Super Powers Universe, The


By legionxp

Ok, thanks everyone for the feedback, here is part two. It picks up with where we left off with Rex and Frank and then switches to Hammer.

Looking forward to reading all of your comments.

Thanks everyone for the praise.

Rex and Frank:

Anyways, Rex and I began working out and he works me hard, but it is cool. Rex was always busy with clients, since he taught the self defense classes and did personal training, he was turning the neighborhood into an army I joked. He laughed at that. Rex was fearless, he went where ever he fucking wanted at anytime, he said, screw the police and their rules.

Rex was pissed at one middle aged guy, Mr. Davis, for not paying him for some sessions. Mr. Davis had a habit of showing up late, he was a lawyer and thought he was a big shot. Rex’s training schedule was always full, so when Mr. Davis’ hour was up, that was it, even if Mr. Davis’ was 30 minutes late. Rex had a 24 hour cancellation policy after all. Davis refused to pay full price for his abbreviated sessions, so Rex dropped him as a client and was stuck with the $350 bill that Davis refused to pay. Mr. Davis in the meantime was bad mouthing Rex around the gym. Rex told me the whole story. I had never met Mr. Davis.

Then, one Saturday we were working out. I was resting after set three of five of the dumbbell bench press. Rex grabbed some heavier dumbbells for me and was waiting for my break to be over so he could spot me for the next set. I closed my eyes and then the TINGLE hit big time. I opened my eyes quickly and almost fell off the bench from the sudden shock of the major tingle.

Rex was at my side in an instant, “You ok, dude?”

“Yeah,” I said.

As I was processing the event, an image of Rex standing over me with two hazy streams shooting from his eyes popped into my head. It was like a black top on a hot, sunny day when that haze from the heat rises from the pavement. However, in this case, the heat haze was shooting from Rex’s eyes.

“What happened?” Asked Rex.

I was about to answer when KERENK! “ARRRRGGHH!” some dude cried out in pain. I looked up and it seemed that he had burned out and just dropped the bar and the weight on himself.

Some other guys ran and helped him out and were remarking loudly about how crazy it was. It seemed the two little metal “shelves” that hold the bar had been melted away somehow. The middle aged man was helped into the locker room.

Then I heard someone ask if Davis was going to be ok and I froze up.

“So,” Rex repeated, “What happened?”

“I just got a big tingle in my head for a second, it’s nothing,” I replied.

Rex gave me a big smile. “Well, my client is in, so you finish up by yourself and I’ll catch you after your cardio, cool?”

“Sounds good,” I said and I went back to my workout and did some thinking about what had just happened. In the gym, I frequently got the tingle from a few guys, but never like that and it didn’t give me weird hallucinations.

With Rex going off to train another client, I decided I needed my wrist supports for my shrugs, because he wouldn’t be there to spot me.

I entered the cavernous locker room and was approaching the aisle my locker was in when “NO!” I heard a man cry out. SHRACCK! There was a green flash from the next aisle over followed by FOOOOSH! A rush of air. I ran over there to see a cloud of white smoke hanging in the air. Then, OOOOOOSH! A sucking sound filled the room and the cloud of smoke vanished to reveal a half naked Rex, who had apparently inhaled the smoke cloud, standing on the opposite side of the room. His pecs hung on his chest like two volley balls and his 21 inch pipes were awesome to behold.

He was glaring at me and I was frozen in place, a million thoughts rushing through my head. The rumors were true about the men with powers and considering there was an open locker with a nice suit and a gym bag on the floor, Rex had just smoked somebody and the expensive suit pointed to Davis.

SWOOSH! In a millisecond Rex shot across the room like a blur and was in my face, looking pissed.

“We’ll have to talk about this later,” Rex spat and then I saw his open palm shoot forward and THWACKK! He popped me in the forehead, I staggered and everything went black....

--------------------------------------------------------------- Hammer!! (Better not have skipped ahead)

South Fork—1:17 A.M.

Hammer hovers over the town square, which basically has every government institution and business in town around its perimeter. There is a street about a mile up the road to the north that has residences on it that are not set a mile or more apart. There are about 10 houses on that street where the non-farmers live.

