Teen-Hulk Adventures: William and Jake

By EnderFlep

Hi guys. Long-time reader, first-time poster.

This is not quite a "story" per se, but it is a lot more than an idea. It's basically a very detailed outline of the first half, or maybe first third, of what I think could easily be a full-length novel, were it to be fully "fleshed out" (so to speak). In some places I zoom in on the action pretty closely, while elsewhere I skip along quickly. At the point where I leave off, it could go any number of ways, and I'm very interested in your feedback. Also, if anyone else would like to pick up this ball and run with it, I'd be happy to see what you do with it.

This is a muscle-growth sex fantasy, as well as a drama, an adventure, and a romance. I don't dwell much here on the mechanics of the transformation or what makes it possible; others have already done that in so many myriad and wonderful ways, I don't think I can add anything to it. Instead, I focus on character, which to me is the most important element. Even if a story's only purpose is to be a masturbatory fantasy, I find that it turns me on much more if I care about the characters. Maybe I'm just a romantic at heart.

Anyway, here it is:

William and Jake both go to the same high school. Jake is a junior and a jock. William is a freshman, slender but toned, cute, sensitive, brainy. Into books not sports. William is also gay, and although he keeps trying to deny it, everyone knows, and he gets beat up regularly, especially by Jake’s gang. Jake acts all macho and confident on the outside, but inside he is a rage of doubt and insecurity. He has trouble getting it up with women, and this greatly humiliates him, and he bribes them to keep quiet about it. Sometimes when he looks at William, he has a fantasy about holding and kissing him tenderly. He hates himself for having these thoughts, and takes out his rage on William and anything else that looks “queer”. But they hold back from doing serious harm because they don’t want to get in trouble. Nonetheless, they torment William enough to make his life miserable.

The following August, William is at summer camp (this is the last year he will be young enough to be a camper). As at school, he’s a loner and gets picked on by some kids, but he escapes it all by communing with nature. One night he has an incredible experience. He awakens, and has an eerie feeling that nature is calling to him, beckoning him. Quietly, he puts on his slippers (he’s wearing pajamas) and walks out into the woods, without waking anyone. As he stands in a clearing, gazing at the moon as if in a trance, he becomes filled with incredible energies. His body grows, his muscles thicken and enlarge, his mind recedes and is replaced by something animalistic and primal, and he transforms into the massive, towering Teen-Hulk. Roaring with pure exhilaration, he uproots a tree. He revels in his strength, flexing his muscles and growling with pleasure. He runs wild through the forest. A bear confronts him, but is no match for him.

Soon he happens upon a shack in the woods, and witnesses a father abusing his child. Enraged, he attacks. The father grabs his rifle and shoots at close range, but the bullets do nothing to Teen-Hulk but make him madder. He grabs the father and tears him to pieces. All this is witnessed by the child, frozen in shock. Still dripping with the father’s blood, Teen-Hulk then turns and looks at the child, sees the tears in his eyes, and the rage leaves him. Curiously, he bends down and touches the strange wetness on this little one’s face. The child’s fear dissipates, and he becomes filled with gratitude towards this savage-yet-gentle monster who has saved him from his mean daddy. He touches Teen-Hulk back, in wonder. This human bonding awakens a distant memory in Teen-Hulk’s mind of his own humanity, and he strains, looking searchingly in the child’s eyes, as if struggling to say something. But at that moment, both hear the sound of vehicles approaching – people must have heard the gunshots. The moment is lost, Teen-Hulk rears up and away in alarm, growling and tensing for a fight. The boy says “You should go.” Teen-Hulk looks at him curiously, and understands (if not the words then the meaning), and runs back into the woods, just as it starts to rain hard. The rain washes the blood off him. After running for a while, a strange dizziness comes over him, and he collapses.

William wakens, naked and cold, to the shocked and worried eyes of his camp counselors and the local forest rangers. When he was discovered missing from his cabin, they searched the woods for him, and have now found him just a few hundred yards away from camp. They put a towel around him and ask how he got there, but it is all a hazy blur to him, and he says he doesn’t remember. They conclude that he must have been sleepwalking. They take care of him, bring him back, clean him up, and tell him that they’ve informed his father that he’s coming home early and he should get packed. Before he returns to his cabin, he overhears people muttering about a grisly news story; a man over on the next ridge has been brutally murdered, as if by a ferocious animal, yet his son has survived unscathed, and tells fantastic stories of a giant man-beast who came to his rescue. The boy is being taken for counseling. Hearing this brings strange dreamlike images to William’s mind, and he is troubled.

