bag full of laminated index cards and a cheap gold medallion for the orienteering contest. We hiked through the surrounding hills scattering the grasshoppers, while Cal hid the cards at predetermined intervals. I never did figure out why he needed my help for this but was happy to trudge along behind him, eyes fixated on his meaty glutes.

“So, what’s the skinny-dipping story?”

“Oh that -- We used to always make the kids skinny-dip when we did swimming – it saved us having to deal with wet bathing suits, y’know? Well, this last session before yours one of the kids took a look at my dick and just freaked out. His parents had to come pick him up.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope, I hear they’ve got him in a straight jacket over at the state hospital. He’s raving mad!”

“Fuck! You!”

“Okay, that part’s a joke. I’m sure he’s fine now. But you should have seen his face. Didn’t know they could get that big, I guess. Mighta had a thing for me – these kids get crushes every five seconds. Lucky he didn’t see yours…” he guffawed, reaching back and grabbing for my mound, making me twist out of the way. “Or Mr. Gamm’s – that one would have turned his hair white!”

“You’ve seen Mr. Gamm’s?” I asked casually.

“Kid, you don’t *have* to see it. It’s always right there on display – he couldn’t hide that thing if he tried. And between you and me? – he don’t try. I bet when he gets hard it’s, like, ‘batter up!’, if you catch my drift.”

I wasn’t sure I did, but I laughed, feeling my own bat filling out.

“I’ll tell ya, I actually did see it once...”

He stopped and lowered his voice like he was launching into a ghost story. “You haven’t been to the old dining hall yet but there’s a bathroom in back with a shower. Nothing fancy – skuzzy, really - just a rusty nozzle on the wall across from the toilet and urinal – no curtain or anything…and the lock on the door doesn’t work (completely freaks the kids out). Well, camp hadn’t started yet and I was taking a shower one morning when Gamm comes in to take a leak. He was wearing a pair of his stretchy gym shorts…I don’t even know why he bothers - it always looks like his ass is about to explode out of them. Anyway, so he’s facing me, talking about how many cans of creamed corn we need or something, and he just reaches down and stretches one of the leg holes out and digs in with his other hand and pulls out this monster hose...looks like a fucking rolling pin! So it’s just swaying there in his fist, big and uncut, while he’s talking about supplies like this is business as usual. I didn’t see much more cuz I had to turn around just to keep from staring – I could be wrong, but I think he was actually starting to peel back the foreskin. It looked like a huge apple squeezing out of a tan turtleneck!”

“Wow,” I whispered, wishing I had something to drink. “What happened?”

“What do you think happened? He fucked me.” Cal rolled his eyes. “He peed and left.”

“I didn’t mean that --“ I’d meant *exactly* that, of course.

“We’re done!” he said, flipping the medallion carelessly behind a tree stump.

He draped an arm around my shoulder and drummed his fingers across my pec. “And thanks so much for all your help!” With that he hip-checked me hard and I tripped, bringing him down on top of me.

We rolled a few feet in the dirt, wrestling, and I ended up on top, panting hard, my upper body in a push-up position over his, but pressed firmly against him from the waist down. My cock kind of rolled across his as out packages settled into each others.

He smiled up at me appraisingly, his handsome face in the shadow cast by my head. In a happier story this is where we would have locked lips.

“Charlie,” he gasped, swallowing, “I hate to admit this, but you’ve got way better tits than any of my girlfriends!” With that, he grabbed my nipples hard and I rolled off with a shout. We lay side by side, breathing heavily, each looking up into a sky brushed with high horsetail clouds.

I couldn’t stop myself from entering him then. I’d been longing to do it since morning.

Going inside someone you like for the first time is so exciting, but you have to be ready for disappointment too. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you can feel it instantly, like slipping into an uncomfortable shoe. People can put up a good front. You have to stay small too or they’ll sense something different which can make them uncomfortable and this colors the experience for both of us. (If they’re sleeping, of course, there’s a lot more freedom – they’ll just chalk any weirdness up to dreams). Still, I like to keep it pure and simple – especially the first time.

But Cal felt great. I was like a spark inside a big, beautiful, new universe – so many places to explore…to illuminate one tiny inch at a time.

He was thinking about me. He knew about my mom dying. The memory of my thick, rubbery nipples between his fingers was still fresh. His cock, so soon after pressing against mine, felt full but relaxed – not exactly what I was hoping for (I could still feel my heart beating in mine). I expanded carefully to take in his emotions – wanting to know how he felt about me…

Suddenly I was back outside him. Completely out, like I’d been shoved through a door which slammed shut behind me.

What the hell had just happened? I considered attempting another entry but was shaken and nervous. This had never happened before! I looked over at Cal who was still lying there staring up at the clouds, one knee raised and rocking, just the way I found him in the tent last night. My heart was pounding in my ears now, not my cock. There was a ringing like a gun had been fired off next to my head. Like an alarm --

Then it slowly dawned on me in a building wave of wonder and confusion –

Someone else was inside him!

I wasn’t the only one who could do this. •

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