The police building is a small brick building, across the town square from the bowling alley. The bowling alley is busy tonight, five buses are parked in front of it and numerous cars. The alley’s sign reads “Annual Tri-County Bowling League Championship Tonight”. Hammer lands behind the bowling alley and approaches the metal door marked deliveries only. WRENKT! Hammer drives the fingers of both of his hands into the center of the 2 inch thick metal door and RENNNKTT! Hammer pulls his arms apart and rips a huge hole in the metal door like it’s paper. Hammer ducks through the hole and finds himself in the dry storage area off the kitchen of Jim’s Bowling, Bar, and Grill.

With no picture of James to go on, Hammer scans the place with his vision powers WZZZ! as he approaches the kitchen area, looking for young males with muscle. The place is packed. Fortunately, most of the bowlers are in there mid-thirties to forties and the only young men are in the bar and grill area which is located off of the kitchen.

“Fuck, yeah, I’ll get you your damn fries, but the kitchen closed at 1,” A young man shouts in the distance and then Hammer hears him coming closer.

He enters the kitchen, sees Hammer facing him and gasps in surprise. Hammer’s eyes explode with yellow light ZRAAAAK! Two beams of Hammer’s yellow laser vision hit the would be cook square in the chest. SWPOOOF! The dude is vapor. What’s left of him floats in a cloud in the kitchen. Hammer WOOOOO! Inhales the small vapor cloud for a little refreshment. This dude was not James, but Hammer had to make sure his first strike against any being who could potentially be James counted. James would not have been dispatched so easily by Hammer’s laser vision.

Hammer steps out of the kitchen and stands in the shadows behind the swinging double doors that lead into the bar area. He notices the bar is enclosed within a separate seating area with doors that lead out into the bowling alley itself. This is one of two bars in the bowling complex, one is at each end of the establishment.

A half drunk 40 something man sitting at the bar directly in front of the kitchen doors having a beer, notices Hammer’s huge shadowy figure and stares blankly at it.

Hammer takes note of the bar maid chatting with five customers at the opposite end of the bar. There are two girls and a potential James chatting in the far booth in the far left, front corner of the bar drinking beers and munching on shitty bar popcorn. The young man’s back is to Hammer, the two girls face Hammer’s direction.

Across the room from the two girls and the young man, in the back, left corner, are three dudes drinking beer and playing darts. The dart board is mounted on the left wall, so their backs are to Hammer.

The workers in this place don’t wear any kind of uniforms, so any of these four young men could be James. However, none seems to be hugely muscular, but a power dude doesn’t have to have huge muscles to do the things that James did, just enough muscle to be noticeable. Hammer knows that if one of these four is James, this could be easy pickings. Hammer was hoping for a more satisfying showdown.

The drunk dude at the bar points toward Hammer, Hammer doesn’t want to raise any alarm, stealth is key to Hammer’s plan.

Hammer’s eyes focus on him and glow with a soft pink light WREEE! The bar patron stares at the glowing eyes in the shadows and then begins to gurgle and convulse a bit. There are no perceptible beams, but Hammer is cooking the man from the inside out with his microwave vision, baking his internal organs in seconds. The man slumps over, cooked like a hot dog. FISSSSS! Steam rises from his orifices, but with all the smoke in the bar, no one pays the slumped over drunk any attention. It’s a perfect kill.

Hammer focuses next on the swinging glass doors with the metal frames that lead out of the bar to the bowling area. VREEE! Two invisible beams of heat (invisible because they are less intense than his full on bright red heat vision, which could vaporize a target as large as a 10,000 square foot office building in seconds) are carefully guided along the seam between the two doors, turning the door frames into molten metal and causing them to bleed together. Next, the final touch, Hammer puffs out his cheeks and PFFFFFF! Unleashes a gust of super cooled air from his amazingly powerful lungs, which hardens the metal on contact, but is not as intense as his super breath powers, and not noticeable to a human who is 40 feet away. With the doors now sealed, Hammer is ready to strike.

The six adults at the end of the bar are talking quietly, Hammer picks up something about the Parker farm with his super hearing.

