By cca651

Sitting up, I scanned the surround terrain. My own range for entering someone was no more than 50 yards or so, though this had increased somewhat over the past couple years, and my influence definitely declined with distance – at the outer limits I was completely passive, observing only. Whoever was inside Cal couldn’t be far away.

There was a small stand of trees on the hilltop behind us – a likely spot – but even on the open hillsides the prairie grass was tall enough to conceal a body.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out who the probable culprit was.

The sound of approaching laughter made Cal sit up too. “Uh-oh, here they come, “he said.

A pair of boys was pacing up the path towards us, counting their steps as they went. One of them was holding his compass out at arms length. They stopped 10 feet short of the tree trunk and began looking around frantically. Cal glanced my way and rolled his eyes.

“What did the last clue say, guys?”

The kid without the compass pulled a card out of his back pocket and read, “’50 steps south-southwest. Then left at the fork. Go 100 steps southeast to the prize. Don’t get stumped now!’” he looked up and directly at the tree stump, “The stump!” They found the medal quickly.

“Uh, guys,” Cal interrupted their high-five-ing “Is that the clue card from the last post?”

They froze and looked down at the card sheepishly. “Yeah…”

“I’m sure Jimmy told you to leave the clues where you found them. You didn’t keep *all* of the cards, did you?”

The kid pulled a thick stack of laminated cards out of his back pocket. There would be no runners-up in this contest.

Cal was pretty busy for the rest of the day playing sheepdog to a herd of galloping boys. I had sandwiches with the group down by the lake but then kind of fell back and watched from a distance. He seemed the same as ever – alternately laughing with, then scolding the troops; but I couldn’t stop wondering if there wasn’t a presence inside him – maybe watching me watching him.

Before dinner he ran up and informed me that I’d have to eat at a table with the twins – the counselors always ate at a separate table with Mr. Gamm. Then he sprinted away up the hill to help prepare the meal.

The smell of food when we entered the dining hall competed in vain against the odor of old wood and varnish. There was a humble kitchen in one corner, a couple windows curtained only with spider webs, and eight tables arranged around the room. The tables had already been set and my eyes immediately located Mr. Gamm at his place in the far corner. He sat with his back to the rest of the room talking to Cal, who rose shortly after seeing us enter.

“Hey guys! Sit in the same seats as this morning! Charlie, you’re over here – he motioned to a table where the dreaded twins were already staring at the food on their plates in horror.

I sat facing the counselors table and spent the rest of the meal staring in awe at Mr. Gamms back. The guy was a walking wet-dream! The back supports of the folding chair he sat in pressed deep into the midway-point of each of his muscular ass cheeks. Whenever he rocked forward in his seat to grab something off the table his ass pressed back through the opening between these support bars and the backrest, like muscled Play-Doh squeezing out of an opening in the Fun Factory. Cal had been right about the stretchy shorts – when I half-shut my eyes and looked through my lashes, he might as well have been naked. Cal occasionally glanced my way and winked, forcing me to smile weakly through my haze of lust. I rubbed my balls slowly back and forth between my thighs and ate very little. When my hard-on was at the point of rising above the edge of the table, I murmured something about the heat and removed my t-shirt so I could drape it across my lap. I bounced my pecs a few times for the twins who were staring slack-jawed.

When most everyone had finished eating and the noise level in the room began to rise, Cal jumped up and came over to my table and put a hand on each of the twin’s shoulders.

“Charlie, I’ve got to drive into town and get some stuff for these two leaf-eatin’ goons!” He shook them roughly and they blushed, loving it. “I should be back in about 45 minutes but Mr. Gamm asked if you would stay behind for a chat – he’s already greeted the rest of the kids.”

“Yeah, sure” I said, disappointed. I’d been considering telling Cal what I thought was going on and had hoped that the trip to town, which I’d heard discussed that morning, would be a safe opportunity. No one could stay inside someone at that distance….

Mr. Gamm rose as Cal led me over to his table.

“Pleased to meet you, Charlie” he said, taking my extended hand and holding it between both of his. “Cal’s been telling me all about you. It almost feels as though we’ve already met.” His eyes burned into mine. I glanced over at Cal and he shrugged with a look that said “Who the hell knows?”

Gamms body, viewed from the front, was way too much to handle all at once, that close, and with hand contact. My gaze was continually drawn away from his face down to his chest, which defied description. I’d made myself pretty freaky in the past but I don’t think I’d ever created tits as massive as Gamm’s. Not only did the nipples protrude from the white t-shirt that cleaved to his every curve but I could make out their darkness through the thin fabric. Every time my eyes drifted down he squeezed my hand again, causing his big biceps to flex which in turn pressed his chest out another inch towards my face.

“Well, I’ll be heading into town then...” said Cal.

“Good,” said Mr. Gamm, “We’ll sit and get acquainted.”

The two of us were soon alone in the room. Mr. Gamm pulled a couple chairs away from the table and we sat facing each other, so close his knee hairs brushed mine. He leaned back, crossing his arms below his chest, and let his knees fall open. My eyes dropped to his groin and he let me get a good look before he casually lowered his arms, draping his hands over the fantastic mound.

“Charlie, I just have to say your coming here is such a welcome surprise.”

“Surprise?” I tried to read his face.

“Let’s not pretend. Two such as us, meeting like this out of the blue – what are the odds?”

“Are there others?” I ask, hushed and excited.

“Of course there are others. However, it appears to be an extremely unusual condition. An encounter is something to be savored.”

“But you’ve *met* others?”

He nodded.

“How? Where?”

