By JMH02003

I was standing in the kitchen, eating my third large plate of eggs and adjusting my now small boxers. That camera had totally changed me, I'd never eaten this much in my life. I looked down over my body. My huge solid chest, my swollen delts, I could see my huge thighs supporting my bigger package, and of course my big gut. "If I keep up this appetite I'll start getting fat." I thought. Not necessarily a bad thing though, I could always use the camera to get some muscle mass back. Aidan wandered into the kitchen, still naked, and still huge.

"Maybe it's just me, but that was the most amazing thing ever." He said, adjusting his equipment. "That camera is the best thing to ever happen to us." He sat down next to me and rubbed my stomach as I took another bite. "Yeah, it is. Uhm... besides the muscle mass and the bit of pudge I've got going, did you notice anything really different from each of us last night?" I said. Aidan laughed a bit and replied "You mean the fact that my dick is almost 3 inches longer?" I smiled. "That's exactly what I meant."

Aidan got up and walked to the stove. "Hey, do you want my eggs Julian? I'm not hungry." A picture came to my mind, it was myself with huge biceps and shoulders, with my beefy pecs topping of an enormous stomach. ".... I don't think so." I said. Aidan heaped them on my plate anyway, with some bacon. "Go ahead big guy, you must be hungry after yesterday." I rolled my eyes a bit and dug in to the plate. Aidan put the pan in the sink. "I need some new clothes." He said. I looked at him as the morning sun streemed through the blinds, making lines across his massive pecs. "You know, as hot as it is seeing you wandering around nude, I agree." Aidan wandered out of the kitchen and went to our room. I kept eating my eggs until her returned.

He stood in front of me wearing a tight black shirt that trailed across his pecs so far that it lifted up a bit, revealing his abs. He was also wearing my loosest pants, that on him were incapable of buttoning. Quickly he pulled out the camera and snapped a shot of me at the table as I ate. He tossed the photo at me as it developed. "I'm going to go buy us some clothes at a big and tall shop. I'll be seeing more of you later." He wandered over to the door and walked out. I rubbed my stomach as I ate the rest of the eggs and let the growth start its job. My lats pushed my arm aross the table as I lifted my drink. My boxers cinched tghtly at my waist as I drank. My chest beefed out again, my nipples beggining to crease under my meaty pecs. I could feel my legs pulsing and swelling, ripping the bands of my boxers. Then I felt a cool sensation across my stomach. I looked down to see my off-season look spreading. My watermelon-esque gut was touching the table. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, but my boxers didn't join me. I made it about halfway before my beefy butt tore them asunder.

I continued bulking up for a few more seconds before stepping on my scale. 305 pounds. I thought about it, that was almost as much weight as Aidan gained in 2 photos. Some people must be more suceptable to the camera's magic than others. I stepped off the scale trying to stifle my huge erection, which I noticed had gained another inch. I wandered into my room to find something that fit. I found a set of breifs that covered me for the most part, but my high bubble butt crack peered from beneath the waistband. I also found a stretchy red shirt that covered most of my upped body, but left my navel and everything below open. The pants were a no go. I wandered the apartment for a moment, navigating my beefy body and broad shoulders through the narrow kitchen hall.

After a few moments of testing my body I sat at the computer chair. It moaned under my heavier body, but noting happened. I began to look for muscle growth forums, since I knew I could post a great fantasy now... But I found something more interesting, a bodybuilding competition in the next city. That could be interesting for Aidan, as much as I'd love to enter myself, I looked a bit out of shape. I quickly typed up and entry form and sent it in. I heard the door open and Aidan called kindly "I'm home big guy! I got us some nice new clothes too.!"

Aidan walked in and saw me. "Wow, that really IS a lot more of you... I hope the clothes I got you will fit." He gave me a baf of clothes. "What are you doing?" I closed the site and smiled at him "How'd you like to be in a bodybuilding competition Aidan?" He looked at me quizzically "Do you think I'm big enough?" I held up the camera "There's no such thing as big enough..." •

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