Hammer turns his head to face the six adults and opens his mouth half way. WOOOOOOOO! He begins to drink, not a beer, nor any type of liquid, but the oxygen in the bar. Slowly and deliberately he sucks away the air supply of the six adults. For his victims it’s like trying to breathe when there’s a high powered vacuum covering your mouth and nose. For Hammer, it’s an attack that highlights the mastery he has over his various abilities, too much force and he could cause the room to implode, too little and he just ends up creating a gentle breeze, just the right amount and the precious oxygen is sucked away from just his victims and no one else in the room has a clue. His lungs are able to draw in nearly an unlimited amount of gas and he’s never hit his limit when he’s used any of his super breath powers. The six adults slump over and pass out propped up against the bar, their old bodies can’t last long without normal oxygen levels.

Hammer closes his mouth and steps swiftly out into the bar, the young adults haven’t noticed the slumped over older folks yet, the two girls definitely notice the huge and ripped body of Hammer. A wave of green energy starts at the corner of Hammer’s right pec near his solar plexus and travels across his chest to his right shoulder, Hammer raises his arm straight out with his open palm pointing towards the booth with the girls, and the wave of bright green energy shoots over his huge guns and down his arm from his shoulder. The young man turns and gasps as FRAAAK! A ball of green light shoots from Hammer’s palm and slams into the dude’s chest. “AIIEEE-” the dude screams as the bolt of energy slams into his chest and lights him up like a the night sky on the fourth of July. KRAKA-BOOOM! A powerful sphere of energy 20 feet in diameter explodes from the guy’s body and encompasses the two girls and portions of the tables around them. FSSSIP! A bright flash of green light fills the room and FWATHOOPM! Everything caught in the energy sphere is vanquished, a cloud of white smoke floats over the scene.

The three young men turn toward Hammer in shock, Hammer’s pecs suddenly heave up on his chest and AOOOOM! AOOM! Two clear, transparent spheres of kinetic energy about the size of soccer balls shoot from his pecs. They look like the force waves in the bullet time effect in The Matrix. Two of the dudes are hit in the chest and OOOFF! KERASSH! Launched through the wall and back into the kitchen. The third dude makes a break for the sealed door.

As the two dudes lay moaning on the floor of the kitchen, Hammer unleashes his heat vision VREEETT! a single beam strikes each of them and FOOMPH! With a bright flash of white light, they are instantly reduced to ash.

“Help me! Please! Someone, open up!” The final dude is pulling on the door in vain and crying out for help. No one hears his pleas in the crowded and noisy bowling alley. The bar and grill is 15 yards back from the lanes themselves. The dude catches sight of Hammer who is looking right at him with a sly grin on his face.

“No, God, please,” the young man pleads. “Why are you doing this? Please, I’ll give you anything, just don’t do that to me, man.”

Hammer considers the offer and he speaks, “I want to know where I can find James Cabble.” Maybe the attack on these people will not be a total waste, Hammer hopes.

“Sure man, anything,” the dude responds. “James and his girlfriend just left man, in a hurry, man. Some kind of emergency. Jim knows what happened he got the call.”

“Who is Jim?” Hammer asks, coolly.

“The owner, gray hair and beard, down by the office, passing out the shoes,” the dude was quaking as he spoke.

“Good, you can go now,” Hammer sneers.

The dude jumps up, leaps over the bar, and dives into the kitchen, running as fast as he can, he slips and THUMP! Slams into the bank of three refrigerators along the kitchen wall. SWOOOSH! There is a sudden rush of air and the dude looks up to see Hammer standing 30 feet ahead of him in front of the ravaged delivery door. Hammer chuckles and approaches the dude, who also backs up.

“You promised you bastard!!” The dude screams at Hammer, he’s trapped there is no exit. He’s walked back 35 feet and is backed up to the wall, he sees silhouettes of his friends that are burned into the floor from when Hammer smoked them with his heat vision. They are still giving off wisps of smoke. The dude convulses and bends over to vomit, he has never felt fear like this.