William’s father is pissed off to be stuck with him again, a week earlier than expected. He’s an insensitive lout who resents being burdened with his son, and always trashes him as a “wimp” and a “sissy”. He doesn’t believe this “sleepwalking” story, and accuses Will of faking the whole thing in order to play for sympathy and get a free ride. Will just shuts up and takes it, as usual, but privately continues to be haunted by his confused memories of the incident. Was it a dream? Part of him, remembering the intense feeling of freedom and power, hopes that it wasn’t; yet, the thought also terrifies him, because it would mean that he may have killed someone. After a fairly normal night’s sleep, he decides that it must have been a dream.

School resumes, as do Will’s torments. Will’s father is out partying much of the time. Will is a latchkey kid and has to be pretty self-reliant. One night Will is studying home alone, his mind drifts, and he hulks out. After his initial roar and rush of power, Teen-Hulk looks around the room that has become strange to him. He sees books with words and mathematical symbols, which seem vaguely familiar, but he cannot remember what they mean or why he should care. This angers him. He lashes out at the bookcase, and quickly demolishes it. Satisfied, he roams through the house. At one point he spots his father’s barbell. This brings sudden images to his mind of the strong bullies in his life – Jake, his father. This puzzles him: why does he feel fear at the thought of these puny humans? They’d be nothing to him. He’d crush them to a pulp in an instant. To demonstrate, he grabs the barbell, which feels light as a feather, and twists it into a knot. He then tosses it into the backyard, smashing the glass sliding door. The night air feels good, and he bounds out into the darkness.

Etc… has some adventure, returns to normal, returns home, police there, think it’s a strange burglary. In the middle of this, his father comes home drunk, immediately suspects his son, and prepares to thrash him, but the police intervene and take him to the drunk tank. Now Will is even more worried and thrilled at the same time. He sleeps uneasily, and is worried all day at school.

That night, his father doubts him again and thinks he’s hiding something, and beats the shit out of him. In his pain, Will subconsciously wishes he could hulk out and teach his father a lesson. He then realizes his body is starting to respond to his wish. Immediately he panics, knowing with terrifying certainly that if he DOES hulk out, he will surely kill his father. It takes all of his will, but he manages to keep from transforming. His father is unaware of all this.

Sometime later, one night, Will screws up his courage and ventures out to a gay bar, hoping to find someone like him who will be kind to him. But everyone there is either a jerk or ignores him. Disappointed, he leaves. As he exits the place, he is spotted by none other than Jake and his three buddies, who were thrown out of a nearby straight club for being too drunk and rowdy. Excited at the chance to get Will alone away from the eyes of school faculty, they follow him to a deserted part of town, grab him and drag him to an alleyway and start beating him. He begs them to stop, or something really bad might happen. They laugh and keep going. This time Will doesn’t have the will to stop himself, and he hulks out, to the guys’ amazement. The guy who’d been pummeling him barely has a chance to run or scream before Teen-Hulk grabs him and, with a sickening cracking sound, twists his body into a pretzel, just like he did before with the barbell. Jake’s other two friends take off, but Teen-Hulk moves with lightning speed, grabs them and smashes their faces together, crushing them just like he visualized before. Trapped against a wall, witnessing all this, Jake knows he’s dead meat. All the cruelty he’s done, all his hypocrisy and lies, come back to haunt him, and he crumples down and begins sobbing, a broken man, ready to receive his just deserts. He feels a shadow fall over him, and closes his eyes and awaits his end.

“Rrr?” The sound is an inhuman growl, but surprisingly, it sounds not like a growl of rage, but of puzzlement. Jake looks up, and sees Teen-Hulk looming over him with an odd expression on his face. It’s that strange wetness again, the tears that stir in Teen-Hulk an emotion that he cannot understand, but which makes his rage recede. He just stands there looking at Jake quizzically. Slowly, wonderingly, Jake stands, now eye-level with Teen-Hulk’s protruding nipples. Teen-Hulk reaches out, wipes a tear from Jake’s eye with his thick fingers, and then looks at them, bemused. Staring up at this heaving, muscular giant that was once William, Jake is filled with an overwhelming desire to touch him. Slowly, gingerly, he extends a trembling hand and places it on Teen-Hulk’s massive left pec, barely covering half its expanse. Teen-Hulk stares at him but does not move. Jake feels that powerful heartbeat though his fingertips and is now intensely aroused, becoming more daring. Still meeting Teen-Hulk’s intense gaze, he moves up close to him, says a mental prayer, closes his eyes and starts licking Teen-Hulk’s nipple.