“I’ve only been so lucky once, Charlie. And the search takes years and much patience. All I can say is look for guys that look like us, for starters. Ask yourself - are they too perfectly huge? Next, are their cocks big? We can’t help it, right?” He opened his hands like a pair of double-doors, framing and squeezing his bloated package. “Befriend them - ask them about their exercise routines. Are they vague? What normal guy, one who makes himself look like we look, isn’t obsessed with his workout routine? They talk of nothing else. Now, even having found this vague, huge, big-dicked man, chances are you’ve still struck out. You’ll find life is full of sure bets that turn out to be major disappointments. As I said, it appears we are an extreme minority… Charlie, our bumping into each other out here on the prairie is one of life’s pleasantest and most unlikely coincidences.” His cock began to rise and he held it down with a thumb from each hand.

I jumped to my feet.

“Sorry, I need to use the bathroom.”

He cocked his head towards a door in the far corner, never taking his eyes off my face.

“I’ll be right back.”

I burst through the bathroom door, locking it behind me, and paced in front of the sink. This was too much to handle all at once – I didn’t like the feeling of power I sensed in Mr. Gamm – I was the one who had always been in control!

Finally, I stopped in front of the urinal and pushed my shorts down. I really did have to pee, but my cock was already half-hard and could only release a half-hearted spurt before going fully stiff. That’s when Gamm sauntered in through the bathroom door and I jumped back, my cock wagging in front of me, slapping from thigh to thigh..

“Charlie, even *I* know that you know about the lock on that door. I heard Cal tell you this morning, remember? I believe it was just before he described my cock.”

“Mr. Gamm…”


“I’m not sure I’m ready for this…”

“Charlie, relax. Let’s just talk. Come here.”

He pulled me over to the sink and stood me facing the dingy little mirror beneath a bare light bulb. Standing behind me, his hands on my shoulders, he lowered his head so his face was next to mine and began speaking softly.

“Now listen to me Charlie. I’ll go as slow as you want.” His hands slid down and squeezed my biceps softly. “You don’t know what it’s like when two people like us come together, me in you and you in me. Each feeling what the other feels. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll spend the rest of your life searching, trying to find it again.” He reached under my arms and, cupping one of my tits in each hand, pulled me back gently against his body. I felt a sudden electric tingle of confusion. “I’m inside you now, feeling my dick pressed against your ass like this and feeling you feel it” My shorts were still down around my thighs and I could feel the rubbery thickness of his dick through the thin material of his shorts, sliding against my butt. “I’m learning what you like now,” he murmured and my pecs grew beneath his massaging hands. He made a hook of each index finger and hung his hands from my growing nipples, pulling down steadily. “See Charlie? Now they’re big, just like mine.” He ran his own nipples back and forth across my shoulder blades. “It feels so good inside you. Come inside me too. Come inside me Charlie.”

Never had I experienced entering someone as a surrender, but this definitely felt like I was losing control. I entered him and the universe seemed to expand around us. His hands were around my pecs – he squeezed them while inside me he felt them being squeezed. It was like he was holding himself, our nervous systems were intertwined. “Yes! Yes!” he sighed. We parted and stripped off our remaining clothes, then he moved back in against me, from behind, pushing his cock between my thighs until it pressed into my balls. From inside him I felt the sensation of the head blossoming out of its foreskin, feeling the cool air. I rolled the shaft between my legs and it spurted warm pre-cum against my bloating sack.

My chest was huge now and he lifted the dense muscle then let it drop, over and over again, letting us both experience the weight.

Sinking to the floor until he was kneeling between my legs, he pulled my ass back until I was half-sitting on his chest, feeling his right pec rubbing between my big cheeks, his thick nipple poking at my hole. Holding me against him with one arm around my waist, he took the base of his cock in his free hand and began to alternately batter then prod my ball sack with the slimy knob.

“Half and half, Charlie, “he moaned, though I felt my own lips mouthing the words. “Half and half, each in the other…”

He continued to pummel and jab at my balls with his cock until the heavy sack was slick with his lube. I felt his nipple grow, pushing through my sphincter like a wriggling thumb and I ground my ass back onto his chest, begging for more penetration.

Sometimes I completely filled his body while he filled mine - then we would suddenly switch, slipping back and forth wildly. “Equal….equal…” he kept pleading, sometimes through my mouth, sometimes with his own.

When it happened, it was unexplainable and effortless. We were as much a part of the other as we were ourselves, perfectly balanced. His hand continued to use his dick on my balls, but we both controlled the speed and relished the rough pounding. I wrapped my arms around my own cock, hugging it to my tits, and we both felt the firm nexus of biceps & pecs through with the bulbous head poked and rubbed. We pushed simultaneously, ass to pec, until the engorged nipple seemed to vibrate inside me, filling me to bursting and we both fucked each other on the rough knob. For a moment time stood still, there was just the ragged breathing, the wet slapping sound …

Finally, there are no words for the ending. Clinging together, we seemed to tumble through an endless void, cumming and cumming. Then I was falling against him and he was falling and we were on the floor.

I started to cry, weakened by what had happened yet already missing the feeling, and we clung to each other for several minutes.

Later, we showered and dressed in silence. I was slipping on my shirt when I caught his reflection in the mirror watching me coldly. I heard the door bang out in the dining room and Cal’s voice.

“Anyone here?”

Excited by the sound of his voice, I started for the bathroom door but Gamm blocked my way, grabbing my arm.

“I want you to remember one thing, Charlie. This is very important.” His voice was quiet but firm.

I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight.

“Charlie, just one thing - Cal is mine! Do you understand?”

“Wha - what are you talking about?” I protested, struggling in vain.

”Keep out of him, Charlie. He – is - mine!” •

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