Hammer RENNKT! Grabs one of the large stainless steel institutional use refrigerators, his hands dig into the steel as he causally lifts the 800 pound appliance from the floor and WHUMP! SNAPP! Plants it between him and the vomiting, hopeless boy, the refrigerators wheels are crushed when Hammer forcefully sets it down.

The dude looks up, tears in his eyes, vomit covering his mouth and lips. Hammer holds his index and middle finger together and jabs the refrigerator WRRRROOSH! The 800 pound fridge races across the floor and THRUMP! Slams into the dude and BOOOSH! pancakes him against the cement block wall, then BOOOOM! The fridge smashes right through the wall and KERRASSH! Crashes into the side of a van parked along the outside of the building.

Hammer’s six adult victims remain passed out in the bar, slumped about on the floor. Hammer grabs a wooden barstool and flips it upside down. Hammer now holding the barstool by its legs, positions the seat of the stool over the head of one of the passed out adults and rams the stool into the guy’s head. KRRBLOOSH! The head is pulverized and three seconds later five more heads are pulverized.

Hammer SWOOOSH! Leaves the bar through the employee entrance and re-enters the bowling alley through the main entrance. He doesn’t want folks to be able to enter the welded bar and grill doors and discover his mess. And there is Jim, sitting in his office behind the shoe rental desk. SWOOSH! Hammer is standing in front of Jim’s desk in an eye blink. The rush of air blows papers around Jim’s rather large office, Jim drops his pipe in shock at seeing a huge muscle dude suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Getting old was hell, Jim’s mind was always playing tricks on him like that. Just the other day he swore he saw James lift and move a broken down van to the far side of the building. Jim had told James to call Bob at the service station and have him come down here with his tow truck and move the eyesore. When he asked James about what he had seen, James look startled and joked about what exactly he was smoking with that pipe of his.

“What in the hell?”, Jim exclaims.

“I need to know where James Cabble is,” Hammer states in his booming, authoritative voice.

“You another muscle friend of his like those other dudes? I haven’t seen those guys in a while,” James answered. “Especially Big Pete, you know Pete? He used to live in town here. James said he just got mad at the world one day and took off. His parents are still a wreck over it, never even heard from their boy. James has been helping out the family with their farm chores when he can. James and Pete were good buddies.”

Hammer was loosing patience, but he saw his opening, “Yes, I am traveling through here on my way to the state bodybuilding show this weekend.”

“Well, you just missed him and Jan. James got a call to go in for his police reservist job. You can try at the station,” Jim stated, really liking the look of this man god.

Hammer had the information he needed, he also spied a plastic milk crate stuffed with folders and labeled employee files on the shelf behind Jim’s desk. He needed James’ file to get his home address. Jim keeps staring at Hammer’s body with lust in his eyes. Hammer eyes a well polished black bowling balls on the bookshelf in Jim’s office. Hammer lifts it up with one of his massive hands, his long, strong fingers easily held it. In his large, powerful hands the bowling ball looks like it is proportionally the size of a softball.

Jim continued the conversation, “I was given that back in 1988, bowled a perfect 300 game. See the engraving?”

Hammer glares at the ball and squeezes KER-SMOOUSH! The bowling ball quickly deforms under the pressure, busting into plastic chunks, which fall from Hammer’s hand to the floor with a hollow thud.

Jim is stunned, “You asshole!,” he shouts in a rage. “That’s it, friend of James or not, I’m calling the cops.”

Jim reaches for his office phone just as SMASSSH! Hammer’s fist pounds it into the desk. PLING! ZING! The phone is reduced to small bits which are launched all over the office.

Jim runs past Hammer heading for his office door, SWOOSH! Hammer beats him to the doorway with his super speed. Jim freezes like a deer in the headlights when he comes face to face with Hammer and sees close up the hugeness of his supreme body. Hammer’s muscular body fills the doorway, there is no way Jim is getting through that door. Hammer’s hand reaches down and Jim feels Hammer’s fingers brushing against the underside of his ample belly and then those fingers push upwards. OOOOSH! Jim is launched into the air and back across his office THWACKK! Jim slams into the wall behind his desk and falls THUMP! To the floor. Even Hammer’s slightest touch is amazing powerful.

