JP (2004)

JP’s Trip to Florida


By luvyalots

In April, the band went on their annual spring trip. This year the destination was Orlando and Disney World. We visited all the parks and had a lot of fun. I spent most of the time with the same group of friends, which included JP. Of course, in public, we could do no more than exchange a few quick glances, but I remember laughing when some girl, most of the time older than he was, would hit on him. Since the weather was a lot warmer in Florida than it was back home, it was the first time JP decided to wear tanktops and muscle shirts all the time, except when we were performing of course. And he looked good in them. He hadn’t been showing off his physique in school as much, so even our friends were shocked at how much muscle JP had developed in the year and a half. Of course, he also wore that bright green Packer shirt. He liked to put it on after workouts, when he and I were just lying around. Each time he did, the shirt got harder and harder to slip on easily. He told me it was his favorite shirt and that he would keep wearing it until it split at the seams. Well, that couldn’t have been too far off, because it was really beginning to get tight on him. His back, shoulders and chest were seriously pushing at the fabric now and the sleeves kept getting shorter. He used to be able to tuck it into his pants, but that was now impossible. Pretty soon, the bottom would be ending above his waistline and begin to show his stomach. He didn’t care. He wore it anyway. Everywhere we went, people would look at him with wide eyes. Girls he didn't know even came up to him to take pictures with him because they thought he was so hot! Obviously, they didn’t suspect him to be gay, so he just played the part of the hunky high school jock. Every guy was jealous of him. His face still looked like a young kid, but his body was way beyond his years. The jazz band had an incredible performance, thanks is part to a fantastic trumpet solo by JP. Just before he began his solo, he took off his necktie and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his dress shirt, giving everyone a hint of his pecs, to the cheers of the female members of the audience. I’m sure the girls screamed louder for his body than his trumpet playing, but it was loud in that auditorium. The belt he was wearing perfectly accented his ridiculously narrow waist and I had to force myself to keep myself from remarking on how nice his ass looked in those khakis. After each ensemble performed, they were brought to the lawn outside the theater to have their picture taken. After a formal picture on the lawn, the photographer took a second picture where we were able to do whatever we wanted…well, almost. Anyway, one of the saxophone players, who was always a little weird got the idea to have all the guys in the band pose for the picture with their shirts off and wearing nothing but their slacks and their ties. A few guys, mainly the fat one, protested, but eventually we agreed. As we began unbuttoning our shirts, the other girls in our group realized what we were doing and ran over to take their own pictures. JP and I were standing next to each other and we looked over at each other, knowing exactly what was going to happened next. “You go first,” he mouthed to me. I slid the shirt off my body and threw it to the ground. Now that it was the middle of crew season, I had buffed up a bit. Although I was nowhere near JP’s muscularity, I had the six-pack and a pretty good chest. I think it was my naturally broad shoulders and narrow waist that made me look bigger. I heard one of the girls say, “@#%$, look at Matt. He’s buff.” Man, that made me feel good. JP took that as his cue. He made sure his back was toward the girls and slid his shirt off his body and dropped it to the grass. Then, he slowly turned around to exhibit his amazing physique. He wasn’t acting too cocky, just cool. Every girl gasped. Very few of them had seen him since band camp, so they hadn’t seen his growth happen as gradually as I had, so I guess it was kind of shocking to see an almost-16-year-old kid with as gorgeous a body as he had. Of course, the other guys were making macho comments like, “Damn JP, you been working out?” and “Trying to get the girls. You go, man!” Still, you could tell they were just as shocked as everyone else. The percussionist, who was also a football player, piped up and said, “How ‘bout we have JP lie down in front.” “That’s fine,” the photographer said, gulping. He probably had never seen anything like JP, and he did sports teams as well. JP strided over to the front of the group and got down on the grass. He lay down and looked at the camera very provocatively as if he were a model posing for a male swimsuit calendar. All the girls were screaming and snapping pictures like crazy. I was trying not to laugh too hard. Afterwards, the percussionist came up to JP and said, “Man, I think you have a future in that.” JP just shrugged. He walked over to me to retrieve his shirt and whispered in my ear, “That one’s definitely going on the wall.” I loved his attitude. Another thing that amazed everyone was how much the kid could eat. Even though he was very muscular, he still was just under 5 foot 8. Not incredible huge. Every meal he had in the parks was a feast for JP. One time he had two large hoagie sandwiches. Another time, he ate an entire pie of pizza himself. And yet another time, he devoured four humongous turkey sandwiches and then had a double-scooped ice cream cone for dessert. I couldn’t understand where he was putting all this food. I took it as a sign that JP’s muscles would soon explode and he would get even bigger and stronger. I shuddered with the excitement, and a tinge of fear, that my boyfriend was not done growing. •

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