By JMH02003

Okay, I said I'd do a hypno huge sequel, but I'll do this one first. This is called "Photogenic" so as you can tell, it's focus is on a camera. (ha, thats like a pun or something.)

Aidan always could find the weirdest shops, no matter where we were. It was no different in the bazaar in Morroco. He wound his way through the little carts in the streets, it was hard for my eyes to follow him. I saw glimpses of him as his tussled blonde hair glistened golden under the hot sun. I made contact with his evergreen eyes and finally wormed my way to him. He was smiling at a little woman as she passed him a camera.

"Hey Julian! Take a look at this great camera. It's, like, an antique... I think." He handed me the camera for my inspection. I wasn't an appraiser, but it was safe to say the camera was old. It had a wooden frame and had that couragated paper front. I studied it and shelled out some money. Aidan stared at me for a second "Aren't you going to ask how much it is?" I snapped out of my daze of staring at the camera "Oh... yeah... Ma'am, how much is this?" She looked at the money in my hand, just a 20 and a 5. "This is enough." She said cheerfully and grabbed it from me "Thank you!"

I looked at Aidan, who was just as amused as I was. "Come on, we've got a plane to catch."


The plane was humid and sticky, much like the weather we had just left. I was glad to be off it, away from the crying babies and loud senior citizens. I checked the camera as we rode from the airport. It was strange. Inside were several compartments, each shaped like a kind of film, even modern film types. "Hey Aidan... can we stop by a film place?" He nodded in agreement "Sure, but I don't think you'll find the right kind of film for that camera." I went to the shop and picked up a few sets of polaroid cartriges and slid one in. We headed for home.

It was nice to be back in the old apartment. Aidan pulled off his sweaty shirt and searched in the fridge as I made my way to the living room. The soft couch was inviting after such a long trip. I sat down on it and looked at the camera a bit more. Aidan walked in with two pepsi's. In a bit of a joking manner, I pulled the camera and took two shots. Aidan covered his eyes and laughed. I took the two shots and began to shake them, kicking the developer into action. They caught my eye.

I looked to Aidan. He wasn't a big guy, but he had tone. His tanned body weighed in at 150 pounds. Then I looked to the photos, he looked bigger in the photos. His chest and arms looked a bit bigger in the first, but I couldn't really tell. I looked at Aidan's legs, which in reality had plenty of room. But on the first photo they had less, and on the second, they filled the holes of his shorts. I studied the chest in his photo. It was beefier, it protruded from his body a bit. His shoulders were rounder.... I looked at Aidan as he sat down next to me.

He opened his pepsi, and I thought I saw his arm flex. I watched him. I looked at his chest as he drank. It began to swell. I watched as his pecs bulged out, his nipple slmost moving up a little as the mass below it grew. I stared at his stomach as his abs became cut and defined. His arm wasn't flexing at all, it was growing. He didn't notice how big he was getting, or how strong. He accidentally began to crush his pop can. He felt the can crush and opened his eyes. He looked down and almost jumped when he saw what was happening. He climbed from the couch and tried to see what was happening all over him.

I watched his legs pulsing. Each throb that registered in the muscle tissue caused it to grow, and soon enough, his legs swelled into the shorts. He turned to see his butt, which undoubtably was becoming uncomfortable, and I saw what was happening. His shorts were stretching tight across his butt, his lats were filling out, his triceps and back becoming far more cut and sensuous. I was watching what could only be considered a ballet of mass and power. He turned to me, panicking, his innocent face becoming more square and masculine, sitting atop a pillar of mass that was his neck. His heavy pecs topped his torso beautifully, and his arms for all their newfound strength could keep him from exploring this transformation with his hands.

Aidan darted into the bathroom and jumped on the scale. He laughed in pleasure and exclaimed "200 pounds Julian, I'm 200 pounds!" I walked into the bathroom with the camera, running my hands over his solid frame. It was incredible. I loved it, and so did he. "Julian... 200 pounds..." He said, smiling in disbelief. I leaned over and whispered in his ear "Not for long..." •

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