Dazed, but by no means ready to surrender to this roid monster, Jim opens his desk drawer and pulls out his loaded gun. Hammer shuts the office door, he wants to play this out. Gun play is always fun.

“That’s it, freeze right there, you fucker,” Jim shouts. “Just walk right the hell out of here boy and don’t cause any more trouble.”

Hammer wants that gun to go off, he wants to feel the steel slam into his tanned, muscular body. Jim needs a different kind of nudging. Hammer smirks at Jim and steps over to a four drawer metal file cabinet against the wall. He places his big hands on it, glares at Jim, and pushes straight down WRENNT! POOOOOM! The sides of the cabinet explode outward and papers and office supplies shoot through the room.

Jim was lusting again, but he tries to fight it. His emotions seesaw from tremendous fear to a sense of arousal, “You just walk out of here now, asshole.”

Hammer answers by CROOOSH! Driving his fist through the cement block wall of Jim’s office creating a hole that is two feet in diameter. Hammer holds up his dust covered, but completed uninjured hand to a stunned Jim as the cool night air rushes through the hole into the room, displacing the resulting cloud of concrete dust.

Jim acts BLANG! A shot rings out and a bullet blasts into the valley between Hammer’s pecs. Hammer collapses to the floor, WHUUDD! He’s a good actor, his super dense body shakes the room when it hits the floor. He feels the warm metal bullet, deep between his pecs. He squeezes the muscle masses together a little bit which compresses the bullet into a tin foil disk.

Jim approaches the seemingly fallen Hammer, Hammer’s hand shoots out, grabs Jim’s ankle and squeezes. CRRRSSSSHHH! Jim drops the gun as the bones in his ankle are ground to dust in Hammer’s powerful grip. Hammer lets Jim go and stands up, as Jim falls to the ground grasping his ankle.

Hammer grabs the gun, BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! And empties it by shooting himself in his relaxed right pec, the bullets strike the mass of muscle and fall into Hammer’s waiting hand.

“No weapon can hurt me, fool” Hammer sneers as he positions his open palm with the bullets resting on it in front of his mouth. He lowers his head slightly, lining things up.

Jim pleads, “Please just go, leave me be.”

FSSSOSH! Hammer puffs out his cheeks, and a gust of his super breath catches the bullets, sending them speeding into Jim. ZPFT! ZPFFT! ZPIIFT! A barrage of bullets rip through Jim’s flesh and end up burrowing into the floor below him. “ARRRRGGHHH!” Jim cries out in pain as blood seeps from his wounds. Never once during this do any of Hammer’s chest or abdominal muscles contract, as his super lungs alone are all that he needs to propel the bullets into his target.

Hammer crouches down near the bleeding and whimpering Jim, he holds his hand in front of Jim’s face, tucks the tip of his index finger behind his thumb, and then smiles broadly as SWIICKK! He flicks Jim’s nostrils with his index finger. KRRT! Jim’s nose blasts backward into his brain. Jim’s brain SPLOOSH! Blows out of the top of his skull in a shower of foamy brain matter.

Paul, an employee, comes back from the bathroom, just in time to see a hail of brain matter shoot past Jim’s office window and when he catches sight of Hammer, he’s out of there. He hops over the shoe counter and runs back into the bowling alley, so Hammer doesn’t see him pass by the window which Paul would have to pass by to make his way out of the establishment’s main doors.

Back in the office, Hammer WZZZZ! Scans the crate of employee files with his vision powers and rips James’ out of the middle of the stack. Hammer quickly reads every page of the 10 page file at super speed, memorizing everything, including James’ address and social security number. Hammer is suddenly startled, his super hearing picks up a panicked voice incoherently babbling about “Jim”, a “murder”, and “at the bowling alley”. Hammer VREET! Burns James’ file to ashes with his heat vision and begins the hunt for Paul.

Paul is running down towards the intact bar in the bowling alley, yelling into his cell phone to the 911 operator about what he has just witnessed. Hammer’s super senses allow him to pick up the whole conversation.