At first there is silence. Then…. “Rrrr…” A growl again, but this time not of puzzlement nor rage, but of pleasure. Without removing his mouth, Jake steals a glance upward, and sees that, sure enough, Teen-Hulk’s eyes are now closed, enraptured. This spurs Jake on to lick harder, while his hands explore the other bulges and deep crevices of Teen-Hulk’s magnificent torso. Still motionless, Teen-Hulk continues to growl and purr with delight.

The sound of sirens rouses both from their lustful reverie. Jake backs away, sees Teen-Hulk tensing as if to leave, and panics; how will he explain the carnage in the alley? Then, suddenly, Teen-Hulk grabs him, cradles him in his arm, crouches down, and leaps high into the air. Jake screams in fear. They land on a nearby rooftop, then immediately leap again to another. Bounding from rooftop to rooftop, Jake’s fear immediately shifts to joy and exhilaration. He realizes that this is the fulfillment of his deepest, most-denied fantasy: to be held and protected by a strong, powerful man.

Rooftops turn to suburban streets; when they reach a small park near their neighborhood, Jake tells Teen-Hulk to stop. Teen-Hulk stops and releases him. They look into each other’s eyes for a moment, then Jake starts touching and licking Teen-Hulk again. Again Teen-Hulk closes his eyes and growls in ecstasy. “Grrrr…. Hrrr… hrrmmm…. hrrrrrmmrrrr…. hrrrmmmorrr… morrr…. morrrre….. more! Mmmmeee…. Meee liiiike.”

He talks! “William? Can you understand me?”

“Will-yum?” An image of a small, meek human. Nothing like him. “Me not Will-yum. Will-yum puny and weak. Me strong.” He flexes a massive bicep to make the point.

“O-kay… yes, you strong. You very strong. I won’t call you William then. How about… Bill? That’s a good strong name. Can I call you Bill?

“Hrrmmm…. That good. Me like. Me Bill.”

(Not sure if I have Teen-Hulk reach orgasm at this point in the story, but something brings this to a conclusion, such that Teen-Hulk collapses. Jake runs to catch him but is not fast enough – as if he’d be able to catch this 350-pound behemoth anyway. Laying on the ground, Teen-Hulk reverts back to William).

Looking at the small, defenseless, innocent William… the same William he was going to put in the hospital earlier… Jake feels anew deep guilt and regret for being such a lowlife, and his heart fills with compassion and a desire to make amends. He picks up the unconscious William, cradles him gently in his arms, and carries him home. As he walks, he feels a powerful bond between him and the younger boy, and realizes that this was his other deepest desire: to BE the strong protector of something small and beautiful – like William. It was this very desire that had led to the fantasies he’d long had about William – fantasies he’d always hated himself for having. Now, with William and his incredible alter ego, Jake might conceivably have it all – both deep desires fulfilled in the same person. He wonders how he could possibly be worthy of such joy. He resolves to be the best person he can be.

William starts to stir, and groans. Jake carries him to a tree by the side of the road, sets William down against it, and kneels down beside him. William’s eyes flutter open.

“Jake? Is that Jake? Are you…”

“Yeah buddy, I’m here. It’s me, Will. You OK?”

“You…. I…” Will stammers. His eyes widen. “Oh God…. Oh God, Jake… what did I do? I did something really bad, didn’t I?”

“Shh…” Jake says tenderly. “It’s all right. Everything’s going to be all right. I promise.” And with that, he leans in and kisses William. Surprised at first, William melts, and his slender arms encircle Jake and hold him tightly as they kiss, both their dreams fulfilled at last.

