By JMH02003

Maybe it's just me, but I love the beefy off-season look of a bodybuilder. The chunkier, the better.

I stood in front of the mirror with Aidan, running my hand over his solid new body. I pulled up the camera once more, pointing it at his reflection and quickly snapped two more pictures. He looked at me in amused surprise. "What are you doing? Aren't I big enough?" I pulled out the two photos and began to shake them. "Well, why wouldn't you want to be bigger if you could have it right away?" Aidan smiled and said to me "I guess you're right."

I watched the photo develop, showing a larger Aidan, and surprisingly standing next to him was part of myself, larger as well. I noticed that Aidan was nude in both pictures, which in a way made sense, since his shorts were clinging for life already. I took off my shirt and watched what was about to happen. I rubbed my small stomach and leaned on Aidan once more. He picked up the photos and prodded my side. "You're going to love this Jul, it feels great." I looked at myself once more as I felt a heat gathering in my body. I was 187 pounds, not fat or anything, but I had a bit of a stomach. I wondered what would happen with it.

Then it began. I felt a heat spread into my chest. I watched the mirror as Aidan and I began our changes. His chest heaved out once more. His abs grew more defined. I lifted my shirt to see what was happening. As I pulled it off, I was not greeted by the same cut look. My pecs were indeed growing, as well as my biceps. I was surging with power, but my pants were getting tight from the one thing I didn't think the camera would do. My midsection was not shrinking, but instead it was puffing outward. My stomach enlarged beneath my prgressively beefier pecs. I looked over at Aidan, who had pulled off his shorts. His muscles weren't the only things getting bigger.

Aidan reached over and stroked my solid gut as it swelled. He ran his hand down the crevice between my beefing pecs and gave a squeeze to my swelling biceps. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off of me, getting closer to me. "Julian, this is the hottest thing ever." I swallowed and nodded. My pecs touched his, rubbing against each other was we continued to swell. I felt his massive biceps, then placed my hands on his expanding lats. He put his hands on my butt, the skin pushed past his finger tips bit by bit, it was amazing. My stomach rubbed across his abs, oue biceps caressed each other, our huge thighs forced our stances apart. Then it was over.

Aidan patted my stomach once more, then stood on the scale. He smiled as the number flashed at him. "That's another 50 pounds. I'm bodybuilder material now Julian." He stepped off the scale and pushed me on to it. It blinked again. 265 pounds. I laughed "Well, I was going to say that you should get used to being the big one, but thanks to this thing.." I bounced my firm gut " I'm still in the lead." Aidan pulled me off the scale and rubbed my firm chest " oh, I don't mind you being in the lead... not when you look as hot as this... How about we.... y'know..." For the first time, I noticed we both had hardons. "Sure, I've never done it with a bodybuilder before." I looked at him, my expression sly. "And I've never done it AS a bodybuilder before." He held onto my paunch and pulled me out of the room. •

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