Hammer needs to find this guy quickly, with a crowd of 300 still at the alley, this could be difficult to hide. He can’t have any report of his activities by any witnesses.

Hammer’s WZZZZ! Eyes glow blue as he uses his enhanced vision and super hearing to track his prey. The operator is not believing what she can understand of Paul’s story. People are staring as Paul runs screaming along the carpeted space between the bowlers and the racks of bowling balls down to the other bar.

Hammer spots Paul, a guy with black hair in his 30s with a medium build. He’s running and is about 25 yards ahead of Hammer. Hammer has been noticed by two middle aged male bowlers who are picking out new balls to play with. The men stare in awe, a body like Hammer’s always draws attention.

Hammer rips a bowling ball from one of the men’s hands, drops it on the floor in front of him, and BDOK! Kicks it at Paul. WOOOOSH! The bowling ball shoots like a rocket. THWHUDD! It slams into Paul’s back, knocking him forward 30 feet before and leaving him sprawled out on the carpet with his cell phone landing 8 feet from him. Paul is in pain. Hammer has immobilized his target, he has some time. He hears the 911 operator on the phone, “Hello? Hello? Is this a joke? This is a very serious crime.”

The two men near Hammer are transfixed, their old bodies with their high body fat percentages are like candles to his sun. Hammer pities them as the gawk at him. He grabs the other man’s bowling ball and WHUMMP! Smashes it into his rock hard abs KER-SMOOUSH! The bowling ball explodes in a hail of plastic like bits. Hammer enjoys putting on his little shows. Of course, for these two the price of admission is their lives. Hammer grabs their heads and KERACCK-KOOSH! Slams them into each other with explosive force. Their heads shatter like eggs, their brains being the yoke. Hammer CRNCHH! Crushes the doorknob of a locked janitor’s closet, that is conveniently two feet away along the wall, and throws the bodies in. THOOMP!

Meanwhile, Paul has regained his footing and his reaching for his phone.

Hammer must act, SWOOOSH! Hammer blocks Paul’s path, appearing out of nowhere in front of him and WHUDD! Smacking Paul in face with his huge pecs, Paul is knocked 10 feet backward and lands on his ass. THUMP! Hammer snatches the phone and yells into it “HA! You stupid bitch! HA! HA!” taunting the operator and then CRUNCH! Closes his fist around the phone compressing it into a small wad of wiring and plastic.

The bowlers are staring, Paul is screaming, and Hammer is very pissed.

“AAAAEEEIII!” Hammer detects a woman screaming at the other end of the alley. The mess he made in the bar and grill has been discovered.

Hammer has no choice, he needs to clean house. Thanks to this asshole who called 911, there are now too many potential witnesses to Hammer and the guy’s babbling. Of course, it’s a problem Hammer doesn’t mind having.

Hammer hands glow green and he slams them over his pecs and squeezes them, priming them for what is to come. He releases them and FRIZZ! KRACK! Green lightening bolt like sparks of energy shoot across Hammer’s beach ball sized pectorals. Hammer bends slightly at the waist, the drunk bowlers are starting to freak, they are going to freak a whole hell of a lot more in just a second. Hammer’s pecs are in position and they are starting to glow a brighter green as more of Hammer’s power rushes into them. Hammer bounces his thick and heavy pectorals THOOM! THOOM! The roar is thunderous, Paul gets the worst of it, his ears bleed, his hearing is gone. Other nearby patrons cover their ears. Hammer isn’t satisfied, he focuses driving more of his power into his pecs, THOOOOOM! He bounces both pecs in unison. Paul KABLOOSH! Explodes into fleshy bits, the concussive force of Hammer’s bouncing pecs obliterate him. Others nearby experience a vertigo effect due to the concussive force wave that Hammer’s pecs unleash, making them dizzy and disoriented, especially the drunk ones.

The power is not enough though, Hammer focuses, there are 300 people here and none can escape. His pecs glow brighter, they heave as they fill with his power. He faces a group of eight dizzy bowlers who are 20 feet away and trying to stand back up THOOM! THOOM! Hammer hits them again, this time dead on, with a concussive force wave. KKBLOOOOOOOSH! The eight people exploded as the wave washes over them, body parts splatter across 12 bowling lanes, legs, arms, torsos. The wave isn’t quite as focused as the one that killed Paul, but it wasn’t supposed to be.