- Jake tells Will’s dad that he and Will are buddies and it’s his fault Jake is home late. Dad’s not entirely convinced, but he respects Jake because Jake is a jock, and he sees Jake as a good role model for William, especially if that entails going out, getting drunk and partying. That’s what real men do, in his view. - Will accepts Jake as his secret lover and protector, but still worries about the damage he might do if he hulks out again. Jake tries his best to tell him there’s nothing to worry about. “Bill” isn’t bad, he argues; the only people he killed were lowlifes who had it coming. Will accepts his reassurances, but dark fears still lurk in the back of his mind. - Meanwhile they treasure the chances they get alone together. Will loves Jake and wishes he could just run away with him and escape all the other things that annoy him, like his dad and school. Jake also loves Will, and loves to play with him… but he also secretly wishes to see “Bill” again. - Jake wonders if he should come out as gay. Will begs him not to, because then his dad would find out and it would be game over for him. Jake understands and pledges to stay closeted, at least until he goes to college. William doesn’t want to think that far ahead; he just wants to savor the moment. - Unfortunately, the moment is all too brief. Mere days later, someone spots William and Jake together, and outs them. As expected, Will’s dad finds out, flies into a rage at having been tricked, grounds Will and forbids him to ever have contact with Jake again. Chastised, Will glumly accepts his fate, believing he deserves it because he wasn’t entitled to be so happy, and buries himself in school, avoiding Jake, and is lonelier than ever. - Meanwhile, Will has scary dreams of hulking out in inappropriate places. He dreams of hulking out on an airplane, terrorizing the passengers, and busting outside, then falling, falling, falling…

One day Will is sitting in a large lecture hall taking a quiz, and can’t concentrate. His mind wanders. A feeling of tightness in his pants and shirt shocks him to the realization that he is beginning to hulk out. He tries to stop it… and can’t! The nightmare is coming true! He’s got to get out of there, now! He bolts out of his chair and runs out of the lecture hall, ignoring the shouts of the teacher and the bemusement of his classmates. He makes a beeline for the men’s room, feeling his mind already beginning to cloud and the buttons pulling over his broadening chest. As soon as he makes it into a private stall, his last resistance gives way and he hulks out explosively. Immediately, all vestiges of shame or fear at being seen disappear. He is Bill; why should he care what puny humans think? He is glad to be free of that pesky fabric and those stupid droning voices. Wearing nothing but torn shorts (the remnants of his jeans) which barely cover his muscular ass and intimidating package, he strides proudly back out into the school hallway.

The few students wandering the halls freak out at the sight of this 6’10” half-naked giant. And then, who should come around the corner but Jake. Jake is shocked to see “Bill” there. “You! W-what are you doing here?”

Bill is glad to see Jake. Bill likes Jake. But Jake seems upset. Bill doesn’t like Jake to be upset. Bill wants to help Jake not be upset. Bill tries to answer Jake’s question, but cannot. “Bill... not know,” he says.

“You shouldn’t be here,” says Jake, glancing around nervously. “You need to go.”

“Bill…. go? Okay, Bill go. Um… where Bill go?”

Jake frowns and thinks for a minute. Then he says “My house. Do you remember my house, Bill? Do you remember where that is?”

“Jake’s house? Umm… yeah. Bill remember.”

“That’s great, Bill, that’s really good. Can you go there now? Please go there now, and I will come meet you there as soon as I can.”

“Bill go, if it make Jake happy. Bill want Jake to be happy.”

“It would make me very happy, Bill. Very happy.”

“That good. Bill go now.”

“Who the hell are you? This is a restricted area. What are you doing here?” A faculty member is standing there, looking both upset and fearful.

“Puny human not fear Bill. Bill go now to Jake’s house.”

The faculty member turns in astonishment to Jake. “Jake??” she asks incredulously.

“Um, yeah, look,” says Jake, thinking fast. “This is my… um, this is my cousin, uh, Bill. He’s staying with me for a few days. I guess he kinda followed me to school today. He’s kinda… well, he’s kind of a bit off, you know? Don’t worry, I know he’s big, but he’s harmless. Just a little off.”

The staff member hesitates, not sure what to make of this. “Well,” she says haltingly, “please try to make your cousin understand that… this… that this is not appropriate attire for a school, and that if he wants to visit you here, he, or someone, needs to clear it with the office first.”

“I understand, Ms. Burnsky.”

She looks doubtful. “Well… so, and he is leaving now, yes?”

“Yes, Ms Burnsky. I’ll explain everything to him. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Well… all right. See that it doesn’t.”

- Bill goes to Jake’s house and waits for him, amusing himself in the meantime by playing with the dog, a huge pit bull which would be imposing and frightening to anyone else, but is just a cute puppy to Bill. Jake comes home as soon as he can, and he and Bill have fun together. Jake tries to teach Bill things. Jake falls asleep curled up against Bill, in heaven. . The next morning (a Saturday), Jake is amazed to find Bill is still Bill. The sight of this huge naked man stretched out on his bed is glorious to behold. He wakens Bill by sucking on his cock. Bill likes it. Bill pulls Jake up and kisses him hard. Jake licks Bill’s pecs. Jake rides Bill’s cock. They have awesome sex. Jake then brings Bill breakfast in bed. Bill eats ravenously, and wants more. Jake goes to prepare more, but Bill doesn’t wait – he goes to the refrigerator, rips off the door, and devours its contents raw. Jake is both stunned and turned on by this. They make love again. - It’s a warm day in late Spring, and Jake takes Bill to the beach. He is amused by people’s reactions to them. They hold hands. - At the end of the day, as they lie on the beach cuddling, Bill finally reverts to William. William becomes hurt and conflicted when he realizes what’s being going on, and accuses Jake of just using him to get Bill. Despite Jake’s protestations, William runs off and goes home, saying he never wants to see Jake again. -For once, William’s dad believes that William wasn’t with Jake; he’s just pissed that William is back, because he’d been hoping that the boy had finally gotten himself lost for good. Grudgingly, he tells the police to call off the search. He then tells William to just consider himself lucky that he’s not going to get thrashed tonight, because there’s a woman in the house. Woman? That’s right, Jake’s dad has a new squeeze. A real she-devil.

Jake is sad to lose William, and tries repeatedly to approach or contact him, but is rebuffed. Soon it is time to go to college. A prestigious college on the east coast had already accepted him; he’d been thinking of turning it down and staying here so he could be with William, but now there seems no point, so he goes off.

- That next semester, William is more miserable than ever, and his dad’s new girlfriend makes things even worse. She needles him endlessly, which just makes his father laugh. - Despite his lingering anger towards Jake, William finds that he misses him terribly. He feels trapped and without hope. - One night, William has a very vivid dream. In the dream, his father bursts into his room and catches him in the act of masturbating to a picture of Jake. Seeing this, his dad advances on him with murder in his eye. Overcome with both fear and embarrassment, William hulks out right in front of his dad. His dad gasps in shock as his wimpy fairy son grows before his eyes into a huge towering giant with massive muscles. He turns to run, but Bill grabs him and holds him up in the air by his shirt collar, laughing. How easy it would be to kill him now, in a million possible ways. But Bill wants him to suffer first, like he had suffered. He orders his dad to kneel on the floor and pull down his pants, whereupon Bill spanks/whips him, drawing blood, as his dad screams. This gets Bill hard. He then orders his dad to suck his cock. When his dad resists, Bill almost strangles him, then drops him and orders him again. Gasping and sobbing, his dad does as he is told. Bill gets into it, and forces his dad down harder on him, making his dad gag. Just then his dad’s girlfriend comes in, and screams. She runs to the phone to call the police. Bill bolts upright, sending his dad careening like a rag doll into the mirror across the room, shattering it. He chases after the girlfriend and smashes into her with such force that she slams into the fireplace like a bowling ball and it crumbles on top of her. Bill realizes he’s killed her. He goes back to check on his dad. Looking at his dad’s lifeless eyes, he realizes he’s killed him too… and his gloating slowly gives way to horror, which builds, and builds, until…

He awakes, panting and drenched with sweat. It’s still dark outside. He takes a moment to orient himself, then puts his face in his hands. “Just a dream”, he murmurs. Then he starts to realize… something’s wrong. His hands feel much too big, and the bed seems much too small. He looks down, and sees the massively muscular physique of Bill. He has hulked out in his sleep. And yet, mentally, he’s still William, with all of his memory and personality intact. Or is it? He feels like himself and yet not himself. William’s memories and intelligence, but without William’s doubts and insecurity. He feels hungry for action. He remembers his dream of whipping and killing his dad, and remembers how good it felt. He comes to realize that somehow his two selves have merged; he is both William and Bill. Man and beast combined.

He tries to change back into William, but soon realizes that it’s futile. He’s stuck in this form. He can’t stay here, and he doesn’t want to anyway. He’s got to take off, go out into the world somewhere. But where will he go?

After a moment, it comes to him. Jake. He’ll go find Jake. It means traveling across the country on his own, but he’ll do it, and then he’ll find Jake, and then everything will be all right. That will be his quest.

He packs a few things – just the couple of items of clothing that Jake bought to fit Bill so they could go out in public – and he jumps out the window, out, off into the night. •

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