Hammer smiles, he is ready. FZZZZITT! WZZZZZ! His chest is glowing like a huge green spotlight. The bowlers who can see who is creating the huge thunderous roars and haven’t been incapacitated by the concussive force waves, are running for the exits.

Hammer flares his pecs out to broaden the concussive wave, making it less focused. THOOM! THOOM! Hammer’s two masses of hot beef bounce on his chest, unleashing a deafening roar and a blast of concussive force so powerful that all of the escaping bowlers are blown off their feet to the floor .

THOOM! THOOM! Hammer keeps bouncing the two beach balls of muscle, the people cover their ears to block the deafening roar of Hammer’s super charged pecs as he bounces them rapidly to completely incapacitate the crowd. THOOM! THOOM! The ear covering is no use, it’s like trying to spit on a 10,000 acre forest fire to put it out.

Hammer moves through the bowling alley, stepping on the fallen people, as his pecs continue to jump up and down on his chest. THOOOM! THOOOM! The decibel level is equivalent to standing next to the rocket boosters when four space shuttles lift off together. The deafening roar fills the entire bowling alley. The building itself shakes, KERACCK! The walls splinter and crack. Most of the light bulbs shatter, darkening the bowling alley. The light of Hammer’s pectorals illuminate the place.

300 people lie helpless before Hammer. Some of their brains have already started hemorrhaging due to the concussive force Hammer’s monster pecs unleash every time he bounces them.

Hammer flies over and lands in the center of the actual bowling lanes facing the bowlers, all of them have collapsed to the ground in a state of vertigo created by Hammer’s powerful pecs.

Hammer speaks, “I want you to know that you are all going to die now. No one can save you. You have James Cabble to blame for this, sucks for you that he lives in this shit hole town. Other than that your deaths have no meaning, none of you are going to die as heroes or with and dignity. BWAAHH! HA! HA!”

THOOM! THOOM! Hammer’s pecs heave rhythmically one more time and then he tightens them up and KRAZ! KRAKAK! They balloon up on his chest, expanding as more of his power flows into them. They swell and pulse with un-quantifiable power. Then Hammer lets it all out, SHTOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM! A monstrous wave of green energy cascades from the slabs of granite and the flow doesn’t stop. The wave expands as it travels from Hammer’s pectorals. FOOSSHH! It washes over the lanes, then the ball return units, then it reaches the people. PPOOOSH! Screams fill the air. The energy washes over objects like a tidal wave instantly vaporizing them, anything touched by Hammer’s power is instantly smoked. FOOOOSH! A hundred people are atomized in seconds, reduced to nothing but vapor. Hammer controls the width and the range of his pectoral energy wave. He let’s his power wipe out the office, but restrains it from blasting out the exterior walls of the alley.

Hammer holds his powerful pecs in check by tensing them. The energy wave stops, which is kind of like stopping a urine flow in mid stream for Hammer. The 200 people remaining are crying and whimpering as white smoke floats in the air. The only remains of 100 people and 1/3 of the bowling alley.

Hammer turns his magnificent torso to the right, “OK, people to my right,” The right side of the room erupts in people screaming, interrupting Hammer’s taunting. “SAY CHEESE!”

Hammer relaxes his pectorals and SHTOOOOOOOMMM!, unimaginable power races from his two bulbous slabs of granite FOOOOOSH!! Smoking about 100 more people along with vaporizing every other object illuminated by his power. All the while Hammer laughs at the puny humans as his power exterminates them like the vermin they are.

When Hammer’s super hearing can no longer detect a human heart beating on the right side of the alley, he reins in his power. A large amount of white smoke fills that side of the alley.

Hammer notices gray smoke billowing from his own pecs, it has been a while since he has let loose like this. It feels good, really good. The best part is that it isn’t over, it’s like eating all the ice cream, and knowing you have another quart in the freezer.

Hammer’s torso rotates to his left. In between their screams and sobs, the people are coughing because of the increasing amounts of smoke.

“Just because you guys are last, doesn’t mean I’m not going to love ending your sad existences any less,” Hammer shouts. “In fact, here’s a good bye kiss to prove it.”

Hammer puckers his lips and FWOOOOSH! A powerful and brief gust of his super breath catches the “unlucky” and splatters them against the walls BOOOOSH!, Others are knocked around a bit.

“OK guys, time for the main event!,” bellows Hammer.

SHTOOOOOOOMMM! The wave of energy bursts forth from Hammer’s beefy twins. FFOOOSH! The screams are quickly silenced as 100 more people are efficiently exterminated by Hammer’s pulsing wave of green energy.

Hammer tenses his pecs and the wave stops. The only sound in the whole place is the hiss of white smoke rising from the latest stricken area. The silvery white vapor, the remains of 300 dead humans, forms a thick impenetrable (to a human’s vision) fog in the alley. Although he doesn’t need to take in any form of nourishment to maintain his health or powers, Hammer can’t pass up a celebratory feast. Hammer opens his mouth wide, and uses his super lungs to draw the huge cloud into his mouth. He does it slowly, enjoying it, like a cigar smoker enjoying the last of his finest rare cigars. The thick cloud slowly thins out, OOOOOO! Hammer’s eyes rollback into his head as sensations of physical pleasure fill him. Soon the smoke is drawn away from the corners of the alley, Hammer efficiently herds the cloud into his mouth. He doesn’t change his position at all, his lungs are powerful enough to suck the smoke from the smallest nook or cranny. The cloud is nearly gone in less than 90 seconds. FIIISIP! The last of the vapors are sucked down and Hammer closes his mouth and feels the power of the dead feeding him. 300 people is a hell of a big meal, even for Hammer. It charges him up with power he really doesn’t need. It’s like eating a huge meal and being full, but then having an apple too. One doesn’t need to have the apple, but one’s body will burn it for fuel anyway.

It’s orgasmic and soon Hammer reaches the ultimate height of his arousal. FFZZZZZ! His whole body begins to glow green, brighter and brighter. Hammer smiles, he knows what comes next.

Suddenly Hammer flings his arms out, his head up, and flexes his pecs so hard that they swell and rise up off his chest. FWATHOOM! A huge spherical pulse of green energy explodes outward from his gargantuan, muscular body and races through the husk of the bowling alley. THWRAKKAPBOOOOM! The pulse atomizes the walls and ceiling of the alley and blasts out into the black night. It swallows all of the alley’s property, except for a portion of the parking lot furthest from the blast point, which contains five buses and a few cars. Everything touched by the energy pulse is blown to atoms as if caught in a nuclear explosion. FOOOOOSH! A giant green mushroom cloud fills the sky over the blast site, which encompasses all of the alley’s property, , which contains five buses and six cars. Hammer hovers in the center of the cloud, his body is throbbing with power and energy. The smoke swirls around Hammer’s heaving body, pulses of green energy randomly move across Hammer’s muscles.

The Earth below the bowling alley has been burned away, creating a spherical crater that is 1/3 of a mile in diameter and ½ a mile deep and thick with the green smoke.

In a fit of ecstasy, Hammer grabs his pecs and squeezes them and shouts into the night, “Hot beef, Baby! Let’s see if city hall would like some hot beef!!

Hammer floats in the air over to the center of the town square and turns his massive torso toward the 2 story 3,000 square foot brick city hall building and squeezes both pecs SHOOOOOMMMPPTTTT! Hammer’s green energy wave streaks from his chest and slams into city hall. KAAFOOOSH! Soon the largest piece of the building that remains is the size of a grain of sand.

“Anyone else for some hot beef?” Hammer turns toward the 20 room motel with it’s flashing no vacancy sign SHTOOOOOOOMMMMM! The sheer size of the blast wave engulfs the entire motel, which is about a 1/3 mile in length with an office at one end followed by 20 rooms, making it impossible for anyone to escape. KKAAABOOOOOSH! The motel is dusted.

Hammer holds his powerful pecs in check. He looks for more targets, but then spots the police station….. •

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